Des and the guys in Munich, Germany

In-case you all didn’t realize this was the first time that Des has been in Europe and we’ll only be reminded of that about a thousand more times tonight. I would gladly stay in the guys hotel room! It looks incredible!

I like how confident Chris was when reading the date card, he obviously tricked Drew into thinking that he knew German. Did the beginning of Chris and Des’ date seem kinda choppy to you? He was getting ready for the date and boom they’re walking in the streets!

Oh come on Bryden, get it together! How do you want your feelings to progress? Why did you fly all the way over here if you’re not feeling it? Can’t you pretend for a few days, have you seen the incredible hotel room you’re in? Suck it up!  You’ve at least had a one on one date, how do you think my poor guy Drew feels who hasn’t been on a one on one date. Or my crazy Brandon, said that he loved her after 3 episodes!

What’s with Chris obsession with trying weird clothes on? Here in Germany he’s the one asking if they can try on clothes and he was the one in heels last week! Oh the infamous, “nothing can go wrong” phrase which just asks for disaster! Cue Bryden!

Seriously, Bryden has to ask bystanders if they’ve seen tv cameras? If he were to ask me, I’d say, ‘Yea I see a tv camera right behind you!’ and then look lo and behold he ends up finding them! It’s just like Sean yelling Emily’s name in the middle of the streets and then just happened to find her. Do you think the producers play a game of “hot and cold” with them when they are searching for the Bachelorette? “You’re getting warmer, warmer, you’re on fire!” Crazy stalker, standing and watching them dance. Chris was so nice and gracious to let Bryden take her, though he was probably shocked and what are you really going to say?!?

If Bryden’s not feeling it then I can respect him leaving. And if he’s not feeling it, then he’s not feeling and better to leave now then to keep taking roses from other guys. Though I have to admit it seemed like another abrupt editing job. We go to Chris talking about how he doesn’t want Des to be upset when she comes back and all of a sudden we cut back to Des saying goodbye to Bryden. She kept it together with her goodbye with him, but I don’t blame her for being sad. Heck, I had Bryden in my “top 3” or “final 3” so I’m sad for her, but let’s be honest after last week I don’t think we expected him to make it much further knowing the way the show works he wasn’t going to get another one-on-one date until close to hometowns.

Lol, Chris made me literally LOL with his “talking head” about how much he’s enjoying dinner with Des. When he said “I don’t have to worry about the other guys in the house. I don’t have to worry about what time to go to bed. I don’t have to worry about brushing my teeth, I don’t have to worry about anything.” I’m sorry Chris, but do you often worry about brushing your teeth? And you do realize this night will eventually end, so you will have to at some point go to bed and brush your teeth, and if that worries you on a day to day basis you will worry about it in a few hours.

I know that Chris is endearing and I do like him and Des together, but at the same time he’s not one I’m really cheering for. I guess I’m not cheering against him though, but he’s just kinda blah for me to be completely honest with you. Wow, they can have an actual conversation with one another. I’m shocked that they’re able to talk about past relationships and be real with each other! The fact that they can talk is helping him climb up my chart.

I would be flipping out in the gondola on the group date. I would not be looking out the window. In-fact I went on a cable car very similar in that size a couple years ago across the Royal Gorge in Colorado. I stood in the middle of the cable car, head down, eyes closed, praying to God that the cable car wouldn’t snap and I wouldn’t die in that cable car. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what I’d be doing in that gondola.

It’s so hard to tell who the guys are in their big parkas and sunglasses! We need nametags, or we need them to each be in dfrnt colors to identify them! OH COME ON! My poor guy Drew is the one who has to crash into her on the mountain! I guess better him then one of the big guys like James or Mikey who’d probably really hurt her!

This ice mountain cabin is insane! I’m so impressed with how it looks! Boy did those pretzels look good 🙂 Wow, she just went with it when talking to Brooks and interrupted him by just making out with him! So I guess we found her “Arie” or the one she’s physically attracted to!

Ugh, now I have to become a Zak fan if he’s Catholic and was thinking about being a priest. Though he did go shirtless the first night which isn’t too priestly. Oh and I did take offense when he said that 10 years ago he thought he was going to be alone his whole life, I have news for him, if you’re a priest you’re NEVER alone! You got your whole parish to take care of. Yes you won’t have a wife and kids of your own, but you’ll have more then enough people to worry about/care for. ***End Catholic rant*** So maybe I don’t have to be completely team Zak.

