Des’ Top FIVE!

Sorry for the delay in my post! Here are my thoughts with the final 5!

First of all how awkward is it when they are on the boat heading towards the island? All of them are on the edge and no one yells out that they are the king of the world, which means I’m sorely dissapointed. It’s also awkward because there are 5 of them and 1 of her. None of them must be too klutzy because I kept waiting for one of them to lean too far over and land into the water or at least appear to stumble, but it never happened!

How weird is it to see Jackie (remember she’s the one who was super quiet until the Women Tell All happened and she laid into Tierra) our girl Leslie and Catherine (remember how it came down to Des and Catherine for the final rose and Sean gave it to Catherine?) You really think these 4 girls would be hanging out were it not for the cameras? Maybe they would but I’m thinking prolly not. I also enjoyed how ABC producers told Des that she had to ask Catherine how things were going with her and Sean. That is one topic I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole had it not been for the cameras. Lets ask about the guy that all 4 of us were dating at the same time. I also like Catherine’s “correct” answer in the whole best friend line. I really do hope for the best with Catherine and Sean, but come on! When this scene was shot Sean was still showing off his twinkly toes on Dancing with the Stars so Catherine and him had very little time to spend together to become “best friends.”

Des brings up Brooks without any prompting! The big question with him is going to be is he in it for the long haul or just the proposal until the season finishes airing?!? Hey girls if Drew doesn’t have enough spice for you, feel free to pass him along to me 😉

How weird that the guys are attempting to act natural and that they aren’t watching them with binoculars! That is until quiet Jackie yells at Brooks to take off his tank top and show his abs. Glad that he looks substaintally embarressed as he should! Drew best body and best kisser! What in the world did Catherine ask that they had to bleep out? Is Sean’s mom going to feel okay with her question or will Catherine have to take a timeout in Sean’s nieces huge playground?!?

We didn’t even get to see Brooks get the date card, which makes sense since she told us that he has a date when she was with the girls. It also makes sense that he’d get the one on one since he had the first one on one date with the bride’s dress and Hollywood sign. The only “alone” time they’ve had since their first date has just been them making out. You can tell that she really likes him, and right now it seems that she likes him more then he likes her. I hope he doesn’t break her heart! How many times can Des be above the clouds? Didn’t she do this in Germany on the gondaola when they ran into the yodeler and then went on the sleds.I would probably be getting altitude sickness and terrified to be that high and on a rock with no back. Evidently I cannot be on the Bachelor/ette becuase I”m too clumsy. I’d be too much of a risk for ABC’s insurance!

Okay, maybe I missed something which is completely possible but she’s talking about this big breakthrough her and Brooks had and I missed it! I am racking my brain trying to figure out what this break through is and I have no clue! They “talked” but in my opinion it seems like they agreed that they wanted to have a conversation with their future spouse about where they’d live, yet they didn’t have the conversation. They had a conversation about a conversation, talked about how they are not above or below the clouds, made out, said cheesy lines and then yelled “We’re on cloud nine.” I think the physical attraction is there but I don’t know anything really about Brooks, so I hope she knows more than I do! I’m wondering if she feels so attached to him because he dressed up as her groom so early on. She looks real uncomfortable talking about Brooks ex, which makes sense, but she doesn’t know what to say when he’s talking about his family. She seems to be very uncomfortable when he’s mentioning it. Also he’s at a “jogging” pace to love and she’s on a full on sprint, not really a great sign Des. I like Brooks as a person but I just don’t feel him really invested right now and she has the blinders on………..this could end very badly for her. Isn’t it see fireworks when you kiss a guy, not feel them? Feeling them would mean being burned by them! I hope you don’t feel fireworks Des!

Chris gets the second one on one date. The boys are such creepers watching and yelling at Des and Chris as they are heading on their yacht! Though I guess it’s payback for Des and the girls from earlier. How great would it have been for Michael to get a second 2 on 1 date and not have a one on one date?

It’s a good thing that no animals came up to get them on the deserted island. Chris made me laugh when Des asked him if he’s the same guy around her as he is around his friends and he said yes, just not as romantic. He’s not touching or holding hands with his friends. His humor is very understated and quick and I really appreciate that about him. I’m not gonna lie, I’m just so OVER their whole poem thing. We get it, you both like to write poems, but come on we still have how many episodes and I have a feeling we’re going to get more poems if Chris sticks around! I liked that Chris can’t say he’s on cloud 9 because that’s where Brooks and Des are. that was a lame message in a bottle throw into the Atlantic for an old professional baseball player, I’m actually kinda embarrassed for him. YEA for Chris asking legit questions! How many kids do you want in your family?!?

