Nick’s Finale & Rachel’s Beginning?!?

We’ve finally reached the finale of this season!

As you all know, I have not been a huge fan of this season, but we powered through and made it!

I’m not going with my traditional blog, I’m going to warn you, I’m not really going to recap, I’m just going to give random thoughts!

First of all THANK GOD for Nick’s family this should hopefully be the last time we see them! We met them 3 years ago when Nick was first on the Bachelorette with Andi. Do you think they’re grooming Bella to be the first sibling Bachelor/Bachelorette in what 6-8 years when she’s 18-20 years old?!?! Nick may or may not be officially retired from this franchise at this point!

I’m kinda over the whole portion of the family’s coming in and meeting the final 2. Unless they say something controversial, it’s just not as fun. They didn’t pick a clear winner or loser, so I don’t have a whole lot to say. It is exactly what you’d expect.

Don’t worry we’re still in Finland btw for the final dates.

Vanessa gets the first final date. The “fun” portion of their dates is horseback riding to an outhouse where a creepy old guy dressed like Santa is waiting for them:Β giphy1

It went exactly as you’d imagine it went. I didn’t understand, Vanessa acted as if she was thrilled, how much did the Producers give to her to make her say that, and why was he there? I also kept expecting him to come back!

You know that whole sayin about how you should never say it can’t get worse because it then will. Well that’s basically how the rest of the date went, we just kept going downhill. And all they did was talk!

You have Vanessa saying that she should follow her gut and she hasn’t in the past and it’s come back to bite her. But she blatantly tells us (a few more times throughout the episode) that she is ignoring her gut an just going with Nick.

Did I also point out that there was A LOT of crying! At the day portion of the date and the night portion. Nick showed us yet again how he is not Ben and is not eloquent at all. Good job, Nick, you made me miss Ben every single episode this season, I don’t think that’s ever been done before! Nick is not reassuring Vanessa and is blatantly telling her that Raven’s still here and he doesn’t know what his choice is going to be and knows she wants reassurance but he can’t give her that at all because there’s 2 girls here. And I know the premise is not a new one, but the way he’s saying it just seems more cruel than in season’s past. At the night portion of the date, Vanessa is not just crying, she’s sobbing! I mean she’s still gorgeous but that was an ugly cry type of cry, I just wish I looked like her, instead of like this:


She is still wiping away her tears and is probably going to go back inside and continue her cry when she says goodbye to Nick. Not exactly the way you want the last time you see a girl before you propose to her to go, but that’s just me.

Raven’s date is the complete opposite of Nick & Vanessa’s. Where I don’t remember Nick & Vanessa smiling or laughing together or looking like they’re having fun at all on their date, Raven & Nick can’t stop having fun. There is ice skating, and of course making out on the ice. Our watch party did not think that looked comfortable at all. But then again, they also made out in that mud puddle in Hoxie, Arkansas, so what do I know? They don’t care about the ambiance, or comfort isn’t as important to them as it is to me. Nick also brings out Husky Puppies, come on now, Raven gets puppies and Vanessa got creepy Santa? The night portion is still fun, and they are talking, making out and looking like they genuinely enjoy one another’s company, again a stark contrast to his time with Vanessa.

Then our friend Neil Lane comes in and sees Nick for the 3rd time! They call one another old friend and then Nick makes a joke about how he doesn’t know much about engagement rings. I purposely am saying this was a joke, as he has chosen 3 rings alone with Neil. He’s become like Ross Gellar when it comes to buying rings, and yes I know that’s a joke that has been made all over the internet, and you know what, I rooted more for Ross’ happiness than Nick’s and I bet Ross is not happy to be compared to Nick.


After Nick picks out the ring, he is now in the place where he will propose to his future bride. Since we’ve noticed with how bundled up they’ve been on all their dates, we are not going to get an outside proposal. No we’re gonna be inside. And not in a cool rustic place like we were when Farmer Chris proposed to Whitney, no we’re going to be in what looks like a showroom living room of a place trying to sell things to people who act as if they hunt wildlife, but never have in their lives, but want to show off to all their friends. There are so many dead animal skins and heads around this room, and rugs that keep curling up and almost tripping people, it’s a mess of a room and basically the last place in the world I would like to get proposed to.

The first girl that’s brought in is Raven….and in the tradition that I HATE the most about this show, they let Raven pour her heart out. This pisses me off more than normal because of Nick being the Bachelor. He has been in this situation 2 times and know how mortifying it is not only in that moment, but for all of America to see it. Why in the hell, did he not stop it?!?! Or why didn’t he go and dump her in her hotel room before she got to this torture chamber? He looks super uncomfortable, but I think Raven is so nervous and so keyed up on finishing her speech that she has tunnel vision and doesn’t notice anything is wrong until she stops.


Then he starts cryin and talking about how he loves spending time with her an he remembers her coming out of the limo and he was trying to convince himself he loved her, but he realized this morning he wasn’t in love with her….you know all that great stuff people say to other girls 15 minutes before they propose to another girl.

Raven handles herself with such grace! I was really hoping we’d see the girl who threw her stiletto at her ex when she caught him cheating, Nick deserved it and all of America would’ve been on her side! She doesn’t really say a whole lot, hugs him and goes out without her coat (so she didn’t get her man and didn’t get to keep her coat? That’s real a really crappy breakup!) and hugs him again gets in the reject car and then says she doesn’t know if she’ll ever find love or if she deserves it, and I feel sad for her. That is until After the Final Rose, when Chris invites her to Mexico this summer to a place called Paradise and she agrees and thinks she’ll find love there. BTW she really hedged the question on if she thinks Nick & Vanessa will get married. She finally heard the producers all screaming yes, and talked about how maybe church bells could be ringing for them….probably not together, but maybe πŸ™‚

Alright, Vanessa & Nick, well the first thing about Vanessa’s dress, had us all wondering where in the world she’d been hiding her girls all season? They came out for the finale, and boy did they have to be cold, there wasn’t much covering them. I do have to say that there was a ton of sexual innuendos between Nick & Vanessa throughout this whole episode, and maybe we now know why he chose her?!?!

Nick cries the second Vanessa walks in the door, he starts his speech, she says her part, he proposes, by kneeling WAY far away from her, as if he’s worried she’s going to give him a cold or something and she hysterically breaks down again, can’t look at him and finally says yes. We all think that Vanessa is more in love with the idea of being engaged, then in being engaged to Nick.

The After the Final Rose is as awkward as the whole season. Vanessa talks about how they’ve had their “struggles” and are supposedly these great communicators, why didn’t I ever see proof of this? All of Vanessa’s family is in the audience, how awkward for Nick to see them after he called them all traditional and they’re the opposite of his family. Nick & Vanessa are so romantic, by talking about how they’re realistic and just getting to know one another. They are not talking marriage yet, they are taking baby steps and are optimistic about the future. They are still talking about how they live in opposite countries and are leaning towards the US. The most telling thing, is that they didn’t replay the proposal, we always show the proposal, but not showing it, means they are barely hanging on, I’d have to believe.

They talk about Dancing with the Stars and how Nick will do that, and let’s be honest they are going to follow Farmer Chris & Whitney’s steps. Vanessa will be in the stands rooting him on until he gets kicked off and they will break up and that will be it until Nick comes on our tv screens again.

This couple is not going to be the next Trista and Ryan, but then again, I think we figured that out episode 1 or at the very latest episode 2. I’m happy he didn’t finish in 2nd place and seems happy.

Rachel being on our show and talking about how she’s ready for her story to start and that she’s over Nick, I am again so excited because she’s gorgeous, smart and so freakin articulate. Let’s be honest, she’s going to appear that way compared to Nick, but dang she is so likable! I am actually excited for her season!

They brought the mansion out to Rachel and are going to introduce a couple of her guys to her that will be on this journey with her. She is so freakin adorable because she is not ready for this at all and doesn’t know how to handle the fact that she’s meeting a couple of the guys right now, live on national tv. Harrison knows how to get under her skin, by saying she could meet her husband right here, right now and Rachel’s journey begins right now.

  1. We meet Demario, who’s in a tux and dang he’s adorable. He booked flights for them to Vegas (she loves Vegas) and he had a ring.
  2. Next is Blake, he kisses her hand, she pulls him in for a hug. They’re both nervous, he tells her that she looks good and smells good. Asks her how she’s doing, she tells him to make her more comfortable, he does a side hug and tells everyone to take pix now as their first couple pix.
  3. Dean comes out net and is SOOOO CUTE. He’s ready to go black and never go back. She LOVES that joke, they’re laughing and she hugs him, he doesn’t know where to exit.
  4. Eric from Baltimore comes out, she’s from Texas but they’re here right now. It’s a miracle season, what’s meant to be will be and he’s looking forward to spending time with her and meeting her. She likes what he just said, and they start saying “hey” and dancing on stage and hug it out.

