Bachelorette: Des Meets her 25 guys, hashtag #Bachelorette’sBack

I want to start off by saying that I’m sorry I’m a day late in this post! I have not gotten in my Bachelor/ette routine yet, but hopefully I will soon 🙂

Summer has officially began if Chris Harrison is back on our screens! I will be interested in Des’ journey. I liked her on Sean’s season, just not as much as some of the other girls, but I am willing to keep an open mind for her “ride.” I will admit that I thought I would like her better with bangs, but honestly I’m glad she got rid of them because now she doesn’t look as much like Katie Holmes as she used to and watching her for 2 hrs every week looking like Katie Holmes would drive me bananas!

I am sad to say that I did not sit down and look at the pictures beforehand and rank her guys and determine who I thought she’d pick and who I thought would be going home right away before I watched any footage. I will make my choices at the end of this post after the first episode has been watched.

I also feel like I should put a disclaimer that I stay clear from all spoilers and I promise I am really a nice person.What I may or may not think/yell at my tv when watching this show is not something I would do in real life if I ran into these people on the street. I take the term “reality” television very loosely and know that producers are putting on a dramedy for me and I love them for it!

I will point out choices I wish they would’ve made, or thoughts I had while they made questionable choices. I do not expect you to share all of my thoughts or for you to like the same guys I like. That’s the beauty of this show, who Des picks will most likely NOT be who I would pick in her shoes. We would not make 100% the same choices throughout the season and I will get mad at her occasionally for that. Doesn’t she know that she should listen to me and I’ll steer her correctly!?!

Okay, enough of the formalities, let’s get into the show! I feel like Des deserves to live in this house and will appreciate it more than most of our Bachelorettes (ehem Emily Maynard, I’m looking at you!) Did we know that Des liked to draw during Sean’s season? If so I did not remember that.Was she the one who worked in the bridal boutique? And if so even if she didn’t imagine her wedding growing up, I bet she has every detail planned now!

The opening montages of them doing “normal” activities alone are so AWKWARD! You know what they need to do at the end of the season is have the exact same montage but with her and the guy she chooses! How many Cinderella references will we have and will she have a glass slipper and gown at the end of the rose ceremony? And will Chris Harrison actually be the final one and be Des last man standing? That would truly be the most dramatic finale ever!

FINALLY 40 minutes into the show we’re going to the awkward introductions outside the limo. These make me cringe, blush, hide and laugh all at the same time. I also thank God that I’m not in their shoes! Des’ time is now!!!!

Thoughts on guys:

Bryden (military guy from Montana): this guy is going to get his heart broken yet again. He’s too sweet to be on this show! Could see some Trista’s Ryan characteristics in him initially. I really liked Bryden and think they made a connection. I hope he stays as genuine as he is appearing to or that will really disappoint me! He got a rose!!!

Will the banker from Chicago seems like an odd duck. He also looks older than 28! He is already getting on my nerves and has been on my screen for 30 seconds. He’s going to stick around because I don’t like him. He became slightly less annoying when paired with Fantasy Suite Jonathan and shirtless Zak but I’m still not a huge fan, and wasn’t surprised at all when he got the rose.

Drew: Is it just me or does he look like a mini-Jake Pavelka? At least he’s not a pilot! I think he’s cuter than Jake. I hope I can like him, please don’t yell at Des and be weird like Jake! Drew is the first one out of the limo! He’s so stinking adorable and got the “umm hmmm” (as in that was a great bite of chocolate cake!) as he was walking into the house! When Drew and her are talking they are so giggly and cute. I feel like they are cute high schoolers or something. So glad that Drew got a rose!

Nick: seems very smarmy! Is he attempting to be Barney Stinson with magic tricks and suits?!? No rose!

Zack: knows he’s attractive and is putting on a show for the cameras. And Zak is proving my earlier point by introducing himself to Des shirtless! He does have nice abs, but he won’t always have those abs! When he’s 90 years old, what will he have? He wants a target on his back! I’m shocked the guys aren’t giving him more grief. He must be a good guy at least to them, since he is around people most of the evening. Poor Zak wasted his time in talking to her by jumping in the pool. Wasn’t shocking when he was offered a rose. He better not make it much further! I think he made it clear that he isn’t really there for her, he’s there to show off.

Robert: The man behind the sign. At first I thought he was a 30 year old who stood on the side of the road holding a sign. But then I realized he INVENTED the idea. He seems cooler now 🙂 Oh man, a skateboard, is he trying to be Jef? If so he better grow his hair out a little bit more! I’m not going to lie, I kinda lost sight of him after his intro video, he didn’t really stick out to me at the cocktail party.

