Rachel’s Vikings!

Here we go Night 2 of our Bachelorette Extravaganza!

We’re going to start off with Lee & Kenny show-down. Kenny tells Lee he knows he lied to Rachel about Kenny dragging Lee outta a van….then Lee says he never said that….PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE, why do you insist on lying when there are VIDEO CAMERAS surrounding you 24/7! You’re on a reality television show, what do you think is going to happen? You’re going to be shown to be a liar!

Rachel comes back to the guys and talks about how informative today was and how honesty is great, but trust is the most important thing. Rachel tells Lee that she doesn’t trust him and is sending him home. Rachel told Kenny that they had a really good conversation, but she’s not quite ready to hand out the rose yet, and wants more time with Kenny.

As Lee is leaving he throws out another condescending “sweetheart” and decides if he’s going down he’s going to take Kenny with him. I don’t know if the producers are making Kenny go and talk to Lee or if he decided to go himself, but he walks her to the helicopter and rolls her eyes and can’t believe that Kenny is giving Lee more attention after he “won.” Rachel isn’t impressed and I think Kenny nailed his own coffin with that whole exchange.

The guys are excited to see Lee’s bags leaving, but I was disappointed it was nowhere NEAR this level….this is by far the best reaction ever to a 2 on 1 date reaction of people leaving—-goodbye Kelsey!

Kenny & Rachel are talking in the evening and Kenny talks about how he has a very long fuse, but he knows to not bottle up his emotions up. I will give Kenny credit, you know exactly where he stands in any situation, I don’t know if that is the case for all the guys left, but it’s what Rachel wants and needs. As a result of Kenny’s sincerity, he gets the rose for the night. They have a good friendship, let’s see where the romance is, because I don’t know if it’s up to the same level as some of the other guys. Kenny cries again when he talks to his daughter, and he’s fallen hard for Rachel and has her high on a pedestal, which you know isn’t going to end well, but for tonight, let’s act like all is right and Kenny will be happy for a long period of time 🙂

No cocktail party, we’re going straight to rose ceremony! Rachel gets to be super blunt by saying that they’re all great guys, but if you don’t get a rose tonight it’s because she honestly doesn’t see you as her husband

  1. Bryan—got the 1 on 1 date rose
  2. Will-Group date rose
  3. Kenny—2 on 1 rose
  4. Dean—still love Young smiley Dean
  5. Eric—I like Eric, especially since he laid low after Lee went after him, I hope he opens up some more
  6. Peter—I’m shocked he was the 3rd one listed for the rose, but I guess he can’t be the first one all the time
  7. Alex—-Russia
  8. Adam—-really the guy with the puppet keeps making it this far?!?!?
  9. Final rose—-MATT?!?! WTH?!?! PENGUIN GUY!??!?!

That means going home is Anthony & Josiah. I thought for sure Anthony was going to get the final rose, I mean I knew he wasn’t going super far because we didn’t really see a whole of his Rodeo drive date or much after that, but we’ve seen more of him than we have of  freaking Adam, Matt or Alex.

Josiah, you had your chance buddy. I liked you at the beginning, but your ego got in the way. You’re a smooth operator, but don’t know how to woo an intelligent lady. There’s nothing wrong with Josiah, there’s something wrong with Rachel’s brain according to her.

We’re now in Copenhagen, Denmark for our journey. Eric gets the first one-on-one date and Rachel is “cOPEN to love.” Eric is PUMPED to be on a date with her just the 2 of them. He does have some positive energy. They get to go on a boat and tour Copenhagen. He makes her smile and laugh pretty much the whole time on the boat. They start talking about how many kids they want, Rachel says 4 and Eric acts like it’s a lot then comes back and says he wants 10! This is such a positive, happy date. I find myself smiling back at them because of how much they’re smiling, and their smiles come in a close second to my favorite smile that’s on my television screen (Lorenzo Cain from the Royals)


Group date card arrives:

  1. Dean
  2. Kenny
  3. Bryan
  4. Alex
  5. Matt
  6. Peter
  7. Adam

Which means Will gets the second 1 on 1 date of the week.

Who knew that Denmark had the 2nd most popular amusement park in the world. They’re laughing and giggling and having a great time, believe it or not. They bring their inner child side out in one another. They act like high school sweethearts with no cares in the world.

Eric tells us about how he was a good kid, good grades, no smoke, drugs didn’t do anything bad. As he was growing up, he didn’t get love from his mom. Didn’t get love and attention so he would run away from it, because he never had it before. He knows he’s falling for her and feels out of control but in a good way. He is willing to keep opening up and learn more and do whatever it takes….Eric won me over a little bit more tonight, and Rachel as well, he gets the rose tonight!

Group date is going on a Viking boat, not quite the Viking Voyager from Worlds of Fun but close. They are sitting in the midst of other gentleman and are rowing, it looks like it’s actually some difficult work. It is not surprising to me that Rachel is sitting next to Bryan on this part of the trip.

We now have Tom & Morton who are going to show our guys how to be Vikings. Poor Dean & Peter just appear so outta their element it’s almost humorous. These games are very violent and physical. The 2 that are the best and have to fight for it are Kenny & Adam. We have both Kenny & Adam that duel it out and the shields hit each of them in the face, they probably each need stitches and Kenny wins the Viking King of the day. Rachel appears more uncomfortable by all of this and I think that she likes team sport and strategy more than the brute strength of challenges and kicking the crap outta one another.

Bryan steals Rachel first away from the group. They gotta make out and talk about how they missed one another, and attempt to talk in the middle of making out. Bryan is an optimist and then Rachel talks about being a pessimist and talks about how bad things could be and they could break up. Bryan tries to reassure her, but doesn’t have concrete plans in how to reassure her. He doesn’t talk about how what a plan is for them living in 2 different cities or states, just that he’s there and in it.

Peter is our next guy up. Rachel talks about how handsome he is and what attracted her the most when they first met was how nervous he was. She talked about how she’s not good at vocalizing her emotions, she thinks about it and analysis them and since she does that and knows she doesn’t have a poker face, she assumes they know where she is. Peter I think can read her and does pay enough attention to be on the same page as her. She inspires him to look into the future, and she is his muse and then she asks for him to kiss her and I’m falling even more for him


Now we’re to the quick portion of the montage of conversations with the guys. We get Dean and her kissing and joking. Then Alex and Adam. Matt and her talk about Kenny’s eye and that Kenny is hurting physically but maybe also emotionally.

Kenny talks about how he’s fighting his ass of to prove himself and missing his daughter. He admits the last couple weeks haven’t been wonderful and if their relationship has been growing the way he’d like it to. She’s asking him what he’s lacking from her. Kenny actually endears him to me even more because he’s the one who’s able to put his daughter first and talks about he doesn’t want to introduce his daughter to her if he’s not gonna be in the finals. They have a real honest conversation, and you can tell that she respects his relationship with McKenzie and says that he’s going to be real sad to see him go, but they both admit that they aren’t where they should be and I’m so glad that Kenny gets to go out on his own term and go out with his head held high. She cries as he leaves because he’s such a great guy but this is how Kenny’s journey should end. Go home to Vegas, be with your daughter and find a nice girl because you deserve it Kenny! We’re all cheering for you!

The group date rose for the night is going to Peter because he deserves it from last week but he couldn’t get it last week, so there’s your reassurance Peter.

We’ve got Rachel & Will’s one-on-one date. Rachel talks about how there’s something missing with Will, all he’s done is hold her hand. He’s not as physical as she would like. She thinks Will is just holding back and that’s disappointing her, she wants more from him. You can tell that it’s pretty superficial and you can tell that they both feel somewhat uncomfortable.

You know what stinks is that I feel like this is one of those situations that doesn’t happen all that often on this show, but is happening here. The contestants are trying to see if there’s a connection with the lead just as much as the lead is with the contestants. We’ve all been on dates before where you’re just not feeling it. Of course most of us, just have to endure those awkward dates with only the waiter/waitress as our witnesses and our besties as we drive home talking about the date. Instead Will & Rachel get all of America critiquing their date. You can’t force something that’s not there, so I’m not going to say Will should’ve done this or that…..good for him to not succumb to the pressure of this is what I should do because I’m on TV. I don’t know if I like that the storyline the producers are tryin to spin here that Will isn’t attracted to Rachel because she’s a black woman. The guys back at the hotel have an interesting conversation about it, and I do like that they are showing these types of conversations and will hopefully open up dialogues that need to be spoken more frequently. It’s not a good look for him when he says as a boyfriend he would be more passionate and didn’t show any passion towards her at all. She says they’d be good friends, but she’s not looking for a friendship here, so Will is going home without the rose.

2 ROSE CEREMONIES in 1 episode?!?! Rachel walks in and starts crying and talks about how she doesn’t like to show emotion, and saw the castle that Shakespeare saw that inspired Hamlet and she thought of the quote “To thine own self be true” and she breaks down and walks away and leaves the guys standing there. They are uncomfortable and you can tell a few want to follow her, but they have to hang out on the stinkin risers

  1. Eric—got the rose on the first 1 on 1 date
  2. Peter—got the date on the group date
  3. Bryan—not a shocker
  5. Dean—-love his smile 🙂
  6. Final Rose—-Adam, glad he’s not going home the same week he got stitches

That means going home is Alex. He was comedic relief when he was around, but I don’t feel like we really really got to know him. Rachel walks him out and is crying saying this is the hardest goodbye she’s done yet. She cries as she watches him drive off.

In the previews we see more tears and it’s trying to tell us that it’s going to be the most dramatic season ever. I have to say that I don’t know if I’ve liked a Bachelorette or heck any lead besides Ben Higgins as much as I like Rachel, especially with only 6 guys left. We know her top 3, but she hasn’t gotten rid of anyone I truly love or kept any of the other guys around longer than the producers deemed necessary. Her top 3 are Dean, Peter and Bryan, and they are mine as well, with Peter being my #1.

