Hometowns — Sean edition

I just gotta start out with I LOVE hometowns! Without a doubt one of my favorite things about the season. We finally get to see where these girls (guys during the Bachelorette) are coming from. There are no facades or games that able to be played, these families are sometimes loveable (Cape Cod Chris’s dad!!!!) or quirky (what was it Kirk’s dad the taxidermy guy?). Plus we get glimpses of people in their natural habits doing what they love to do. Kacie B. twirling her baton on the football field, Tenley dancing for Jake and crazy Vienna making out with Jake in her bedroom with her family in the room next door. Expectations are high for Hometowns!

I’m kinda surprised Ashlee was the first one out of the shoot. Thank God she didn’t jump into his arms and forget about the dog! Not really a good thing when the guy says “When she told me she loved me that was a surprise.” ummmmmm yeah not something I’m going to be aiming for.

Who knew that Sean’s dad was a reverend?!? Sean is a smooth talker and is able to handle the compliments Ashlee is throwing at him but is it just me or can you tell he feels slightly uncomfortable. Of course I don’t blame him. How often in a real life relationship do you just look at your significant other and the only things coming out of your mouth are compliments? “Oh you’re so handsome” “Oh you’re so incredible” I’m sorry, but that’s going to be quite the shock when the honeymoon is over there and they have their first fight! Oh this is going to be very sad when it doesn’t work out for her……ugh I’m getting my stomach ache and embarrassed for her. I NEED Ashlee to stop talking, she just needs to make-out with Sean a little bit more because honey you ain’t seeing what I”m seeing on my television! Stop complimenting him, and fist-pumping how excited you are that he’s here! Enjoy that he’s here, but you don’t have to speak all of the thoughts in your head!

Goodness Ashlee’s dad is TALL! He makes Sean look like a midget and makes Ashlee look short, I am not going to be standing next to him anytime soon πŸ™‚ What a beautiful backdrop that they have for eating. If this whole backdrop is their backyard, than dang what a nice place! Deborah (Ashlee’s mom) was not happy with Sean and the “romance” that happened in St. Croix.

Okay we need to stop saying “Protect, love, sheltered about Ashlee’s heart” I’m having flashbacks to Casey, I guess if it doesn’t work out with Sean and her then we can hook her up with Casey and he can “guard and protect” Ashlee’s heart.

Again, probably not the best thing in the world when the guy says “I’m terrified that the dad is going to ask me if I’m in love with his daughter while I’m talking to him about marriage.” Excuse me while I hope that my future fiance will be in love with me and be able to tell my dad that he is BEFORE he asks my dad for permission to marry me. I know it’s just a show, but that one got under my skin!

Dang Ashlee’s dad is making me tear up! Telling the story of how he fell in love with her right away when he saw her. I just wish that Sean would show a little more enthusiasm about the story and about her. I just want to give this girl a hug and I”m desperatly hoping I’m wrong about Sean and Ashlee!

Sean is giggling and giddy when he just sees Catherine. They are just so dang cute and smiley! I also find it funny how he’s in a blazer while catching these fish. Heidi you’re going to be so mad since he said “Is it like catching a football?” (FYI he did catch all the fish and Catherine caught one). I did find it funny that he said he missed her and he felt like they had been boyfriend and girlfriend for awhile. They did seem to be having a normal fun date! I like that she sometimes calls her grandma Graham Cracker as I try to do that to my feisty Grandma as well and she doesn’t like it either πŸ™‚

I do like how Sean now seems like a giant compared to all the small women in Catherine’s family. And I LOVE grandma! “Handsome. I’m going to get him.” You and every other single woman grandma πŸ˜‰ Sean was doing well in a house-full of women! I feel like Catherine has a good head on her shoulders when she was talking with her sisters and explaining how she was going to come on the show to see if there was a connection, but I liked how her ultimate goal at the beginning wasn’t to be engaged, I feel like that was Tierra’s goal, but Catherine was there to meet Sean and see how things went.

I am glad that her sisters were honest and weren’t going to be blindly giving their support. And they were giving him advice on how to handle Catherine. “Call her out on stuff.” I also like how her mom was hesitant and told it like it was and didn’t want to get her hopes or Catherine’s hopes up. I feel like this hometown is a real experience and I’m glad we got to see this and bring some reality into our happy little Bachelor bubble πŸ™‚

Poor Lindsay doesn’t have a hometown. Her hometown is a place she spent 6 months after graduation. Not being an Army brat myself, that makes me sad as Lincoln is very much my hometown and I can’t imagine not having at least one place that you could call “home.” (Oh man Heidi another reference to him going to school in Kansas near Ft. Reilly & he’s wearing Wildcat purple)

Again Sean is winning me over with his politeness and freaking out about what is the proper way to say hi to Lindsay’s dad. She had me cracking up since she didn’t really know what the proper term was and her solution of just calling him “Mark” or just avoiding his name altogether and going with the “HEY” is sooooooooo something I would do. I kinda forget that I’m not as close to people as I sometimes think I am πŸ™‚

He’s all smiley with Lindsay as well except for when he’s freaking out about meeting Lindsay’s dad. I like how he can’t even keep it together when Lindsay is “lecturing” him about going on hometowns and is constantly cracking up. He was a really good sport about putting up with the “drills” she had him doing. Again, let us all THANK GOD that Sean is the Bachelor and not Ben again!!!

