There’s no place like home for Des’ boys

I LOVE hometowns!!!! Every season I look forward to them and the awkwardness that they bring. Families are awesome! It’s also real hard for families to lie. You normally see the truth when people are around their families. It’s the most realistic thing this show does! We’ve had some real awkward hometowns lately, with Sean pulling the prank of still living at home and Des’ fake boyfriend prank that later turned into everyone praying it was a prank when her brother tried to take Sean on….I CANNOT wait to see what tonight brings!

Zak gets the first hometown. I don’t know why but I always feel like the first one is not a good sign. Of course I don’t remember where I read this but a couple seasons ago I saw something that said that they do not show us on tv the dates in order of when they happened. So in reality, Zak could have been the last trip she made and not the first. The producers decide what order to show the dates in. Why the hell is Zak sketching and pretending he’s a big artist? He only is an artist because of Des! Ugh, be who you are man! Zak is a bad story teller, with his whole dream thingy. A future with Zak would be confusing!

There’s a family sno-cone business?!?!? Why didn’t he lead with that instead of leading with going shirtless? Maybe he went shirtless because he was eating a sno-cone and spilled it on himself in the limo the first night, it all makes sense now!

What kinda elementary school is this?!? I wanna go there! Lots of trees (Treetops school, which I’m obviously a fan of :)) and it looks like a nice building and you have your own trails and stuff around it. Pretty nice lil school!

OKAY, Zak is now in a mascot costume and is running downhill towards the children. NOT a good sign man. Let them come running up to you. Also does he seem to be leaving a lot for extended periods? I’m hoping that Des is being occupied doing interviews or something and isn’t manning the sno-cone machine assuming he’s helping her. He’s “supervising” her I’m sure. I don’t think I’d want to kiss the penguin suit, it has to be real dirty in there! We’re lucky he didn’t pass out in the suit, it had to be real hot in there for him.

Okay I like the enthusiasm from Zak’s family. They seem so warm and genuine when they first greet her and seem just as excited to see her as they are to see Zak. Okay, the first time I see the sister, Carly I think, she reminds me of a blond Des! Does anyone else see the similarities? And why in the world is Des bringing in a life size sketch pad with her? That seems like something real awkward to have with you the first time you meet the fam.

I’m glad the family seems sufficiently embarrassed about him being shirtless.I also like how they seem mortified and didn’t high five him for his actions. I’m a fan of Zak’s mom. She’s fun and energetic. Des and the sister are talking over one another a lot, I don’t know if it’s nerves or if they don’t click or what, but I keep wanting them to take a breath and listen to the other one. I think Carly is a little protective which I am glad about! The song is pretty awkward, but I’m glad that Des seems to like it. Carly is going for a record deal I feel like 🙂

Wow Zak, the ring before the ring. I think that will get some bonus points since it shows he’s willing to commit. I am a fan of Zak’s family, still kinda on the fence about him. He’s come a long way with me from the limo to now, but I’m still not fully team Zak.

We all know I’m proudly team Drew and his hometown date is next! He’s wearing his pink button down shirt with confidence and I like it. It has to be a good sign if she jogs out of the car to see him. When Drew is giving us a play of play of who’s going to be there and we hear that she’ll meet his dad, Mel and then his mom and his mom’s husband, I was caught off guard. Then Drew tells us this is the first time his dad will be at his mom’s house. WHY NOT on national tv? You know what, it’s gonna be awkward we may as well have a memory of it 🙂

How nice that Drew and Des actually get to ride in a car together where he drives to go and pick up his sister. Try and make it as normal as possible, and not a big producer guy and a huge camera in the same car as you. I love how he defends his sister and is a proud brother. OMG, I LOVE HIS SISTER! You can tell how much she loves him and how excited she is to see him! You can’t fake that emotion. I love how she went and flicked Des’ hair. You can see the patience that Drew has and is the same guy around Melissa and the rest of his family as he is around Des. If he was a real jerk, I think you’d be able to tell that in Melissa’s reaction, where she wouldn’t be holding onto his hand as much as she was.

Wow, good job producers with the interview transition with Drew and his mom and Des and his dad. Most of the time it’s very sharp, but this seemed like a movie in a way. I loved her answer about how his eyes are the first thing that attracted her to him. Since they showed love and depth, it also makes the comment about how Melissa and him have the same eyes mean even more.

Okay and now I’m tearing up with Mel. “Do you believe in angels?” I answered right along with Des “Yes” and then his follow-up “Have you ever met one?” Des and I again both think and Des answers no, while I’m still pondering, as I’m pondering Mel says “Yes you have. Melissa! She taught us as a family things we’d never ever learn without her.” And now Drew’s dad may have taken over for Cape Cod Chris’ dad as my favorite dad! And then they have to go back to Drew and his mom and I stay all choked up! Ugh, and back to Mel and Des saying that they’d be blessed to have her as part of her family. Can I be invited to the party that Mel is throwing for Drew and Des?!? I have been supportive of them since day 1!

