I evidently have not been doing a great job of getting to know all the girls, or I’ve been wasting my time getting to know the crazies or the ones he’s sent home. As I had no clue who Selma really was.Though she’s made an impression on Sean, which I guess is more important to some that he makes a good impression with him rather than me šŸ™‚

I wasn’t expecting to be a huge fan of hers, especially when she was being a baby about the heat. Though I thought about it more and realized I could relate and with the clothes the producers must have told her to wear, what was she thinking the activity was going to be? Then she mentioned 6 inch heels and I thought there’s no way I could really get behind this girl. Then she got into the rock-climbing and they started talking and I started to turn around. I’m glad that she’s staying true to herself and her culture. She’s a real lady and I RESPECT her so much! I feel like Sean is the perfect Bachelor for her, could you imagine if Ben would’ve been the Bachelor, I don’t think he’d put up with a girl not kissing him. Man I turned around and am on the Selma bandwagon now!

Roller-derby date would be my worst nightmare! (I know I say that about a lot of these dates!) My non-competitive spirit would not be so good in that situation. Love that Ashlee is concerned about dying as I started to hyperventilate thinking of myself in that boat and I think I would die! I couldn’t believe when Sean said “you’re all sweet girls” really Sean are you that naive?!?!Ugh, Ashlee has endeared herself even more to me when she was comforting Sarah and trying to push her to do it! I am getting more and more team Ashlee!

I hope that Ashlee does make it far! She has such a good attitude and is so positive. I think maybe I saw on Twitter that people were telling Tenley she reminded her of her and I think that’s a valid comparsion and Tenley is/was one of my favorites on the show. I think I like her so much as a person that no matter what I want her to be happy and am going to root for her in life. With her whole convo last week with him and all the crap she’s been thru but still saying “Life is hard” is the most realistic thing we’ve heard on this show. She seems like a normal girl and so I will admit I had her pegged completely wrong! Or at least I hope I have her completely pegged wrong, I’ll be sad if I’m proven wrong!

How come we never see these falls?!?! All of these cameras and we can’t see Tierra fall on the stairs last week or Amanda this week. At least there was a medic and you could tell she was legit hurt. I’m glad they just skated but to be honest I can’t roller skate/roller blade so I’d still be falling in the “free skate” embarrassing myself!

Why does Amanda just sit and stare at people?!?!Ugh, don’t these girls realize what they are saying will be on tv?!? So when you’re talking about you playing dirty and using a sympathy card he will eventually see you saying that! These girls are so frustrating sometimes!!! Once it became clear her and Tierra were friends I was going to lose it, so am very thankful she went home because I couldn’t handle another 2 hrs of the two them acting all chummy!

I just can’t be apart of team Sarah even before she became a confidant of crazy Tierra. I think maybe it’s that she seems a little too immature for me and Sean. I get that he likes to be the “white knight” but it’s her valley girl talking that gets on my nerves, and maybe I’m the only one who feels this way and if so I’m sorry! It seems to be more of a protective relationship then a romantic relationship.

Tierra is such a piece of work! When Sarah asked if she’d talked to Ashlee about her feelings about the other girls and she said “I don’t trust anyone here!” and stormed off, just seconds after the voiceover said to stop acting like girls and act like women. Her wanting to leave is such a play to get more time with him. Her breakdown just seems so fake & calculated and her smile after . How is she being “tortured?”

Pot meet kettle! She’s such a hypocrite and it drives me batty! How does she have all this heat directed towards her? I wish she could give more concrete real examples. She does play a good game of looking sweet and innocent!

I wanted to smack her when she said “I came here to win this” that tells you she’s not here for the right reason!!!!!!

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH open your eyes Sean!!!!!!!!

I think him giving the rose to Tierra is the first time that I’ve been frustrated with him all season. She better be going home soon!!!!!!!!Ā  What does Sean really know about her? This is just so dang frustrating and he’s getting played! I wonder what he’s thinking as he’s watching it right now.

Pretty Woman is Lesley H.’s favorite movie?!? I mean I’m not gonna lie when it’s on tv I may watch it or a few scenes from it, but not my favorite movie. All of her references and calling herself Julia Roberts….doesn’t she realize her profession in that movie, is that really what you want to say?!? Lesley is such a nerd, which I can appreciate. You can tell she’s nervous and excited and appreciates it all. I thought it was awkward when they pulled up to the shops and all the people were watching them and taking pictures. I didn’t enjoy the giant bow on the dress. LOVED the necklace!

I like that Sean is good about asking questions. He really wants to know about these girls and is a good conversationalist. I feel like he’s not a superficial Bachelor like we’ve seen before. Him letting her go on the date was about as genuine and real as we’ve heard. I’m glad she warned him as she was leaving and I hope he listens instead of thinking she’s just talking as the “scorned” woman.

Robyn and Sean’s interaction was way more playful than I feared it would be! I was so embarrassed for her when I first saw the preview. But glad the interaction went well for her.

I’m liking Catherine a lot. She does seem real and like what we see is what we get and i like that they are able to laugh with one another and it seems like they have a little spark. She seems like a drama-free girl which I can appreciate!

Lesley had no air-time other than the rose ceremony but she got herself a rose so no complaints from me, but I hope we see more of her šŸ™‚ Has Jackie said two words to Sean all season?!?!

Heidi, it was a win/win lose/lose situation for you, down to Amanda/Daniella and you don’t like either of them so you won since one had to go home but you lost because they both didn’t go home!

BACK TO BACK nights of Bachelor next week?!?! Monday and Tuesday!!!I can’t believe it! Tierra looks like she’s still playing crazy which is annoying. It also looks like Lindsay, Catherine and Jackie finally get some quality time with Sean and some one one one dates/time.


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