We have next week off for the 4th of July holiday, but we’ll be back July 10, it’s hard to believe we’re beginning to wind down her journey!

Until then, practice your Viking games and have a safe/happy/healthy 4th of July!

Rachel & her guys head to Norway!

Welcome back friends!

Let’s start off by talking about how Bachelor in Paradise is back on. Now who knows how it’s going to air and what will happen with the 3 days they were down there before and the whole DeMario/Corrine drama, but the investigation showed no wrong doing. Let’s hope that’s true and that everyone else behaves themselves while they’re done there. We know Raven will be there as she tweeted this out:

So have no fear, we will have something to watch in mid August to get us to when Fall TV returns in September (Hello THIS IS US :))

I am really hoping with this whole 2 day Bachelorette escapade we’re going on, we’ll finally get away from the “To be Continued” and get back to the rose ceremonies at the end of the episodes because it’s hard to remember exactly where we’re jumping into.

We luckily have the previews that remind us that Lee was being a douche and egging Kenny on. Kenny grabbed Lee for a conversation outside. The rest of the guys just watch them go outside and talk about the drama of it. What really proves that Lee is a douche is now Peter saying that Lee is “a royal pain in the ass”

And instead of going with Lee & Kenny we have Bryan in a sail boat with Rachel that is on land and they aren’t moving anywhere. Bryan is a smooth operator and talks about how she thinks he’s too good for her and he thinks she’s too good for him. I don’t know, I like Bryan, but I don’t know if I trust him completely, if he’s watched this show before, he knows exactly what to say, especially about how he doesn’t care about the drama in the house. He’s attractive as hell, but is he in it for Rachel or the fame?!?! I do know I’ve seen more of his tongue than I’d ever like to, he’s a poor man’s Arie from Emily Maynard’s season a million years ago:

Alright now we have Lee & Kenny talking and Lee just rolling his eyes and not listening and letting Kenny talk. Kenny is keeping his voice very calm and low, it’s actually more terrifying them him yelling, you can tell Lee is shaking in his boots and is trying to talk and get Kenny riled up and start yelling. He’s trying to twist words around and provoke Kenny and we’re all hoping that Kenny holds it together. Lee is terrified, so he has to walk away and go into the room with the rest of the guys.

Rachel hands the group date out to Bryan and I don’t think any of us are all that shocked, you can tell she’s a fan. The guys actually congratulate Bryan and talk about how he’s a classy guy, Kenny is the one who leads the toast and Lee tries and talks to him and get him to fight but Kenny has the guys cracking up.

What I find actually the most interesting is as the guys are leaving to go to their car to go back to the hotel, Lee & Kenny are still jawing at one another, but you can tell Bryan is trying to talk to a Producer. I don’t know if it’s to give them the rose, or if he’s trying to get something to get the rose to stick to his shirt, but I am payin way more attention to that and want to know about that interaction instead of whatever is going on with Lee & Kenny.

Poor Jack Stone gets his first date and they are dancing and Jack Stone & Rachel are not on the same page at all….it’s awkward, not as bad as it was with Fred, but still awkward, when the girl is giggling as they kiss, because she’s sick and he’s going to get sick…..it’s so sad because he’s feeling her and she’s not feeling him and I need her to let him down quickly and gently because this is SO AWKWARD!


Lee is talking to Will and trying to get his side of the story and Kenny being aggressive and is whining. Will tries to steer Lee away from using the word “aggressive” because there is a negative connotation with that word and African American men and that is not something Will wants to go down…..and of course because Lee is a douche he’s trying to talk about Kenny playing the race card as an excuse for his behavior. And Will tells him that the word “aggressive” is a trigger word and Lee should find another word. Of course Lee doesn’t see it that way and doesn’t understand why he needs to change.

We’re back to Rachel & Jack Stone and you know it’s not going to end well when they come into dinner and she’s in a sweater cardigan and jeans and is way too casual for a date. You can tell she has the sniffles and is just not feeling it. Jack Stone is the worst attorney ever if he’s not picking up the signs that the “X-Factor” isn’t there.  I feel horrible for him, because he has a great smile and great personality, but he is not getting the rose and is going home on his one-on-one date.

What sucks is a great guy like Jack Stone is going home and getting his heart broken on National TV and didn’t get all the air-time that freakin Lee is getting who’s a scum bag and that makes me really sad. I also am to blame for this, I haven’t said really anything about Jack Stone in my blog but have typed more about the douche than I should.

No cocktail party, we’re going straight to the rose ceremony:

  1. Bryan- group date
  2. Dean-one-on-one date rose
  3. Eric—good for him to stay away from Lee & the drama this week, I think he’s a good guy who has a lil growing up to do, but could get there
  4. Peter—I think Peter is actually my #1, I’m a huge fan of him
  5. Adam—-the guy who has Adam Jr. the puppet
  6. Will—he dressed up as Urkel
  7. Matt—-the guy who was the penguin
  8. Alex—-Russian guy
  9. Josiah—he’s had a rough childhood and go of things
  10. Anthony—the guy who went on the 1 on 1 with the horses on Rodeo drive
  11. Kenny—-pro-wrestler with the daughter
  12. Lee gets the FINAL ROSE because of course he does

That means going home is Iggy—the pot stirrer who never had a real conversation with Rachel other than to tattle on the other guys and Jonathan the tickle-monster who was well liked and the comic relief in the house. He goes in and hugs her and then tickles her one last time on the road and all the guys loved it and were laughing and clapping for him, he’s gonna be on Paradise isn’t he?!?

Rachel and the guys are leaving the country, they’re heading to Norway!

Little known fact, I do know some items about Norway, from the last Winter Olympics where we had Office Olympics and my department’s country was Norway. We knew facts about the country and speed skating.

1795348_10101236221549073_955277901_o (2).jpg

There is no date card, Rachel just grabs Bryan and takes him on a date. Dean decides to be the one to bet against everyone and say there’s a chance Bryan couldn’t come back. I appreciate Dean’s try, sometimes you gotta place a bet against everyone else. They admit they have the physical, but both want to get to know the basics about each other.

Bryan and Rachel are going to repel down and Rachel is FREAKING out. She is hysterically laughing and can’t handle it she wants down, but Bryan is calming her down the best he can and walking her through this, though he’s breathing heavily and freaking out. I do have to say ABC I don’t need to hear the kissing noises, we know they like each other and are kissing. They make it down and she needs to kiss him and hug him and be on solid ground. Bryan talks about how he can stay positive in this whole experience because they’ve made good forward progress. Rachel admits she’s trying to sabotage this because she doesn’t want to be be played. I want them to talk to one another more because I don’t think they’re having the conversations that Dean and Peter and her have had, that’s what concerns me.

Anthony & Eric are having a conversation in the hotel about how there is 5 one-on-one dates and that Anthony is the only Black guy who’s gone on a date. Anthony shows how articulate he is by talking about how Rachel sees past the race and is looking at the personalities and Anthony points out that you could put him, Eric, DeMario, Kenny and any of the other guys and you wouldn’t think they were the same guy.

Rachel when talking about Bryan and the night portion of their date is definitely sounding like Bryan is the lead character, she’s worried about putting herself out there and talking to him and being rejected, not something you hear very often. She talks about how growing up she was a tomboy and she had an attractive older sister and all the guys would pay attention to her sister, so she doesn’t know how to accept a compliment or know if it’s genuine. Bryan talks about his past relationship which was 4 years ago and anytime any serious topics came up he would deflect, but he’s decided to grow up and be a man, and he’s gonna open up and he’s the first one to utter the phrase “I’m truly falling in love with you” and gets the date rose. She is SMITTEN and I want to trust him but don’t know if I can.



Alright group date time:

  1. Adam
  2. Dean
  3. Anthony
  4. Peter
  5. Matt
  6. Will
  7. Alex
  8. Eric
  9. Josiah

Which leaves Kenny & Lee for the 2 on 1, obviously.

Rachel and the group date guys are going to be playing a popular European game of handball. You can see that they are intimidated and scared by what they’re watching guys do.  Coach Tom is here to teach them how to play Handball. A combo of football, basketball and water polo….Coach Tom gives us all a valuable life lesson “HandBall is LIFE!”

This looks like some dodgeball thrown in there as well. The guys are wearing wrestling singlets basically. Rachel is playing on the red team as well. Peter is flirting with her very obviously and then we also see Dean flirting and tying her shoe that came untied.

Kenny gets to FaceTime his daughter and you can tell he is an active father and he is a good father who loves his daughter. He cries and is a big teddy bear who misses her and it breaks your heart a little bit, because you know it’s genuine and real.

Group date night portion of the date. Rachel takes Will “the champ” who scored the most points. He has an amazing laugh! He tells her he’s guarded and put the foot on the peddle because he doesn’t want to have regrets and needs to speed things up. He talks about how he was also hurt and his ex chose a different guy. He realized he gave it his all and it wasn’t him. They talk about how they’re feeling each other and like each other, and he takes her to the side and kisses her not right in-front of the cameras which I appreciate.

Alex decides to read her a letter he wrote and she loved it.

Dang, Adam ended up stiching lyrics of a song onto a blanket or something to that equivalent.

Josiah knows all the correct phrases to say and the compliments to give. He says she’s the woman of his dreams. Rachel calls him out about not asking her questions when they’re together and not just saying things because he read them. He’s not even listening when she says to ask her questions. He just keeps using the player phrases and I don’t trust him, but dang I wanted to like Josiah because of his crazy backstory.

