Women Tell All

For the Bachelor Viewing Party, didn’t you like how well dressed everyone was?!? Is it just us Nebraskans who wear sweatpants and sweatshirts when watching the Bachelor? Or is that just me? I’m thinking it wasn’t so much of a surprise. The sorority house was surprised and dressed normally! Why did they have a party bus if no one ever got on the bus but Sean and Chris? Do you think we should all get together for a Bachelorette viewing party, I’m sure the bus would surely come to Lincoln!

With the introduction of the girls I don’t even remember half of them! I wonder how the decide who is going to sit in what row. Wow, Ashlee’s editing snipit at the beginning where the girls are talking about how was edited to make her look bad. I don’t know if I’ve heard quite a few of those quotes before!

I was love Lesley! She’s watched the show since the beginning, she talked about Tierra’s sparkle being dim and had awesome facial expressions šŸ™‚

What’s going on with that girl Brooke? She got kicked off what the second episode and is now trying to audition with this episode to get on Bachelor Pad.

How come Tierra gets the special treatment of being able to be behind the scenes and doesn’t have to sit up on stage with the rest of the girls? I’m sure that was some sort of agreement she had to actually show up for the taping and do it.

I’m sorry but Tierra’s opening statement of “I light up a room when I enter it….unless people judge me…” Sweetheart, you went on a dating show on NATIONAL TELEVISION what do you expect?!?! Chris Harrison is such an awesome host and I love how he is calling her out on her stuff. She was here to compete. LOL, love Sean’s sister’s (MixandMatchMama) tweet that showed up on the screen “Oh no #Tierra! You’re making it so much worse. And it’s only been 20 seconds! #Bachelor”

I love that Chris is trying to give her an out to not be a villain and she just basically spit in his and their faces by saying no mistakes and she doesn’t want to make any apologies. When was she ever friendly? I’d love to see that clip of her being friendly and the girls rejecting her.

Selma is the voice of reason in this whole Tierra/Ashlee feud and I feel like is being genuine and giving helpful advice to Tierra! Tierra is the most confusing person in the world. She’s trying to spin her words to make her look good but she’s just confusing herself and making herself look even worse. And Lesley shows why I love her again by being honest and humorous “Tierra made her own bed or cot.” And now she’s bringing out the Courtney excuse of “I didn’t know how to handle it and I handled it wrong.” ugh big sigh! Why did she have no comment for when she got engaged?!? Then she said she got engaged in January and she would’ve gone home what in October? That is a quick turnaround, what’s the hurry? Good luck to you buddy, you got quite a handful!

I do not want to watch the awkward goodbye with Sarah again, it makes me sad all over again for her. I cannot imagine watching myself cry and watch my heart be broken on tape and have a camera on my facial expression. I’m glad that Sean did let her go as early as he did, imagine if she would’ve made it further along how heartbroken she would’ve been! I’m glad that it seems that she’s grown and really learned something from this whole experience.

I got to admit, I wasn’t a huge fan of Des’ dress. With her bangs grown out she doesn’t look as much like Katie Holmes as she did throughout the rest of the season (at least to me.) Though once she smiles I see Joey Potter šŸ™‚ Sean’s tweet “I miss Des’ brother” did make me literally LOL when it came up on screen. I’m impressed that she stood up for her brother and wasn’t frustrated, but at the same time I’m glad that she still isn’t mad and holding onto this grudge because it has been months since this whole ordeal and let’s be honest her relationship with Sean was what only 3 or 4 weeks long, so it’s a good thing she’s moving on from it and has learned things! (Notice the trend so far with everyone except Tierra!) Her saying that’s very open to falling in love, is that foreshadowing for her being the new Bachelorette, I know they are announcing the new Bachelorette after next weeks finale, but I have heard no rumors of who it is?!?

Wow, again we have someone learn something by being on this show and grow from the experience! When Chris asked Ashlee if she was still in love with Sean and she said no and that she reeled in her feelings for him and that she realized he didn’t want her and needed to move on. Like we’ve said countless times, it’d be awkward to have to watch the episodes back and as the Bachelor you’d have some explaining to do, but it may be very therapeutic for someone with a broken heart to watch and see just how “head over heels” he was with the other “women.” Since now Ashlee & Des have admitted that they thought they had something unique with Sean that the other girls didn’t, but once they watched it they realized they weren’t alone.

Isn’t it going to be more awkward to have her closer to Sean than further apart?!? Good one Chris, way to give us better television! I do think that Ashlee and Sean’s relationship was more serious than the other 2 women. I’m glad she said that she didn’t want to go through a rose ceremony because that’s what I screamed last week during the rose ceremony! This is quite the showdown and I don’t really know who to believe with this whole “I don’t care for the other women” I mean obviously there were no cameras in the overnight so we don’t know for sure what happened, and Sean isn’t going to say “I did say that” when we all have a finale to watch next week and he’s probably engaged to one of the women right now. However, is Ashlee crazy?!? (Heidi were we correct in our prediction all those weeks ago :)) He did look guilty though and like his hand was caught in the cookie jar. He’s a nice guy and may have said something “reassuring” to her in the fantasy suite.

Lol way to call out the smileyness going on between Des and Sean, Chris Harrison! They did look like teenagers with the smiles being exchanged. The bloopers are worth a watch and they made me giggle šŸ™‚ I got to say he must be a well respected Bachelor for the other women to be all smiley when he talked about his great experience, most of the time they are shooting the Bachelor daggers.

Oh man, next week we got 3 hours of viewing! 2 hour finale and then the After the Final Rose! Rest up, it’s going to be a big week next Monday!




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