Harrison tells us he’s done this for 15 years and is freaking out on the side stage. Rachel tells us she’d be fine meeting the guys in-front of a live studio audience if she could keep meeting guys like she just did.

Before I officially sign-off for Nick’s season, I would like to go back to my first impression of the girls, based only on their profiles and show you how right I was about my favorites:

  1. Kristina—girl from Russia who had such an amazing story
  2. Danielle L- Boobs McGee, I’m still surprised she didn’t make it a couple more weeks
  3. Rachel—the new Bachelorette!!!! That’s a first for me πŸ™‚

Also for the crazies I’m going to take credit for:

  1. Raven—as much as she grew on me, you gotta admit she’s a little crazy!
  2. Alexis—I called Shark/Dolphin girl, she was the craziest on the whole show πŸ™‚

My darkhorses and the other crazies I missed on, but I’ll take credit for the ones I did get right!

Well it’s been a ride. I’m glad to say goodbye to Nick and looking forward to Rachel’s season on May 22, is what Chris promised me! So I will see you back here then, or right around then when I make my predictions.

Until then, have the most dramatic/historic Spring ever πŸ™‚


Nick’s Fantasy Suites Part 2

OMG, we’re less than 2 mins into the show and I absolutely cannot. Of course we had to check-in on Nick & Raven and see how their night went in the fantasy suite. Raven is a happy camper, enough where they have to show a RIDICULOUS montage of her high-fiving people, skipping, building a snow angel and just anything else that would make you feel like:

That montage just tells you the rest of this show isn’t gonna be great if we need filler.

Rachel gets the next date. She’s so excited to see Nick in Finland. They’re doing cross-country skiing, which our girl from Texas has no clue what that means. She slips and falls countless times, but at least she giggles. They end up at a reindeer petting zoo where they feed the reindeers.

They then go into the most romantic place out there, which basically looks like an Outhouse. But it’s a cabin with a fire and hot drinks. Rachel shows she should be a great Bachelorette because she is articulate and able to initiate conversation and explain her emotions.

Her single biggest fear is rejection and that’s something we’re going to hear over and over again next season. That she feels something but it’s not going to be reciprocated. They have an honest to goodness conversation, so of course Nick has to let her go. It’d be an adult real-life relationship and he can’t do that!

They then get on a sleigh that a Reindeer is pulling, and Rachel’s sense of humor cracks me up again because she asks if she should call him St. Nick. He doesn’t like that but I did. Can you also please explain to me, why they need to be on a slay where they lay down?

Now it’s the night portion of the date. Rachel doesn’t have her coat buttoned up and is showing a sliver of her belly, while Nick isn’t wearing a large turtle-neck like Raven, but it is a very high-necked sweater. He really is a baby.

Nick pisses me off because he is telling Rachel to check her ego at the door and tell him what her heart says. He makes her tell him that she’s falling in love with him. They make out and he seems happy for it. He then says he’s falling for her 100% and that’s easy to say. That’s the first time he’s given any sort of indication of how he’s feeling with any girl.

Don’t we all feel like Tom Hanks here? We KNOW she’s not the final 2, so why are we stringing her along? We go to the fantasy suite and we hear Rachel gushing over Nick. Why do I need to see Rachel get her heart broken? I like her already, I want to protect her from anguish and hurt and ABC is going to hurt and embarrass her before they hurt & embarrass her for 3 months on my tv this summer.

Nick makes her breakfast in the morning. Nick likes to see Rachel vulnerable, so she’s so vulnerable, she wears a penguin onsie complete with a hood attached. What’s sexier than that? If that is what’s sexy, I’m thrilled because that is a look I can get down with!

Alright, Vanessa’s time! She hasn’t seen Nick in a week. It’s snowing so it’s fun to see her trying to fun to him. Welcome to Finland, which I feel has to remind her of Canada a little bit here.

What’s more romantic, then Nick & Vanessa jumping into cold water? They then are supposed to run back and forth between the sauna and the cold water. They sit in the sauna in matching swimsuits. Nick is back with his tight ridiculously short shorts. They jump into the cold, then they do run into the sauna. They do this 3 or 4 times and Vanessa is a better sport about it then Nick is as it keeps going on. I’m impressed we don’t see them slip, fall and biff it as they are running back and forth. Believe it or not, they end up in a hot tub, where they’re gonna make out.

Vanessa’s family is very traditional according to Nick and then Nick tells us that Nick isn’t traditional at all. When Vanessa asks for examples, he’s not able to give any other than keep repeating “they are traditional.”

Nick then tells a very interesting story about how his first relationship was with a girl who’s family was very “present” in their relationship and that eventually put a strain on Nick & hers relationship. Soooooooo basically while Nick has said family is very important to him, it’s obviously only on his terms. That’s probably why he likes his family, with as many siblings as he has, he can jump in and out as much as he wants and can come around when he feels like it.

Vanessa’s deal-breakers are she’s not going to compromise her Sunday traditions. She’s not going to give that up. When she’s in Montreal, she will spend 3 hours with her family.

Nick then asks her if she thinks they may be too similar because they are both so stubborn and I could see that. They each want to get their own way.

It’s the night portion of the date and Vanessa points out that their conversations are always very heavy. There’s not really a light-hearted moment when it comes to them. There’s not really a lot of casual laughter.

Vanessa asks about what his “core values” and non-negotiables are. She asks about moving. He says he’s moved a lot, but has never thought about Canada. She gets defensive and asks why. He is embarrassed to admit, but says he’s proud to be an American and how can you not immediately think of this:

And she shoots right back that she’s proud to be a Canadian, and that my friends is what you call a red flag and tells you that these two if they are the final two, will not be together 6 months from now.I feel like Nick feels about Canada just like Barney Stinson does on How I met your mother and I am kinda waiting for Nick to just spit this out:


What I respect about Vanessa moreso than the other girls, is that she’s making Nick chase and pursue her. She’s challenging him and telling him her terms and what she wants out of a man. Raven & Rachel are saying things they think that Nick wants to hear, and Vanessa doesn’t really care about that,she’s being herself, which is why I think she’ll be the final girl.

Vanessa finally spits out that she loves him. He’s very excited about it and kisses her, they forgo their individual rooms and stay as a couple in the fantasy suite.

We’re ready for the rose ceremony and holy cow, Raven & Vanessa are taking over for Boobs McGee who is no longer here. I am LOVING Rachel’s outfit and hope she wears it again for one of her rose ceremonies.

Nick comes out and starts bawling again. This is a tough decision and thank you all. First rose goes to:

  1. Raven—you knew she’d get the first rose because she’s so easy-going and no drama
  2. Vanessa—not a shocker, unless it’d be the least shocking finale ever.

Nick walks Rachel it looks like to the corner of the room they were just in, but I’m assuming Raven & Vanessa are not in this room. They need a place to have a convo and it’s too cold to have the convo on a bench outside. Rachel is such a classy girl, who says she has no regrets and is glad she told Nick how she feels. She has tears in her eyes, he starts crying and she cries. Nick tells her how amazing she is and how he thinks of it constantly, which is one of the most awkward break-up lines, no?!? He walks her out, they hug it out, she gets in the car, he cries some more.

Rachel’s story of her life is people telling her how amazing she is and how it could’ve been, but then the guy not choosing her. She wants the type of Love that is best described by one of the greatest movies of all times “It Takes Two”


Alright, that is how we leave things. With Rachel always the classy one, crying very beautifully in the car hoping to find love some day. Nick is sad, but will bounce back because he has 2 girls waiting for him.

I’m sorry, but I’m not up to blogging about the Women Tell All. It’s going to be lots of fighting, yelling, and girls we can’t remember yelling as loud as they can to attempt to get enough air-time so the Producers may think about putting them on Bachelor in Paradise. It’s also going to be the Taylor/Corrine feud and just the Corrine show in general, and I just can’t.

I’m going to go on a strike blogging about the “Tell all” episode until it goes back to a simpler time, like when Trista was the Bachelorette, way back in 2003:

I hope you enjoy the Women Tell All if you watched it, let me know if I missed anything earth shattering πŸ™‚ I’m going to rest up for our big finale next week! We got our Country loving Raven, versus our Traditional Canadian Vanessa. Put your bets in now!

Have a great week!

Part 1 of Nick’s Final 3 girls

Welcome back friends!