I LOVE DREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She also jogged up to Chris on the path when she saw him. I’m a big fan of baseball so I appreciate this portion of the date. I do have to admit I was waiting for a foul ball to come up and hit one of them. Is Des able to go back and look at film so she can remember what these 4 did on their limo introductions? She did meet 25 so it’d be real hard to remember all of them! Glad we got a sketch and not a poem (sorry Kyrsten! I know you disagree) I have to say though without the poetry I’m a bigger fan of Chris thus far!

You can tell that Chris’ family is more excited to see him then Des, which I cannot blame them. You can tell that she’s uncomfortable about the adjustment when they are recommending it. You can tell she didn’t want to talk about tweaking her back. Did we see her fall off the boat and tweak her back? Evidently we got her back realigned and she’s good to go and have a conversation with him. You can tell she’s still uncomfortable when he leaves. I couldn’t watch him doing what he did with the nose. I was confused by it and it gave me the heebie jeebies. I can watch Grey’s because I know it’s tv and not happening, this was actually happening in real life. Ugh, this date is not seeming to go well. We’re bringing up the ex girlfriend a lot, which is NEVER a good sign, even if you aren’t saying good things about her. You don’t want to talk old girlfriend the first time you’re meeting new girlfriend. I do like the protective mom coming out when talking to Chris, if she wasn’t protective I wouldn’t think it was right.

CHRIS, CHRIS, CHRIS, CHRIS, you jinxed yourself my man, if not tonight then at some point in the season “There’s no way she’s having these feelings with anyone else” yes there is, it’s a dating show and she’s meeting 3 other families besides yours and all those guys feel like they’re in the same boat.

Oh she did the jump in his arms when she sees Brooks. AGAIN in the opening with “I love Brooks and I love being around him” ABC there has to be some sort of catch here or who’s going to watch the finale to see her choose the guy she’s been in love with for the last month. After the first date wants to meet the family, something tells me Brooks isn’t in that same position and didn’t want to meet her family after the first date. Come on Brooks, she gave you a rose of all her memories, obviously she’s into you, if you don’t realize that you need some help!

Evidently Brooks playing hard to get is the way to go! She will tell you all the things she likes about you, I’m sorry did we get in a time machine to 6 months ago and we’re back on the Bachelor, but Brooks has taken on the role of Sean? It seems like Des is doing more of the pursuing then Brooks.

Haha I enjoyed that they all bum-rushed her to give her a group hug. His family is the most similar to mine, not my immediate, but with my extended and how close we are it could certainly be like this experience. I do like the name-tags for everyone.

When she’s talking to his mom I keep waiting for her to tell the mom that she loves Brooks. Wow the brothers are asking him questions and we don’t get to see the answers. I am a big fan of Brooks mom as well. I like how Brooks family kinda gave him answers but at the same time basically tell him he needs to come up with the answers for himself.

Okay, after the dates but before anything else in the episode happens i have to say I’m obviously the biggest fan of Drew’s family. Brooks would be 2nd for me, Zak 3rd and Chris 4th. I feel so bad for these families though, because they all think she’s going to pick their son and one of them is going to come home heartbroken!

I feel like right now, if she were to send Drew or Chris home their worlds would be absolutely shattered. Whereas Brooks and Zak would be hurt but I feel like they would bounceback quicker.

I like how they’re making Nate, Des’ brother into this big villain. In a way though if she’s afraid of what her brother is going to say, is that fair in this real life relationship? If she’s going to continue to have a relationship with her brother, then her boyfriend/fiancee/husband/father to her children or whatever he ends up being will have to eventually meet her brother. You can’t keep them hidden from one another. I get it if she thinks her brother is going to freak on national tv, don’t do the intro on camera, but at some point in the hopefully near future you’ll have to introduce them Des.

Des has another great dress on for the rose ceremony! Ugh, I feel bad for her because she knows how Brooks is feeling the same way that Chris is certain that Des only loves him. OPEN YOUR EYES Des! You’ve been thru this before, you don’t always know their feelings!

WOW! “I see this going well and I see a proposal at the end with Brooks!” Des tells Chris Harrison. Why are we going to continue to have this season if she already has chosen Brooks?!?!

Poor poor Zak. At least he knows it has nothing to do with his family so he can’t blame them for anything. He was a gentleman through and through and exited in a very graceful way. Even though he was flabbergasted he never made her feel guilty or anything. Someone please give him a hug!

OH MAN the Men Tell All next week, and then the final 3 and then the final 2! We’re mixing it up! Normally it’s the final 3 episode then the Men Tell All! I’m trying to piece together without looking at spoilers what is going to happen. Please forgive me for nerding out here in a really humiliating way. We see Des on a date with Brooks wearing the teal shirt with the open back, we saw in previews before where she’s crying on the dock in that same shirt. However we also saw Brooks comforting her in a blue shirt that we also saw him crying while wearing that shirt and that’s the shirt he’s also standing by the car and appears to be crying in a limo, but we also have her and Drew’s conversation preview where it looks like he is going home…….I’m SO CONFUSED!!! I’m afraid it’s going to be Brooks wanting to leave early, why would she be so distraught when crying to Chris Harrison?!? Then she rejects Drew and Brooks happens to come back in the finale. I don’t know, maybe that’s more dramatic then this season will be. I hope it’s Drew!


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