Peter & Rachel are talking and there’s the romantic music playing before we even see the 2 of them on the screen. He talks about how he enjoyed seeing her in her element earlier today. She admits she’s an open book and very easy to read and he cracks me up because he asks why is he the only one who picks up on that, and I do not know Peter, I do not know! Rachel said what she loves about Peter is that he notices things about her that others don’t notice, he’s lazered into her. They go out onto the patio and take in the view and make-out. He said that he just wants to keep kissing her and she tells him to do it then, but I love him even more because he says no they have a ton of ground to cover, which shows he’s not just in it for the physical connection, but also the emotional one. Of course, she suggests they cover the ground in the hot tub, they change and make-out in there, but Peter you get an A for effort buddy! They were all talking about how long Peter had been gone and give him hell when he gets back in.

Rachel comes in and grabs the group date rose and she gives it Will and I’m sure Peter is disappointed, but we all know that Peter and Bryan are the front-runners she can’t give all the group date roses to them. Don’t get in your head Peter, she likes you! But dang I do like Will’s laugh!

Rachel shows up in a helicopter to get Lee & Kenny. They go out to the Norwegian wilderness and if this date isn’t bringing flashbacks to this 2 on 1 you’re not a real fan 😉

2 on 1

Kenny is fighting for the relationship with Rachel and that he actually wants to be there for her, and she feels a sense of sincerity and that she can trust him. For some reason the producers leave the 2 guys just the 2 of them before Lee has talked to her. Lee is talking about how he can be calculating and is gonna stir the pot.

Lee is talking about how aggressive Kenny is and Kenny tried to take him out of the van aggressively. Lee is talking just about Kenny and not about his relationship with Rachel. He also talks about how Kenny has a dark place when he drinks. He doesn’t mention Rachel whatsoever or their relationship.

Rachel talks about how she doesn’t know who to trust or what sides are exaggerating and to what extent. She was going to leave Lawyer Rach at home, but screw that….she grabs Kenny and talks to him again and tells him that Lee said he was violent, aggressive and pulled him from the van. Kenny looks SHOCKED by the news especially of the news of the van, and I’m believing him. She wanted to be honest with him because he was honest with her. She leaves him to go think about things.

Kenny is walking back down the hill and is PISSED. I think Lee purposely lied, so Kenny would smack him and then they’d both go home. Lee knows he isn’t gonna get Rachel, but I think he wants to make sure Kenny doesn’t get him either. Stay strong Kenny!!!!

We get a TO BE CONTINUED and there are LOTS of tears….luckily we just have to wait until tomorrow!

See you then!

Rachel & her guys leave the Mansion!

Let me start by talking about the controversy that is going on for Bachelor in Paradise and say that it makes me sick to my stomach, that people will put aside helping out someone (or someones as the case may be) and just let them make stupid mistakes and not put them in harms way all for the sake of a good television show. I don’t know all the details in the DeMario & Corrine situation, and honestly, don’t really wanna know it, but shame on the people who watched it all go down and didn’t step in. At first I was selfishly sad that I wasn’t going to watch the train-wreck this summer and wondered why someone would agree to be a producer of a show like this if they were going to blow a whistle on the whole thing, but as more disturbing things are coming out, I’m realizing how wrong my first impression was and how warped my sense of reality tv is and how I should’ve applauded the producer who had the guts to speak up when no one else would.

I watched the first season of the LifeTime show UnReal and it honestly made me sick to watch, I think they’ve had at least 1 more season if not 2, but I couldn’t watch because it made me feel horrible to think of the manipulation that occurs. Yes, I often talk about a person sticking around because a producer is making them, but to know the extent that they are puppet masters and some people have no idea the strings that are being pulled, is what makes me sad.

Okay, so I have no other thoughts on the DeMario/Corrine thing at this time, other than saying we should pray for both of them and the other people who were witnesses to it, because it sounds like they could all use our prayers.

On a lighter subject, last week we didn’t have the Bachelorette because the Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers to become NBA champions & who happened to be in the house watching and cheering on her ex-boyfriend, Kevin Durant who played the game/series of his life? Why yes, our Bachelorette Rachel was in attendance and tweeted out this photo, showing she was cheering for the Warriors….interesting! Read into that, whatever you want, I’m just saying, if I’m her fiance sitting at home last Monday, I’m pissed I’m not at game 5 and am pissed she’s sitting front-row watching an ex-flame who happens to be one of the best basketball players in the world.

Alright, let’s get into this episode. Remember where we left off a couple weeks ago….Lee was stirring the pot and getting under poor Eric’s skin and getting him to freak out. Eric manages to keep his cool and just asks Lee to mind his own business and he’ll do the same.

Lee shows he wants to be the villain, because he goes up to interrupt poor Kenny the wrestler’s time with Rachel just as they sit down. He asks for 60 seconds, Lee pretends he said 16 seconds and counts the 16 seconds, and Rachel & Kenny are trying to have a real life convo, but Lee is hovering and making it awkward for everyone. Kenny cracked me up though, because as he’s leaving he looks at the camera and cocks his eyebrow like he doesn’t believe it.

Lee tries to say he’s here to pull Rachel’s heart strings and I don’t know if that’s supposed to be romantic but it sounds like he’s just trying to manipulate her and it pisses me off.

Sweet Dean is talking about how Lee is pissing him off, and Dean endears himself to me some more. Especially when he’s part of a conversation about quirks/corks/quarts….it reminds me of this exchange from Friends, and we’ve all been there before trying to figure out exactly what the cultural phrase is:

Dean is giving his interview with the producers and you can tell they’re trying to lead him down a path of questioning and he answers it up to a point. He hints at the idea that Lee is racist and is only going after certain guys in the house that maybe he doesn’t have as much in common with culturally, yet he’s brilliant because he never actually says Lee is racist, because that is not an accusation you want to make lightly or be the one to say and he’s smart enough to know that not give the producers the sound-bite they really want.

We get the romance with Bryan & Rachel. He asks her to be vulnerable with him and she tells him that she has a fear that he’s so charming that it it’s too good to be true. He tells her it’s a fairy tale and she doesn’t believe it and then throws it back at him, showing that she’s still the girl we loved on Nick’s season and keeping it real by still being skeptical of this whole process and asks him what’s going to happen when they get back to real life, and Bryan assures her that’s it’s real and genuine and she has nothing to worry about, and dang girl, I’m swooning on my living room couch over this guy so good luck to you! They giggle and she is a smitten kitten, Bryan is our front-runner ladies & gentleman, they do seem to be in their own little world.

Kenny pulls Lee aside from the group to call him out on pulling aside Rachel twice. He’s trying to stay calm, but Lee again is stirring the pot and trying to get him upset and it’s working. I feel for Kenny and we need Lee off our tv, he doesn’t give a crap about Rachel he is wanting to be on TV and be the “villain”

Rachel breaks down in tears in her interview talking about the pressures of being the first black Bachelorette and dealing with people second guessing all of her thoughts and choices and trying to make her choices of handing guys roses into a bigger deal then most of our Bachelorettes have to deal with. She again handles this with class & grace though and is so articulate and knows what to say and when to be quiet and not get herself in trouble, I am again impressed by her.


  1. Eric—-got the group date rose
  2. Anthony—Mr. Clean, one-on-one date with the horses on Rodeo drive, I still don’t understand
  3. Alex—-the Russian who was a great stripper and very honest in his questions and answers with Ellen DeGeneres
  4. Will—-Urkel
  5. Dean—-the best smile in the house, my 3rd favorite guy
  6. Jonathan—how the hell does the tickle monster keep makin it?
  7. Peter—-my 2nd favorite guy, gap between teeth, first one-on-one date
  8. Adam—-the guy who had the mini puppet the first night
  9. Bryan—my favorite guy, first impression rose, chiropractor
  10. Matt—-dressed up as a penguin the first night
  11. Josiah—-great smile, attorney with the saddest family story
  12. Jack—Jack Stone, attorney that I don’t know anything else about
  13. Iggy—-he just annoys me, he is trying to interject at the weirdest times it seems like
  14. Kenny—wrestler, single dad, good for you Kenny!
  15. Final Rose—-Lee because the producers are making her choose him for another week 😦


Going home:

1.Diggy—stylish glasses and 500 pairs of shoes

2. Bryce—firefighter

3. Male model—Brady


Alright people, we’re saying goodbye to these fellas and we’re going to say goodbye to the mansion for awhile. We’re going to SC!

Dean gets the 1 on 1, their love is about to take off! It’s been driving me crazy the last couple weeks, trying to figure out who Dean reminded me of, and it finally hit me, he reminds me of Scott Wolf from Party of 5! Here’s my proof, do you kinda see it?!?


They take off in a jeep and are able to go off-roading a little bit. They’re also gonna go on a picnic on the front of the jeep. There’s lots of giggling and cuddling. Dean points out the Goodyear blimp and then realization starts to sink in when he sees it coming over. Rachel has a fascination with blimps and have since she was a kid, so she is PUMPED! She spills champagne on herself, but Dean doesn’t notice, because he’s now laying down on the hood of the jeep, seeing his life flash before his eyes because he’s terrified of heights and doesn’t wanna do this. Rachel promises to hold his hand the whole time and my love of Dean is growing!

He is worried, freaking out, trying to smile but you can tell he’s freaking. He also rambles when he’s nervous and can’t look out the window. Rachel is loving it and sitting in the drivers seat and flying the blimp. Dean stands up and watches her and then she makes him get in the drivers seat. He is driving it and asks the pilot if there’s anything he could do to destroy them and then all of a sudden he’s enjoying it and yells out “I’m a BLIMP PILOT!” and there is more giggling.

Rachel tells us that she’s a dare-devil and they talk about how they need someone to push them a little bit, but you have to have the trust factor and someone you feel comfortable with and they have that. And he cracks me up by admitting that the champagne helps take the edge off a lil bit.