We start off with Andi & Nick at Nick’s hotel room, where Nick is pouring them whiskey to have this conversation. Nick wants to know why the hell Andi is here and Nick, the answer for that is that Andi still wants to milk her 15 mins for all that it’s worth and hasn’t been on our TV screens for quite awhile and since she was the Bachelorette, I think that means you sell your soul and ABC/Disney/ESPN own you forever and can make you do whatever they want whenever they want.

We go back and forth of Harrison escorting the final 4 girls to the rose ceremony and an awkward conversation between exes.

They talk about how Nick can relate to Andi more, he’s not gonna propose just to the last girl, let’s joke about how we broke up on national tv, but oh wait, now I’m breaking up with girls on tv. Andi asks a conversation that all girls ask their ex boyfriends, “are you planning on sleeping with all 3 girls in the fantasy suite?” She’s acting like she doesn’t know Nick at all, we know the answer. But then Nick plays it all, I don’t know and then for some reason Andi gives him the green light and tells him to sleep with them all. Probably because she doesn’t want to look bad for doing it. We’re pretending that this conversation is giving these 2 exes closure and that they’re friends, I’m not buyin it at all. They both just were waiting until the producers gave them the okay to be able to end the conversation.


Okay, we’re at the rose ceremony. For some reason we have another freezing cold rose ceremony outside in New York City in the Fall. This makes ZERO sense! The wind also makes it appear that we’re in the middle of a hurricane or tornado!

Roses go to:

  1. Raven—our country girl gets to go to the fantasy suite
  2. Rachel—hmmmmmmm
  3. Vanessa

So Corrine is going home and she immediately starts crying, but also appears as if she’s grinning as she’s crying. She reminds me of my 2.5 month old nephew, who will go from smiling to frowning, or if he’s yawning and his mouth is open he thinks he must be crying and will cry. I actually believe Luke and his tears more than I buy Corrine’s right now.

Nick does a good job of consoling her and this is the first time that I think that Nick is showing that he knows that there’s a huge age/maturity gap between the 2 of them. He’s going to miss the hell outta her, isn’t that what every girl wants to hear? She wishes him luck, hugs him and gets in the reject limo.

In the reject limo she is bawling, but there are NO TEARS coming out of her eyes. These are the fake tears she used on Daddy to get her way. She wants love in a “normal way” and a “normal relationship.” She’s done showing her men how much she loves and worships them she wants guys to do that to her now. Don’t worry her champagne glass is back and empty. This is her audition for Bachelor in Paradise and is just setting it up for her to be the star of the Women Tell All next week.

Also, this just proves that the producers wanted her to stay around until hometowns so we could see how she lived and meet Raquel. There is no connection between her and Nick and there never was, he was somewhat physically attracted to her, but the producers wanted her to stick around, probably because Daddy paid them to, and she went with it.

If you haven’t watched this segment from Jimmy Fallon where he talks about the Bachelor, do yourself a favor and watch it!

My issue is that we know Rachel has to be going home at the end of the fantasy suite dates, because there’s no way in hell they’d do a finale where she’s one of the final 2, or that takes all of the suspense outta the finale.

We’re going from NYC to Finland. So the Bachelor will not be sweating his butt off as he proposes, instead he’ll be freezing his ass off. So a nice change of pace I guess! Something new & different for us πŸ™‚

We’re looking for LOTS of filler, we see Nick checking in at the airport, we see the cartoon map twice, we see him outside the hotel, we see him walk into the hotel, we see him on the balcony, we see lots of wildlife and then we see him walking across the icy terrain to meet Raven for the first one-on-one date in Finland.

They get in a red helicopter to take off. We hear a voiceover of Raven saying she’s never told anyone she loves them before, which I think is false. I bet she told her ex she loved him before and they just spliced that together to make it appear as if she’s never said she loves him before.

After the helicopter ride they are playing darts in a Finnish pub. Raven feels like this date could be an everyday date…I mean who doesn’t get in the helicopter every day to sight-see and then go and play darts with locals in a pub?

We then have them having a convo and recapping hometowns. We talk about Daddy getting the news about being cancer-free. Raven admits to being a Daddy’s girl and her deal-breaker is if a guy isn’t close to his mom. Nick talks about how he’s always looking for someone opposite of his mom. He needs a girl with edge who will challenge him. He’ll cook because Raven doesn’t cook and she’ll fold laundry because he hates doing that. They figured it out, no Raquel needed! This is a conversation that actually endears Nick to me, because this is him being the least douche version of himself.

Raven’s fears of the night are saying I love you and having sex at the end of the night. What about the fact that he’s going to do the same exact thing with 2 other girls?!? That’d scare me. Evidently we are not going to beat around the bush or try to use euphemism. Raven is just blunt and talks about stuff that shouldn’t be mentioned on national tv. I don’t need to know about what happened behind close doors with her and her ex.

Night portion of the date means we have to see the worst fashion choice Nick has had of the season, which is saying something with all the tiny and tight pants he’s had this season. Nick is wearing a turtle neck. He looks like he refuses to show any skin whatsoever…what makes it even more ridiculous is the fact that Raven is wearing a shirt that has no shoulders. Nick just looks like a wuss now.

We recap the date, we tend to recap a lot with the 2 of them. We talk about playing darts and I actually tune out for a little while.

I’m back when she talks about how she actually didn’t say she loved her ex because she was afraid to say it and didn’t think it was safe. She wasn’t safe because he would hurt her feelings and she knew it. They dated 2 years and she never said I love you and he only did when he was drunk.

Raven needs to finish her wine, and tells him that on their one-on-one and she saw him with his family, she had a comforting feeling and she’s never felt that with another guy. She gets emotional, he gets emotional, and then we bring up Daddy who prayed for Raven to have “an easy love” and after she had time with Nick it was an easy love. She does love him and it would be the worst thing she could do to not tell him. He does seem smitten and he does brighten up when she gives her speech. Maybe he loves her?????

He gives her the fantasy suite card and she talks about how she’s only been with one guy before. She doesn’t pause at all, she accepts. She reminds him that she’s only been with one other person and then gives TMI, enough where Nick blushes so you can imagine what I feel:


And we’re going to leave on that awkward note. We have 3 hours next week. The next hour of the 2 fantasy suite night and tears as Nick hands out the rose. Then we have the 2 hour Women Tell All, otherwise known as the Corrine show, I’m sure.

Until next week!


Nick’s Hometown Dates!

Hello friends!

We start the episode with us being reminded that Kristina is going home. The girls are freaking out. Corrine is wondering if she’s going to get a hometown, hell yes Corrine you’re getting a hometown, there’s no way the producers got you this far to dangle Raquel in our faces and then not show her to us.

Nick walks in and has roses in his hands and Corrine tells us she can’t tell how many there are….honey can you not count to 4? It’s obvious there are 4 roses, he hands them out and with the rose to Corrine he says he can’t wait to meet Raquel, so we all know where that relationship really stands. We’re shockingly going to have 4 hometown dates, I hope the girls all hugged it out, because from this moment on the girls are isolated and we won’t have them all around one another again.

First hometown is Raven & I end up falling in love with her more, because she pulls up to Nick on a 4 wheeler. She gives him a helmet, he jumps on and is trying to act confident, but you can tell he was not expecting it to go as fast as it did. Raven knows her way around a 4 wheeler. She takes him to a grain bin and they go up the stairs of it because when you want to have an important conversation you need to go up there.

They start climbing up the steps to the grain bin and believe it or not, here comes the sheriff! I’m shocked!


They “get in trouble” for trespassing. I love Raven though, who’s so angry to be getting thrown under the bus by ABC, and blows the cover by saying “we’re filming” when they ask what they are doing on the grain bin, instead of saying they were gonna talk. Neither have their drivers license or identification. The sheriff then tells Nick that this girl has given him trouble his whole life, because guess what, the sheriff is RAVEN’S BROTHER!

I don’t know if we went up the grain bin or not. We did somehow get Nick another 4 wheeler, and now the 2 of them are going mudding in the fields. We then need to have a water fight and wrestle and make-out in the muddy/watery field. This just proves I’m more of a city girl than a country girl, because as they’re doing this, I’m thinking of mice, snakes and other animals that are surrounding them and all the bug bites I would get. This was not romantic to me. Also, did the producers make her put on a white t-shirt to do this?!? I’ve gone 4 wheeling before, and we did go over muddy hills and things, but I’m pretty sure I wore an old baggy t-shirt or at least a dark colored t-shirt, but then again I’m way more of a prude then any of the girls on a dating reality television show πŸ™‚

Now we’re going to go to Raven’s parents house. From the outside this is one of my favorite parents houses that we’ve seen in all the years of the show, because this is a NORMAL house! It’s not a mansion, or a castle, it’s a home! We have mom, dad & brother.

