The Bachelor Finale- Sean

I’ve got to say as I was driving home to watch the Bachelor on the radio came “Sister Christian” and I knew it was a good sign for the evening to come. For those of you who are not Bachelor Pad viewers, our contestants sang this song last season, and by sing I mean butchered 🙂

Sean’s niece and nephew are freaking adorable! I love that the nephew said “Emily didn’t pick you!” Way to rub salt in that wound one more time buddy! And how cute is Sean’s dad!!!! He’s gotten up there with Cape Cod Chris’ dad for me! How much did it mean for Catherine who doesn’t have a good relationship with her dad to say he’ll be her dad if she marries Sean? Hmmm Sean shares notes with Catherine?!? Did we ever see him hand her a note, because I do not remember seeing him give her one. That’s really cute! I’d say that Catherine meeting Sean’s family went much better than when he met her family, of course it’s probably a good thing they’ll be living in Dallas and not Seattle, so he won’t have to worry about being close to her mom and sisters.

I want to know what Lindsay’s gifts were that she brought the family, I’m assuming they were for the kids, since they were wrapped in what appeared to be kids paper. And I love that Sean’s family called her out on wearing the wedding dress and were able to laugh about it and it didn’t have to be this big dramatic thing and she admitted it was a lot of champagne and I’m still saying a  producer! So if I ever talked to Sean’s dad, he would call me “Lind-SAY” good to know 🙂

Awww how cute are his parents?!? They’ve been praying ever since he was born for his wife! It’s official I’m in love with Jay! I would be bawling too if I talked to him and then would be cracking up, I think Lindsay and Jay could be best friends!

I would say that Lindsay actually made a better impression on the family than Catherine, but I think it’s because she was a little more open than Catherine was. Though it was more of a photo finish rather than Des’ hometown vs Lindsay’s hometown 🙂

When his mom keeps saying that she doesn’t want him to propose if he’s not ready, he does seem a little pressured into it. I wonder what was in his contract and if they do make them propose? What in the world is with Sean going barefoot during this whole part of the episode?!? His mom does love him so much and again is the voice of reason!!!

Please tell me our next Bachelor won’t wear tank-tops unless the Bachelor has as many muscles as Sean. Could you imagine Ben or Jake in the tank-top…shudder!

I feel like the raft that Lindsay and Sean were on could sink, it doesn’t look like the most sturdy thing in the world, but there they are floating down the river, drinking champagne, making out, I guess it’s more sturdy than I’d think. I am impressed he’s able to remember specific parts of Lindsay’s date since he has gone on how many dates?!? I wish she’d stop talking in her whining voice and throwing her head back on the couch.

Lindsay looked really cute in the red dress, but how weird was it for her to be all dressed up and him in a v-neck t-shirt and jeans? Okay him telling Lindsay to not be nervous I feel like he could’ve told Ashlee that he didn’t care about the other 2 girls. I feel like he is kinda leading a girl on and it makes me sad. I love the lanterns!!!!!

Oh man Catherine and Sean are matching in purple. Wow, she is really excited to be riding an elephant, I would not be excited. I never had a desire to ride an elephant at the circus, let alone in the wild and down a hill! There are no seatbelts and I’m too clumsy!

Okay, I’m sorry but them riding the elephants is a little too much for me on the last date. Yes Lindsay and Sean being rowed down the river on the raft probably wouldn’t happen in real life, but chances are you can go down the river whether it be by canoe, raft, tube, tank, you can have a date in a river. However, you will not be seeing elephants in Dallas! Engagement parties?!? How many parties is she going to have to celebrate being engaged?

Catherine def. has some mood lighting working in her room for part 2 of their date. It’s actually kinda hard to see them! Catherine is much more articulate than Lindsay and able to express herself and her thoughts better. She isn’t able to make eye contact with him though, which is crazy! I’m glad that Catherine was able to get it out that she loves him, there’s no way that she could say yes to a proposal without saying that she loves him. And the heartbeat noise was that actually be picked up from the mics or did the producers put that in there? How did they find one another when she was crying and he came back? She didn’t do his move of screaming his name in the empty hotel!

I’m sorry, but I’m not going to be okay getting engaged to a guy who woke up the morning of our engagement and had finally made a decision between me and another girl. I would so not be happy watching this back with him and having him talk about how he’s in love with both of us! How do those feelings just get turned off?

