Drama Reigns in Spain falling on plain (dates)- Des’ season episode 6.

I’m going to warn you all right off the bat that this post is very Drew-centric

The tension is already thick as the guys arrive in Barcelona. James attempts to toast his love, to which Michael immediately goes in for the jab and says he means himself. As in he can only himself. As in Michael is a jerk and a bully. He’s just in it for the competition and taking the other guys down, not about Des. He got Ben out and should consider himself lucky that he also didn’t get sent home, I’d attempt to lay low if I were him this week, but you know how well these guys listen to me 🙂

Drew has been patient (as have I in waiting for his one on one date) and our patience was finally rewarded! He got the first one on one date in Barcelona! I have to admit, I did find it funny to see the guys all hanging around having a beer and Chris happens to come across them, gives Drew the date card, warns us all “NO COCKTAIL PARTY” this week, so use your time wisely, and then walks away. Drew can’t finish his beer, and you know Harrison is off to belly up to the bar! I love that he also understands that Des and his and Des’ relationship is the priority, not tattle telling on James.

Drew going in for the move right away made me swoon! He took a lesson from Jef’s first one on one date where we were begging him to kiss Emily, and Drew decided to not have the awkward first kiss “will they won’t they”/ “when is the right moment” and just went for the kiss and Des was a fan! I find myself smiling when Drew is on the screen. That’s a positive attitude, if he can affect my mood thru a TV screen.

Wow, once they start kissing, they evidently cannot stop. Which I can’t blame her! I do feel like Drew is a very genuine real guy who isn’t taking any of this experience for granted and really enjoys his time with Des. If Des breaks his heart, I’m going to go and hurt her! Poor guy went and bore his soul and did it on national TV, he better be rewarded! I want to meet his family, so Des better go to his hometown!

LOL, I LOVED that he saw that the camera people were set up and evidently didn’t have a camera on them to chase them down. So he takes her and finds a little nook to make out with her. He didn’t want to be around the cameras, he was doing it just for the 2 of them. She has fallen for him quite quickly I believe!

I was wondering if Drew was going to say anything or not about the James situation. He seemed so smitten that I thought for sure he was going to forget to tell Des about James. I’m glad he waited until the rose had been given to him and glad that he’s the one who’s sharing the info as I think you can tell he’s not here for dramatic reasons and it’s obviously eating him up to say anything at all.

So we evidently get a sneak peek into the guys’ workout routine in the morning. I’m glad to see that they used black tape to hide the logo on Drew’s shirt. Also what is going on with Michael’s sweatband?!?!

This group date is made for former professional soccer player Juan Pablo! I love how Brooks says Juan Pablo’s name translated is “you have no chance and I’m going after Desiree in this moment on the soccer field” he does look like he belongs on the soccer field! And though the boys were being sexist and that kinda ticked me off I couldn’t help but laugh at Brooks “listen here girl scouts we’re about to bake some cookies.” He’s on a roll tonight, and we all know I can’t stay away from a corny pun!

Juan Pablo is the only one who realizes how good the girls could actually be. Also James is the worst goalie in the world! Is he even attempting to stop any of the balls? We know the soccer match was just a warmup for the real fight that was going to go down at the non-cocktail party group date!

Wow, Des actually wrote Chris something! Chris is growing on me! I’m glad that they are poets and can enjoy one another. She must be feeling something for him to write him a poem!

Are Brooks and Des talking about serious things, or he is the guy who she’s physically attracted to? I feel like Brooks is Des’ Arie.

Kasey, Kasey, Kasey!!!! You know on this show when you confront someone on this show no one is going to apologize, they are going to deny, deny, deny! Wow James is throwing Mikey under the bus! Now he’s going into big defensive mode! Michael wasn’t even there, how did he get in the middle of this? I enjoy Chris shushing and trying to control this situation. I enjoyed when James was saying “f you” to everyone, (Kasey, Michael and Chris) that Chris just throws his arms up like “what the hell have I done, other than just be in this room when I shouldn’t be?”  Where the hell was Juan Pablo while all this arguing was going on and Brooks and her were making out?

I’m going to believe team Kasey and Drew without a doubt! Especially if it’s team Kasey and Drew vs. James and Mikey.

No rose on the group date!!! We’re going full confrontational mode! And Des fully fully trusts Drew and Kasey! I wonder what James is going to say to Mikey when they are watching this and he’s thrown him under the bus. Is he going to tell Mikey he didn’t mean it or didn’t say it? Then he’ll tell Mikey he likes his shoes and all will be forgiven like it was for Ben and him!

Wow James! Why would you swear on your dad? That’s not right! James you are bigger than both Kasey and Drew put together! “They’re ganging up on me.” Come on man! You have a headache, you better be completely wasted or there’s no excuse for you being this much of a wimp! Who thought that James was a front-runner? Even after their one on one date I didn’t think he was a front runner. He’s always just been very annoying and that’s gotten even clearer! Don’t let him get in your head Des!!!! Let him go!!!!!!!!!!!

