Des’ Men Tell ALL!!!

First off I have to give a shout out to my Bachelorette Viewing Party last night!!! Thank you so much Wichers family for having me over and letting me crash your party! I had a GREAT time!

Alright now onto the episode. I have to admit that we were looking out the window to see Des and Chris’ faces in our windows but they didn’t show up to our viewing party. I’m not gonna lie, I would be way more excited to see Chris Harrison then I would be to see Des. And silly me, I forgot to wear my pearls to watch the show. I don’t know why they act like it’s a surprise for everyone that they show up, with the way everyone’s dressed and it got brought up last night if there’s already a camera in the room, you know what’s going on.

I’m thinking we’re sitting with the 3 most “popular” Bachelorettes ever because they are the most recent Bachelorettes. If you were to bring on our 2nd Bachelorette Jenn what’s her name who is now happily married (to a non-Bachelor person) with a kid and out of the limelight, I don’t know if it’d have the same effect as these girls.

Is poor Ali still single?!? If so that makes me sad, she had Roberto and Cape Cod Chris right?!? Oh honey, you had it all! Hopefully she’s happy and will find someone soon. I’m not too concerned with Emily…we know she’s set and is only going to date certain guys and I don’t know if she’s going to want to completely settle down. Then Ashley doesn’t say anything now because her and JP don’t have a whole lot of drama. What I want to know is what is Ali wearing?!? And is Brian just getting mentioned because he was a ratings ploy at the beginning of the season, it’s not like he made it real far so she had a huge emotional connection to him when his girlfriend came out.  “Girls days more often” the next time these 4 will see one another will be next year for the Bachelorette, they were actually cheerings to the fact that they hope they aren’t forgotten about and make the cut for next year.

Oh the introduction of the guys we haven’t seen since week 1 or 2. You know what I would enjoy is a “here’s what my life has been like since I got kicked off and left my job” update from them. I really hope that some of those guys just took a couple vacation days and didn’t quit their jobs to only be there for a night or two. What are their families thinking?!?!

So is Juan Pablo getting so much air time tonight so they can announce him as the new Bachelor next year, or is he getting the air time because people have requested it all season and have fallen in love with him? Is this the last we’ll see of Juan Pablo?

I’m glad that Jonathan actually looks embarrassed about his actions with the Fantasy Suite. Was it his family who told him to go on and don’t even try and defend his action or did he realize that’s not the best move. Let’s just hope he was completely drunk when he was trying to do the whole Fantasy Suite thing,since he seems somewhat decent tonight.

Oh all the drama that we’re reliving in these clips. My favorite (surprise/surprise) is a quote from Drew that I don’t remember hearing before, and if we did it made me giggle all over again “Unfortunately James will not be America’s next Bachelor, but he is certainly most guarenteed to be America’s next giant a$*hole”—(last word bleeped out)

I don’t have a whole lot to say more about Brian other than I think they’re looking to fill some time and really villianize him, which is fine because he deserves it, but we have so much other drama we could talk about instead of this. I want to hear the rumors of Bryden leaving because he had a girlfriend back home, is that true?!?! The one good thing about this is I can tell you that Brandon is still alive, he’s still laying it on a little thick but he didn’t hurt himself after being rejected after declaring his love on date 3. (Brandon so Mosby’d Des—How I met your Mother tv show reference, where Ted tells Robin he loves her on their first date in the first episode)

Chris said it best when explaining Ben’s “journey” that it all went down hill after the first night and bringing Brody out of the limo. I will give Ben credit that when he pursues a women he is very aggressive. He was quite aggressive. Then Mikey pipes up and has his brightest moment of the season when Ben is trying to say that no guy should be the same in front of his friends as he is his girlfriend. Mikey says: “you shouldn’t have to turn around and put a different suit on and be Mr. America” which is a valid point. If you do a 180 when your girlfriend is around you’re lying to someone, whether it be her, your friends or you, that’s a big charade to play and to keep up and I wouldn’t want to do it!

Woah and then there’s Dan. I remember thinking he was cute earlier in the season and thinking he got let go a little earlier than I would’ve let him go. That’s the difference though between Des’ choice in guys and mine. I wouldn’t have had the big burly guys like James or Mikey, I’d go for the tinier guys (nothing wrong with either type, it’s just personal preference) and let’s face it, my show would probably be really boring and bad for ratings since look at all the drama James brought with him!

