Final 3 – Sean’s Season

What an opening shot with Sean standing on the boat. I kinda expected him to throw his arms out and for Kate Winslet to appear and Celine Dion to start signing. Maybe I’m still a lil confused that this is not still the Oscar telecast!

Oh the “pondering” shots of Sean, they are always awkward every season for the Bachelor or Bachelorette, I was just waiting for Sean to burst out laughing, especially when he was lying in the hammock.

Catherine’s flashback does prove that they are big giant nerds together which is probably why I find her endearing. I am a big giant nerd as well. I like how goofy they are and that they can laugh, but they have had meaningful conversations and she’s really opened up to him but hasn’t taken it too serious, but does in my opinion seem to be there for the right reasons.

I forgot how early on that Ashlee told Sean that she was falling for him! This girl went head over heels very quickly. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think the reason their relationship is the strongest,(according to Sean) is because Sean likes being the strong, damsel in distress saving guy and he can be that with Ashlee more than he can with Catherine or Lindsay. I want to reiterate though and I’m sure I’ll say it a 1,000 more times I really do like Ashlee as a person and think she’s amazing for all that she’s gone thru and for her to be as positive as she is, she’s an actual role model to me to be thankful for everything I have.

Now that my girl Lindsay made it to the final 3 and we’re doing the lookback, I’ll admit she’s crazy! I knew she was with the whole wedding dress, but dang she’s loud ๐Ÿ™‚ Which I guess you have to be or you can get kicked off, (ahem poor Jackie!) but Lindsay managed to get him to pay attention to her and decided to show a little more of her maturity to him, though she is still the most immature of the 3 remaining. Oh and Lindsay saying the word “adolescence” a million times in a row, this is me still hitting my head on my couch cushions to make her stop staying that and either use the word “child” or “teenager” or even “tween” would be more acceptable to me!

Could you have imagined Tierra in the little motorcycle/cart thingy? She’d had been so ticked off! Has anyone ever seen painted chicks before?!? I hope the paint doesn’t bother them, they looked so cute! I’d be SO MAD at Sean for making me eat a bug. I wouldn’t be chewing it as much as I’d be swallowing it and drinking all of my drink and there’s no way in the world I’d eat a second one!

I think the best compliment Sean could give is “your the best friend I’ve been looking for.” How many times have we heard him say this season that he’s looking for his best friend, and now he just told Lindsay he found it?!? That’s pretty impressive! How are these monkeys not attacking them? And how does Sean manage to look good in those ridiculous swim-shorts he bought at the market?

Those floats were so pretty! The whole ambiance was amazing! Isn’t it crazy how we start talking about being engaged with 3 girls left? I mean I know he asked for permission on the hometowns, but hearing him and Lindsay talk about it, just put it into perspective for me that we’re at that point in the season. I feel like we were just at the hypothetical someday, and now boom here we are. Lindsay and Sean have the physical chemistry down and are all smiley at one another.

Poor thing when she was trying to tell him that she loved him. He was trying to help her along but gently pushing her “what you thinking?” Maybe he should’ve told her that Ashlee declared her love 5 weeks ago and it’d make it easier for her to say it. But wait, there’s no time because there are now dancers coming to their private dinner. I’m glad she spit it out, and his “I love hearing you saying that” is a pretty positive sign for her.

Sean’s sister’s tweet while him and Lindsay are talking about the fantasy suite made me literally LOL “I’ve spent thousands of nights with Sean…just sayin'” It would be quite weird to have the whole country drooling over your brother.

YES!!!!!! Ashlee and Sean kinda did the Titanic for a brief second on the boat!!! And the island/caves jetting out are kinda like icebergs right?!? Or is that analogy a little too far now?

Okay, I’m sorry but “it’s not very often that Ashlee steps out of her comfort zone.” Sean, I love you buddy, but HELLO!!!! This whole show/journey/quest, whatever the hell you wanna call it is out of her comfort zone and routine. I’d be SCARED out of my freaking mind going through a dark cave. I would want a life jacket, not a little floaty thing! And it’d be hard to trust him, it’s not like he’s ever been in this cave before. Blind leading the blind. I’d be screaming, crying and prolly passed out! I’d also be forcing him to move as fast as he possibly could to get us the hell out of there and would prolly drown the both of us.

