Part 2 of Des’ Finale

When asked to give a one word answer about part 2 of the finale, I decided to steer clear from the usual: dramatic, shocking, unexpected and just went right to the point, TEARS.

Every time you turned around Des was crying. Happy tears, sad tears, drunk tears, exhausted tears, I don’t know what else to do so I’ll cry tears. We got it, she’s a crier! The biggest shame in this season is that whoever supplies her mascara didn’t get any credit. Her mascara didn’t run once and it didn’t clump together or anything!

Alright, let’s get to recapping this 3 hour finale! We get to see the recap of the longest/most awkward breakup ever. Which I’ll admit I was in the camp expecting Brooks to come back. I didn’t think it was the right choice, but I saw it happening.

We got more Chris Harrison screen time then we did Drew screen time, so that makes me a little sad.

We see Des upset and devastated about Brooks leaving and talking about her broken heart some more, and crying some more. Her and Chris Harrison talk before what would normally be the final 3 rose ceremony.  Chris pushs her to open up, which means more tears. I gotta give Chris credit, because he knows what to ask or what to say to get the emotion he wants. He gets the tears. Gets her to admit she wants to go home and forget this whole process. Then he very slyly tells her, “yea that’s not gonna happen…” She has to keep going on. You can tell her heads not really in the game though she has to continue.

I have to say with Chris Harrison walking in with contestant Chris to the rose ceremony, it looks like a guy walking with his mini-me. Harrison shouldn’t be wearing a gray suit, because he looks like a cute lil guy next to the other 2 guys.

You can tell that she’s still in a lot of pain at the rose ceremony with the 2 guys and can barely talk about Brooks leaving without breaking down. Both of these guys obviously care for her and are affected by seeing her cry and want to comfort her but really can’t because the other guy is there. There is some obvious tension between the two guys. Des goes in for the hug with Chris first and poor Drew watches and a light bulb goes off in his head, where he sees that she wants to be comforted by Chris more than him.

You can tell it’s not a good sign when we have to have a segment of ask the audience what they think….you all know what I think already, I have a blog….I do know that a normal finale we use up all 2 hrs, with 2 dates, meeting the families, ring shopping, a rejection and a proposal. No time for asking random people in an audience in Hollywood what they think (can you tell I’m a little bitter Chris Harrison didn’t ask my opinion? TEAM DREW :)) So you can tell it’s not going to follow the normal timeline.

At this point, I knew it wasn’t looking good for my Drew. And to be honest, I said (and I have a watch-party as my witnesses) that I didn’t want for her to choose Drew. I think that Drew is too good for her. However, I didn’t look forward to watching his heart get broken.

Wardrobe question for you, why the hell is she wearing all these random crop tops/weird vest from last week? I guess she wants to show off the abs, but it just seems like a bad fashion choice.

So here’s my question, for my Drew-loving heart. WHY did she keep him around for the rose ceremony just to break up with him 5 minutes into the date? Is that not the EXACT same thing that Brooks did to her? I guess I understand if Producers told her that she had to give out the 2 roses to the guys, so the show can go on it’s normal course and she doesn’t hand out the last rose to Chris with Drew standing there. And then Chris can be swept up in the drama for the last couple days thinking Drew was still around. I just wish I knew it was the producers and it wasn’t Des. It makes sense from a tv standpoint but not from my standpoint of watching her do this to him.

You can tell that she’s not that into it, and isn’t wanting to have the awkward small talk as they are on the horses. He is also a little more perceptive then she was with Brooks because you can see that he knows she put the breaks on. She doesn’t even pretend to be interested in him. She purposely brought him to this beach to break up with him. It’s like earlier in the season when she made that poor guy climb all the way up the lighthouse to break up with him.

While this breakup is going on and she’s rambling at the beginning I’m really bugged by her sunburn. It may just be an illusion, but it appears she has a sunburn on her chest, but there’s also a white line right in the middle and then white on her shoulders. Did ABC not splurge on sunscreen while she was sobbing over Brooks?

Difference between Brooks/Des breakup and Drew/Des breakup is how gracious Drew is. He is comforting Des and not making her feel guilty or wrong about her feelings (or lack of feelings.) This could’ve been a 40 minute breakup, but Drew didn’t go down the long painful path that Des did with Brooks. Even though he very well could’ve. The dignity with which he handled this breakup made me like him so much more. He also is somehow comforting her even though she’s the one breaking his heart. He deserves nothing but the best and that’s not with Des.

