St. Croix and Sean

I had no clue that we were so close to hometowns!!! I guess I thought we would go from 6 to 5 to 4, how many seasons have I watched this show?!?!

I also realized I couldn’t make it on this show as I am WAY too pale! Dang all these girls are tan and not a tan line in sight! I guess if I were on vacation for weeks and had nothing better to do I may get a little tan, but let’s be honest I would get red and just get more freckles.

I do like Ashlee a lot! And yes she is older than Sean, and if I were her friend I may *teasingly* call her a cougar, but I wouldn’t actually believe it and if I had the relationship that Tierra and her have, there’s no way I’d call her a cougar! I’m glad that Ashlee was honest with Sean in the way that Tierra acts and I feel like she handled it in a very up-front mature way. She didn’t beat around the bush, she didn’t victimize herself and didn’t make it more dramatic than it needed to be. She said what she needed to say and made sure to say it with the best intentions of Sean and put it into words in how it could potentially hurt him in the future, it wasn’t all about her!

HOLY COW!!!!!!!!! Ashlee was married at 17!!!!!!!!!!! How did you get married as a high school junior?!? Where did they live? It’s like One Tree Hill (another one of my cheesy favorite shows I loved.) No wonder this girl became a Personal Organizer her whole world was spirally out of control when she was young, she has had to find the balance in her adult life!

I do like them as a couple, but am so afraid to watch her heart get broken! I think he’s a good knight in shining armor for her, but I feel like he’ll eventually get tired of that.

Speaking of age, and I’m sure I’ve done this earlier, but just in-case I haven’t, Tierra acts 24 but she doesn’t look 24! I’m much more a fan of Catherine looking 26 as we are the same age and I feel like if you put us next to each other that’s believable. I don’t know if you put Tierra next to me and she had to keep her mouth shut if you’d think she was 2 years younger than me.

LOL!!! I freaking love Lesley! “She’s the most unhappy girl I’ve ever met…I hate that bitch.” She sounded so dejected and just over it and I don’t blame her at all! Lesley you’re speaking for all of America right now!!! In the words of my friend Artie on Glee “PREACH!”

Have we ever made it this far in a season where the girl that we all hate has never had a one on one date?!? I feel like Courtney & Vienna were on quite a few one one one dates or would get the rose on the group date all the time, whereas Tierra has to win the award on the series for most time spent with the Bachelor before getting a one on one date!

Can we please teach this girl gratitude?!?! And appreciation??? And of course Tierra loves him because he’s good looking and is buying her things! How much money do you want to think her past boyfriends have spent on her? (Answer: too much!!!) If there was no cameras and he wasn’t as cute as he is, how would she react if a guy would take her on this date and not boating?!? Tierra sure knows how to play this game! How could she be falling in love with Sean? What in the world have these two talked about?!?! Other than how mean the other girls are and how hard her life is. I guess Sean is just thankful the paramedics haven’t had to have been called in yet!

The group date is a copy cat of when Ben woke the girls up in the morning, but I did think they looked great waking up. I wish I looked that good in the morning! Thank God they all brushed their teeth! I think in a way the 3 on 1 date is just as awkward as the 2 on 1. And did Des constantly get shotgun or did they just show us the same footage over and over again? I also am jealous of how good these girls look with their heads soaking wet! My hair would be such a frizz ball!

I do like Lindsay and think that she’s pretty goofy! Like I’ve said I don’t know if I’d be her big advocate if we didn’t share the same name, but she really has grown on me and I’m going to stand by the fact that the producers convinced her it’d be a good idea to put the wedding dress on and she’s goofy enough that she thought Sean would find it funny. I think there is the spark there and I can appreciate her being strong and hiding behind her humor as I do that as well.

Dang Catherine!!!!!!! First her friend at summer camp at 12 and then her dad has a suicide attempt in-front of her and her sisters at 14?!?! This girl is strong! She has every right to be bitter and angry and yet she can be so positive. Lesson learned! A real genuine girl! I like how Catherine and Lindsay seem to be friends! I’d want to hang out with them too.

My how different Lesley and Tierra are! Lesley would be fine in a closet or Tierra’s cot, while Tierra wanted to be on a yacht!For as confident as a girl that Lesley seems to be, she sure does have a hard time making eye contact. I feel like her being insecure is a huge shock to me! I’m glad that she was able to enjoy a low key event and just be with him, which is way more realistic than repelling down buildings! I just didn’t see that big romantic spark and thought they were really good friends. I’ve been saying it for the most of the season and I was reminded of it again tonight, this girl is exactly like Emily (not Maynard) on Ben’s season. I really liked both girls and thought we could be friends with them and they seemed normal, but there just wasn’t the “it” factor for their relationship, which makes me sad, but I have no doubt that Lesley will bounce back and be just fine!

I like how real Sean’s sister is! Way to lay it out there Shay! It’s like she KNOWS what we’re thinking and you know she’s yelling “NOoooooooooo not that one” at Tierra as we have been as well this season! You could tell that Shay was going to smack him to open his eyes! I LOVE her!!!! She’s yelled at her tv just like we have how many seasons in a row at the stupid bachelors! Oh my gosh our show has a voice of reason and it’s someone who could actually impact the outcome, compared to us screaming at the tv! THANK YOU for finally listening to us!!!!!!!!

I’m glad that Ashlee called Tierra out! She tried to make her call out people that have sabatoged her and all she could say is “all the girls.” It drives me CRAZY that she says “a lot” or can never give specific examples. Another reason I love Lindsay “Once again it’s the Tierra show.” How can this girl hate confrontation when she’s at the center of confrontation all the time?!?! Again, if you’re crying don’t you need to have tears coming out of your eyes?!?! If you don’t you are either a baby or you’re faking it! How did the girls do this to her?!? This girl needs to learn personal responsibility. I hope that she’s gone and I wouldn’t want her to take the rose of anyone who is left over, but aren’t you all a lil curious to see what her parents are like? Who names their daughter Tierra and then tells her that she has a “sparkle.” I’m going to picture them like Vienna’s parents who are clueless and drove me up a wall! I HOPE that she’s gone for the rest of the season and she doesn’t magically get pulled back in, I’m done with her drama, she’s exhausted me.

I’d rather just watch a fairy tale unfold now please Mr. Bachelor Producer/Creator man!

Final thoughts with the final 4 that we have, I am pleasantly surprised with all 4 of his choices! I KNEW we could have faith in Sean! I dislike Des the most, I think it’s the whole Joey Potter thing for me. I think that Ashlee is going to get her heartbroken and it’s going to be REAL sad. Right now I equally like Catherine and Lindsay! Let’s hope that Sean keeps making good decisions and that he doesn’t get beat up on Lindsay’s hometown or Des’ hometown!


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