Neil Lane has the best job in the world because he gets to follow the Bachelor franchise around the world to show up and help them choose a ring and then enjoy a vacation! I don’t know how the rings always surprise me with all the bling and how fancy it is, but I can’t look away from the sparkle!

Wow, gold and silver for the dresses for the remaining girls! I like Lindsay’s dress more than Catherine’s. This seems to be way different from dresses we’ve seen in the past final rose ceremonies, or maybe my faulty memory is wrong.

Wow bringing back 4 girls from the Season for the Live After the Final Rose snapit right before the proposal goes down! I’m kinda shocked. I’m glad to see Lesley again! Of course the producers love Sarah so that makes sense as does Ashlee with the drama factor. I’m glad that Ashlee seems to have more maturity then last week on the Women Tell All.  But why oh why is Jackie here and why is she the last one to talk? Her big claim to fame is she went home on the 2 on 1 date with Tierra! The whole Jackie thing really confused me and I’m really thrown right now and not in the right mindset to watch some girl get her heart broken.

Ugh, how does Chris Harrison handle seeing them come out of the car and knowing what is coming and not giving anything away! I always HATE seeing the runner-up come out of the car, it’s so sad and so awkward and my stomach is in knots for them. Lindsay has no idea that it’s not a proposal and it’s a breakup. You can see in her face that she thinks he’s proposing. He is being way too kind right now and it’s driving me crazy! Pull off the bandaid! He finally gets to the “but” and not a moment too soon.  She’s being very gracious in this whole thing and letting him say his piece, she just gradually stopped holding hands with him and kept nodding. WHY THE HELL is he telling her he loves her?!??!?!? SHUT UP SEAN! SHUT UP SEAN! You’re not making it any easier on Lindsay right now and you aren’t making it any easier on future Sean with Catherine!!! WOW all of you Lindsay haters, better be respecting her right now. This is the most heartbreaking goodbye of the season, sorry Ashlee and Des, no comparison! She handled herself in a way I could only hope to, by saying that she’s happy for him and she actually sounded genuine about it and not bitter. I did like that she kicked off her heels right away and walked away barefoot, she’s going thru enough pain doesn’t need the shoes to add to it. (I wrote this before Chris made a point to bring it up a couple times in the ATFR special :))

Okay, I know this going back to the same thing I said earlier but I don’t want my fiance to be bawling like a baby 10 minutes before he proposes to me because he broke up with another girl that he said he loves and he doesn’t know why it isn’t her but it’s me. I feel like Lindsay really did get led on! He made it seem like she had it in the bag. But wow again she says in the middle of her breakdown that she’s happy for them. You better watch out Sean b/c her military dad is coming for you!

All of Catherine’s notes all season led to the last final letter. I knew it wasn’t going to be the scary letter they were making it out to be! You can tell that Catherine is trying to not get too excited, and it was so cute to see her take her big deep breath before he told her he loved her. Her reaction to the engagement was also precious including the shaking hand as he put the ring on her finger. She is so excited and happy and you can tell he is too. That’s impressive that she was able to get on the elephant in a cocktail dress.

You can tell that Sean does light up when talking about Catherine. How do they hide that during the show so we don’t know who he’s going to choose, but now we see him light up like a Christmas tree?

Poor Lindsay, I wish that he could give her a reason to help her broken heart. She is such a classy lady! I hope that everyone who will be on the show in the future is watching this and can learn from her! She is taking the high road for sure! I’m glad that they keep talking about praying, faith and God’s plan.

I’m kinda mad at myself because I’m thinking these two crazy kids may be able to make it! Sean is totally smitten with Catherine and she seems to be with him. I’m hoping they could be our 4th happy couple…….

I love watching the couple watch the proposal. They officially are two of the cutest people. I like how emotional he is about seeing the proposal. I’m not shocked they are getting married on ABC with ABC footing the bill, heck yes I’d get married on TV 🙂 I do feel like they are sincere and will get married and will be happy.

Not a huge shocker that the Bachelorette is Des. I think Des needs her bangs back, they made her look younger. Her journey should be an interesting one, will her brother get mentioned or not?!?!? I like at the end when they were awkwardly shaking hands with random audience members who “rushed” the stage and Chris says “We’ve never had a Bachelorette that’s taller than me.” I wonder if Chris will be wearing lifts in his shoes?!?

Well here is to Des’ journey on the Bachelorette or Sean & Catherine’s wedding! Whichever one comes first!





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