How could you say goodbye to this Des?!?!?


Is this really uncharted waters like Chris Harrison said? I feel like this is exactly what happened last season with Emily letting Arie go and then just having Jef left. I guess Arie was let go before he met lil Ricki, I don’t remember if that was before or after their date.

I do like contestant Chris, I’ve liked him since he pulled his Jim Halpert move out of the limo. However, I don’t know if Des has liked him. I do feel like this is a rebound relationship, or that Chris is 2nd place. Chris is the safe choice for her and I don’t think after she lets Drew go there’s anyone thinking she’s going home alone. It was either going to be Chris or Brooks coming back. I feel like when she’s talking about Chris and her feelings for him she’s trying to convince herself just as much as she’s trying to convince us.

I do find Chris rambling and general awkwardness cute. I just don’t know if I see the sparks as much as I should between the 2 of them. I’m a little bored with their date, which may be a good sign for them, as a normal person date would probably be boring to witness 🙂 Who was shocked by Chris giving her a journal of more poetry?!? I’m shocked! Chris writes poetry?!?! Who knew!

Des getting all emotional about no one loving her as much as Chris I think has to be alcohol induced because she’s going on like crazy and the tears are really falling. I’m hoping for her sake that it’s because of the alcohol.

Oh yea another filler segment because the finale is pretty boring. At this point I was still thinking Brooks was going to come back. How great for Sean to be feet away from 3 ex-girlfriends, one of whom was the runner-up and he got permission to ask to marry her. Are Catherine and Sean going to get married? It’s hard to tell if there’s trouble in paradise or if they’re happy. When he says that if Catherine would’ve left he’d thrown in the towel I find hard to believe. If you truly felt that way, why would you ask 3 other dads if it was okay to propose to their daughter. Honestly, (go with me on this thought) if society rules were different and Des had to ask permission for their hand in marriage, I don’t know if she would’ve asked anyone besides Brooks family. She was in it to win it with Brooks from real early on. I just didn’t see that with Catherine and Sean as much as with Des’ feelings for Brooks.

Who is Jackie related to?!?! I bet Jackie is so mad there’s no Bachelor Pad as she’d be a sure fire to be on Bachelor Pad. She has gotten more screen time since Sean kicked her off then she did while she was on the season.

K, back to the finale and not the audience. Chris handles Des’ brother Nate very well. He also brings up a VERY good point that I hadn’t thought about in all these seasons. He said asking Des out on a date is just like any other guy asking a girl out on a date. You know that there’s competition out there for the girl and she’s probably going on other dates with other guys. The difference is you don’t see those dates right in-front of your face and you don’t live with those guys. I do have to add that you also don’t travel around the world and don’t propose after spending so little amount of time with them….but tomato/tomato. I do not see Drew and Nate getting along that well, so good for Chris for handling him so well.

Even as Chris is going to talk to Neil Lane, I’m looking at my clock and seeing 20 minutes left and I think that’s plenty of time for her to have Brooks come back. Then they’re both in their engagement outfits (I’m not a huge fan of the dress color for Des’ dress, but do love her hair.) and she’s crying again while talking to the camera and I’m just waiting for her to tell him about how she feels about Brooks.

When she stops him from proposing, I’m not gonna lie I kinda got excited. She mentions wanting to be completely honest and says that Drew went home early. She isn’t completely honest when she says that she was torn by Brooks and Chris. You were not torn Des, you told Brooks “I loved you, I just wanted to be with you.” there was no “I was conflicted with you and Chris.” I’m just mad that she’s not completely honest, because I feel like Brooks, Chris and Drew have been nothing but honest with her. Maybe she’s not being honest with herself.

I don’t know how I’d feel if I were Chris if my fiance was talking about how she couldn’t fall in love with me until the guy she did love broke up with her. Evidently he’s okay with it, since he starts making out with her and then gets on a knee to propose. She seems relieved that it’s over, but I don’t know if happy is the right word.

As it was said at our viewing party, if Brooks would’ve came galloping up over that hill and proclaimed his love for Des I don’t think she’d be staying with Chris. Hopefully I’m wrong and hopefully they will be very happy with one another. I’m not gonna lie I LOVED the Matt White “Love and Affection” song at the end that showed the highlights of their journey. Watching the journey back I did realize that Chris truly is a great guy, I just hope that Des is a great girl for him.