Raven was trying to talk to her mom about the prank they pulled on Nick, but mom interupts. She says that dad had a scan while she was gone, Raven gets scared, I hold my breath, and then mom says that daddy is cancer free. I am a nerd because I got goosebumps and a lil choked up. Daddy is emotional, Raven is emotional, mom is emotional, I am emotional.


Raven tries to give a speech about how inspiring her parents are, she can’t get thru it as she’s cryin, and dad gets up and just gives her a hug in the middle of the speech and I’m so happy. This just makes me so happy, I really love Raven.

Now we have just a conversation with Raven & dad. She said she’s so happy that Nick was here to get the news that dad is cancer free. She said after the tough year, she’s happy they’re turning a corner. She asks dad if it’s weird to think about the fact that he could walk her down the aisle to that guy in there. I fall more in love with dad, because he’s realistic and says it doesn’t matter if it’s Nick or some other guy, he’s glad he’s going to be the one walking her down the aisle, not her brother or uncle. Then Raven gets me all choked up again, because she said there’s no other man besides her dad who’d walk her down the aisle, she’d just walk by herself.

Raven & mom have a conversation now and you can tell that these two have a great relationship. They sit on a bed and have a conversation about how they thought he’d be arrogant, but she is glad she met his sister and his parents and that turned the corner in their relationship. Raven talks about how guarded she is and her mom wants her to open herself up to the experience of loving someone else. Mom reminds Raven that when it’s right the relationship should be easy.

Nick talks to Dad now and asks for permission to marry Raven basically. Raven’s dad said he didn’t expect to like Nick, he’s glad Raven is enjoying herself with Nick. He doesn’t want surprises. He’s not overjoyed with being the son-in-law, but talks about how they trust Raven.

We say goodbye to Raven’s family, but still sit on their front porch. Raven is hesitating as she says “there is no hesitation” to say she’s happy to see how this goes. She can’t say the words “I love you.” She doesn’t want to be rejected or appear to be weak, honey don’t say it, you’re on a hometown date on a DATING show! She’s worried she’s the only one not to say “I love you” I’m going to say you shouldn’t tell someone you love them because you’re the only one who hasn’t, but again, just a simple girl who’s judging from the comfort of my living room, not on a dating show πŸ™‚

Next hometown takes us to Dallas, TX for Rachel’s hometown! We know she’s not gonna make it to the end, but I wanna meet her family as we will see them again on her season! Nick is dressed very nicely for the daytime portion of their date. We go to church! It’s very important for Rachel, she loves church and it’s a big deal for her. She wants to know if he’ll be comfortable in a church that is predominately black and isn’t a church that he’s used to going to. Nick gets a shout-out at church and they all welcome him.

Nick said that he’s never felt closer to Rachel then in this moment because faith was an important thing in his parent’s relationship and it brought them closer together. I find it odd, because he doesn’t mention how faith is important to him, but I guess if he’s open to it that’s all that really matters. He says he’s comfortable in a place of worship and Amen is Amen.

Okay, timeout for a second here. Can we please point out that Nick says he’s the most comfortable, has the best chemistry, is his true self, and all these other great things about his relationship with Rachel, yet we know HE DOESN’T CHOOSE HER! What happens? I’m thinking it has to be self-sabotage, he’s not really wanting a wife, or he’d choose Rachel.

They are talking about being an inter-racial couple for the first time. This is an interesting conversation, as it is one I’m sure we’ll have more of in the Bachelorette. Rachel doesn’t mind, but a lot of the reason she doesn’t mind is because Nick doesn’t. Which makes sense, if the guy is going to fixate on it, then she will have something to fixate on as well. If they both are united, no big deal.

Rachel’s dad is unfortunately not able to be on camera because he has work obligations. I did see Nick tweet out that he had met Rachel’s dad off-camera.

We are walking up to Rachel’s family’s house. Nick randomly tells Rachel as they are walking up together that she looks great, it is the exact same outfit she’s been wearing all day, so is that just a nervous tic he does, he randomly compliments women.

We’re meeting Rachel’s family which is her mom, older sister, younger sister, cousin, nephew and brother-in-law who is also white, so inter-racial not going to be a huge deal with the family.

Favorite line of the night from Rachel “In this family, you don’t need to have black skin, but you need to have thick skin.”

We’re able to see Nick’s personality actually come out. He’s teasing her and her sisters and I really enjoy it. This is the Nick I wish we could’ve seen more of. We only saw glimpses of him with our Shark-girl Alexis.

Nick and Rachel’s mom are sitting down. He appeases mom by saying that he knows she’s black but he likes her for who she is. Her mom says that is great, but she wants him to be aware that society may have issues with it and is he ready to handle that. She also then asks a great question and asks what are the red flags in their relationship. He tries to say there isn’t anything, and mom ain’t falling for that! He talks about her big personality and is one of the things he loves about her.

Mom & Rachel are now going to talk. I think they get along, but I don’t think they’re as close as Raven & her mom. Rachel’s mom is more skeptical and wants to make sure her baby is smart. I’m very curious how mom feels about her baby being the Bachelorette now. You can tell she loves Rachel, is very intelligent and articulate. She just keeps saying that she trusts Rachel’s judgement, but still seems a lil skeptical (rightfully so!) Rachel tells the camera she’s falling in love with him, but she didn’t tell him that, so 2 girls so far haven’t dropped the “L” bomb.

What we all waited for! Corrine’s hometown in Miami. Corrine wants to take Nick somewhere she’s very comfortable and feels at home—we’re going shopping.


That my friends, is why I’m all about Rachel and am not a fan of Corrine. Rachel takes us to church…I guess the mall is probably close to Corrine’s place of worship. This shows the immaturity that Corrine has. Even Raven’s date was cool and a part of her and wasn’t so vain.

Corrine enjoys the finer things in life, so we’re going to an exclusive mall. We’re not going to any mall I’ve ever been. Pretty sure “SALE” is a the worst 4 letter word most of these people have ever heard.

All the stores they go in, the people working the store know Corrine by name. Nick’s best quote of the night is “she wants to show me what an ordinary day looks like for Corrine, which is a very un-ordinary day for literally everyone else.” Nick thought he had expensive taste until he met Corrine. They are shopping in places where free champagne is handed out, believe it or not Corrine’s glass is empty very quickly.

Nick put a sweatshirt on that cost $800 and looked like male leggings, and $600 sweatshirt. Nick points out if him & Corrine end up together he will need to get 2 or 3 jobs to keep up. Nick had sticker shock when they’d get to the register and Corrine didn’t blink at all when things were over $3,000. I think all he got for all of that money was a sweater, pants and shoes….that better be all the things he got, i don’t know for sure if he got shoes or socks.

Corrine decides to drop the first “L-bomb” of the night in what looks like a food court. She didn’t sound confident in it at all. He decided to kiss her. She tells us she’s on cloud nine, but I don’t think I believe it.

Corrine’s family is in a high-rise apartment. Corrine’s dad gets on my nerves just by him opening his mouth. We’re meeting Mom, Dad, younger sister and her nanny Raquel! We sit down for dinner and Corrine tattles to Daddy about how the girls used Raquel against her. I’m thinking Daddy may have mob connections and that’s how they have all their money. He wants to know how they found out about Raquel and there are quite a few camera people who are now sweating thinking they may be swimming with the fishes here soon, since they did record Raquel and the cucumbers at the beginning of the season. Corrine let’s them off the hook by saying she told them about Raquel.

Mom interjects that Raquel has been with them for 17 years and is basically a member of the family. My favorite part about that whole sentiment is LITERALLY as she’s saying that, Raquel is serving them! How many of your family members, let you sit down at the table, talk about them and then will bring out different dishes to various members of the family. Please notice they’re all eating something different. Raquel does get a spot at the table, but it looks like a kiddie seat.

Dad & Raquel sit down to talk first. They take their goblets of wine. Corrine tells dad that she told Nick that she loves him today after a month and a half of dating (she doesn’t tell dad they have never had a one-on-one date).

We randomly get Nick & Raquel having a conversation. I think we just needed Raquel to have more screen time. Believe it or not, Raquel sticks with the company line of if Corrine is happy, she’s happy.

Dad wants Corrine to think of worst case scenario. If Nick is the stay at home dad, because Corrine has her multi-million dollar company to run, can she handle being the bread winner? Can Nick have a job that will be able to raise a family and keep Corrine happy? She says yes, I think even Nick can agree that no he can’t afford a job that will keep Corrine used to her life that she’s grown accustomed to.

