The Television Event of the Summer—-Des’ Finale part 1

Oh man, anytime Chris Harrison tells me it’s going to be dramatic and the television event of the summer I’m in! I wasn’t wishing away my weekend, but man I was excited knowing that at the end of this rainy Monday was the most shocking Bachelorette finale!

WHY are you showing me a recap!?!?!? If you haven’t been with us all season you shouldn’t show up now! We all know what’s happened we want to know why the tears and drama!

Woah, who was expecting us to come back from commercial to see Drew and Des on their date?!? I was not! I have to get my head in the game that I’m not watching Brooks shatter Des’ heart, but watching my guy Drew! Thank God there’s no cars on the road for when he needs to pull over to kiss her! They do seem to be having fun with the locals. The palm guy made me laugh “Kiss…intense” they did oblige.

Ugh, the more Drew is talking the more I’m realizing that Des is going to break his heart and that makes me sad! I feel like Des is here but she’s not here, she’s with Brooks and just going through the motions. I do hope that they got to eat some food, since dinner got washed out, I hope at some point food went into their stomachs. Maybe that’s the secret to Drew’s abs though is that he doesn’t eat and just works out! I fell for his line of wanting to stay in the fantasy suite to hold her and wish her a good morning, “I haven’t had a good morning, I’ve only had good nights.” well played Drew, well played!

Favorite tweet goes to 1chicklette “In Des’ mind, Brooks is Harvard, Drew is that totally cute liberal arts college nearby & Chris is a safety school.” This liberal arts college grad who lived 2.5 hrs from home knows exactly what that tweet is saying and everyone knows what my choice would be!

Zak gave the ring before the ring last week and Drew does the proposal before the proposal this week!

Dang ABC you tricked me again! I was expecting to see Chris’ date and instead I see Brooks walking on a bridge. You producers are doing excellent work tonight keeping me on my toes!  So didn’t Brooks just leave his family, and now he’s going back. Please tell me they only flew him to LA and then back to Boise and not down to Antigua, back to Boise, then Antigua again. It’s a tough economy! What’s his mom and sister going to say that they didn’t say just 2 days ago! Brooks said the idea of telling Des he loves her and proposing to her makes him uncomfortable.

This isn’t a good sign Des even if you and Brooks are together now, he doubted you enough when you’re in the Bachelorette bubble that he had to run home and talk to mom and his sister. What’s he going to do when you’re out in the real world and doing real life dates and not this extravagant stuff?

You know what made me uncomfortable is when Brooks was telling his family that he thinks Des and him may be on the same page. No sir, you’re wrong! Des would freaking propose to you today if she could. She knows you love her and you don’t need to say anything. She’s driving me crazy because she’s in the same boat that she was when she was on the Bachelor and is acting like the one pursuing not the one being pursued! She deserves to be pursued and Brooks deserves to pursue someone he truly is interested in and loves.

Brooks and Des both deserve better than one another! The beginning of the relationship is supposed to be fun and easy and if you’re struggling with it now you’re done Brooks! THANK GOD his mom and more vocally his sister are telling him the same thing. They’re saying hey a tough convo now is better than down the road when you’re engaged and tell her you never loved her. It’s a slippery slope to go down! Okay what the hell mom and sister, I was just praising you for telling him to follow his heart and run away and now you’re confusing him by being all “Des is awesome and fit in” I think at this point Brooks knows that America is going to be ticked at him for breaking up with Des so late in the game that he needs his family support to get thru this.

You know what also makes me feel uncomfortable is thinking of whomever Des is watching this episode with tonight! Whether it be Brooks, Drew, Chris or maybe Chris Harrison! There’s lots of awkwardness that has to be happening and I hope I can watch it unfold on the After the Final Rose next week! Des admits she loves Brooks and wants to marry him (that’s gonna be bad if she ends up with anyone besides Brooks.) If she does end up with Brooks its going to be bad because he’s admitting he doesn’t love her and is having major doubts about her!

Here’s Chris and Des date. I have to admit at this point in seeing Des in her weird vest she’s had some unfortunate choices in clothing this episode. This vest and then the weird sweater/poncho type thing at the beginning of the episode. Let’s pull it together here Des, just because it’s the end of the season and you don’t love these guys like Brooks doesn’t mean we all need to suffer for it! P.S. You know it’s a boring date when I’m writing this about her clothing.

Can someone please get Chris some sunglasses please! Or maybe a baseball hat?!? He’s squinting a lot and having a tough time even looking at Des with the sun in his eyes. What do Des and Chris have to talk about? I feel like I’m zoning out and really bored with their dates. I do like Chris as a person, and I’m sure I’d be boring as hell too if I were on the show. He’s a somewhat (with the exception of his dad adjusting his nose) normal guy! I do like him, I just like Drew more 🙂

What the hell is the noise in the background of their meal? It’s annoying me a lot! I can’t concentrate on what they’re talking about! He found a job he likes and they let him go on a dating show for 2+ months, that’s quite a company!  She doesn’t sound sold at all on moving to Seattle. It’s like she’s saying “eh I could maybe do that” whereas in the back of her mind she’s like “it won’t matter because I’m going to be with Brooks”

THANK YOU for letting the meal end!!! I’m so tired of the squawking that’s going on in the background! Go enjoy the fantasy suite and the stars! Ugh another poem and the squawking is back because we’re outside! You’re KILLING me Chris! KILLING ME!!!!!!!

