Des’ second episode: “Right reasons, right reasons…”

I hope you all enjoyed the second episode as much as I did! I feel like Des is still trying to figure her way around and to be honest so am I! I don’t feel like I have as good of group on our guys as I normally do, but hopefully that will change soon, or better yet, hopefully Des has a better read on them then I do, since that matters more!

Okay so Brooks didn’t really leave much of an impression on me the first night, but normally that’s a good thing to lay low under the radar at the beginning of the season (ahem Catherine J) Like Ben so eloquently put it, he’s so “Jen-u-whine” or genuine is how normal people say it. Unless you’re talking of the rapper from the 90s.

I’m glad that Brooks didn’t go away running in the other direction, fake wedding dress shopping! So she’s pulling a Lindsay, and when my girl Lindsay did it everyone thought she was crazy, but since the guy and girl both dressed up, it’s a cute date?!? Just pointing out the double standard! Though Ashley and JP did this exact part of the date and it worked out very well for them, so who knows, if it works out for Brooks & Des, this will be a date we see every season!

Speaking of dates we’ve seen before , was it Bachelor Pad or Bachelor/ette where they did a similar date with the Hollywood sign? I wanna say it was Bachelorette and it was Ali but I could be lying!

I feel like they are going to fall off the side of this hill off the Hollywood sign. I like Brooks, I just don’t know if I see a huge spark between them, which may be okay that it won’t be only a physical connection and I guess it was the first kiss, so maybe I’m being too critical.

I do like Brooks and like that he was soaking everything in and realizing that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I also enjoyed how he said he’s a nervous smiler/laugher, I can 100% relate and was glad that he told her about it and said for her to just keep an eye out and she will be able to tell when it’s genuine.

I do have to admit that his dancing made me laugh, because he’s a dorky dancer and it is a hard song to dance to. Though I’m a big Andy Grammer fan and this was actually my ringtone for awhile, it’s not really a fast song or a slow song, so it makes an awkward dancer even more awkward. Right now I like Brooks, but am not a total Team Brooks girl yet. I’ll be routing for him to go far in the competition though, I see him being like our Lesley, the girl we loved but was just in the friend-zone.

Seriously, got a guy complaining after the first one-on-one date that he hasn’t received a date card yet. Well no joke, Brooks is the only one that has. Patience e is a virtue Chris, Mortgage Banker, aka Jim Halpert wanna be!

OMG the group date!!!! I do have to say that I’m glad that Kasey has stopped talking in hashtags, Zak has a shirt on and Will has stopped high-fiving everyone he sees. Question are James & Mikey the same guy?!? They look identical to me and act very similar, hopefully they won’t make it too long or I won’t be able to keep them straight!

Okay, I’m really hoping that the producers told these guys the names of some of the past Bachelors, or I may be a little concerned. I did find it funny how they made fun of them and saw that Jason Mesnick did tweet about it and said he thought it was really funny. This rapping is painful, but better them than me!

Poor Brandon not having any pants and then having to do his rap and dance move over again, he gave it a good effort but you could tell he wasn’t quite in his element. I do think he’s really cute and I am Team Brandon right now. I’m also glad that he tried to not focus on the rose and the competition about it. And of course he had to be the one that saw Des & Ben kiss. I wonder if the producers sent him out there, or if he was just trying to get some fresh air. I wanted to give him a hug after that! Then we hear his family story about his dad leaving them, his mom being a drug addict and him taking care of his siblings and I want to hug him even more. I enjoyed his interview “I didn’t expect to fall in like so soon.” I want him to be normal so much. I really want to like him and not have him be crazy! Please don’t let him be crazy!!!!

I don’t remember Michael at all, other than being the whitest guy there and played Jason Mesnick. He promises Des that he will essentially guard and protect her heart and he’s diabetic and ticked that Ben stole her from him! Oh Michael, you’re never supposed to get in the middle of drama that never ends well! Especially if the Bachelor/ette has already decided they like the person starting the drama, it’s gonna backfire, not this week since he got a rose, but maybe later on!

I like that Zak is showing a serious side by giving her the journal and kept his shirt on. I do think he’s a good guy, but I just don’t know how much longer he’ll make it.

Ben does seem a little slimy and not as genuine as I would help. I’m still so confused about his relationship with Brody’s mom and hope he won’t hurt Des. I feel like Des has to have questions about this relationship as well, but is it appropriate to ask the hard-hitting question basically during your 2nd conversation you’ve ever had with a guy, while you’re on a date with 13 other guys and could be interrupted at any moment. Hopefully she’ll be willing to dig a little deeper on their one on one dates.

What bothered me is he asked if he could kiss her, but didn’t wait for her response before he went in for the kill. Not saying she wouldn’t let him kiss her, but it still bugged me.

I have no reason to not like Ben, but he is giving me a weird feeling.  “Not only do I see that she has feelings for me but everyone else does.” UGH!!!!!!! Ben, you shouldn’t be so focused on other people! Come on now!

Wow, he’s a little cocky too when he comes and steals her away to say that he’s letting her have conversation with someone who is the right person and saving her from having conversations with the wrong people.  She didn’t necessarily seem that excited that she was stolen, and I think she only starts giggling when talking about kissing because she doesn’t know how to bring up she’s kissed 2 other guys besides him!

Hmmmmm he has a bar and talks about it a lot? But doesn’t bring up his son unless Des is around, interesting!

I like how smiley Drew and Des seemed to be. We didn’t see their convo, but it looks like they are still adorable.

I like that the road trip with Des & Bryden is actually a date that could happen! There would probably be more people around then just the 2 of them at the beach and picking oranges, but still it’s something a normal couple could do!

Oh my gosh, Bryden’s car accident story is incredible! The fact that he made it out of a car that was on fire and all the injuries are incredible! Bryden has such a good heart! Which begs me to ask the question, why in the world is he on this show?

Bryden also gets the first hot tub of the season! LOL, I love how he kept making awkward small talk and looking around, like he’s expecting the cameras to disappear or something and finally Des just says it like it is “Just kiss me already!!!” You knew he wanted to, but was scared, so good for her to say something! I gotta be honest I feel like there was more chemistry in that kiss then there was with Ben or Brooks. (WHY DO ALL THEIR NAMES START WITH THE LETTER B!?!?!?!)

We need to get Des a normal dress that doesn’t have a huge train and isn’t really sparkly. How about a normal dress? Here’s hoping for next week’s cocktail party we have something a little more sensible!

Okay, I can tell you after sitting through the rose ceremony I am more Team Drew & Brandon then I realized, as I was yelling out their names with each rose she handed out and was sweating right alongside Brandon when he received the last rose!

I saw that Des had tweeted that her friend actually used to date Robert, twirly sign inventor, so that’s why she didn’t choose him, which has to be awkward for both of them! Is Nick the guy who did poetry the first night, I don’t remember him at all, so good luck to you Nick! Keep high fiving the world Will, or at least everyone in Chicago!

Oh man the previews for next week look AWESOME! I’m wondering who it is that has the girlfriend. Is it going to be someone like Ben, or will it be a “nobody” that we aren’t attached to yet? I saw Bryden and Brandon for sure watching the drama so I don’t think it’s them, but you never know what editing tricks the producers could do! Oh man, I can’t wait until next week!

As of right now I’m still team Brandon, Drew and Bryden!OH and this is old news but since we have not talked about it yet (, organized Ashlee Frazier from Sean’s season is now dating Brad Womack?!?! In a weird way it makes complete sense but at the same time it makes zero sense. Good for them and I wish those crazy kids good luck!

Alright, until next week!



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