Predictions about Sean’s season originally made 01/07/13

I’m so excited that we get to finally start the new Year off right with Sean tonight!!! Here’s hoping it’s a good season!
For those of you not on Twitter there were a few tweets this weekend that I found quite interesting and thought may be worth passing along!
Jef tweeted this on Saturday: “Time to clear the air. Never met Ashley Tisdale. Not dating anyone. Not looking for a reality show. Focused on People Water & really happy.”
And Sean tweeted yesterday: “It’s almost here! And despite what you see in the first 10 minutes of tomorrow night’s episode, I do eventually wear a shirt.”
Heidi and I did a little investigating into the Bachelorettes and who we thought we would be crazy and who may be likeable. When I went back to look at the page we were looking at on Friday I found they have helped a little bit with the crazy scale!
Just for fun, even though I know you shouldn’t judge, I’m going to guess who the crazies are before we see any of them on tv. I’m sure the girls I like will be the crazies and the ones I marked as crazies will be sane. I’m excited to see who the mystery girl is from a previous season, hopefully we recognize her and it’s not someone who got kicked off the first night before so we don’t even remember her being there!
Ashlee: 32
She takes 3 hrs to get ready for a date!!! Plus she’s a personal organizer. Has been married before.
Kelly: 28
Cruise Ship Entertainer
Kristy: 25
Her ultimate dates are about traveling around the world to exotic places in a romantic setting! And she’s a model!!! (Feel like it could be Courtney all over again!)
Girls I like:
Lauren: 27
Journalist and talked about her brother and parents and looks like she could be wholesome…..
Lindsay: 24
She spells her name right (like I do J) and is a substitute teacher
Katie: 27
Yoga instructor and curly hair, she can’t be too high maintenance  right?!?
Here’s to the most dramatic season of the Bachelor ever!!!

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