Mike: POOR kid who’s getting their braces checked on national tv! At least he’s attractive, but I would not have liked that! Lol, has a good sense of humor with realizing that he was born in London and would be 30% more attractive with his British accent. Oh Mike, it wouldn’t be fair to the other guys if you had the brains, personality, looks AND an accent! Comes out in a lab coat and says to call him Dr. McDreamy. I certainly would, but I think in a surprising turn he actually didn’t get a rose!

Brandon: wakeboarder with tough childhood. At first he put me off, but I may be warming up to him more. Brandon is also trying to pull a Lynsey from Ben’s season/Jef with his entrance on the motorcycle. I liked the story of him flipping the coin and having her hold onto it between now and hometowns. The trick will be for her to not lose it! He got over the first hurdle by getting the rose!

******STUPID Weather cut-in….I missed some of the intros, as in from Drew to Will, so I apologize and am quite angry…..grrrrrrrr……..*******

Mikey, Mikey, Mikey!!!! Stop talking!!!!!!!! First of all you’re 30 years old and still calling yourself Mikey. Second of all, don’t you know the cardinal rule of bringing up families? I can talk about my family, but I don’t want you talking about my family, especially as an opening line. Des is trying to forget her brother blew her chances with Sean not keep reliving it!

Is Jonathan already drunk? I liked the idea of the note, but not so much the fantasy suite and then he couldn’t believe she’d turn him down? Come on Jonathan! I LOVE how she is talking back to him saying that she’s not going to the fantasy suite with him and will sit outside with him and isn’t trying to be polite with him. She’s telling it like it is! If she thought she was in love with Sean, probably not a good thing to say you’re completely different than him. I can’t imagine too many people were surprised when she threw him out early, but I’m very glad that he did. And I hope his mom who says he’s attractive smacks him upside the head when he comes home. He reminds me of trying to fill the Kalon personality but he didn’t play it well enough to get to the first rose ceremony!

I had originally thought that the train on the dress was quite long and was going to be difficult to maneuver around in. Poor Larry had to prove me right. Poor guy looks like I’d imagine a Larry to look like and then he’s trying to act all dapper by dancing with her but almost slits her dress. She is not amused, get back in the limo now Larry! Save yourself some time! Why does Larry keep putting his glasses on and taking them off while talking to her? He’s creepy! Her nervous laughter is quite a sign, Larry!

Knight and shining armor Diogo is new! If only Kasey were around to guard and protect Des’ heart, I have a feeling him and Diogo would get along wonderfully! Most of the time these gimmicky outfits work out, but it didn’t for Diogo, no rose!

Chris the mortgage broker! Pulled a Jim Halpert fake proposal. I’m a fan, as it appears Des is too. She is giggling like crazy and it seems like she had the spark in her eye from when he first got out of the limo. He got the second to last rose, whew!

Nick actually did a decent poem and it got him a rose!

Dan had a very nice smile and didn’t do anything silly. It seems like Des is smitten by him as well. She told him he’s handsome and lingered on watching him walk into the mansion. One of the last ones to get a rose, and I was thankful he got one!

I like that Ben brought out his son Brody and he was able to hand her the flower. He was freaking adorable! He was the perfect end to meeting the guys. Just think Brody could be the Bachelor 20 years from now! Best friends with his son’s mother? I’m confused about this and want to know more about the history with that relationship. How do we know she’s not going to come back in the picture? First impression rose! I hope that Ben is not playing Des, I feel like that’s what they are hinting at. I have a feeling Ben is going to go really far, or will get cut soon. Most of the time parents don’t make it really far unless there is a definite connection.

How many dark haired guys are there?!? Do we really have any blonds in the group?

What’s with the guy that keeps saying “hashtag?”

Ugh, Mikey got the last rose?!?! I knew Larry wouldn’t, Diogo or the magician, but am kinda suprised that our McDreamy dentist student didn’t make it or at least goofy Micah who made an ugly suit to impress her.

Early favorites for the season are: Brandon, Drew, Bryden

Second tier favorites: Dan, Ben & Chris

Guys I want her to get rid of: Zak, Will, Mikey and guy who keeps saying “hashtag”

I’m excited for the drama that this season will inevitably bring & look forward to Des’ journey!

Here’s to the most dramatic season yet!



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