Okay, back to Dan and his revelation about Ben! Ben’s baby mama came up and found Dan in Vegas (how did that connection happen?!?) How did she know to look up this random guy in Vegas? I could pass him on the street in Lincoln tomorrow, have a convo with him and not realize who he is. So there’s some weird connection there! Anyways she comes up and tells Dan that Ben just applied for custody after the show began airing! And now he wants to be a part in Brody’s life that he hasn’t been before! Then Ben cheated with his girlfriend with his friend and that’s how Brody came to be. We never did hear exactly how Brody got in the picture, all Ben’s explanation had been was 2 friends had a baby together, which is not normally something 2 friends do together unless they’re more than friends!

Oh James James James!!! Watching back on Des & him it seems like he is certainly playing her and is pretending to be all sweet and sincere at the beginning to probably make it to be the Bachelor. I just don’t believe what he’s selling to be honest now. Chris’ “shhhhing” went on FOREVER and they didn’t shut up! I still don’t think that James got bullied by the other guys. Maybe if I was friends with him or he was a cousin of mine or something I’d feel differently. I also like how Mikey & James are talking about “meeting beautiful, successful women” I’m sure those are the EXACT words that Mikey and James used…..

BTW Kyrsten I have to interject at this point and say that when we win the tickets to the After the Final Rose ceremony or Men Tell All, we will need to go shopping for really really fancy outfits to wear (think Bachelor viewing party attire) and we’ll also have to be careful to either make ridiculous faces if we want to get on tv (which I know is something you want :)) or we’ll have to be careful to appear neutral so we don’t get on tv!

One of my viewing partners appropriately named Rose, mentioned that the guys all knew Brooks was a front-runner. Even when there were what 8 or 10 guys left at the time Mikey was still around. Mikey & James were talking about how Brooks was getting roses and they are so different than Brooks so what does that mean. I’m thinking Brooks is the Arie of last season, everyone knew Arie was a front runner for Emily all season long.

James/Mikey vs. Drew/Kasey……sorry it’s always going to be Drew/Kasey for me! I love that Mikey says that this happened 3 months ago and I’m not going to remember exactly how the conversation went down. Sorry James, your boy Mikey ain’t willing to completely fall under that bus you keep throwing him under! And then Kasey goes in for the kill “Mikey don’t say that, you’re saying on your wedding night you’ll look at your wife and go ‘it’s okay honey, if it doesn’t work out with you, I got this girl over here.'”

Oh and now Mikey just gave a plug to US Weekly, which I’m sure they’ll enjoy that. He’s a player on US Weekly now because Kasey and Drew keep talking about him. Well Kasey is right, it’s not him and Drew that put Mikey there, it’s James. Kasey and Drew didn’t care about what Mikey had to say, they cared about James. Then James is talking about it doesn’t matter what his feelings were, it matters what Des’ feelings were.

Juan Pablo said it best “I don’t want my daughter or my sister to date James.” I will be honest I do feel a tad bad for him because he did just get humiliated when Harrison set him up asking him if he’d be the Bachelor to pull the rug out from under him when the studio audience starts booing him!

I’m still trying to figure out if Juan Pablo is up for being the next bachelor or not. I will say that he actually was a fan favorite, more so then Sarah was last season with Sean’s season. I do enjoy Juan Pablo and am so glad he got to talk more last night then he had all season! I think she should’ve kept Juan Pablo at least a week longer and let Michael go home, but at least he got to be with his daughter and he will now have girls lined up the block for him!

I do have a feeling that Zak will also have women lined up before he goes back on the rig trying to date him. I don’t know if he’d be able to be the Bachelor if he’s going to be on his oil rig for 6 months at a time. He still looks quite sad and when he’s sad he’s sad! I hope he actually is somewhat happy now that he’s been back since they filmed the Men Tell All last Monday the 15th and they’ve been done filming since May 7. How embarrassing to hear this poem, I wonder if Des did read it before if she thought that Chris had wrote it instead of Zak. Zak is stealing Chris’ material!