Hmmm if Brooks isn’t a James fan then I trust his judgement! I’m glad that Brooks got the rose. I was thinking James was going to go on a roid rage! I am sad that we didn’t get to see Drew and her interact on the group date. I know it’s weird and probably annoying that I like Drew and the more camera-time he gets I’ll probably end up disliking him. However he just seems so sweet and genuine that I want them to get along! I keep hoping he’ll be like a Catherine and surprise us in the end….though since I don’t read spoilers he’s probably going home tonight or next week.

Ugh the 2 on 1 date! Poor Michael is already in a bad spot. It’s normally the guy you like and the guy you don’t like on the 2 on 1 date so you don’t feel too bad when you let the one go. Well this is going to be even more awkward then normal! The lawyer is out and ready to go! Oh man we’re talking over each other already and we just sat down so this is awesome. Hmmmm when it comes to women “I’m competitive” is not always the thing I want to hear! Then again I don’t want to be on a date where the guy cares about bringing someone down more then he cares about me. It’d be hard to be a good Christian woman in this situation as well Ben.

I knew Mikey and James were similar! Wow James runs Chicago?!? Who knew! I also didn’t realize that my top 3 are now Drew, Brooks and Chris. And where the hell is Juan Pablo and Zak while this conversation is happening? We know that Mikey and James are wrestling in the living room.  Did hashtag Kasey and Drew also believe that Brooks and Chris are the more front-runners that’s why they brought them into this convo? There are lots of concerned looks and eyebrows in this room! I’m impressed that Kasey and Drew were able to keep quiet in the car while this was going on, that James and Mikey didn’t realize they were not alone in the car!

Wow Michael has gone and decided to do the questioning at dinner. Des is going to drink her dinner! Not that I blame her, I feel like I need a drink as well after watching this! Oh wow! We just talked about Easter Sunday. I feel as though Catholicism has gotten brought up more in this episode of the Bahchelorette than it has in recent seasons. Maybe because we normally don’t talk denominations of faith, it’s usually more generic with “Christian”. I was wondering why Michael was calling Ben out about not going to Easter Sunday mass/services until it came out he was the only one who didn’t go. I wonder if he slept in, or what his excuse was.

Des is pissed and that’s not the way to go Michael. Kathy, your boy is in trouble! He also has a potty mouth! He just never took any time to get to know her on this date! He was so obsessed with knocking Ben down that I’m shocked it worked! Michael won another case! I CANNOT believe that she kicked off Ben! Good for her! I was all ready to roll my eyes and be pissed that she went with Ben and yet we have a smart Bacehlorette who’s finally learning from all the seasons we’ve watched that normally the outcast is trouble!

Who was Ben glaring at when he stood up to leave the table?!? He looked over to the right glared and then walked to the left! He has the crazy eyes in the limo! Who knew that Ben also hated Michael?!? I wonder if someone is asking Ben questions and getting him all riled up? That would be an uncomfortable job, you be in the reject limo and ask people questions so we can have good exit interviews….no thank you, for the confrontational free girl like me!

Wow, everyone is looking to be a Bachelor! We got James and Ben! Neither of whom I would cheer for or want as Bachelors. I also would not want to watch Ben in anything else Hollywood related, I’m done with him, get off my screen. If I was Des watching this at home I’d be proud of myself for seeing through him and then I’d be livid at him.

Well the kissing conversation is going to be awkward for her and whoever is watching the episode with her tonight. Hopefully it was Brooks or Zak. I’m assuming Zak is going to be safe tonight if she mentioned him as a good kisser.

I feel like Kasey and Drew have a bromance working & I enjoyed watching Chris and Drew getting all worked up and wanting to speak up with Des but play it cool with James. I think Drew was about to pass out multiple times throughout the announcement of no rose ceremony and then the rose ceremony itself. I was about to pass out when I thought for a minute he was going home and I was going to be stuck with Mikey and James. Luckily Drew got the rose, and hopefully will have a chance next week to come clean about James. Mikey is going home to Chicago and waiting for the “king” to return home!

I don’t want Drew to get in the middle of drama, but like Kasey said there’s a reason it was the 2 of them in that van and they overheard it. The previews look fun for next week! Here’s hoping that Drew doesn’t get his butt kicked by James and that we can watch James cry and get kicked off the show!



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