I’m not buying that this was actually live and done last night. I have a feeling it was taped over the weekend so they could do some tweaking and editing. I do have to say when they were doing the audience shot and we could see the 3 rows of chairs were Sean, Catherine and Sean’s 3 rejects set they are no longer in those seats, but others have filled them instead. Just an interesting observation I had to share.

You can notice the huge rock on Des’ finger right when she sits down. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I did a ring check. I don’ know if you’re able to compartmentalize relationships as completely separate. How can you be in love with 3 guys all at the same time, like she’s claiming she was.

I like how Chris asks about Brooks and asks Des if looking back did you see the red flags that we all witnessed, and she said no, it had to be about the experience or something must have happened after Hometown dates. Honey, stop living in denial and smell the millions of roses!

Okay, I know this is extremely petty, even for me, but she did a bad choice for wardrobe. This off-white dress that she’s wearing makes her teeth seem kinda tan and not sparkly white. I also feel like a short dress is not the right choice either for the camera angles.

Brooks has some kinda Elvis hair working. I think Brooks really is a great guy and that’s why he’s so emotional talking about hurting someone. I don’t think he’d ever want to intentionally hurt someone. These two are so uncomfortable around one another. I think they both want to say the right thing and not cause any more pain. When she’s nodding her head and making her “uhuh” sounds I feel like she’s kinda tuned him out because she doesn’t want to get emotional. She is playing the jilted girlfriend card very well.

She also turns around their breakup into her wanting him to stop talking, but wasn’t she the one who had her legs on top of his, and she cried into his shoulder and kept hugging him. If she really wanted him to leave, she would’ve told him to leave, or she would’ve left herself. She’s trying to rewrite history, or she’s giving the perspective of watching it last week that we all had.

I did notice that she kept reaching over and grabbing his arm, as someone who often does that myself it may not mean anything, or it may mean everything 🙂

It seemed REAL AWKWARD for her to admit that she’s engaged to Chris. Poor Brooks has to try and deal with the news of her engagement on national tv. If he’d been paying attention to spoilers, they all said he was the winner, so he probably thought she was going to say that she was single, since he knew she wasn’t with him. That or I hope he did a ring check and noticed her ring so he wasn’t completely blindsided. I wonder what she’d done had he said that he was engaged to another girl!

Drew almost fell off the lil loveseat thing he’s trying to sit as far away from Des as possible. His guard is up you can tell right away. He still does have his sense of humor though, as they were “heading down the street to Breakup Town.” I’m glad that Drew asked some questions that did put Des a little more on the hot seat. He took a book out of Michael the prosecutors book! And Des took her lessons from Brooks. I’m glad that Drew didn’t let her off the hook too easily. And he brought back his sweet side by saying he’d always be in her corner. Please let Drew be happy!

I do hope that Chris and Des are happy as well. It was mentioned at the watch party if you look at Des’ body language she is leaning away from him. It seems more forced. Hopefully that’s not the case…..

So, she’s moving to Seattle. She keeps proving me wrong, as I didn’t think she’d leave Cali for a guy not named Brooks. She’s moving though! This weekend! I do have to be petty though and point out that when her and Sean were dating and talking and he said that he doesn’t want to move in with someone until he’s married and she whole-heartedly agreed, yet here we are 6 months later and she’s singing a different tune and moving in with a guy she’s been kinda dating for a couple weeks. This doesn’t seem like it’s going to end well. Don’t worry though, Chris has got her a gift of all the roses from the ceremony and another poem!

Juan Pablo as the new Bachelor! I can get behind that. He never was one of my all out favorites, but he does seem to be funny and is certainly attractive. I think he has a good heart as well and you can tell really cares for his daughter. It also seems like all the other guys liked him, which is rare 🙂

If I can’t have Drew as the Bachelor, Juan Pablo is a good second, but like Des he is not my rebound choice, I’m sure I love Juan Pablo, but was just blinded by my love of Drew.

He will also bring a diverse audience, as he said himself he can walk around Miami and no one has any clue who he is because people in Miami aren’t watching the show like we are. ABC wants to change that, and Juan Pablo could be their guy to change that.

Alright, we have Juan Pablo to look forward to in January! Everyone stay safe and have a good rest of the year, I’ll see ya in January!

In the meantime, I’m going to head to Scottsdale to go see if I can track this guy down. If you happen to see him in the meantime, please give him my number and tell him I’m looking for him 🙂



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