Corrine and her mom have some weird tension between the 2 of them. I get this vibe from her mom:


I want to know about her sister. How old is she? Is she going to also run a multi-million dollar company? Did dad & Corrine talk about how business is going? I hope her sister is normal, she looks normal! I guess those questions are just going to have to be things I ponder, I’m not going to get my answers to them right away.

We’re in Montreal for Vanessa’s hometown date. We get to meet Vanessa’s students. All of her students are special needs over 21 and are both French & English. There is a big crowd waiting for her and they are all so excited to see her, they all start crying to see her and Nick gets emotional just watching them. Vanessa shows off her teaching skills and has her students help them make a scrapbook.

I’m sorry, another rant, but COME ON Nick!!! How can you have a moment or an afternoon like this with Vanessa and compare it at all to the superficial day that you had with Corrine? This made me appreciate Vanessa so much more.

Vanessa’s parents are divorced, and she wants him to know what it’s like to split his time between 2 divorced parents. I like this approach because that is real life. How many times have we brought the divorced parents together for one hometown date and you can tell they never hang out and it’s the most awkward thing ever.

We’re going to Mom’s side first. Vanessa is giving him the run-down on names. We have 15 loud Italians in a room together. When Vanessa walks in the room she immediately starts crying. She said she’ll be interested to see how he can handle a lot of people, considering he has what 10 siblings, he should be able to handle this. If not, then he must not be very close to his family. The family wants to know what are their plans for after the show? Are they going to get married? What city are they going to live in? That’s when this really shows that these relationships aren’t as far along as other seasons of the Bachelor, huh maybe Nick should do more talking with his mouth instead of making out with it.

Vanessa’s mom wants to know what is it that made Vanessa stand out to Nick. And Vanessa’s mom calls him out for the first thing that he points out is her attractiveness, she doesn’t want to talk about her looks. Older sister points out they need to have a conversation about where they’re going to live. Older sister also wins some big sister brownie points from me, because she threatens him if he breaks her heart, she’ll break him!

Vanessa’s family is very loving and protective of her. They do not seem so supportive of her even being on this show and are moreso even more skeptical of it then any of the other families. They want her to know that she’ll be fine and she’s strong. They want her to be happy and not to be heart-broken. You cannot deny that there is real love and devotion from this family. This was a very genuine and real family visit. Something that I think we felt from all of the hometowns with the exception of Corrine’s.

We then go to Vanessa’s dad side of the family. We get a rundown of the show and all the locations they’ve traveled. There’s been good times and hard times, but the good outweighs the bad. Ironically Vanessa’s dad asked the exact same question as the mom. He points out that he wants them to respect one another and for his daughter to be happy. Vanessa’s dad cannot give Nick his blessing to get engaged because there are still 3 other women in the picture. He asks Nick if he asked the other families for their permission and he tries to weasel out of it by saying that he in a way asked the other families their permissions. Vanessa’s dad is giving Nick the business and I appreciate it. He’s forcing this back on Nick and asking him what this means to him. I respect Vanessa’s dad by saying he can’t give permission until he knows that his daughter is the last one and wants her to not get hurt and to be happy and then he concedes and gives his blessing. Vanessa has a random talk with her step-mom I believe, it was awkward and the 2 don’t seem super close.

Vanessa’s dad tells her that he gave his blessing and Vanessa is super excited that Nick asked for his blessing. She tells dad that if he asked she’d say yes right now. Then Vanessa asks dad if he asked Nick if he asked that question to other girls and then is very upset when dad says that yes, he did ask and Nick asked everyone’s permission for their blessing, so sorry Vanessa you are just like the rest of the pack, you aren’t special like you think you are.

We are randomly in New York for the rose ceremony after hometowns. I’m confused why we’re in New York, but I guess why not?!? Nick thinks it’s going to be impossible to make a decision tonight on who to send home. Corrine is feeling really confident because they laughed, kissed, giggled and she bought him a nice outfit. Rachel & Raven are both freaking out because they didn’t tell him that they loved him. We have WAY TOO MANY balcony shots! We saw all the girls pondering life on the balconies and then Nick on the balcony. Vanessa is in tears because she’s tired of being on a dating show and not knowing exactly where Nick stands and how he feels.

There’s a knock on his door and I expect it to be Vanessa, but it’s Andi! And then comes up the words “TO BE CONTINUED”


Nick’s Final 6 Girls

I’m sorry friends, but this season is real difficult! The only thing that is really getting me through the next month, is that tonight officially they announced that Rachel is going to be our Bachelorette. This is something that has never been done before, where they announce a girl who’s still competing on the show will be the next lead, but I’m so glad. I like her so much and Nick not at all.

I’m not loving Nick at all as our Bachelor and when the first 20 minutes are spent on trying to make me believe Nick could quit and not be on the show anymore it makes it even more difficult. He sold his soul to the Bachelor franchise and if he quits right now, what in the world are they going to air on our TVs until the middle of March when Dancing With The Stars comes back. I mean come on, obviously he’s going to go through this whole facade and pretend he loves a girl.

He officially comes and tells the girls that he’s going to continue the journey and they’re going to some island, I’m sorry I didn’t really catch where it is, not that it really matters, they’re all the same right?!?!

Vanessa gets another one-on-one and Corrine is pissed because she hasn’t had a one-on-one and Vanessa is getting a second one. Corrine again takes over the show and shows off the fact that she is very immature and is just on tv to annoy me.

We’re going to have Vanessa & Nick on a boat and Vanessa has never been on a boat. I’m wondering if we should put Vanessa on a boat when there’s a great chance she could get motion sickness and we’ve already seen that happen in the plane! Dear Lord Corrine is talking about how Vanessa doesn’t have any depth, honey make sure you’re looking in the mirror! Vanessa again talks about the fact that she’s here for Nick and it makes her nervous, because she went on the show knowing it was him and being all in, but he didn’t come on the show knowing it was her. He seems frustrated he has to reassure her, when he was just in tears the night before, so I don’t understand the lack of patience here. Since we still don’t know much about her and don’t see much sustenance on this date, I’m blaming Nick on this boring date. Since Boobs McGee left last week, Vanessa has taken over that role. She toasts and seems super confident and Nick just seems like he’s as invested in this conversation as I am.


Vanessa tells him that she loves him. Nick talks about how he’s said he’s in love on this show before, and is only going to say I love you once. So he’s not going to tell Vanessa that, he really really likes her….but dang, you can basically tell he’s just stringing her along to keep her on the show. Vanessa is a girl who can actually read the signs and looks very hurt about his response, as she should. She’s not like the other girls who’ve been going on and on and not reading the cues.

Corrine, Kristina & Raven get the group date. How the hell has Corrine made it this far without getting a one-on-one? This just proves she’s only here for the Producers. Oh good we’re on another yacht, even though that’s exactly what he did with Vanessa, it’s what we’re gonna do with the girls as well. Corrine looks great on a yacht she’s been on bigger yachts and is a professional boater. Of course we have to take off the skimp cover-ups and shorts that are tighter & shorter than Lady GaGa’s halftime outfit! Then there’s sunscreen, and music and I just want it to stop.

Then Corrine says one of the saddest lines, “I just really wanna win over my fiance” if that’s not the start to a lifelong happy marriage, I don’t know what is!

Believe it or not, Corrine’s drink is the only one that is empty. I bet she wishes she had more in her glass when she finds out that they are going to be swimming with sharks. Not in a tank, but they are snorkeling, and are able to look down and see Β the shark right below them. Kristina had enough, and needed to get back on the boat. Corrine is pissed she’s not the center of attention, but then they bring out more booze so maybe she’ll be okay!

Now we’re to the night portion of the date. Kristina is the first to get one on one time with Nick. He gives some stupid response about how their date was so long ago and so much has changed. It was only a week ago! He just realizes he needed to give her a rose after she told her moving story last week. If he let her go last week after showing how brave she was, then he’d be a real douche! In talking with her, about how tough his week was, he starts crying and then decides he needs to make out with her to feel better about himself. Good for you buddy, use her to make you feel better.

Raven gets Nick’s time. Nick talks about how worried he is to meet the father’s next week because he knows the dad’s will know his reputation. Raven is great because she doesn’t try to lie to him to make him feel better, she says that any good daddy and brother will ask him tough questions to show they know and love the girl they’re looking out for. We find out that Raven’s father was diagnosed with lung cancer 2 years ago which is why she moved back home to be with him. She says he’s good now, so hopefully that means remission.