I am not a huge fan of Des’ dress for this episode. I think I’d like it more if it was longer but it’s pretty short for her to be sitting down in this chair. Des seems very angry at Ben now after watching back. I also find it interesting that she brings up Ben’s eyes. If you remember from Drew’s hometown last week she mentioned his eyes as well as his sister Melissa’s eyes and how genuine and real they are (what, no one else remembered that, just me showing off my nerdy Bachelorette useless knowledge). Anyways she says that Ben didn’t have emotion in his eyes and was just trying to say the right thing all the time. She did call him out about puttin on a persona. You can also tell she’s completely over James and not happy with him whatsoever! And he did manipulate her and I’m glad she called him out! REALLY another song?!?! I”m sorry but COME ON!!!!!!! Is he coming out with an album after the Final Rose? He’s sung enough songs to get one down and if he needs material just take Chris’ poems and make them into songs. It’s a sweet sentiment, but not something that needs to be shared on national tv with a studio audience and a group of guys who also dated her.

OH MAN! How’s this going to end?!?! Especially when her eyes got all big when Chris said it was an ending that we never saw coming and she nodded, her eyes were huge and she went “nope.” When Chris was talking about it being unlike any other finale we’ve ever seen I went “yeah right, I’ve heard that before.” Chris evidently heard me because he retorted “I know I’ve said it before but I really mean it this time.” Now the question is does he or are they trying to just get us to watch the show?!? We are SO CLOSE we can do it without reading any spoilers! 2 part season finale starting next week!

My guess is that Brooks takes himself out and goes home leaving us with Drew and Chris. I then don’t know if Des decides to send Drew home on his own (hopefully then making him the next Bachelor so I can watch him for 12 weeks!) and then maybe Brooks comes back or something or she decides to not stay with Chris. I mean there has to be lots of drama because they’re going to have to cut it off somewhere next week where we’ll want to turn back in and see everything go down! I think we should still have 5 hours (1 hour of After the Final Rose) left of the season!

I’m going to break down the preview they showed, if you don’t want to read on I understand. Let’s piece together what we see on the preview and what we’ve seen in previous previews, again this info is all stuff that ABC has given us at the end of the episodes previewing upcoming episodes. So these are just my thoughts and predictions based on what I’m seeing now what I’ve read anywhere else.

  • We see Chris and Des on a kayak obviously on a date
  • We see Chris and Des on a big yacht “ditto above”
  • We see Chris and Des in a helicopter
  • We see Drew and Des on the top of some hill/mountain
  • We see Chris and Des making out on the beach
  • We see Des in her infamous teal shirt that we’ve seen since the beginning where she goes in this infamous back open shirt and cries on a dock
  • We see her greet Brooks with a big hug wearing infamous shirt
  • We see her and Brooks walking off a dock together with her arm around him in infamous shirt
  • We see Des & Chris wearing multiple bathing suits in various scenes.
  • We see Des crying, what looks like Brooks crying as he hugs her on the end of the dock in infamous shirt
  • We see Drew telling her he loves her and them making out in what may or may not be the fantasy suite
  • Lots more beach scenes with Chris and Des
  • Drew and Des making out in what appears to be the same scene as them climbing the mountain
  • Des & Chris hugging in “street” clothes by a beach
  • Brooks holding Des while it looks like they are both upset.
  • Des doing the ugly cry with Chris Harrison telling her he’s sorry in her coral dress. Chris has a suit on, don’t know if it’s final rose ceremony or final 3 rose ceremony, I’d assume final 3 but you never know!
  • We can see Drew’s picture in the background on the table where it normally shows all the guys pictures.
  • Des wants to go home
  • Picture of Des by a balcony with Drew’s picture still visible
  • Des’s heart is broken she said in talking head interview in infamous shirt
  • Brooks answers door, Brooks throws his head in his hands and rubs his eyes wearing the same shirt he’s wearing in scenes with Des in infamous shirt
  • Drew looks like he’s about to pass out while wearing a blue t and says he doesn’t get it.
  • Des says she doesn’t know if she can be 100% for you to someone
  • Chris appears to be wearing a suit shirt and holding a ring. He’s the only one who seems to be shown at the final rose destination and the only one of the final 3 shown wearing a suit.
  • Des is wearing a pretty red dress and doing some ugly crying in an interview
  • Brooks looks like he’s crying in blue shirt that’s being shown with her in infamous shirt
  • Des is crying again
  • Des is crying again
  • Drew is crying
  • Brooks is in a limo and appears to be crying
  • Chris is in a limo in a suit and seems stressed out (no tears as far as I could tell)
  • Plus that’s not counting what we are probably going to find out in the After the Final Rose ceremony!!!

Get some good sleep this week because we may not be sleeping much next week after we see part 1 of the finale and are waiting for part 2! I’ll be back next week hopefully earlier blogging about my thoughts on the episode! I hope you all enjoy part 1!




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