Des’ Season Episode 3

30 seconds into the show and we already hear the infamous “I have a Target on my back” from Ben. Now I’m sorry, but I’ve seen too many episodes and seasons to know that the only way (especially this early in the season) that you get a target on your back is by putting it on there yourself! While Ben may think he’s the only one who’s kissed Des, we know that Bryden and Brooks both have, but they’ve been smart and flying under the radar in the house, Ben could be smart and take a lesson!

I feel like it’s been quite awhile since we started the episode on a group date and not a one-on-one episode! This is odd to jump right into it.

Why have the group dates lately been flashbacks to grade school nightmares for me? The roller-skating with Sean’s season and dodge-ball with the guys?!? Playing dodge-ball against one another would be terrifying enough, let alone against the National Dodge-ball league! I would be bawling my eyes out, and curled in the fetal position, even if I was just Des watching!

“Randomly” drawn the teams, sure Chris, sure you have 🙂 Brooks hair in the little ponytail is kinda a turn-off for me, I’m not gonna lie. I’ll get it passed it I’m sure, but for right now, it’s throwing me! Whats with the slow motion view of the teams as they are revealed in their costumes? How did they get all those people to come and cheer for them?

(Kathy, you should be thrilled that Michael seems to be getting all of these “talking heads” at the beginning of this episode. It seems like every time they show someone talking, it’s him!) What’s going on with Michael’s eye? Does he have a black eye or something?

I’m glad that Drew was the one who won the first game and that Brandon was the one who won the second game! Poor Brooks, maybe his hair in the ponytail is his Sampson type hairstyle where he needed it to stay in the game and once he took it off he got injured! Poor guy had to be in the hospital in his little dodge-ball outfit, poor poor Brooks! With him coming back, I feel like he’s all doped up on drugs, which is probably good to come in and no walls would be up!

Woah, Brad has a haunting past? WHO IS BRAD?!? Ohhh he has a 3 year old son,Maddox, who didn’t sell his son for publicity sake, I can handle that haunting past! I like Brad!

How did Chris “just find” the rooftop?!?! I’m wondering if he’s pulling a Catherine by taking Des outside and away from the competition and making a connection? Chris/Jim Halpert wanna be looked like “oh crap” when Brooks showed up, but he ended up being able to pull it off and got the rose! I want to hear this girl sing the song “What if God were one of us” I feel like they have similar voices.

Why is Brandon the creeper who’s always looking at her over the balcony?!? I want to like you, but you’re making it hard to stick up for you and not consider you the freak Brandon! Brandon please stop crying…..I know you need a hug, but you gotta man up as well!

Des’ “pants” or leggings in the scene with Brian and his girlfriend are just wrong!!!! You can tell that he’s really playing the game and trying to back-pedal and do the best he can to stay in the game. Brian do not mess with Chris Harrison! He will come back and hurt you, he’s not afraid!

Awww Drew is so cute “You certainly don’t go on a dating show having a girlfriend, he’s in a lot of trouble!” He just sounded like a little kid, he’s in trouble! WOAH, there’s a Donovan!!!! A son got thrown into the mix, just hers but not his, but Brian is a role model to Donovan! So somehow him being on this show is going to embarrass their friends and family, but her coming on and airing all of their dirty laundry is okay?!? And I like how randomly he says “You threw rocks at my face.” and her rebuttal “I did throw rocks at your face.” Oh okay…and now we’re talking about how we cheated on one another. Wow, you could tell Chris Harrison was pissed when he asked Des if there was any chance she could feel something for Brian and if she would’ve said yes I think he would’ve slapped some sense into her. I will say that this was quite intense and I kept randomly waiting for them to say that it was a prank or something like that. Brian and his girl need to go to some counseling or stay the hell away from one another!

Poor hash-tag Kasey! Not the way you want to start your date off! Hell no, I would NEVER “dance” on the side of a building! I wouldn’t repel off the side of a building let alone stop and do some crazy moves! Those poor people who work in that building that they are dancing along! Poor Kasey just can’t catch a break on this date! I thought they were setting it up for Kasey to not get a rose, it didn’t look like they had a big connection, so we’ll see what happens in the future, I don’t think he’ll make it that far (which means he’ll prolly be the winner :))

Juan Pablo was so excited to see the horses it made me laugh. He was just so giddy all day!

Little known fact my mom’s cousin is the owner of the horse Silver, the horse earned quite a bit of money on the film, which is ridiculous since it’s a horse, but the owners aren’t going to complain!

I wish she’d had chosen Bryden, but I understand that she had to choose Juan Pablo! Now we can see if they are able to actually talk to one another or if he’s just a good looking fella, who loves the Lone Ranger! Des went in for the kiss and that boy can certainly kiss! I see the physical attraction is there but I don’t know if they’ve talked to one another.

Zak reminds me of Mike “The Situation” from Jersey Shore. Not just because he was shirtless the first night, but it seems like everything he does just goes back to that personality type! It’s probably not a good sign if she laughs at the idea of kissing you.

I do like that James is a giant teddy bear and am glad that he got the rose. He’s insecure and is scared about his dad. I still think that James and Mikey are very similar but I like James more!

Is Ben going to let Des talk at all? I’m sure it was just a producer ploy but it seemed like he talks and talks. I like that it was a pool party instead of a cocktail party, it’s something new and different for us! Oh Ben, I don’t kiss and tell, but you just did, but do you know how many other guys have also kissed and NOT told?

OH BRANDON!!!! You’re killing me! I WANT TO LIKE YOU, but on the 3rd episode you’re falling in love?!?! I’m gonna watch your heart get broken into a thousand pieces and I don’t want that! And you jinxed yourself by saying you’ve never felt so confident! You scared her!

You knew when the last rose was between Ben, Dan & Brandon it was obviously going to be Ben. Dan was very cute. Poor Brandon had so much air time at the beginning of the season, I should’ve known he was going to get kicked off, but come on, you kept Mikey!!!!!!

Okay, well with my crazy Brandon gone, I’m now team Bryden, Drew & Brooks. There are still quite a few guys I’m wanting to go home, but we will see if Ben and others are here for the right reasons 🙂




One thought on “Des’ Season Episode 3

  1. Thanks for the shout out Lindsay!! Yep, I think Michael is pretty cute but he’s waayyy too involved with the Ben stuff and doesn’t seem to be wooing Des. He’ll be gone soon I predict! Also like Kasey for some reason.

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