Corrine is thrilled because she finally gets her time with Nick. She complains about not having a one-on-one with him. She refers to herself in the 3rd person and Nick makes fun of her for it and that endears him slightly to me. He then attempts to talk her off the ledge, and by making out with her she’s happy. That is until Raven gets the date rose so that means we get to meet her family. Seems only fair since she met his family!


Corrine keeps referring to herself in 3rd person. Corrine thought Corrine was going to get a date rose last night on the group date and can’t believe she didn’t. Kristina doesn’t react like I would, which just proves that Kristina is a saint and such a better person then me!

Danielle now gets her one-on-one and it just breaks my heart because you can absolutely tell that this girl is WAY more into him then he is into her. They are on bikes and riding around with the locals. Then they play sports with some of the local kids. Then start talking about hometowns and if he’d be in Wisconsin. Nick is talking about how they can’t have a conversation, and I want to point out that he has NOT had a conversation really with any of these women, so it’s not Danielle’s fault, most of the time his tongue is in the girl’s mouth so that may be why he doesn’t notice conversation doesn’t flow.

We talk about her fiance who passed away and that’s the last person that she brought home and she really wants to bring Nick home because she’s falling for him and is very happy with him. She’s trying to get the nerve up to tell him how she feels and at this point I’m so angry at Nick and want him to stop her from talking, because he had to know what she was going to say, and he doesn’t reciprocate and instead of being a man and saying something earlier and putting her out of her misery, he let’s her go on first and put herself out there. He doesn’t see a future and talks about “the right thing to do.” NO NICK, the right thing, was for you to speak up about 30 seconds before you did.


Danielle is now in tears, because she thinks it’s because of her and she’s not great. YOU ARE GREAT DANIELLE!!!! Nick is a douche!!! She doesn’t feel worthy and feels rejected, and it breaks my heart. She has to come back to the hotel, and pack and says goodbye to the girls and it’s horrible to watch her pack and say goodbye.

After Danielle goes home, we finally get the scene of Corrine sneaking into Corrine’s hotel that we say the preview of way at the beginning of the season. She’s wearing a shirt from Boobs McGee Danielle, where she’s wearing a shirt that’s cut all the way to her naval. High heels that are 6 inches tall. Nick gets her a drink (shocker) she says the cliche phrases that she wanted to make sure he was okay and spend time with him. Though she’d admitted to the camera that she was there to guarantee she’d get a rose. She then takes him into his room, and if Nick should know anything about this show, especially with his time with Kaitlyn, is that we can hear everything that’s going on! And I’m just uber uncomfortable and don’t love the camera angle of a champagne bottle and just staring at the bedroom door.


Nick actually does reject her and says that while it’s tempting, he needs to wait. She is not feeling great about it. I think she’s more worried it didn’t work out because she’s afraid now she’s not gonna get a rose, not because she feels rejected like Danielle did.

Rachel is getting the last one-on-one date. How awkward to watch this date now, knowing that she’s going to be the Bachelorette! As someone who tries to stay clear of spoilers, this is weird. We now know that she’s not the final 1. I’m assuming she can’t be the final 2 either, or the whole finale will be a moot point.

Nick is way more interested in how her parents are going to react then he has been about any of the other girls. She talks about how he is the first white guy that she’d be bringing home. Not that it’s a big deal, as she said her family is accepting. The bartender tells her “Make sure this guy needs you and doesn’t just want you.” She also threw out a great line “I love sports, but don’t like to play games.”

Rachel is going to be a breath of fresh air! She’s so articulate and genuine and sweet. I’m excited she’s going to be the next Bachelorette. I can’t believe that this is going to be the first minority Bachelorette we will have, she’s going to be such a great person for this, I’m thrilled they chose her!

Corrine is losing it. She’s way to in her head. She thinks she’s going home and talks about how much she likes Nick, but isn’t able to give reasons as to why she likes him. She just refers to herself in the 3rd person a little bit more.

We then flash over to Chris Harrison and Nick talking in a cabin. He says he wants to tell a girl goodbye, but wants to do it in the most private way possible. Nick is all teary-eyed and wants to say goodbye to this girl in the best way possible. Nick just walks into the house and asks where Kristina is. He doesn’t even really say hi to Corrine or Raven. He goes into Kristina’s bedroom, grabs her and takes her outside. He starts crying again and tells her that Β it’s not gonna work out, and she can tell RIGHT AWAY what’s going on and she wants to get the hell out of there. Nick gives the whole “I have stronger relationships with other women” and I love Kristina because she comes back with “You didn’t give me a fair chance” and she is absolutely correct! Nick has taken this from a physical standpoint, Kristina could be a better emotional connection and she deserves so much better than Nick! You are going to be just fine Kristina! You’re going to be much better off! Nick tells her that she’s amazing and he sees that and Kristina again for the win “You’re letting me go.” Nick is crying, Kristina was able to hold it together longer than him. He hugs her and she walks away, to go cry with the girls.

Nick does the patented Bachelor move and leans over the Balcony and cries. Then he’s walking on the sand by himself crying and poor Kristina in the reject limo is crying and I really just want to give her a hug.

The girls are worried that there are only going to be 3 hometowns and not 4 and that’s how they end it.

I’m sorry, but this show has been on for how many years. We’re going to have all 4 hometowns. There’s no way they’re gonna stop that and there’s no way we’re not going to see Raquel, Corrine’s Nanny. They also say that someone comes back, it’s a brunette, but I don’t know who it is.

We’ll see what the drama is going to be and if it’s as intense as the previews show it to be! In the meantime, I’ll just be excited about Rachel being our new Bachelorette!

Have a great week!

Tears & Drama in St. Thomas with Nick & his Gaggle of Girls

Oh good the shows start off right where the last episode left off, Taylor goes and tells Nick that Corrine is lying. Nick doesn’t believe it. And I just want that whole 5-10 minutes of my life back. I don’t know why they’re trying to make this into a “the person who gets kicked off chooses to come and tell the lead their thoughts.” No, this is a producer telling Taylor to come back, make a fool outta herself, but also give her a great welcoming package for Bachelor in Paradise.

My favorite line of this whole thing, was Nick telling Corrine that he told Taylor he was following his heart, no Nick you’re not following your heart, your following lust!

Oh good, we’re at the random rose ceremony 15 minutes into the rose ceremony where I’ve forgotten who all the girls are from last week, and as we’ve established Nick is not great about making conversation with people so that doesn’t help me know who these girls are. You know what makes it even harder, is when we don’t have a cocktail party and we go straight to the rose ceremony. The girls are all slamming back their drinks, since there’s no cocktail party, you’ve got less time to consume the same amount of alcohol as you would all night.

Those with roses:

  1. Rachel—she got the one-on-one date and am campaigning for her to be our next Bachelorette, she’s way to good to end up with Nick at the end! Btw, Rachel’s desk is AMAZING!
  2. Danielle M—she got the rose on the group date
  3. Corrine—got the rose on the 2 on 1
  4. Kristina—Russian girl
  5. Raven—went roller-skating with him and dropped the “L” bomb last week
  6. Vanessa–went on the zero-force airplane date and got sick
  7. Danielle L—Boobs McGee who’s dress is cut all the way to her naval and looks like it may be on backwards—watch out Janet Jackson!
  8. Jasmine—NBA dancer who i don’t know anything about hers & Nick’s relationship
  9. Whitney—who the hell is this girl?!? I’m not saying that as a a joke, as i know i have before. I just legit have no flipping clue who she is.

Going home: Josephine—Corrine’s BFF, Jaimi—she has balls & an ex-girlfriend and an unfortunate choice of lipstick today and sadly Alexis! Our comic relief- sholphin girl is going home!

We’re going to St. Thomas! And they all greet one another on the beach and the only thing I can think for ALL parties involved, (ahem looking at you Nick!) is this song:


Kristina our Russian gets the first date that starts right now! They take off in a little plane that can land on the water and fly over the island. She’s enjoying the view, Nick is trying to kiss her, but she wants to look at everything and enjoy it, which I appreciate.

Also, Nick’s tank top, Keds, and pastel short shorts are REALLY not doing nothing for me! You know what makes me love Kristina even more, is that when we cut to her and Nick outside of the airplane and they are cheersing to her one-on-one, she’s drinking a beer! He’s also drinking a beer, but she’s now officially my kinda girl!

Kristina tells us that she has 8 siblings. She is one of 9 and one of her sister’s is still in Russia. Kristina is adopted. Her parents had 4 and then adopted 4 and then she has a 27 year old sister back in Russia who is not included in the 4 or 4. She talks to her occasionally but her Russian is rusty so it makes it difficult to communicate with her. Of course Nick focuses on the one phrase he needs to know in every language “give me a kiss.” Then they go swimming.

