Polar Bear Plunge

Sean will eventually see the light, if I keep saying it, it will eventually come true right?!?! Call me stupid, but I still have faith in him! With the exception of Tierra I agreed with all his moves tonight and if he gets rid of Tierra next week then we’re completely on the same page. I didn’t see a big romantic connection with Sarah as I’ve pointed out. Daniella was that one awkward person we have every season who keeps skating by but doesn’t actually spend a whole lotta time with the Bachelor/Bachelorette but for some reason thinks they’re closer than they are. (a la Doug w/ Emily and the most awkward kiss this franchise has ever seen!) She looked older than 24 to me and as a side note Heidi you have to be thrilled she’s gone!

Selma was the person I was on the fence with. She was so dang high mainaintence that you knew it would never work out. It was too hot when they went rock climbing and then it’s too cold in Canada, I know I complain about the weather, but I don’t when I’m trying to impress a guy with a gaggle of other girls around! I’m sad that she gave in and kissed him though the kiss could’ve been worse than what it was. However, I did have to wonder what her culture thinks about the dress that was cut down to “there” and how that’s acceptable but a peck on the lips is not?!?

I to admit that I’m liking Catherine! She’s been sneaky quiet, but especially this week you can tell that Sean really lights up when she’s around. She’s willing to try new things and has a good attitude. And dear lord her story about summer camp had me tearing up and I wanted to reach thru the tv and hug her!

My girl Lindsay is a little wilder than I’d ever be, but I am still a fan of hers as well. She has the similar relationship I feel like that Catherine and him have. He seems to really enjoy spending time with her and it’s pretty low-key. I found it funny that they spent their time kissing on the group date, but was glad that they talked more at the cocktail party and she didn’t want to kiss him. I was also excited to see her so enthusiastic about the Polar Plunge!

Now that Sarah is gone Ashlee is going to take the damsel in distress role (not as much as Tierra, but I feel like Ashlee is more real). I felt for her in relinquishing control and completely trusting Sean, I was proud of her, however the cynic in me is just waiting for the other shoe to drop and to watch her get her heart broken and if the preview for next week is any indication she better not get her heart broken with him choosing Tierra over her!!!!!!

Des is still Joey Potter and seems a little more insecure in their relationship than other girls. She’s a middle of the packer at this point for me, I don’t want her in the final 2.

I like Lesley a lot and think she’d be a really cool person to hang out, however I’m wondering if her and Sean are more friends and buddies than romantically linked. I do like her, but I feel like she is like Emily (not Maynard) from Ben’s season and she’s going to get let go and will end up being fine with it and it won’t be a horribly traumatic life-altering thing for her, but I’ll be sad to see her go.

And now to Tierra……..I do think that she faked the hypothermia. She was pissed that she was on a group date instead of a one-on-one and needed more alone time with him. I’m thinking she’s probably had more alone time with him then A LOT of the other girls have. You could see her ticked off at the canoes before it started and then once he explained the Polar Plunge she was grimacing and frowning and then started talking about how cold she was. Did anyone else want to yell at her to button up her coat if she’s so cold?!!? And then she ended up going all “buckwild” when she decided to do the Plunge and how was she one of the first in but when she got to land she didn’t get a robe right away like every other girl and didn’t get her boots on like everyone else? And yet again she actually didn’t go to the hospital! And I’m sorry growing up we always had the rule if you’re sick enough to miss school you’re too sick to go to any extra-curricular activities after school! How did that not apply for the cocktail party?!? I do think she’s crying wolf and am just as tired as the girls are. Hopefully she’s gone next week!

Sean was tweeting again tonight and still has his sense of humor fully intact, I’d recommend following him on twitter as he is pretty dang entertaining 🙂


One thought on “Polar Bear Plunge

  1. To be totally honest: I haven’t watched this episode yet. But now I feel like I don’t have to! YAY! Thanks, Lindsay, for creating more time in a day! 🙂

    My thoughts: I think Tierra needs to go…stat! And I think AshLee is looking like the winner…

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