Welcome Back to the Drama!!!

As last night’s episode was going on I just got really excited and remembered why I like the Bachelor! I mean there was crazy last week of course, but with meeting all the girls and only having the cocktail party I didn’t know if I could really get into this season even though it was Sean. So I sat down last night and didn’t have the best mindset going into the show thinking it was going to disappoint me, but dang the girls brought the crazy and I was highly entertained!
The first date with Sarah (I think that’s her name) as some of you may know I’m terrified of heights. One of the reasons I don’t enjoy flying. So when they lean down and show me what they will be “free-falling” from my hands were sweating and I was feeling dizzy and my stomach was not where it was supposed to be and I was comfortably positioned on my couch. I CANNOT imagine going through that date. I would be crying/laughing/screaming/hitting/some embarrassing moment of some liquid coming out of me that shouldn’t and finally I would probably pass out. I also would still be freaking out when I was on the ground, I would not be cool, calm and collected.
As for the date itself, I don’t know, her voice kinda annoys me. She seems like a really nice girl, but I wonder how much of a connection there really is with Sean. When they were in the helicopter (another time I’d be freaking out) and he said he’s ready for the helicopter ride to be over I don’t think that bodes too well for her. I don’t really see the spark, but maybe there’s a shot still for her.
Oh the group date…….it was at this point that I remembered how much I love this show. The jealousy and how so many of the girls forgot they were here for Sean and got caught up in the “competition” of it. Kristy the one who “won” the 3 cover deal was exactly what I’d expect her to be. I don’t think that Sean was as fooled though as say most of the other Bachelors we’ve seen. And I don’t know if she’s in it for the long haul.
She wasn’t as crazy as Tierra. Ugh, that girl is actually so far really good at hiding her true side. When she does smile up at Sean, she does look sweet! And right now with the date being 13 girls, there is no way he can keep track of her and her crazy. There are 12 other people demanding his attention that I don’t blame him at this point for not seeing through her. I hold the right to be angry at him in the following weeks as their won’t be as many girls distracting him. I unfortunately see her going pretty far because Sean is going to want to see the good in her, but I’m hopeful he wises up before hometown dates, or maybe meeting her family will open his eyes.
I still like Kacie B, but poor girl is still so stuck in the friend-zone and not the girlfriend zone. He didn’t even attempt to go for a kiss (at least that I can remember) I have a feeling she’s going to be leaving soon. Though I do enjoy her being there and feel like she’s playing the role of the audience in this one watching all the crazy. She’s a little more mean or at least voicing her meaner thoughts to the camera this season then I remember her doing on Ben’s season. Of course with Courtney anyone else is going to look even more sweet!
I like Lesley a lot. She reminds me of I think her name was Emily (not Maynard) on Ben’s season. She was the real cool med student I think, and she made it to the final 4 or 5. I think most of us agreed that she was cool and were cheering for her, but then she got dumped. I feel like that’s what’s going to happen to Lesley, she’ll make it pretty far but won’t make the final 2. I am glad that she went back to him and got her kiss, I was cheering her on!
Oh poor poor Yoga instructor Katie! She wasn’t crazy, so at least I got that right with my prediction, but she didn’t stand a chance. I did find it funny that all the clips they showed of her at the cocktail party she was always sitting next to Kacie B. Ugh, how bad did you feel for her when Sean didn’t even ask her to stay!
The date with Des is a date I’d be down for! An art exhibit, wine and then dinner and hanging out. I like her a lot! She does seem pretty genuine and appreciative of what’s going on. She doesn’t have that sense of entitlement. And I like how Sean did feel a little guilty before the prank went down. If he didn’t care about her I feel like he wouldn’t have cared as much. And wow did she handle the prank well! I was trying to put myself in her shoes and figure out what I would’ve done and I don’t really know. I think when the person started yelling at me I would’ve started laughing. Laughing or crying so it would have been inappropriate laughter J I LOVED how she got him back when he asked for her to accept the rose. It seems like with their home lives they seem pretty compatible. I like that it was by standards of ABC, a pretty normal date. This is something that normal people do (with the exception of breaking a 1.5 million dollar art piece) and obviously he’s a big jokester, so I think it’s imperative for him to find someone who has a good sense of humor! She’s one of my early favorites! (*I really hope she doesn’t turn crazy now that I said I like her!)
I was glad that Lindsay was able to talk to him at the cocktail party, I was worried when she didn’t called for the group date she was in trouble. I think her apologizing and clearing the air helped. I think they are starting over and I’m willing to give her another shot. I still say the producers were a big influence in her getting in that wedding dress. Then she felt uncomfortable, she didn’t know anyone so she drank more than she should’ve. I can somewhat relate to that situation and forgive her. If she does it again, then she’s really disgracing my name and I’ll be mad. I’ll be interested to see where this relationship goes and how she interacts in a date setting.
I couldn’t place Michelle for the life of me before I saw her pouting on the couch. Was she on the group date? Did she not get invited? I also evidently missed if her and Sean had a convo at the cocktail party. Did she do anything to stand out the first night. Right now I’m indifferent towards her and figured she had to be the “drama” in the last half hour. I don’t think she’ll be much of a factor later on unless I’m forgetting something huge she did last week.
I enjoyed Robyn and his conversation and was impressed with how at ease he seemed. I was glad that the elephant in the room was addressed and his response made me like him even more!
Oh Brooke……I love when girls think there is more of a connection than there actually ever was! And I was glad that he let Diana go and explained he didn’t feel something and wanted her to go home to her girls. I’m pretty sure Diana was the only one with kids, so Sean is not going to be a step-father, I guess.
Looks like next week will be even more dramatic! I know I told some of you this but on Twitter, Sean says he doesn’t want to refer to this as “his journey” but rather “his ride.” He also tweeted before yesterday’s show “You are in for the most dramatic second episode of the season ever!” I do like his sense of humor!

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