We have had Corrine out of our site for way too long, so she has to get back on our screen. Corrine’s plan for the day is to drink champagne and stay in bed. Until they bring out the maid, who all of a sudden becomes Corrine and only Corrine’s nanny. I know this is a hoax and something that ABC wants to get us talking about Raquel again and how spoiled Corrine is, but this is just pathetic!

Thank goodness we’re back to Kristina! She’s in a cute white dress. It’s tasteful and very attractive. We’re going to get more of Kristina’s background and in her interview she talks about how she doesn’t like to tell the story because it’s so personal and intimate and right away I don’t think Nick has earned this story, and Lord knows we as Americans haven’t earned it. I don’t know enough about you Kristina, you don’t owe me anything!

She was born in Russia, a very small town. She didn’t have much. She grew up with her mom, her step-sister lived with her dad. She said her mom wasn’t around much anyways even when she was little. She talked about how one time when she was 5, her mom left her at home and told her to not eat anything because she was going to get food but would be gone a day. She was excited to hear that her mom was going to get food, because they didn’t often have food. She remembers the cupboards being bare when she was young and eating lipstick, it didn’t taste good but she had to do what she had to do. When her mom had came back home after being gone a day, she’d asked Kristina if she’d eaten. Kristina admitted that she had, and her mom screamed at her to get out. So she got out and went to an orphanage. She thought of her mom all the time when she was in the orphanage but her mom never came to visit her. Her mom has since passed away. She never saw her after that day. She was in the orphanage for 7-8 years. Once you hit 16 you had to leave the orphanage. She said that you had to either go to a bigger city or find some way to fend for yourself. Prostitution is the route most go to try and make money, but she didn’t want to go down that route. When she found out she was 12 and going to be adopted, a teacher told her that if she lived in Russia her life would be black and white, but if she came to America it would be color. She said that spoke to her, as she had a choice if she wanted to be adopted and come to America, but feels guilty for leavin her sister behind in Russia. She said leaving the orphanage was so difficult because she’d been there for 7-8 years and she knew when she left, she’d never see them again.

If this isn’t how you are after hearing that story, I don’t know if you have a heart.Β giphy

To see a clip of it and to read her tweet here you go:

Nick puts it into perspective perfectly. Most of us at 5 are sad to leave our parents for kindergarten, Kristina left her mom and found a way to survive and better her life. She was on her own surviving even before that. If that’s not inspirational, i don’t know what is. She is so strong, and I’m so happy that she waited to tell this story until she had a 1 on 1, if she would’ve had to say this at a cocktail party it wouldn’t have been the same and her story wouldn’t have gotten justice. Kristina is someone to admire, and is way too good to be on this show and is now another girl I’m going to angle for being the Bachelorette if we don’t get Rachel! If Kristina can be so optimistic and positive, why can’t I?

And from some good news to some not so great news, we the girls and a group date card:

  1. Rachel
  2. Raven
  3. Vanessa
  4. Corrine
  5. Danielle M
  6. Jasmine

Which means we get 2 weeks in a row of 2-on-1 dates. We get Whitney, the girl we don’t know and Danielle L (Boobs McGee).

We get the girls to wear skimpy bikinis and then they play BBQ games basically. They play volleyball and at first they’re having fun, but instead the more it goes on, the less fun it’s getting for the girls. Corrine is drunk off her ass and still taking shots and may be narcoleptic as she wants to go lie down and sleep more. There are now lots of tears and the girls are done. They’re all spread out, with towels around, looking in the distance, except for Corrine who’s bellied up to the bar. The girls aren’t getting attention from Nick and they’re disappointed. Nick needs to do damage control.

We have the night portion of the date and it’s AWKWARD! Nick has no idea how to handle this.


Rachel talks about how much she hates group dates and doesn’t know how to handle all of this and wanted to go home partway through the day and didn’t want to come tonight. You can tell that he really cares for Rachel and is begging her to stay and just be patient with him. The other girls are crying and telling him how hard things are. Jasmine is spiraling out of control and I’m assuming alcohol has to be a factor, but she is tired of being overlooked.Jasmine kinda freaks out on him, but as she’s telling him it sucks and she wants his attention, I’m thinking she’s freaking out because she wants reassurance and wants to date a GUY not necessarily THIS GUY!

Nick keeps telling her to be honest, and she’s in tears, so how much more honest can she get? They are certainly not on the same page and Jasmine stop talking, pay attention to the body language and back away. Instead, she goes the opposite and doesn’t listen to me at all. She makes a joke about how she gets angry at him, wants to choke him and throw his ass down, he know looks over at producers and is terrified. She is now talking about she wants to choke him and making it sexual and he is the complete opposite of on board with that.


He tells her goodbye instead at this date and she is going home now instead of at the rose ceremony!

Alright, let’s get this surprise 2 on 1 date started. I’m shocked we have Boobs McGee on this date, I thought she was the front-runner. Both girls are going with bikinis and rompers with no sleeves and cut all the way to the belly button. We’ve got Whitney who we have no clue who she is and then Danielle. Your odds have to be good Danielle that you’re going to say.

We don’t have tarot cards or voodoo dolls. We have a helicopter ride to a beach. Whitney seems to be saying the right things. She wants to talk about their relationship, not anyone elses. He talks about how pretty she is, so there’s that relationship I guess.

Danielle and him are talking now, and Danielle is giggling again and just sayin “yeah” a lot. Nick is talking more than she is. She finally says things about how she could see her life with him. He shows he’s not our articulate Bachelor Ben. He leaves Danielle to go and talk to Whitney.

Whitney is sitting on one of the beds that are on the beach all around Bachelor in Paradise, so she’s getting her audition tape ready for that and she’ll do great there this summer. She gets rejected with basically “I find you super attractive, but my heart isn’t into it. I feel obligated to give this rose to Danielle.” Then when Whitney calls him out and says that they haven’t spent much time together and she was implying Boobs McGee may not be ready for a relationship, he got defensive and said this has nothing to do with Danielle, it has to do with their relationship.

Whitney gets left on the Beach when Danielle & Nick fly off. It isn’t as extreme as this 2 on 1, but I got more flashes of this date then I did during last week’s 2 on 1.

2 on 1

Now the girls are talking about how they have no idea where Nick’s head is at. Jasmine left during the date, and they don’t see Nick & Danielle ending up together.

We have the night portion of the date, and we have a strapless dress for Danielle. Believe it or not her girls are hidden, they’re still prominent in the dress as they’re holdin it up, but we don’t see her belly button! We’re in the oldest building in all of the island, an old fort that they’re navigating.

Nick does not appear to really be into this date. He is trying really hard. But these girls are not doing a great job of reading body language. I don’t think it’s a great sign to be talking about the past when you’ve only gone on 1 one-on-one date and have group dates. Talk about the future, get to know one another!!!

Nick’s words to describe what he’s looking for in this relationship is “raw & adventurous” oh honey…those words are not you! Her words were “love & trust.” And then she drops the “L-bomb” and even though she’s looking at him, she’s obviously not because he is so visibly uncomfortable that she should have never said anything! There is the LONGEST most uncomfortable silence ever! She giggles and tries to fill the silence and this is the WORST! He tells us that at the beginning he thought she’d be the one that he wanted at the end and wanted to fall in love with, however his heart isn’t feeling it. She’s finally catching on and it’s so bad. He’s tearing up and now crying, she is pained but manages to not cry until she gets to the car.

I have to say I’m shocked, I thought Danielle would be in our final 2 for sure, if not our winner. I cannot believe it at all that Danielle is going home right now! She’s gorgeous and seems to be his type, and pretty agreeable, so this is a shocking elimination, especially so early in the season! Some of these girls he’s kept are still surprising me.

They had to call the girls together to the living space so the security guy could come in and grab the suitcase and we could see the girls reactions. Nick is going in to talk to the girls. He doesn’t knock, he just barges in. The girls gasp as if it’s super shocking. Nick is in tears already. He talks about how optimistic that he was in his relationship with Danielle and how it fell flat and how his biggest fear is that the same thing could happen with these girls in this relationship. He says he doesn’t know if he can keep doing this, and then walks out the door on that note.

Next week is the day before Valentine’s Day, all the girls are concerned about Nick and wanting to make sure he is okay and are in tears for him, except Corrine who is going to use her sexual prowess to make him feel better, of course…

Alright, well dry up before Next week you all! We’re down to 6 girls, that was a productive episode, we really got to business. Means we’ll probably get to 4 and hometowns in 2 weeks, so buckle up, the journey is getting ready to end!