The guys at the resort see the blimp drive by with the sign that say that Rachel & Dean are in the blimp. The guys point out that Rachel is going to be 32 and Dean is 25, so the age difference could be a real thing and he needs to bring his A game to dinner tonight.

Group date card:

  1. Alex
  2. Anthony
  3. Peter
  4. Bryan
  5. Jonathan
  6. Adam
  7. Matt
  8. Kenny
  9. Lee
  10. Iggy
  11. Eric
  12. Will
  13. Josiah

Which means Jack Stone gets a 1 on 1 date, so maybe we’ll know something about Jack now!

Back to Dean & Rachel! They’re in an enchanted forest eating dinner with all of these lights off of the trees. Dean has an unfortunate wardrobe choice with some tighty whitey pants but luckily he’s sitting down now so I don’t have to see them.

Dean asked about Rachel’s up-bringing. Rachel mentions her parents are still together and she was raised in a strict religious upbringing, but her parents let her be her.

Dean talks about a strict religious upbringing. Religion and being outdoors were the foundation of his childhood. He casually mentions that when he was 15 his mother passed away and that’s when things began to fall apart. His mom had breast cancer, she was diagnosed at 9, and he found a book about dealing with breast cancer in the car when she went to pick him up from school. She was in remission for awhile. Then when he was 14 she was re-diagnosed and he talks about how she was admitted to hospice and since she had been in remission before he assumed she’d go thru remission again. He said he’d leaned over and asked her when she’d come back home and she told him never and that was the hardest moment of his life. He remembers it was a Tuesday, October 21, 2006, his dad came into his room and told him that his mom passed away. Dad was crying but Dean was stoic. He talked about his brothers and sister moved out of the house, his dad wasn’t around a lot, so he basically had the house to himself from 15-18, which was challenging. You can tell he loves his mom, and was a mama’s boy.

He cries a little bit, Rachel cries a little bit. He talks about how he hadn’t opened up like that to anyone else. He wants to be a family man some-day. That experience helped open him up and he wants to be married and have a close family. Rachel wanted to be strong for him and didn’t cry until she was in her interview with her producer.

Dean gets the rose and I don’t know, there is something about the 2 of them. I really am a fan of Dean, he’s slowly growing on me! And this date wouldn’t be complete without a random concert where Dean & Rachel get to dance on a make-shift stage with all of these people standing around with their phones and Russel Dickerson is singing to them, they’re dancing and kissing.

Group date time! We’re going on a boat and by boat we mean yacht for the group date. We have a dance party where all the guys have to dance in the middle of a circle. We limbo. We have a push-up competition where Rachel sits on their back and they do a push-up. Then a rap competition, where Kenny does a great job an then poor Pete decides to try and rap and he gets points for trying, but bless his heart he’s not an awesome rapper.

We now are off the yacht and the boys are very upset because we have a Spelling Bee. Harrison is our host and there is a poor audience that needs to witness this, for who knows what reason. It came down to Josiah & Will for our spelling bee champions and Josiah is the one who won. Some of the guys were not impressed with him and his cocky attitude, but I think they were just jealous they couldn’t spell.

Alright, night portion of the date is here!

Peter talks about how with the large group of guys that were around, he had an unexpectedly good time with her. She comments that his freestyle was something that she absolutely loved and that he was perceptive. I like that he’s still getting to know her and asking her questions, like barefoot or socks and they both agreed barefoot. Peter said he’d leave Madison for the right reason, and Rachel just casually mentions she is licensed to practice in Wisconsin and that excited him.

Eric talks about how today loosened him up and she was excited for that and can tell he’s having a better day and wants him to have fun and be loose. He asks her what her typical day is. Picking up food, cleaning is a stress reliever and watching trashy tv.

Iggy grabs Rachel and is going to stir the pot and not talk about their relationship at all, but wants to mention the other guys. And you can tell Rachel isn’t feeling him, she is asking him about the house drama, when she’s told all the guys she’s interested in that she doesn’t wanna deal with that and doesn’t wanna talk about it. Iggy says he questions Josiah’s motives, which means he feels threatened by Josiah. Iggy is the gossip of the house.

Lee is talking to Rachel and you can tell that she is not feeling him and doesn’t believe a word that is coming out of his mouth. He talks about how positive he is and how that can come across as disingenuous and how Lee was scared of Kenny because he was very aggressive and berated him for 30 minutes. Lee makes it appear that he was the good guy and that he didn’t do anything and Kenny is the bad guy. He’s just a sweet southern gentleman


Rachel and Kenny are now talking and Kenny free-styles for her and they giggle. Rachel wants to keep it real, and talks about what’s been bothering her with him yelling at Lee as she was trying to have a conversation. She talked about how she hadn’t seen that side of Kenny before and she was concerned. Kenny admits he didn’t handle the situation correctly and wishes he could do it better and that they’d shaken hands and made up. Kenny points out that Lee is charming, and his hand-shake doesn’t match his smile and he doesn’t always tell the truth. Lee also randomly tells Peter & Alex that he could talk about the things he hates about these 2 guys, but just chooses not to. Peter talks about how he can’t stand Lee. Kenny is now in his head and is upset and letting Lee get the best of him, which I can’t blame him, Lee knows what he’s doing.

We get the dreaded “TO BE CONTINUED” when Kenny comes back inside and grabs Lee to have a private conversation with him.

We get 2 nights of the Bachelorette next week, both Monday & Tuesday night and we get a 2 on 1 with both Kenny & Lee…..until next week, try and be nice to one another and leave the gossiping and complaining to the guys on the Bachelorette 🙂

Rachel’s 3rd episode

Let’s start off by talking about the revelation that came out this week about the reason why Rachel likes basketball so much could be because of her ex-boyfriend being Kevin Durant, formely of the Oklahoma City Thunder, now the Golden State Warriors. The Kevin Durant who gave this moving MVP speech and talked about how his mom is the real MVP and cried and didn’t care who knew it when he showed how much he loves him Mom:

Yeah….so good luck Bachelor contestants trying to live up to Kevin Durant. Rachel, it looks like Kev is still single, so if/when you and your final guy break-up, you should probably look him up. ABC is airing the NBA Finals (which he’s playing in) so they’d have a hook-up for you!

Alright, back to this episode. We’re back with DeMario trying to sneak back in, and Rachel isn’t having any of it. She shows again why she may very well be my favorite Bachelorette. She doesn’t fall for his smooth talking, or his puppy dog eyes or good looks. She tells him, had he been honest with her, there’s a chance he could be in the mansion, but contrary to his cute lil quote he spouted out his happiness is not in the mansion, but she’s hoping he finds happiness, but finds it elsewhere, goodbye DeMario and walks away and towards the guys who’d gone out to save her, to realize she ain’t no damsel in distress and doesn’t need no saving!

We finally get to the rose ceremony where we have:

  1. Peter—first one-on-one date and rose
  2. Dean—Mr. Smiley got the group rose date
  3. Josiah—second date rose for feeling protective of her
  4. Bryan—chiropractor, 37, first impression guy
  5. Bryce—firefighter
  6. Eric—-the guy from ATFR who danced with her
  7. Anthony—no clue other than he looks like Mr. Clean
  8. Will—he dressed up like Urkel the first night, but got the kiss tonight playing basketball on the driveway, you go Urkel!
  9. Jonathan—-tickle monster is going further than I thought he would
  10. Jack Stone—attorney with very white, great smile
  11. Matt—-he dressed up like a penguin the first night & I got nothing else
  12. Alex—-no clue, but he’s Russian
  13. Adam—-he’s the one who brought AJ the lil doll/puppet with him
  14. Kenny—professional wrestler/who has the 10 yr old daughter
  15. Brady—-no clue
  16. Lee—singer/songwriter who will become a villain
  17. Iggy—-he’s the one who just keeps squeaking by
  18. Fred—-from camp counselor to Bachelorette
  19. FINAL ROSE—-Diggy—he has 500 pairs of shoes you know


So those going home are Jamie, I have no clue who Jamie is. Blake & Lucas aka WABOOM. Lucas & Blake are ridiculous and going home because they cared more about one-upping each other than they did about Rachel. They then argue on the driveway in their final interview and it seems so forced and fake. Did they plant this? Are they actually friends and knew they’d get America talking if they “hated” each other?Also, this is their audition for Bachelor In Paradise, which is crap and I don’t want to see either of them on Paradise, let alone both of them together. At least Nick & Josh on Bachelor in Paradise their feud started on the Bachelorette, rather than this one anigif_enhanced-buzz-2942-1366673535-7

Alright, we’re going on our group date! We’re going to the Ellen show and taking:

  1. Bryan
  2. Jonathan
  3. Peter
  4. Alex
  5. Will
  6. Fred

They are going on the set of Ellen and who doesn’t love the Ellen Dejeneres show. They all know they’re gonna have to dance so they’re attempting to warm up and get used to that. Ellen cracks me up as Rachel gives her a heads about the guys intro out of the limo, she’s not a fan of tickle-monster and also not a fan of Urkel. Though Ellen does tickle the tickle monster.

The guys come out and  are dancing like strippers with the audience and Rachel & Ellen are laughing and critiquing them. The one that was the most surprising was Alex, our Russian has a hidden side.

I have to admit this date, Bryan’s cockiness annoyed me just a tad. Not enough to root against him, but enough for me to want him to be a little bit quieter because I didn’t want him to say something that would make me like him less. The good news is that I liked Peter more, as he was the one during Never Have I Ever that said he hadn’t thought about having sex with Rachel yet. Of course ABC got the questions risque by asking about nude selfies, who’s peed in the mansion pool (ahem Alex) and who’s kissed Rachel before.