YES Sean! “I love feeling like her protector!” I KNOW you do, it’s what I’ve been saying for weeks now! Also is every single thing on this episode “life-changing?” Lindsay had a few life-changers in her date as did Ashlee. I really respect Ashlee and her morals and that she’s not willing to compromise. I did like the real conversation about “why are you still single.” and think that it was a true and real conversation. I do like that Sean is able to try and ease her about the fantasy suite and am glad that they had the convo on camera so you know what happened behind close doors. Way to respect one another!

YES Catherine!!!!!!!!! Way to actually make the Titanic reference and scream out “I’m Queen of the World!” This conversation with Catherine and Sean on the boat may be the most lengthy honest convo that we’ve seen this episode. How does Catherine get snorkeling while Lindsay ate a bug and Ashlee got a cave! Are we going to watch Sean and Catherine get electrocuted? That’d be pretty intense!

I like that Catherine talked about how she was traditional and how weird it is to make the move and how much pressure it puts on the girls to be the ones who put it all out there while Sean can’t say anything back. Way to all be dignified ladies and not make me have to feel embarrassed! I’m excited that we have Sean and these 3 girls that all seem to have morals, which let’s be honest is not always the most common thing on this show ๐Ÿ™‚

Well that Oz preview was lame, I thought Chris Harrison was going to give us some scoop when they went to him in LA (remember Jake and Vienna “stop interrupting me!!!!”) Oh well, thank God for DVR, as I just went across that preview.

Another little known (depending on how well you know me) fact about me and another one of my thousand fears, “The Wizard of Oz.” I cannot stand that movie, never have liked it, never will like it. Hate the witch, hate the munchkins, am terrified of the flying monkeys (THEY ARE NOT NATURAL!!!) and yeah…anytime it’s on I switch the channel. And yes I did go to college in Kansas. I will never show that movie to my children, if someone else wants to let them watch it, that’s fine it won’t be me. Memo to self keep night-light on tonight while going to bed…….

And back to the Bachelor, there’s Sean grooming himself, shockingly enough and he doesn’t have a shirt on! I forgot that Emily sent Sean home 3rd and he was blindsided! This poor girl is going to be completely blindsided by this. I don’t think any of the 3 girls left would expect to go home.

How come Ashlee’s video message she’s not in her rose ceremony dress like Catherine and Lindsay were? You can tell from him watching her video and how much it affected him that she was the one going home. My chanting and praying to avoid the rose ceremony and for him to let her down privately did not happen and I’m very sad about that. I’m impressed she didn’t start crying right away, but where the hell was Chris Harrison to tell her to say her goodbyes?!? And why are Catherine and Lindsay all ticked that she didn’t say goodbye, I’m sorry but I actually have to go with Ashlee on this, if Chris Harrison is not showing up, I’m booking it to the car and getting away before the waterworks start. I don’t need to waste precious time saying goodbye to you as you gloat behind my back about having a rose.

To be honest with you, I’m glad that she was pissed and stayed that way with him and didn’t start crying in-front of him. I know he had to let someone down, but good for her to keep it together. We all know she’s heart-broken but she kept it together and kept some of her dignity by not bawling in-front of him and begging him to keep her. (ahem Des)

He was in a lose lose situation and I hope the best for Ashlee and hope she finds a good guy. I want her to find someone before she could become the next Bachelorette because I don’t want her to go through the roller-coaster ride that it is. Heck Arie and Jef keep tweeting about their love for her, so she can go to one of cast meet-ups and see them there and she could be good to go ๐Ÿ˜‰

I think with Lindsay and Catherine left, Catherine is my favorite. She really did win me over this episode with her actually opening up and showing her goofy side but also her serious side. I do wonder what made Sean keep Lindsay & Catherine over Ashlee. I CANNOT wait until the Women Tell All next week, that should bring so much drama!!!!!


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