Also memo to future Bachelorettes/Bachelor contestants if you a female and wearing a bikini at night and have dark hair, do not wear a  dark strapless bikini top as it then becomes VERY difficult to tell if you are in-fact wearing a bikini top at all. Bright colors girls and some sort of straps/ties/around the neck something just to show that you got something there.

Wow 51 minutes left of the show and we’ve already gotten Drew and Chris’ one on one overnight dates done and seen Brooks with his mom and sister. What else do you got for me ABC?

OH NO! Chris Harrison making a visit to a hotel room never ends well! Though it is nice to see him since I think this is his first appearance of the night. Just looking at Brooks you know this guy is just not into it. He needs to go home! He’s making himself sick trying to convince himself that he’s in love with this girl. Chris Harrison is a good lawyer, HR, actor, therapist, he has it all! He kept a neutral face and didn’t interrupt when Brooks was giving his soliloquy, which would be real difficult for me. If he has to pause that long and dramatically when Harrison asks “Are you in love with this girl” and the best he can come up with is “I don’t know…” that’s not good enough for me! I like you Brooks but you gotta go home (which I do realize I still have 45 mins and he’s not going to get off my tv screen anytime soon) Harrison wants good tv though so he does kinda want Brooks to go thru with the fantasy suite so then her heart will be broken even more when she’s rejected. He knows its’ a ratings thing for his show, so I can respect that and I do not think ill of Harrison, rather I think he’s a smart guy looking out for his job.

WOAH Harrison is bringing it with mentioning Brooks parents divorce. And we find out that Brooks has been in this place before with his last girlfriend (on the brink of marriage). If he’s not ready, he’s not ready and I support Brooks in this decision and hope that he stays strong in this decision as it is a tough decision to make and I think a lot of people would take the easier route and just stick through it. (THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HOW I FEEL ABOUT DREW OR CHRIS, THIS IS JUST ME THINKING THIS IS A GOOD EXAMPLE AND SOMETHING THAT DOES HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE)

If I were Brooks part of me would be like why do I have to hash this all out with her, can’t I just show her the tape of what I said to you? Which I know is not possible, and he does need to man up and talk to her about it, but it would be tempting 🙂

Ugh seeing Des walking on the beach without a care in the world is hard, because we all know her world is about to come crashing down and she has no clue! MAKE HER STOP TALKING! You jerks of producers asking her these questions knowing what’s going on with Brooks and Chris Harrison right now!

When they first sat on the bench and she put her legs on him, I was yelling at the tv for her not to do that, because she was going to regret it soon! Then you can see in her face and body language when she’s realizing what’s going on and it’s not going to end well for her. She needs a hug and he needs to rip this bandaid off way quicker than he is! She is not listening to what he’s saying, she’s just waiting for the breakup. He knows that she loves him and he doesn’t reciprocate and I think because he’s a good guy that’s what he’s really struggling with. He doesn’t want to hurt her.

He is a good guy. However, she shouldn’t have to beg someone to love her. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, they both deserve better than this! Well she pulled her legs off of him and is getting her hug, but he now needs to leave her alone to let her wallow. Anything he says now won’t do any good.

OH GOD! She just admitted that she loves him! And now he’s racking his hands through his hair and asked why she didn’t say anything earlier. HELLO BROOKS, this is the Bachelorette when she says “I can’t” and he says “you can say anything you want” he obviously doesn’t know how this show works out! And besides that she did tell you earlier when you guys came up with your terms on how you feel, she said that she was running and you said you were jogging, read through the lines man! Besides that won’t change anything for him, you can’t force yourself to love someone just because they love you.

I feel like Brooks and Des are having the same conversation that her and Zak had last week after his hometown that he thought went so well. I feel like Brooks needs to leave her ALONE because she’s admitting a lot of stuff on camera right now that I don’t want her to. I want her to have some dignity. I’m having flashbacks to when Sean broke up with her and she was hugging him at the limo and begging him to keep her around and telling him he made a mistake!

Even though she loves Brooks she can’t be with him! He shouldn’t question himself and if he does question himself and come back I’m going to be mad because I will think it’s a decision he’s making out of pity or guilt and not love.

I did honestly LOL when Brooks says “I’m sorry I’ll shut up. This isn’t helping.” I had just yelled that at my tv when he asked her what she’s going to do now. And then tried to play a game that she still has 2 other guys and has been conflicted so she’ll be fine. Her response right back was that the only reason she’s been conflicted is because she wanted to go on all the dates with him! And she was conflicted because she only wanted to give him her heart!

He evidently cannot hear my screaming at my tv for him to get in the van and leave her the hell alone because he is not helping her! It’s weird that you can pick up on his heart beat when they were hugging goodbye.

FINALLY she gets to go sit on the end of the dock and cry and he gets to cry in the driveway. He’s a good guy who didn’t want to hurt her and he’s upset that he hurt her not because he actually loves her. Thank God he finally got in the limo! He will find a good girl, please just don’t come back and mess with her mind and heart Brooks! Please stay gone!

I just don’t see how this is going to end well. She is absolutely devastated/heartbroken over Brooks leaving and in a weeks time she’s supposed to possibly say yes to another guys proposal? Or if Brooks does come back I don’t see it lasting.

This had to be a real uncomfortable night for Des, as it was an uncomfortable night for me, an innocent bystander with no personal feelings towards anyone!

I am looking forward to our live studio audience and the After the Final Rose next week! Whew, good luck getting over this and I’ll see ya all next week for part 2!


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