Sean Tells All

When Chris Harrison at the beginning said that it was last week that we sent Des home had me cracking up, was it last week because I could’ve sworn it was just last night! My how time has flown by 🙂

I’m so curious about when this was taped, was it after the whole season had been taped, or was it before the final 3? I know that they are playing that it’s right before the final 3, but I don’t know if I believe it or not. Considering they finished taping before any of the season began to air, they didn’t know for sure that Sean was going to be so popular and have such good ratings. So how could they have known they’d have an hour to give him? We’ve never had a “Bachelor Tell All” that I can remember in recent history, so I may be completely off base on this, but I think this was taped more recently than the final 3 dates. And even more proof is that supposedly it was the night after he let Des go and last time we saw him hugging it out with her on the driveway he seemed conflicted, now all of a sudden he’s not so conflicted? So that means Bachelor producers you CANNOT show me Sean at the beginning of next week’s episode missing Des or saying he may have made the wrong choice!

Surprise surprise Des’ brother ran into trouble when he was younger! Who would’ve thought that?!? Man we missed Sean almost hitting someone twice in Des’ hometown and Sean admitted it! That would’ve been very exciting!!! Des’ brother did do a complete 180 where he loved Sean and then randomly decided to hate him, no wonder Sean was so confused by the turn of events! I do appreciate Sean and he made me literally LOL with “I’m just going to chalk it up to him being a jackass.” Did Sean hear all of our convos today and know that’s what everyone else was saying about him?!?

Could you have imagined the drama that would’ve unfolded had Sean let Des stay and gone in there and taken a rose away from one of the other 3!!!!! No ONE would’ve seen that coming and now I kinda wish that would’ve happened, oh well maybe next season!

Oh man Sarah’s voice is grating on my nerves again! I know she’s a sweet girl and is really nice and great, I just need to learn to tune out her valley girl voice! Watching Sarah break down again still hurt my heart for her! I do just want to give her a hug and have her stop crying! I hope she does find Mr. Right and is happy, maybe it’ll happen before the Women Tell All! If it happened for Tierra, it HAS to be able to happen for Sarah! (BTW him commenting that it broke his heart to watch Sarah’s breakdown is further proof for me that this was taped recently :))

Seeing Selma’s montage I’m reminded yet again of how low-cut her dresses and tops were. Again I have to bring up, how is her mother not going to frown or be disappointed seeing that?!? Lol, the Eskimo kiss and the eyelash kiss were funny and cute!

Question at this point, how many of these girls were going to be THE ONE with Sean after their first date? So far I’ve got a count for Des, Sarah and Selma and those are the only 3 we’ve talked about so far. Is this going to be like last night “I’m crazy about her” and he’s talking about all 4 (at the time)?

It’s a tight race right now between Sean saying girls were THE ONE and Chris Harrison saying every girl is a “Fan Favorite.” Yes Chris, each girl has some fan out there and that girl is that person’s favorite, of course most of those fans are their parents and family and friends. There are a handful of girls that can truly be classified as Fan Favorites, but you can’t name all of them as Fan Favorites!

Seeing Lesley and Sean’s record breaking kiss reminded me how confident Lesley had been at the beginning of the season and made me sad for how she ended up the season. I wonder if Lesley would’ve said “I love you” who would’ve he sent home instead of her?!? Why did Chris not ask that question!!!!

Tierra, Tierra, Tierra…….”One of the most emotional goodbyes” ummmmm one of the most fake emotional goodbyes! They were NOT real tears Chris Harrison, therefore I refuse to think of that as an emotional goodbye 🙂 On the “Women Tell All” do you think Chris can please ask Tierra why she doesn’t cry real tears?!?

Amen Sean!!!!!! Tierra should never have been on this show and she’s not suited for it. That right there is why I respect him more than I have most of our previous Bachelors! He is able to put into words exactly what we’ve been saying for weeks!

And Jackie has been vindicated for Sean saying she should’ve chosen her instead of Tierra! If I’m Jackie I’m doing a happy dance on my couch right now!

I couldn’t tell if Catherine was joking with the “fight” with Tierra that she was going to cry in the bathroom, but in she went and out she came with 3 other girls…and the stigma that all girls go to the bathroom in groups will live another day. Shortest season ever if Sean would’ve quit at Montana, what in the world would we have done for the last 3 weeks? Thank God that Sean powered through Montana to get us to the rest of this journey!

Sean made me literally LOL again when talking to our Fifty Shades of Gray girl Ashley P. from the first night and the fact that she talked to him 3 times that night and kept saying her mom is in love with him and he says “I’m having deja vu right now.” My question is how in the world did this girl get one on one time with him 3 times when there are 25 other girls in the house?!? No wonder the rose ceremony normally goes until 4 in the morning and Sean was handing out roses early on in the night!

How in the world did Catherine fit into the tire and how did her hair not get caught on anything. I understand that it was a pretty smooth surface, but if my hair was down it would’ve found some way to get painfully tangled up somewhere in that wheel and I would’ve been stuck…maybe that’s just curly hair girl problems and Catherine and her straight hair don’t have to worry about that.

I do really like Sean and Chris’ sense of humors and feel like they do a really great job of playing off one another and it’s enjoyable TV!

I don’t think there were any earth-shattering discoveries tonight, but I am excited to see what comes up next week on our overnight dates and see if I can pick a front runner from the remaining 3.




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