Mr. America- Bachelorette style

Okay, I gotta start the blog off with a very important shout-out! The newest and cutest Bachelor fan, Alex Chase was born last Monday! He must be a fan since he made it in time to watch last week’s episode, which means hopefully his mom Heidi did as well! We miss you at work Heidi but I have already put Alex’s application in to be the next Bachelor, or maybe he can be the next Baby Bachelor ( there is a prerequisite that he must wear tons of purple and cry on camera, I think he probably has the crying down and maybe we can ask them if red would be an acceptable substitute for purple ๐Ÿ™‚

Alright, now to the show itself!13 left! There is an 8% chance that any one of these guys could be Des’ final guy! I would love my chances if I were them! There’s also about a 50% chance that they’ve kissed Des, but I don’t know if the guys realize the number game going on!

We are officially kicking the “journey” off, we’re saying goodbye to the Mansion and we have the handheld/D footage camera footage the guys shot themselves in the airplane and at the airport! Here we come Atlantic City!

Single dad Brad got the first one-on-one date of the trip! He is one of the most reserved guys, but it certainly seems like they are having fun.

I like that we are supposed to believe that Des just randomly smelled this chocolate and like a dog was able to sniff out where it is. Not only did she know about a scary back-stair way but she knew exactly where on the assembly line the chocolate was and that it was cool enough for them to be able to eat it where no one else is around. What a great coincidence!

So shirtless Zak is taking over where Brandon left off and is going to be the resident spy. He spots Des & Brad on a carouselย  from 44 floors up at their hotel. Then has the nerve to say that Brad is not the right guy for Des, need I remind you Zak, do not throw stones out of your glass house, Mr. I didn’t wear a shirt for the whole first episode. Yes, he’s shown a dfrnt side as the season has progressed, but I don’t think he should judge other guys on their first impressions.

There didn’t appear to be a spark on either side of the convo, so it’s not that shocking that Brad is going home. So it wasn’t as awkward as when she let Brandon go last week. Poor Brad though had to climb all the way up the lighthouse, then turn around right away and walk down. Does Des wait until he’s all the way down the steps before she begins her descend? What is awkward is the crying he was doing in his exit interview but basically admits it’s not really about Des.

So is Brooks still on pain medicine? He refers to Des as a mystical creature, like a unicorn! Do we need to remind Brooks that he’s right up there with Ben in who’s spent the most one-on-one time with Des, so if she should be real and not mystical to anyone it should be him?

This may very well be my favorite group date that they have done! Thank you ABC for not taking us back to a comedy club where they humiliate themselves trying to tell jokes or poor Ashley, roast our Bachelorette! Let’s have them humiliate themselves in the form of a pageant, I wonder where their scholarship money will be going towards?

Please tell me Michael was joking about dreaming about being Mr. America as a child! Juan Pablo’s eyes lit up when he saw Mr. Christopher Dean our pageant coach appear! What does Juan Pablo think about our country?!? Evidently Juan Pablo is the ringer who actually has been dreaming of his pageant days! He twirls a baton and seems to know the insider world about pagents.

What’s with our Jim Halpert Chris loving the heels and not taking them off? I LOVE Drew, “it’s a hodgepodge of tomfoolery up there!” I keep thinking that they way that Bryden’s hair is styled right now, that he looks similar to Superman in his blue shirt with the red sweatshirt he had on in the beginning of the date.

Did Chris Harrison announce himself before he walked on stage? It sounded like his voice, so if it was him that’s pretty sad there wasn’t an intern or a Bachelor standing around that couldn’t grab the mic from him and say his name.

JUAN PABLO HAS A DAUGHTER?!?!?!?!? Did we really get this revelation in the interview portion of Mr. America!?! I hope that Des knew about his daughter before this, or what a way to find out!

I can’t even comment on the talents, you need to watch that train-wreck for yourself. All I can really say is that, she looks absolutely mortified by some people (Mikey, Ben, Bryden) & She appears to like (Kasey, Brooks, Drew, Chris, Zak).

Brooks ended up in 3rd place, Zak in 2nd and Kasey 1st. See Kasey, don’t talk in hashtags and you can actually go somewhere in this world! I’m shocked that wasn’t his talent!

Hmmmm if Bryden doesn’t like Ben, maybe Ben isn’t a great guy. I feel like I can trust Bryden. Ben is just annoying, he’s not as frustrating as some of our past “villains.”ย  I hope he’s not selling his son for publicity.

Lol, the tweet didn’t lie, James was in a bubble bath eating strawberries and in a fluffy robe! James does remind me of a Jersey Shore boy, so it makes sense he’d go on this date. It was such a sweet date and really puts everything into perspective! Though I’ll be honest I didn’t really watch all of this as I found myself falling asleep during the date, but the concept seemed really good and I’m glad that their date was given to a couple that deserves and will appreciate this date more than our contestants!

Darius Rucker!!!! I know and love him! Good job Hootie ๐Ÿ™‚ This couple is the best dancers we may have ever seen on the show ๐Ÿ˜‰ I just never thought James would make it this far, we’ll see how far he continues!

I feel like this is the most practical dress she;s worn to a cocktail party! Michael went for it Kathy, you should be proud and happy for him! I didn’t see Bryden freaking out coming at all! I’m glad that Chris is asking the hard hitting questions about her family, they are having a real convo and I was afraid that he was going to be in the friend-zone, but it seems they aren’t.

Wow, only getting rid of one guy tonight! Sucks to be him ๐Ÿ™‚ I wonder if Bryden actually did pause for a while before accepting the rose, or they just made it appear that he did. Or if there is always a pause that we normally don’t see.

I do have to admit I was nervous Bryden was going to leave, mainly because of you Kailyn! My friend, Kailyn had just sent me a text this afternoon asking who my top 3 guys are for her work Bachelorette pool (by the way ADF team, we need to get to work on that, an Accounting Firm beat us to it :)) I told her 1. Drew, 2. Brooks 3. Bryden well Brooks and Bryden are interchangeable for me at this point, so I was sure he was going to go home this episode right after I told her to put him in her top 3!

The only drama at the rose ceremony was is Bryden going to accept. We knew Ben would get the rose and it’d be down to meat-headed pig Mikey or the other Zack who hasn’t said 2 words all season that I can remember.

I know it doesn’t make sense but I really like Drew! I know they haven’t talked much on camera but I think they are so sweet together and the fact that he blushes and gets embarrassed about the appropriate things makes me like him even more! ! I hope we’ll finally get to see their one-on-one convos. I’m wondering if he’s like Catherine where we didn’t really see her for a lot of the season, but obviously she made it pretty far. I hope he’s the same! I obviously do not look at spoilers and would like to keep them a secret pleasae until the finale! That way all season I can stick my foot in my mouth repeatedly!

Next week looks quite dramatic, shocking I know! Let’s see it looks like we have the dreaded 2 on 1 date next week with Michael and Ben and Michael is in a limo drinking…that doesn’t seem like it will be good for Michael. We also see that James may not be who he appears to be. I’m going to be livid if his dad is not as sick as he’s made it out to be and he’s just saying he is to get sympathy points to be the next Bachelor. And then it looks like Bryden and Chris almost come to blows?!?!

Hope everyone has a great week and I’ll see you back here next week!



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