The worst thing about this date is that Fred was all up in his head once he found out that most of the guys had kissed Rachel except for him on this date. So he asked if he could kiss her, and Rachel acted as if it was the most bizarre request ever, but I thought he handled it very tastefully and if anything, she was the one who made it slightly weird. She says the moment is gone and it’s awkward, he starts talking again but interrupts himself when his face lands on her face and he makes out with her. She kisses him back and he’s so excited. He tells us in his interview that he loves her and when they kissed he saw their wedding day. This boy was obsessed with a girl he knew 20 years ago, and built it up to be too much in his head.

Well Rachel grabs the rose and Fred, and ends up saying she respects him too much but doesn’t see a future, she only sees their past and I’m so sad for Fred and embarrassed for him and want him to stop talking about how he loves her! I respect that she didn’t lead him on, but it was painful.


Alex gets the group date rose on this date.

The one-on-one date was for her and Anthony, Mr. Clean. They ride horses down Rodeo drive and i don’t really understand this date. I think this is the attempt of being the equivalent of the makeover date they do on the Bachelor, though it wasn’t quite that, they got cowboy boots and hats that they tried on while staying on their horses they took into the stores.  Anthony grew on me because he had a very strong confidence about himself this whole date and was an active listener and Rachel seemed to be falling for it. It wasn’t a super memorable date for me, but as long as it was for Rachel & Anthony that’s all that really matters 🙂

The last group date had us bring back some of Rachel’s girls. We have Corrine, Raven, Jasmine and Alexis. The girls set-up a date where we’re taking the guys to a Saloon so they can mud-wrestle. The girls on the way to the saloon ask guys who they think may not be here for the right reasons. Bryce the firefighter is super sweet and trying to be as PC as possible and ultimately says he doesn’t think Eric & Rachel are a great fit. Well Raven goes and tells Rachel that Bryce as well as Lee both told her they don’t trust Eric’s motives.

After Bryce wins the round-robin mud wrestling tournament, Rachel grabs Eric to talk to him. Now since the last rose ceremony Eric has gotten all up in his head about the mind games and what is really going on this show. I think the producers are messing with him, or he’s not realizing that the contradictory things he sees are producer driven. Someone pointed out that Eric is very naive. He’s never been in a real relationship before and wears his heart on his sleeve and some of the guys take advantage of it and push his buttons to their advantage. This whole situation with Eric upset me, especially concerning Lee who seemed to just to want to stir the pot, but be far enough away you don’t realize all the angst he’s causing. I feel like Eric was the victim of Lee’s manipulation way more than Eric actually purposely starting something. He got the rose on the date, but we were left with another “To be continued” because Eric is trying to defend himself against Lee who is stirring the pot and I’m afraid Eric is going to go home & we’re gonna be stuck with Lee.

Overall this episode was good, there wasn’t a whole lot of substance to this episode. I’m glad Waboom & Blake are both gone, as I was not fans of them. Poor Fred and poor Eric. There was lots of dialogue going on with the guys and this showed yet again, they can be more dramatic than the girls when they’re all at the mansion. That seems like a good thought to leave you with 🙂

Until next week!

Rachel goes on her First Dates

Welcome back friends!

Happy Memorial Day weekend! We have Rachel waking up and taking her dog in his cast on his front leg for a walk. She’s here to find a husband even after night one.

Harrison comes in and warns the guys to be here for the right reasons and tells us we’re going to have 2 group dates and 1 one-on-one date. Here’s the first date card of the season! “I’m looking for husband material”

  1. Dean—smiley guy (once you go black you never go back)
  2. Jack—Jack Stock lawyer
  3. Jon—tickle monster
  4. Blake—aspiring drummer who talked about all the sex he gets and how “BIG” he is
  5. Iggy—the running commentator of the season
  6. Kenny—-pro-wrestler who has the adorable daughter
  7. Fred—she was his camp counselor
  8. Lucas—-WaBooom

They come up to Rachel in a field, while she’s BBQ in a short cocktail dress I’d never wear to a BBQ but would wear to a wedding. They’re getting food & drink and I notice a keg at the end of the table which i find interesting for the 9 of them, but maybe the keg is left over from the 1st night and they gotta use it.

They play some touch football and are having fun.

Then Rachel ends the game and says there’s a second part of the date and they need to walk to the other side of this park. They’re walking over and standing waiting for them is Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis, Ashton is wearing “Trophy Husband” t-shirt. Whom I love both of them and in-case you didn’t know, they are legit Bachelor fans, as evidence by this tweet last year:

Ashton & Mila love Rachel and want to help her find a husband. They make the guys raise their hands if they have health insurance and a job. Some of the guys joke about how they have low standards and Mila jokes asking if they’ve watched the Bachelor before?!? Ashton & Mila are thrilled that they’re on a Saturday date with one another & Rachel while grandma & grandpa are watching their kids. Ashton makes a bold prediction that Rachel’s guy is not in this group & you know what, with the exception of Kenny, I agree with Ashton, he’s the only one I could see possibly making it to hometowns. Mila tells him he needs to slow down and it’s day 2 he can’t make that assumption already, and he said he knew day 1 that Mila was his girl and she cracks me up because she says “somebody is definitely getting laid tonight” and this is why they’re perfect for each other because neither starts laughing.

We have the guys go through a ridiculous obstacle course to see if they’re husband material. It comes down to Lucas & Kenny & Lucas wins by shoving Kenny. Lucas is telling Rachel he really wants Ashton to give them a Waboom & here’s another reason I love Ashton. “A what? I don’t even know what that was…I’m conf…for what? Why?” Mila is trying to help Ashton get it, but he doesn’t get it. Lucas yells Waboom & the guys are all just watching it and not loving it.

We’re at the night portion of the date. Rachel is wearing a zip-up dress, that is zipped down to there and up to there, but she’s able to pull it off. Blake tells the guys that he knows Lucas from a previous experience and Lucas has done this Wabooom act for 3 years (dear Lord, really this isn’t just an ABC thing?) Lucas writes her a poem and she enjoys it.

Rachel is talking to Fred and saying that she can’t get past the kid he was at summer camp. Rachel is not feeling these guys, you can tell she’s bored outta her mind and is not attracted to these guys. Any body language expert will tell you that she’s closed off. Her arms are folded, legs are crossed, she’s not inviting any of these guys into her personal space whatsoever.

Peter gets the coveted first one-on-one date of the season. We know Peter because he’s from Wisconsin and is trying to convince her all guys from Wisconsin are not douche bags like Nick! I’m not gonna lie, I like me some Peter, we’ll see if I continue to feel that way after the date, but so far, I’m a fan. He could be Ben Higgins cousin when it comes to looks 🙂

So back to this boring  group date. Blake is committing the cardinal sin of  the Bachelor. He is using his one-on-one time with the lead to badmouth another contestant. Not only is he using his time to do that, he’s using his FIRST one-on-one time with her since night 1 to do so. Even if this works out right now, let’s be honest, this isn’t gonna work out in the long run!

Blake tells Rachel that the competition pissed him off and he hates Waboom. She’s confused tryin to figure out how you can get this angry about a person you just met, to find out that Blake is currently living with Wabooom’s ex-girlfriend. They’re roommates, because yeah that’s just a weird coincidence. Waboom is a tool who is a clown and turns it on for tv & has makeup that he bought at a dept store to look good on tv.

Blake then comes back to the guys and tells Lucas that he (just happened to) come up in their one-on-one time and Blake told Rachel that Lucas is there to further his career and Blake is so happy to have this weight off his chest. I’m so over both of them.

Dean, smiley guy is able to get Rachel to warm up. They are laughing and joking about what did Ashton & Mila say and the advice they gave. Rachel did bring up the first night that they met on the After the Final Rose and that she loved his “I’m ready to go black and not go back” line, she said the only thing was is that she was hoping to use that line on the show on a guy, but it was stolen from her, but she loved it and his confidence. You can tell there is legit chemistry between these two. In his interview he talked about how they kept it pretty surface level for right now, but he made her laugh, she made him laugh, but he’s wondering if he blew it by not going in for the kiss and that just endeared him to me some more!

Kenny gets his moment with Rachel and he’s talking about his daughter and how he loves her and wants to bring someone in the circle of him and his daughter. She’s not as open as she was with Dean, but she’s not as closed off as the other guys.

The rose is going to Dean and he’s thrilled. He walks her out which is a nice move that I don’t believe we’ve seen and if we have it’s been a long time, guys take note, this gives you a lil extra time alone with the lead. He walks her out, gives her a hug, jokes about how she could see him at the next group date or one-on-one and she teases him about being greedy, and then he goes in for the kiss by the car, and he doesn’t eat her face off when he kisses her and I’m officially a Dean fan ladies & gentlemen.

Peter & Rachel are joined by Copper, Rachel’s dog and it seems he passed the test of the dog loving him. They flew to Palm Springs and they are at Bark-fest. There’s a pool for the dogs, smoothies, etc. Peter & Rachel are lounging in an inflatable pool watching Copper run around. They are having a real honest conversation and this date looks like a semi-typical first date. They’re talking about would she move away from Dallas, he’s willing to move from Madison. They have a dance party & Peter picks up Copper since he still has his cast on and dances with him in his arms & it’s pretty adorable.

We’re at the night portion of the date. Rachel’s first question is asking him how his parents feel. He said his dad never watched the show before, but started watching it and loved Rachel and became his biggest fan in this whole thing. Then they make a joke about their teeth since they each have a gap between their two front teeth. They talk about how it adds character and Rachel says something that to me makes it seem as if ABC was willing to get rid of her gap, but she shows how strong she is and confident in who she is because she is okay having this gap as it gives her character. Rachel talks about how what Peter brings to her experience so far is romance.