LOL I am a huge fan of Lindsay’s mom as she certainly reminded me of my mom. She would attack me at the door and completely not think about the guy in the room. That mom loves her daughter and doesn’t care who knows it. Her mom’s reaction to her wearing a wedding dress was awesome! (And another validation to me that the producers convinced Lindsay to wear the dress, if not then how did her mom not know about it beforehand? This mom and daughter are close and I have a feeling Lindsay would’ve shared the idea with her mom)

The convo with the mom went so well, but you could tell that he was so nervous talking to Lindsay’s dad. I swear you could see him sweating and he kept swallowing! Oh the drama of if he was going to get the blessing or not! That was a good thought that he gave “You have to have the authority to make the decision and it’s just you and the person around you.” Which is good advice, because having to watch this season back you better have a good sold relationship to see your potential fiance making out with how many other girls, and it’s just going to be the 2 of you against the world!

Lindsay said the “I’m falling in love with you” phrase and Sean seemed pretty stoked to hear that. I wonder if it’s going to be as good for Lindsay as it was for Jef when he told Emily that last season?!?

Des is into hiking and outdoors?!? It seems a little too convenient for me, wasn’t she the one freaking out about heights like 2 weeks ago when they were scaling the mountain?!? I don’t know, maybe she is a big outdoorsy type, but I feel like she knows that’s what Sean’s into so that is what she’s trying to get into. OH and of course she’s the one who does the jump up and wrap her legs around him, you knew we couldn’t go thru all the hometowns without that move…..

How is it hiking when she’s lying on her side on a bench? I hope they did more hiking then we saw, because what we saw seemed pretty lame πŸ™‚

Seriously another prank at hometowns?!? Didn’t Des watch last season when Sean tried the prank and it didn’t really work out for him. The guy seemed to be pretty robotic and it seemed rehearsed at least I was hoping it was, or that guy really needed to work on making his heart-felt plea a little more heart-felt! Though I don’t know how much of a prank it would’ve been when he was lying on the floor bleeding because Sean beat him up. That would’ve been entertaining πŸ™‚

OMG, I forgot that Des was the girl at the art-show and that Sean had pranked her on their first date, I guess it was just as cheesy of a comeback as his prank was for her. Good job you silly Bachelor producers for orchestrating that!

I like how sweet Des’ parents are. They are kinda nerdy but very cute! I do like how protective Des’ brother is, just like Catherine’s sisters were when it was the one-on-one convo with Des and her brother. But any affection I had for him in that brief moment is quickly over! Des’ brother and Sean’s convo was VERY intense. You can tell that Sean is getting pissed off and I don’t think he’s going to be able to be a brother-in-law to that guy.

Okay, and I’m sorry, but as they are sitting there I notice it’s a pool! They are sitting outside by Des’ pool!!!!!!!! Again this girl was just telling us 2 weeks ago how she’d lived in a tent off and on, I’m not saying that’s not true and she may have made something of herself as a bridal consultant, but I don’t know if a pool is really necessary.

Oh man, Sean breaks another rule by talking to a girl before handing out the roses! Hello, after Hometown dates, we do not have a cocktail party and we do not talk until we say “Yes I will accept this rose.” Doesn’t Des know that’s how this works?!?

Also, is Lindsay wearing the same dress that Kacie B wore earlier this season?!?

If I were Des and Catherine I would be losing it right now that he just walked out before handing out the last rose! Especially if I were Catherine, I’d be wanting to have a few extra seconds with him and have my talk with him like Des did.

Harrison’s advice really calmed him down I”m sure “My advice is to get it right.” And that is something you’ll never hear Chris Harrison say to the Bachelorette, as she would yell “Really Chris?!? What do you think I’m trying to do?!? I would actually LOVE to make a mistake and send the wrong person home!” Okay….maybe that would only be me who would be yelling that on the inside and in reality I’d just roll my eyes and nod my head.

I did like Des and am glad she made it to the final 4 but am glad that Sean chose Catherine over her. I can’t believe that Des is telling Sean repeatedly that he made a huge mistake. Poor girl was completely taken off-guard as she explained to her family, she thought she had the most solid relationship of the remaining girls, but I don’t know if she really did. I also don’t know if you want to have to beg for the guy to keep you. You deserve to be with someone who wants to be with you Des, don’t settle!

Of the 3 remaining girls, I like Catherine and Lindsay the most and am just afraid that Sean is going to break Ashlee’s heart and it’s going to be heartbreaking!

Tomorrow night the one hour “Sean Tells all” should be VERY interesting!


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