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I was just liking him and thinking he was cute when he was fidgeting and then he goes and brings out another poem! You’re KILLING me Chris! Just spit it out and stop with the gimmicks! At least he did say that he loves her. I’m thinking that she likes him, but I also wonder if she has Chris in the friend zone (I mean she’s making out with him, but I don’t know if the spark is there or if she feels like he’s the safe choice and she should like him.) That’s just my opinion.

The date with Michael certainly seems more like a first date then the other dates, which makes sense. They are in the “getting to know you phase.” I feel like this is the first time that Michael has been able to focus on Des and not focus on taking down Ben or James. Even her body language when she was in the toboggan before and as they were going down the hill her legs were leaning away from him. Body language doesn’t lie! She’s not feeling it and I’ve been over Michael since his two on one date where he bullied Ben, so I’m over him and this date as well!

Obviously the 2 on 1 date means I’m paying the most attention to Drew and rooting for him. I will say I’m impressed with Zak started and where he’s ended up. The race track looks awesome and like it’d be so much fun! I get that Des wants to have fun, but I think you need to also have a serious conversation with the guys as well, which is maybe where I get frustrated with her sometimes not having the heavy/hard conversations.

Zak smoked my guy Drew with their race which does make me sad. I do have to say that this 2 on 1 is way LESS awkward than Michael and Ben’s 2 on 1 which I appreciate! I will certainly give Zak an A for effort with his attempts at drawing her pictures of their story. I give it so much more credit and the fact that he can laugh at himself and like this more than another poem. Though it seems like he shouldn’t be using this gift at this point, this is more a hometown gift, or the final 3 or 2 gift. But give him credit for giving it all he’s got. Again I did notice the body language of not holding hands or touching when they’re coming back to Drew.

Then Drew and her walk off and she’s all over him. Howe they were able to walk and not tangle up and trip is amazing. I still smile at how smiley the two of them are with one another. I know I have my Drew blinders on, but it seems like they are able to talk and he’s opening up. When he talked about his sister it made my heart so happy! You can tell how genuine Drew is and how much he loves his sister which makes me fall in love with him even more! ABC if Des doesn’t choose Drew, MAKE HIM THE BACHELOR!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t make him the Bachelor please introduce me to him, we’re the same age and obviously perfect for one another 🙂

I like that they keep showing their hands and she can’t help but lean into him. I like that Drew is making a difference between “I’ve fallen in love with you” and “I love you” I don’t know if I completly know the difference but like that he thinks there’s a difference. Also on the way back to Zak they’re walking like they are walking down the aisle, maybe more groomsman/bridsemaid then bride/groom but very proper. Drew gets the rose!!!!!

I really like the color of Des’ dress and the front of it, the back is a little too low cut for me, but she looks fabulous in it! I think this may be my favorite of her rose ceremony dresses so far! Normally the convo’s with Chris Harrison are just time fillers, but this week came with shockers that I wasn’t expecting! She admits that she’s in love with Brooks! I’m trying to remember a past Bachelor/Bachelorette that has admitted before hometowns that they are in love with one of the remaining contestants! Do you think there are any twists, or is she legit in love with Brooks, admitting it now and will choose him at the end? I feel like there HAS to be a catch, but maybe the catch is there is no catch. I’m so perplexed right now!

I don’t think this rose ceremony was much of a shock which is nice. Sorry Michael, but you outlasted James and Ben which I feel like were your main objectives anyway! It was def. your time to go. Hopefully your mom can help you heal your broken heart!

Alright, no spoilers just personal opinion based on what’s occured so far and what we’ve seen from ABC released previews my guess for how the rest of the season goes down is. Zak goes home after hometowns. Then Drew goes home because of whatever sends him home with the preview from last week. Which leaves Chris and Brooks and if she admits tonight that she loves Brooks, I’m saying Brooks is her final choice and they’ll make us think he won’t propose but he will. I’m not thinking that relationship will last and end in marriage, but as of right now that’s how I see this season taking shape. Of course that all could change with hometowns and Des’ brother next week and then we have the final 3 on the overnights, forgo your individual rooms and stay in the fantasy suite night, Men Tell All and then the finale!

This season like the weather outside is really starting to heat up! I’ll see you all next week and in the meantime if anyone sees Drew please send him my way 🙂


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