These two are having a deeper conversation in their first date than Nick ever had with any of his girls, and I’m sure a deeper conversation than him and Vanessa have still had.

Rachel talks about how she hates this question and gets it a lot, but is gonna ask him “You’re so great, how are you still single?” He talks about how he’s been broken-hearted before and after his last relationship it left him confused so he went to a relationship therapist and it helped him a lot and is helping him now be calm in his thoughts. Her response, is “you’re scaring me” which is generally not a response you want when you’ve just told someone you’ve went to the doctor to work on yourself, so he gives her this look:


She saves herself and the situation by saying after her long term relationship didn’t work out she knew things weren’t working and she needed to fix herself, so she went to a therapist and it was the best decision she made that year and it got her to the point where she is now and it scares her to hear him articulate what she was thinking/feeling. He confirms it’s a good scary and she verifies, yes, good scary. With that she gives him the rose because she feels drawn to him, he completely exceeds her expectations and she’s extremely hopeful and that’s a huge deal because she’s a very skeptical person. She goes in for the hug, and she won’t let him go and is looking up at him, he gets the hint and finally kisses her. She never gets butterflies, but she gets butterflies with Peter and is going with her gut with Peter and it didn’t disappoint her. She admits to being a smitten kitten with Peter, and dang, I’m a fan of Peter too, which is great because Rachel deserves great guys.

Second group date card: “Swish”

  1. Will
  2. Jamie
  3. Diggy
  4. Alex
  5. Adam
  6. Lee
  7. Matt
  8. Eric
  9. Josiah
  10. DeMario

We’re going to be playing basketball. Kareem Abdul–Jabbar comes into the gym to help the guys out. Rachel talks about how her eyes are on DeMario, he dunked on Rachel and he’s cocky, but there’s a part of Rachel that likes that. We have an audience in this gym that are going to watch the guys play a game.

We see Rachel meeting all of these poor saps who had to sit through one of the worst pick-up games of all time. After the game is over they get to take pictures with her, tell her they’re happy it’s her. Then we get a girl who wants to sit down with her and have a chat on the bleachers.

She says she saw last week on the After the Final Rose that Rachel met a few of the guys and boy was she shocked when one of the guys Rachel met was her boyfriend of 7 months. Rachel asks who, but you know at this point it’s one of 4 guys and chances are it’s not Dean or Blake or she’d had been on the other group date, so it’s either Eric or Demario.

Believe it or not, it’s Demario. Which the Producers had been setting that up all episode. Plus we’d heard from some of the girls from Nicks’ season who were wishing Rachel well that DeMario wasn’t here for the right reasons.

Rachel is tryin to figure out how they broke up. The girl said they actually never broke up. He still has the keys to her apt and it went from them hanging out, to him all of a sudden not stopping by or calling and she hadn’t gotten in touch with him in 3 days and she turned on her tv and all of a sudden there he is:

Rachel is shocked and doesn’t know what to say. Rachel goes back and grabs Demario. He probably thinks he’s getting a rose. He’s talking to her as they walk outta the locker room and is doing his moves. Ex girl stands up, and gets his attention by saying “Karma’s a bitch isn’t it Demario” he goes with “OHHHHHHHH” and then realizes that’s not the right move and tries a new approach of “Who’s this?”

Demario said that they were on-again off-again for awhile, and then he went over to her house and cut it off face to face. Rachel asked him to tell her a date of when they broke up. He’s trying to weave and doesn’t want to give her a straight answer. Poor Rachel is also dealing with crazy ex now lashing out at Demario and letting her crazy flag fly. Rachel can’t get a straight answer outta no one. Demario doesn’t know which story to go with and he’s told so many lies he can’t keep them all straight. Rachel grabs the girls phone and says that what she sees in the phone doesn’t make it appear that he was trying to stop any relationship from happening. Rachel tells him that she knows he wants to be here, but doesn’t want to be here for her and he needs to get the “F*** out” and that makes me like her even more. She kept it together and was articulate even when she was pissed. I think Rachel is pissed at Demario, but is also pissed at ABC and her producers because she was played by them. They knew Demario had a past and they weren’t looking out for Rachel.

Josiah was genuine and real and said he’s looking to protect Rachel and she loved it. He went in for the kiss, and tried to suck off her face, so I wasn’t a huge fan of the kiss, but still like him.

Eric and her went with talking about their love languages and she talked about how quality time and physical touch are her love languages which is not that surprising and why she went in for the hug and kiss with him.

Josiah gets the date rose from Rachel for the deep conversation and the protectiveness she felt around him.

Bryan who got the first impression rose, did not get a date this week but was able to reassure her and get her to smile, was able to make out with her by trying to suck off her face, and then had a table set-up because he’s a Chiropractor, I don’t know if he adjusted her, as it looked more like a massage to me, but she seemed to enjoy it.

We are seeing Rachel laughing and having a good time with the guys, and DeMario shows up at the gates of the mansion, Mr. Harrison is brought forward to talk to him from security. Harrison comes and talks to Demario and says he’ll talk to Rachel and see if Rachel will want to talk to him. Security is hanging with him, but Rachel admits her curiosity is at an all-time high and she’s wondering what he could say. Rachel and Harrison go out to talk to him and the rest of the guys are all coming out of the limo as well to talk to him. And we get the dreaded “TO BE CONTINUED”

We’ll have to turn in next week to see what happens with the mob and Demario, and to get our rose ceremony where hopefully Waboom guy is going home as well as Blake. This week has given me a couple favorites, let’s see what I think next week!

Until then, have a great week and enjoy the first unofficial week of summer!

Rachel Meets her Men

Welcome back friends!!!!

I have to say, that I am even more optimistic than normal for our friend Rachel and this season of the Bachelorette. Yes, I know I can hear you all telling me “Lindsay, you feel this way every season before the first episode.” And you’re right, I do. But with all the disappointment, we have to finally get it right and have a good season!

Before I jump into Rachel’s season, let’s take a second to talk about some Bachelor business over the off-season. First of all, my favorite Bachelor of all time, Ben Higgins and his girl Lauren broke up. Now as someone who follows (ahem, stalks ;)) him on Social Media, this did not come as a surprise. You could tell they weren’t even feeling it this fall when they had their show on Free Form. Then they were slated to promote a couple shows, including the Disney wedding special that I did not watch, but heard it was painfully obvious they weren’t together anymore and what 2 days later we get the official word they’ve broken up. I’m just sayin, any of my Colorado friends, you see him walking around, feel free to slip him my phone number, I think it could be a match made in heaven.


The sad news from this off-season is about Farmer Chris. He was involved in an accident with a tractor where the driver of the tractor was killed and Chris is being charged with leaving the scene of the crime. Horrible situation, and even though I tease Chris, I wish nothing but the best for him, his family and especially the victim’s family. They are all in my prayers.

Okay, let’s get back to the carefree attitude of the Bachelorette. We are breaking ground people, we have our first African American lead of either the Bachelor or Bachelorette franchise, and how sad is that to say in 2017. I’m just glad it’s finally happening!

Rachel is our Bachelorette, and for those of you who don’t remember her, she was the girl who was WAY TOO GOOD for Nick! She’s a lawyer, who’s funny but doesn’t put up with crap. I think/hope she’ll be a more genuine, real Andi.

As always, I’ve stayed away from any spoilers, so please do not share them with me! With how crazy life and work has been lately, I actually haven’t even gotten on Abc.com like I normally do to scope out the guys ahead of time. I think I’m just going to take it as it comes and see what is on my tv and let the show give me all of my impressions of the guys.

Alright, let’s officially begin the most dramatic journey yet!


We get to see Rachel meeting her fans. My favorite are the cute lil old ladies who are telling her to listen to the guys, and then not to sleep with all of them 🙂 She also is bringing her dog who has a broken front leg and is so freakin adorable. I’m endeared to her even more because of her dog and how sweet she is with the lil old ladies!

Alright, let’s meet a few of Rachel’s guys:

  • Kenny—he’s a professional wrestler. His job is ridiculous, but dang if he doesn’t help me get over his ridiculous profession and start liking him right away. He introduces us to his 10 year old daughter McKenzie and there is REAL love there. We’ve seen guys use their kids to manipulate girls (AHEM JUAN PABLO!) but you can tell they actually get along and love one another and he’s a present father.
  • Jack-lawyer from Dallas, TX. Only child who was very close to his mom and she died from cancer and he misses her every day and is looking for a new woman.
  • Alex-Detroit, MI. He seems douche to me, probably because he’s lifting a huge dumbell over his head with a zip-up hoodie that is not zipped up. He’s stereotyped as a nerd, but he loves to code and rubix cubes. His parents are great, especially his mom who says that the girls fall too fast in love on the show.
  • Mohit—San Francisco, he started his own company and is a Bollywood dancer. He’s very close to his family and they’re all starting their own famlies and he wants to do that as well.
  • Lucas—well he’s a disappointment. I’ve become a little more attached to the name Lucas in the last few months since that is my nephew’s name. Well this will be one Lucas I will make sure he doesn’t meet or model himself off of. He’s the insane guy who just wants air-time. Awesome. He yells into our tv multiple times and has made up a word that is better than “BOOM” it’s WaBoom. He has a t-shirt with his face and the catch-phrase.