Until next week,


Nick & his ladies are in New Orleans!

Sorry folks! Things came up last night and I couldn’t watch or blog.

We start off with Taylor & Corrine arguing like last week. All the other girls are going to let them argue by the fire sharing a blanket. This argument will just not end and it shows that neither of them have emotional intelligence. Seriously this went on for WAY TOO LONG!!!!

We finally have Taylor & Corrine done with their argument so we can start the Rose ceremony. We can literally see the girls breaths as they’re standing on the platform. Can we just let them wear long coats? I guess some are that have fancy coats, I’d have my puffy coat on and wouldn’t give a crap. Maybe we figured out why Corrine & Taylor was arguing is because they needed to get the blood flowing to not get hypothermia.


  1. Raven—one-on-one
  2. Danielle L—-Boobs McGee
  3. Kristina—Russian girl who got the group date rose
  4. Whitney—still NO IDEA who this chick is
  5. Danielle M—Special ed teacher
  6. Jasmine—NBA dancer
  7. Rachel—no shock, she absolutely deserves the rose, got the first impression one.
  8. Jaimi—she has balls
  9. Josephine—she was absolutely shocked when her name was called, as were most of us at home πŸ™‚
  10. Vanessa—zero gravity date withstanding, I still like her!
  11. Alexis—THANK YOU for letting our comic relief shark/dolphin girl stick around!
  12. Corrine—no one is shocked that she’s still here
  13. FINAL ROSE—Taylor (not shocking when they’ve promo’d the 2 on 1 date all week)

Sarah is going home, she was our “runner-up” girl. Maybe that was Astrid that also went home, I can’t even tell you, it was a tall skinny brunette.

We’re going from Milwaukee to New Orleans! I’ve been in Louisiana once, and that was in 2014 when the Royals clinched a spot to the first World Series in 29 years! I had been walking around a college campus getting ready for a Tree Planting event that was going to be taking place the next day, I was able to get up to my hotel room for the last 2 outs of the game and watched this celebration take place….so Louisiana does hold a special place in my heart!

Alright, outta my sports train of thought and back to the Bachelor. It’s hard when it’s all about Taylor & Corrine’s feud and how much they hate each other. We all know how this goes right?!?

Rachel gets the only one-on-one date this week. Nick said that his chemistry with Rachel is the most explosive he has with any woman here, which is saying something. They are enjoying Louisiana cuisine. They look like they are on a normal date that anyone would actually go on. My only issue is that I think for a shirt Rachel is wearing a one piece swimming suit and then has yellow shorts on over it. We have a band playing in the streets and celebrating Rachel & Nick, Rachel has way more rhythm then Nick & well all the Backstreet Boys from a few weeks ago. Since Nick doesn’t know he doesn’t really know how to dance, we’re going to see him in multiple dancing scenarios.

Now we’re too the night portion of their date. Rachel is able to articulate things so well, I like her a lot, and I want to say right now that she’s too good for Nick, but I would really like for her to be our next Bachelorette. Rachel’s parents are still married. Nick is already smitten with Rachel an asking her what he should call her dad and that he’s scared to meet her dad. That is saying something because he truly hasn’t said that and we’re still a couple weeks away from hometowns, I think Rachel is getting a rose for sure πŸ™‚ Nick is able to talk and be open with Rachel which is not something you see with any of the other girls. I did giggle because Rachel tells Nick that only those that are close to her know she’s sensitive, honey you’re having a conversation with one guy, but MILLIONS of us are watching. Nick tells her he’s breaking rules and tells her that he’s really into her and wants her to feel confident and he’s going to put forth the effort in this relationship. They make out and everyone is happy.

Group date card:

  1. Kristina
  2. Josephine
  3. Raven
  4. Jaimi
  5. Whitney
  6. Vanessa
  7. Danielle M
  8. Jasmine
  9. Danielle L

SHOCKING, Taylor & Corrine are on the 2 on 1?!?! Who would’ve ever thought?!?!

Alright let’s do the group date first. Raven cracks me up because she’s saying that she’s not going to be a fan of the ghost hunt they’re doing in this mansion. Raven said if she runs into a ghost she’s going to refute him in the name of Jesus…I’m right there with you Raven! We meet the caretaker Boo, and believe it or not the first ghost he tells us about is a little girl ghost!

I love me some Vanessa because she is not participating in the Ouija board that just so happened to be under the seat and the rest of them are playing. Like Vanessa said I am not into that, do not mess around with that kinda stuff, it’s not worth it. Even if you think it’s just a joke, no need to do that kinda thing. Of course the lights just happened to shut off, it’s not like there are producers, interns and directors around that may or may not cut off the lights to have some drama on this date. Otherwise this is the most boring date ever because they’re all going to sit in a house on the floor and these girls actually get along so they wouldn’t be arguing with one another. Of course now we’re exploring the house to see if there’s anything there.

Boobs McGee & Nick attempt to have a conversation, but the conversation is that she’s scared, and he said he knows and absence can make the heart go founder and then makes out with her, so good, we still don’t know a whole about Danielle though she’s been on our screen.

K, these girls are going around the house and looking for things that go bump in the night. May I tell you something irrational that bothers me, I’m still not buying that this isn’t producer driven, but I’m concerned that they’re literally running around this mansion with candles! Is this whole place going to go up in flames?!?

Well poor Rachel your reward for getting a one-on-one date means you’re trapped in a hotel with the 2 immature girls Corrine & Taylor who neither one are ready for marriage or are ready for this situation.

Raven and Nick are able to joke around about this experience. She explains that she wasn’t nervous around him until their roller-blading date. He jokes about his skills. And Raven is the first to drop the “L-bomb!” She says the moment she fell in love with him was when he sang “Kiss the Girl” from the Little Mermaid. She didn’t mean to tell him she loved him, but he was excited about it, so she just went with it.

Poor Raven didn’t get the date rose even though she dropped the “L-bomb” he gave it to Danielle M instead. Who I do like her but need her to come out of her shell more, it’s been so long since we’ve seen her and isn’t getting a lot of screen time so it’s hard to differentiate her from some of the others. Less Corrine & Taylor and more of the girls who should be on the show more because they’re good people who could be a wife for him, if he were ready to settle down, which I’m still not buying he is.

We’re going to the bayou and the swamp. There are alligators around that could eat them. They are on the smallest boat ever and have to sit 3 across, so they’re both clinging to him and it looks ridiculous and shows of their immaturity even more.

Oh good we’re going to give 2 people who hate one another voodoo dolls. They are supposed to be used for healing not to curse anyone. I’m sorry, but most of our 2 on 1s we don’t have other people on the date. This is already showing us that this date isn’t going to be as epic as the most dramatic 2 on 1 ever:

We’re having tarrot card readings, so we’re doing all the stereotypical Louisiana things. We have Corrine throwing Taylor under the bus by talking about how Taylor called her stupid. She spent her entire time that she was talking with him throwing Taylor under the bus. Then she ended up making out with him.

Nick of course brings up his conversation with Corrine to Taylor and talks about how Taylor was bullying Corrine & called her stupid. If we played a drinking game of taking a shot every time the phrase “Emotional Intelligence” is said we’d be soooo drunk. Luckily I didn’t start that game….I’m just so over this date, especially since we know that whoever goes on the 2 on 1 doesn’t go onto win the whole thing.

Our reward for watching these 2 fight is that we get to see an exclusive Beauty and the Beast trailer, which I am all about!!!

Corrine & Taylor are now arguing about one another’s careers. I do think that we need to remind Corrine that EVERYTHING that happens is on camera!!! She has this whole alternate reality made up in her mind and that’s what happened, truth and reason be damned!

Nick comes back and grabs the rose and gives it to Corrine because we all know that he’s following his physical attraction and nothing else. Don’t worry Taylor, this just shows that he doesn’t have emotional intelligence either, so him and Corrine are perfect for one another! Β Corrine is talking in a baby voice and is thrilled that Taylor is gone. Taylor is given permission to come back which hello, this used to not be a thing! How are these producers letting these girls come back?!? I’m just over this situation, I don’t need either of these 2 girls on my screen anymore.

No reaction from the girls will top this one:

So next week we have Corrine & Taylor drama. Then we have a few girls crying, then Nick really crying where we saw the preview early in the season with all the girls with their heads in their hands crying as Nick is crying. Looks like we should have some more excitement next week, this one was kinda a snooze fest, so let’s bring on next week!

Until then!