We didn’t even get to see poor Zak’s date card with all the drama! Zak has the best teeth in the competition! I like how you put him in an unfinished room and he gets excited. You didn’t know that it was in Spain, it could be any studio anywhere, but I’m glad he was able to be excited about it because he knew it would excite her. She needed the big belly laugh with his portrait of her and at least he was able to laugh at himself. Zak has the most expression face in the world! He has cracked me up all season with his faces so this was perfect! His tighty whiteys are quite embarrassing for all involved!

I was about to say that he’d made it so far since the first episode, but I don’t know after his artistic date if I believe it as much! I want to like him but he’s a lil overbearing! He may have just gained himself more time by talking about being adventurous and her being independent!

After both Drew and Zak’s date I’m worried that poor Des never gets to eat! Her mouth is busy doing “other activities” I hope they give her snacks or something to tide her over! Or she has a HUGE breakfast and 4th meal every night J

PLEASE don’t let James kill Drew!!!!!!! Also why did it take all day for James to come and confront Drew? I hope that Chris has an ear to the door to make sure that Drew makes it out alive! I’m also wondering how James seems shocked when Drew tells him about what he overheard. James this is like the 3rd time you’ve heard this conversation in 24 hours, stop seeming like it’s brand new information that you cannot believe.

I’m proud of Drew for sticking up for Des and his beliefs against a much bigger guy! It’d be real easy to back down, but he doesn’t! How is James in any place to say that Drew needs to stop yelling? James was yelling louder than Drew and asks Drew questions and then won’t let him speak. And why is James about to cry again?!? Drew is right, James is not completely committed and his head isn’t completely in the game! We all know to be the next Bachelor you’re probably going to have to be in the top 4, however we (viewers) and more importantly ABC producers are going for someone who we think is down to earth and looking for love. Not looking for fame. They also want someone who people will root for. James has never been someone we will root for. Of course the producers can certainly edit the show to whatever they want it to look like.

Why did James feel the need to squeeze onto the couch?  It’s super uncomfortable and glad that Zak was able to talk about his date. And then Des takes that moment to come in and interrupt the awkward convo. You know James is coming back, because we’ve already done this before on the group date and he came back! I also like that they used Kasey’s talking head from the group date to use for this impromptu conversation. When did they talk about being Des’ future husband and why didn’t he bring up the “Des’ future husband” comments to Drew or Kasey when he was arguing with them?

When Drew said that James is a salesman, I had the “aha” moment to realize that is what he reminds me of! He’s always dressed up and ready to go and putting on his front which I don’t believe for a moment!

It shouldn’t be this hard at the beginning Des and if you’re already wondering if you can trust him or not this early on, it’s going to be a long road! Poor Drew, needs a hug after seeing James and Des hugging it out! And looky here, James is walking back in the hotel room.

Well this is awkward and Chris makes it even more awkward by just bringing up the elephant in the room! James didn’t bring up anything about reality with her or anything about someone becoming the Bachelor in the remaining group! WOAH Chris is speaking up! I wouldn’t have expected him to say something! Why is James the pathological liar who doesn’t realize what he just said and the conversation he just had?

I soooooooooo wanted Des to be listening to the conversation that the boys had when James came back. And then have her call him on his S***! She could come around the corner and be like “wow you’re a huge liar” I just heard you telling the guys’ one thing and me another thing! That’d be the most dramatic rose ceremony ever!

“Des may have a “mutiny” if she chooses James.” I couldn’t have said it better myself Drew, very well said!

WOW 3 people are going home!!!!!! I can’t believe that, I thought we’d get it down to 6, but we’re going top 5 I guess. Here we go!

You knew the first two to get roses were going to be Chris and Brooks. The wild card comes down to Kasey or James. At least in my mind those were the final 2. I was yelling at my TV, Kasey! I was flabbergasted when it was Michael who got the rose! Better Michael than James, but I’d prefer Juan Pablo or Kasey over Michael, but beggers can’t be choosers and I’m assuming he’s going home next week as his relationship seems WAY behind the other 4s.

Poor Juan Pablo! Go have fun with your daughter back in the States playing soccer! He made my heart melt in his exit interview!

Will James hurt Kasey on the plane ride back to the States? Kasey make sure you stick close to Juan Pablo! I’m sad that poor hashtag Kasey didn’t get a goodbye exit! Well you grew on me more than I ever thought you would Kasey, it’s probably because you became such good friends with my guy Drew.

Speaking of Drew, what in the world is going on with the previews?!?!? I cannot believe it and know that ABC is trying to reel us in and make it seem more dramatic so we keep watching, but seriously what the hell?!? The preview makes it look like my guy Drew is the bad guy. Brooks gets his heart broken in a driveway?!? And then it looks like Chris is at the altar, getting dumped, right? What is going to happen and when did I get so freaking invested in this show?

Here’s until next week!



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