  • Blake E- Personal trainer and sports nutritionist. He works out all the time, so lots of testosterone is in his system. And then he starts talking about sex way too much and how awesome he is at it and yeah, I’m sorry but that doesn’t make me like you anymore, it makes me suspicious of you.
  • Diggy- Passionate about fashion and looking good- someone likes his digs and it stuck. Sneaker hoarder. Him & Rachel will have very good looking kids
  • Josiah- Attorney. Hard-working, driven and family is very important to him. I love his demeanor, he has a quiet confidence about him and I’m already at ease. He talks about how close he was with his older brother Sam, and then he talks about how Sam was bullied when they were younger for being overweight and Sam hung himself in their backyard. I know want to climb into the TV and hug Josiah. Ohhhh he cut his brother down from the tree when he was 7 years old. He got in trouble because he looked at the streets for an older brother figure. He got into trouble for burglary at 12, the judge pulled him aside and said he was better than that, and he decided then and there that he wasn’t a gangster or thug, he wanted to help people and is now working at the same state office that gave him a second chance and Josiah is my favorite.

Rachel is back at the Bachelorette with some of her old friends from Nick’s season. We have Corrine, Raven, Alexis (shark-girl), and then a handful of other girls that I can’t remember. Raven tells Rachel that the reason that Rachel was able to get along with all the girls that were there and are all so different is because she was able to see the good and bring out the best in each of them.

Rachel shows up to the mansion, with the soaking wet driveway like always. Harrison is there for the hug and to assure her to be open and not a control freak or a skeptic. Rachel’s dress is gorgeous, she is modest, but still breathtakingly beautiful. Alright, the guys are getting outta the limo, time for first-impression time!

  1. Peter 30- Business owner from Madison, WI, first-one outta the limo is always a good sign. I don’t think I love the patterned jacket with the bow-tie, but then he smiles and it grows on me a little bit. You can tell when they first see each other, there’s a spark and they both are a lil more at ease. His hands are shaking. He points out that he’s from WI and knows she doesn’t have the best luck with WI guys (ahem Nick!)
  2. Josiah- Rachel will have no reasonable doubt by the end that they are meant to be. Joking around with common legal terms and she loves it.
  3. Bryan-37, Miami-  he is Columbian and talks to her in Spanish and asks if she’s dated a Columbian before and she said no and he said she’s in for trouble and she likes it.
  4. Kenny-35-Professional Wrestler, Las Vegas—his intro is to do the dance move where they hold hands and do the wave and she loves it.
  5. Rob-Law Student-29-he wanted her to be the Bachelorette
  6. Iggy-excited to be here and meet her and get to know her
  7. Bryce-Firefighter, Orlando- he sweeps her off her feet and holds her in a firefighter position
  8. Will-28, Miami-does a Steve Urkel impression, runs back to the limo to change and becomes Stephon Urkel, which she gets right away and tells him that’s the bit he’s doing
  9. Diggy-31, Chicago-he wants to teach her how to Diggy
  10. Kyle-26, LA- he wants to show her her buns, he brought her food
  11. Blake K-29, San Fran- his grandparents only dated a couple months before they got married and just celebrated 65 wedding anniversary
  12. Brady-29, Male model- he brought a large chunk of ice and a gavel and broke the ice which she enjoyed. The guys now refer to him as Thor
  13. Dean—he met her at the Final rose and is the one who used the “I’m ready to go black and never go back” line and now he’s a little apprehensive about it. She told him she was fine with it and loved the confidence he had.
  14. Eric—he did the same thing as the Final rose and danced with her and she said that’s going to be their thing
  15. DeMario—she tells him that he looks familiar. He agrees and said that it was a pleasure to meet her and he looks forward to many more firsts “first date, first kiss, first Christmas” and she’s all about it. He’s the one who had the tix to Vegas. I liked him, but then he’s getting cocky around the guys and talking about how he’s the Champion and #1 seed in her heart. He’s the one who she’d been warned about not being here for the right reasons, and I could buy that.
  16. Blake E—he brings out a high school marching band and all the guys are able to see it. She loves it. He wanted to drum up a second introduction since he had the awkward first impression on the live show.
  17. Fred, 27, TX- He brings his old yearbook, shows a pic of his 3rd grade photo and Rachel is mortified and knows it’s coming before I put the 2 and 2 together and we see her 8th grade photo. She said she knew exactly who Fred was the second he came outta the limo and that he was a very bad kid.
  18. Jonathan, 31, FL- his profession is tickle-monster and the way he greets her is to have her arms out, close her eyes and he tickles her. She’s a better sport about it, than I would’ve been.
  19. Lee-30, Singer/songwriter- He sings her an original song and gives her a flower an she enjoys it
  20. Alex, 28, MI- He has a vacuum and said he’s actually just with the cleaning crew.
  21. Milton, 31, FL- he takes a polaroid photo of the 2 of them and gives it to her
  22. Adam, 26, TX- he has a lil puppet thing, 2 for the price of 1 and she is freakin out about the puppet.
  23. Matt-32, CT- He’s dressed as a Penguin. Once Penguin meet their soulmates they mate for life. He squeaks as he waddles and she’s laughing.
  24. Grant, 29, NYC- he’s an EMT and comes out in an ambulance with flashing lights and sirens
  25. Anthony, 26, Chicago- he’s here to help her with her sanity.
  26. Jamey, 32, CA- she looks great and her dress is ridiculous
  27. Jack, 31, TX- she looks amazing and he hopes to talk to her more inside
  28. Mohit- the only time he’s going to have the upper hand in the relationship
  29. Jedidiah, 35, GA- he got Biblical with Jacob meeting Rachel
  30. Michael, 26, Chicago- gives her a brownie
  31. Lucas, 30, CA—he has a blow-horn where he introduces himself and his stats, and we get to see her sense of humor come out with this, as she’s able to dish it out and keep him on his toes more than he’s doing for her. He says it’s not about sticking out, but making a connection with her and Waboom!

The other guys think he’s insane an they were trying to figure out who the crazy one is. He comes into the room and you can tell they have no idea what to do with him and don’t know each other well enough to really look at one another for reassurance, so we just to get to see it over all their faces.

Alright, there we go! There’s all 31 of her guys!


With watching Rachel having her brief conversation with the guys after the initial introductions and the toast, you realize just how articulate she is. The reason why I loved Ben Higgins so much was because he was the most articulate Bachelor we had in our show’s history, and she’s going to be the most articulate Bachelorette I feel like.

Dang, our guy Bryan, the 37 year old Chiropractor who spoke Spanish to her, tells her that he’s here for something serious. Jokes with her by teaching her some Spanish where she says of all the guys here she likes Bryan the most. Then he grabs her and kisses her. She tells the camera that she was not planning on kissing any guys tonight, so she wasn’t prepared for it, but boy did she love it. Rachel is smitten with Bryan and I think he’ll be making at least top 6.

Most of this episode is the same that we see from every premiere. The guys all evidently think this will be the season that’s different and that they will get Rachel’s undivided attention for as long as they want and that they aren’t on a dating show, where other people will be butting in. There are some absolutely ridiculous guys and then there are some guys who I won’t mind having on my screen for a couple months.

Blake, the guy who brought the drum line is now being all holier than thou with Lucas WaBoom guy. Is Lucas there for the right reasons, absolutely not. Should the guy who talked about how much sex he’s gotten and the compliments he gets with his “little general” be the one leading this discussion on night 1! Now Lucas is wanting to stir the pot and get under Blake’s skin and I’m okay watching that, since I’m not a Blake fan.

Rachel grabs the first impression rose and gives it to Bryan. She takes it seriously because she received the first impression rose from Nick, so it means a lot to her. All the guys are now trying to compare themselves to Bryan and how they compete with him. Please notice that he’s quiet and not causing drama in the house fellas!

We have our first rose ceremony now! We have found out that she talked to every single person, which I don’t think is always done and with 31 guys that’s very impressive

  1. Bryan got the first impression rose. I like him and support this decision 🙂
  2. Peter—first guy outta the limo means something, I’m telling you!
  3. Will—Stephon Urkel bit helped him
  4. Jack—I know he’s a lawyer, but that’s about it
  5. Jamey—he spells his name funny 🙂
  6. Iggy—this guy is going to be the commentator and tell us what’s going on with the house and the guys, but not be close to Rachel
  7. Eric—they like to dance, ATFR and then tonight
  8. DeMario—of course we’re not gonna listen to people saying he’s not here for the right reasons, we need a villain and I think we found him!
  9. Jonathan—tickle monster made it
  10. Bryce—Firefighter sweeped her off her feet
  11. Alex—he had the vacuum
  12. Kenny—pro wrestler with cutie daughter
  13. Dean—guy who met her at ATFR and has the best smile
  14. Matt—penguin guy, really?!?!
  15. Anthony—he’s tall dark and handsome
  16. Brady—male model who brought the ice chunk
  17. Josiah—-he needs to tone it down around the other guys, but I like him
  18. Lee—Southern gentleman who sings songs
  19. Diggy—he’s got style
  20. Fred—he wasn’t black-balled for camp being a kid, his eyes were all watery though
  21. Adam—guy with the puppet and puppet wasn’t allowed to come up
  22. Blake E—oh good, the guy who’s attempting to guard and protect her heart is here
  23. Lucas—WABOOM, he gets the final rose and yells out his catch-phrase which is just proof he’s a producer pick.

We’re getting rid of 8 guys! I don’t think there’s anyone that I’m really surprised  about anyone that’s leaving. The sun is shining REALLY bright, so there is some really drunk guys in that room and the ones that are going home! So whenever I see anyone cryin in their going home package, I just blame it on the alcohol.

Looking at the previews, it looks like we’re in for quite a ride. I don’t think Rachel cries nearly as much as Nick & Ben did though, so she’ll get some brownie points for that. It looks like Lee our country boy is the villain, which I never would’ve seen coming. Also, it seems we have a guy who has a girlfriend who he was still living with and she comes on the show so that’s interesting as well.

I’m excited to see where this crazy show will take us!

Until next week,


Nick’s Finale & Rachel’s Beginning?!?

We’ve finally reached the finale of this season!

As you all know, I have not been a huge fan of this season, but we powered through and made it!

