“The Best of Both Worlds”

In honor of Sean and the girls leaving sunny CA and heading to Montana and Tierra’s split personality, I decided to title this blog post in honor of the theme song of another wonderful TV show “Hannah Montana”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVTFcT_nwGw

Okay, so first of all I was a huge fan of the light pink nail-polish that at least 2 if not 3 of the girls had on their fingers last night 🙂 I noticed it on Jackie & Robin’s hands as they held them in-front of them to cry. I’m hoping that they cried b/c Tierra stayed and not because they thought they had this great connection with Sean, as it’s pretty obvious that they do not have that connection.

My poor girl Lindsay really didn’t get much air-time for her one-on-one date. I’m hoping that they had more convo then we got to see and since it wasn’t a lot of drama it didn’t earn a whole lot of airplay, especially with the Princess stirring more than enough drama!

I was okay with Sean inviting back the winning team, because how angry would you be if you were non-athletic and that’s what determined if you were going to get to spend time with a guy or not. It’s not grade school PE class anymore!!!! Besides I was cheering for the losing team and was glad to see them as I didn’t really know who to cheer for on the winning team.

Des is kinda grating on my nerves a little bit. I think it’s Ihategreenbeans that says that she looks like Katie Holmes and now that’s ALL I see when I look at her, and I’m a big Dawson’s creek fan, but I also rooted for Joey and Pacey and Sean is more of a Dawson with the blonde hair, so it’s hard for me to fully support that 🙂

Still not on team Sarah and still don’t see that romantic spark!

The girls that I like right now are: Lindsay, Ashlee, Lesley and Catherine. Selma is on the outskirts of this group and could potentially sneak in, but she still seems a little too high maintenance for me. Then Daniella and Sarah and of course at the very back is Tierra. (I don’t know if that’s all the girls or not, if I forgot someone I think they probably end up in the Daniella/Sarah part of the group)

Okay the Tierra part of this post just makes me so sad for Sean. I still have faith in him more than any of our other Bachelors that he will see the light before it’s too late. From the previews I’m thinking he’s not going to see the light tomorrow, but hopefully next Monday she’ll get kicked off!

I did find it funny that Sean tweeted after his two-on-one date “So what you’re saying is that I made a bad choice.” I’m thinking he realizes he made a bad choice, or he’d be sticking up a little bit more for Tierra.

What is driving me crazy is how vague EVERYONE is being! However, it’s not just the other girls that are being vague, but Tierra is as well! She’s getting ganged up on “by all the girls” but can’t give specifics. She feels threatened. She is just drama….drama….drama! And again with the millions of cameras how did we miss the footage of her flirting with the guy in the airport?!?!?! I’m glad Jackie said something about it before she left, while it didn’t matter right away, I’m hoping it all will start coming together eventually for him. Oh and how does she get to come in for the group date while he’s giving his little confessional interview, that’s just PERFECT timing! And why was she wearing the blue team’s shirt?!?! Just imagine how pissed Robyn and Des were watching that on tv tonight! Not only did their date get hijacked by the Blue Team but also by Tierra!

We got a real quick turnaround for tomorrows episode! So rest up and get ready for more of Tierra’s drama! I can’t imagine living with her day after day, I’m exhausted by it after watching 2 hours of it and I have my own living room where I can yell at the tv, my comfy clothes, commercials and some shots that don’t have her in them. All the girls that lived with her for weeks and couldn’t escape deserve a medal!


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