I’m not going with my traditional blog, I’m going to warn you, I’m not really going to recap, I’m just going to give random thoughts!

First of all THANK GOD for Nick’s family this should hopefully be the last time we see them! We met them 3 years ago when Nick was first on the Bachelorette with Andi. Do you think they’re grooming Bella to be the first sibling Bachelor/Bachelorette in what 6-8 years when she’s 18-20 years old?!?! Nick may or may not be officially retired from this franchise at this point!

I’m kinda over the whole portion of the family’s coming in and meeting the final 2. Unless they say something controversial, it’s just not as fun. They didn’t pick a clear winner or loser, so I don’t have a whole lot to say. It is exactly what you’d expect.

Don’t worry we’re still in Finland btw for the final dates.

Vanessa gets the first final date. The “fun” portion of their dates is horseback riding to an outhouse where a creepy old guy dressed like Santa is waiting for them: giphy1

It went exactly as you’d imagine it went. I didn’t understand, Vanessa acted as if she was thrilled, how much did the Producers give to her to make her say that, and why was he there? I also kept expecting him to come back!

You know that whole sayin about how you should never say it can’t get worse because it then will. Well that’s basically how the rest of the date went, we just kept going downhill. And all they did was talk!

You have Vanessa saying that she should follow her gut and she hasn’t in the past and it’s come back to bite her. But she blatantly tells us (a few more times throughout the episode) that she is ignoring her gut an just going with Nick.

Did I also point out that there was A LOT of crying! At the day portion of the date and the night portion. Nick showed us yet again how he is not Ben and is not eloquent at all. Good job, Nick, you made me miss Ben every single episode this season, I don’t think that’s ever been done before! Nick is not reassuring Vanessa and is blatantly telling her that Raven’s still here and he doesn’t know what his choice is going to be and knows she wants reassurance but he can’t give her that at all because there’s 2 girls here. And I know the premise is not a new one, but the way he’s saying it just seems more cruel than in season’s past. At the night portion of the date, Vanessa is not just crying, she’s sobbing! I mean she’s still gorgeous but that was an ugly cry type of cry, I just wish I looked like her, instead of like this:


She is still wiping away her tears and is probably going to go back inside and continue her cry when she says goodbye to Nick. Not exactly the way you want the last time you see a girl before you propose to her to go, but that’s just me.

Raven’s date is the complete opposite of Nick & Vanessa’s. Where I don’t remember Nick & Vanessa smiling or laughing together or looking like they’re having fun at all on their date, Raven & Nick can’t stop having fun. There is ice skating, and of course making out on the ice. Our watch party did not think that looked comfortable at all. But then again, they also made out in that mud puddle in Hoxie, Arkansas, so what do I know? They don’t care about the ambiance, or comfort isn’t as important to them as it is to me. Nick also brings out Husky Puppies, come on now, Raven gets puppies and Vanessa got creepy Santa? The night portion is still fun, and they are talking, making out and looking like they genuinely enjoy one another’s company, again a stark contrast to his time with Vanessa.

Then our friend Neil Lane comes in and sees Nick for the 3rd time! They call one another old friend and then Nick makes a joke about how he doesn’t know much about engagement rings. I purposely am saying this was a joke, as he has chosen 3 rings alone with Neil. He’s become like Ross Gellar when it comes to buying rings, and yes I know that’s a joke that has been made all over the internet, and you know what, I rooted more for Ross’ happiness than Nick’s and I bet Ross is not happy to be compared to Nick.


After Nick picks out the ring, he is now in the place where he will propose to his future bride. Since we’ve noticed with how bundled up they’ve been on all their dates, we are not going to get an outside proposal. No we’re gonna be inside. And not in a cool rustic place like we were when Farmer Chris proposed to Whitney, no we’re going to be in what looks like a showroom living room of a place trying to sell things to people who act as if they hunt wildlife, but never have in their lives, but want to show off to all their friends. There are so many dead animal skins and heads around this room, and rugs that keep curling up and almost tripping people, it’s a mess of a room and basically the last place in the world I would like to get proposed to.

The first girl that’s brought in is Raven….and in the tradition that I HATE the most about this show, they let Raven pour her heart out. This pisses me off more than normal because of Nick being the Bachelor. He has been in this situation 2 times and know how mortifying it is not only in that moment, but for all of America to see it. Why in the hell, did he not stop it?!?! Or why didn’t he go and dump her in her hotel room before she got to this torture chamber? He looks super uncomfortable, but I think Raven is so nervous and so keyed up on finishing her speech that she has tunnel vision and doesn’t notice anything is wrong until she stops.


Then he starts cryin and talking about how he loves spending time with her an he remembers her coming out of the limo and he was trying to convince himself he loved her, but he realized this morning he wasn’t in love with her….you know all that great stuff people say to other girls 15 minutes before they propose to another girl.

Raven handles herself with such grace! I was really hoping we’d see the girl who threw her stiletto at her ex when she caught him cheating, Nick deserved it and all of America would’ve been on her side! She doesn’t really say a whole lot, hugs him and goes out without her coat (so she didn’t get her man and didn’t get to keep her coat? That’s real a really crappy breakup!) and hugs him again gets in the reject car and then says she doesn’t know if she’ll ever find love or if she deserves it, and I feel sad for her. That is until After the Final Rose, when Chris invites her to Mexico this summer to a place called Paradise and she agrees and thinks she’ll find love there. BTW she really hedged the question on if she thinks Nick & Vanessa will get married. She finally heard the producers all screaming yes, and talked about how maybe church bells could be ringing for them….probably not together, but maybe 🙂

Alright, Vanessa & Nick, well the first thing about Vanessa’s dress, had us all wondering where in the world she’d been hiding her girls all season? They came out for the finale, and boy did they have to be cold, there wasn’t much covering them. I do have to say that there was a ton of sexual innuendos between Nick & Vanessa throughout this whole episode, and maybe we now know why he chose her?!?!

Nick cries the second Vanessa walks in the door, he starts his speech, she says her part, he proposes, by kneeling WAY far away from her, as if he’s worried she’s going to give him a cold or something and she hysterically breaks down again, can’t look at him and finally says yes. We all think that Vanessa is more in love with the idea of being engaged, then in being engaged to Nick.

The After the Final Rose is as awkward as the whole season. Vanessa talks about how they’ve had their “struggles” and are supposedly these great communicators, why didn’t I ever see proof of this? All of Vanessa’s family is in the audience, how awkward for Nick to see them after he called them all traditional and they’re the opposite of his family. Nick & Vanessa are so romantic, by talking about how they’re realistic and just getting to know one another. They are not talking marriage yet, they are taking baby steps and are optimistic about the future. They are still talking about how they live in opposite countries and are leaning towards the US. The most telling thing, is that they didn’t replay the proposal, we always show the proposal, but not showing it, means they are barely hanging on, I’d have to believe.

They talk about Dancing with the Stars and how Nick will do that, and let’s be honest they are going to follow Farmer Chris & Whitney’s steps. Vanessa will be in the stands rooting him on until he gets kicked off and they will break up and that will be it until Nick comes on our tv screens again.

This couple is not going to be the next Trista and Ryan, but then again, I think we figured that out episode 1 or at the very latest episode 2. I’m happy he didn’t finish in 2nd place and seems happy.

Rachel being on our show and talking about how she’s ready for her story to start and that she’s over Nick, I am again so excited because she’s gorgeous, smart and so freakin articulate. Let’s be honest, she’s going to appear that way compared to Nick, but dang she is so likable! I am actually excited for her season!

They brought the mansion out to Rachel and are going to introduce a couple of her guys to her that will be on this journey with her. She is so freakin adorable because she is not ready for this at all and doesn’t know how to handle the fact that she’s meeting a couple of the guys right now, live on national tv. Harrison knows how to get under her skin, by saying she could meet her husband right here, right now and Rachel’s journey begins right now.

  1. We meet Demario, who’s in a tux and dang he’s adorable. He booked flights for them to Vegas (she loves Vegas) and he had a ring.
  2. Next is Blake, he kisses her hand, she pulls him in for a hug. They’re both nervous, he tells her that she looks good and smells good. Asks her how she’s doing, she tells him to make her more comfortable, he does a side hug and tells everyone to take pix now as their first couple pix.
  3. Dean comes out net and is SOOOO CUTE. He’s ready to go black and never go back. She LOVES that joke, they’re laughing and she hugs him, he doesn’t know where to exit.
  4. Eric from Baltimore comes out, she’s from Texas but they’re here right now. It’s a miracle season, what’s meant to be will be and he’s looking forward to spending time with her and meeting her. She likes what he just said, and they start saying “hey” and dancing on stage and hug it out.

Harrison tells us he’s done this for 15 years and is freaking out on the side stage. Rachel tells us she’d be fine meeting the guys in-front of a live studio audience if she could keep meeting guys like she just did.

Before I officially sign-off for Nick’s season, I would like to go back to my first impression of the girls, based only on their ABC.com profiles and show you how right I was about my favorites:

  1. Kristina—girl from Russia who had such an amazing story
  2. Danielle L- Boobs McGee, I’m still surprised she didn’t make it a couple more weeks
  3. Rachel—the new Bachelorette!!!! That’s a first for me 🙂

Also for the crazies I’m going to take credit for:

  1. Raven—as much as she grew on me, you gotta admit she’s a little crazy!
  2. Alexis—I called Shark/Dolphin girl, she was the craziest on the whole show 🙂

My darkhorses and the other crazies I missed on, but I’ll take credit for the ones I did get right!

Well it’s been a ride. I’m glad to say goodbye to Nick and looking forward to Rachel’s season on May 22, is what Chris promised me! So I will see you back here then, or right around then when I make my predictions.

Until then, have the most dramatic/historic Spring ever 🙂