Juanuary: Pick your favorites and crazies now!

Welcome Back Bachelor fans!

I hope you’re ready for an exciting JUANUARY! This is just a quick blog post to give you my picks for who my favorites are going to be and who I think the crazies are going to be this season. This is just strictly going off the bios that are available on the ABC website (http://abc.go.com/shows/the-bachelor/cast). I encourage you all to go check them out and do your guesses, it makes the first episodes that much more exciting when you’re girl is chosen or still awaiting a rose. It’s almost like a friend. Except for you feel really angry and betrayed if you thought they were gonna be all sweet and then they turn into a crazy Vienna, Courtney or Tierra.

Alright, I’m gonna start off with who I think the crazies will be:

1. Lucy: Lucy, Lucy, Lucy! She was gonna be one of my favorites, just by looking at her picture. However, once you click on her bio, she’s a free spirit for her occupation. Plus she’s best friends with Kate Upton supposedly. And once organized a 50 person fully nude dance party in Mexico. I think she’s exaggerating a lot of things and playing it up for the cameras. She’ll stay for a couple episodes to get the drama going.

2.Cassandra: She has the crazy eyes/eyebrows working. She’s also a FORMER NBA dancer, and yeah she’s 21! So there’s more to that story obviously, unless peaking for a dancer is at 19. Which it very well could be. She’s slightly afraid of heights. Which means she’s going to get the date where they repel or jump off a building or something along those lines. And she’s going to play it up like she’s so scared so Juan Pablo can comfort her, but we’ll know she’s somewhat faking it, since she’s only a little scared of heights. Suck it up, either admit you’re deathly afraid (like I am) or come up with a new, honest, fear to list! Also, her favorite thing for a date to do is to hold her hand. Her least favorite thing for a date to do, is not hold her hand. Well Cassandra, I got some bad news for you, you’re looking if you stay at the end a maximum of what 4 maybe 5 one-on-one dates, and the majority of those will be the last 2 or 3 episodes. The majority of your time will be on group dates. Where there are LOTS of girls and Juan Pablo only has 2 hands, so your hand holding opportunities are going to be slim to none, so you may not like him a whole lot. Also, 21 and a step-mom! That seems like quite a bit of responsibility!

3.Sharleen: I was liking her until the what’s your most embarrassing question line in her bio and her answer was: “Every time an audience applauds and I’m not happy with how I did. I can’t help but squirm from feeling undeserving.” SERIOUSLY!?!? That’s the whole excuse of my biggest weakness is that I care too much and give all my money away to charity. Be honest and tell us what your most embarrassing moment is, because trust me I’m gonna see you do a whole lotta stupid/crazy things and I’m not going to be applauding afterwards!

4. Clare: I have a feeling Clare is like the Ashlee we had from Sean’s season. Clare looks like she’s our oldest contestant at 32. She’s a hairdresser and I was liking her right until the end of her bio when she talked about how hasn’t taken a vacation because she doesn’t have time for that, because she’s always working her buns off. She also doesn’t know what the most romantic thing is that’s ever happened to her before she has never had romance happen to her before. I’m sorry but she sounds like a complainer and I’m afraid there are going to be lots of tears and she’s going to get too emotionally invested like Ashlee did.

5. Nikki: She’s a Midwest girl from Missouri, but I think we need to look out for her. Her favorite type of dancing is drunk dancing, so knowing how this show goes she’ll have plenty of opportunities to show off those dance moves! She’s a pediatric nurse, so I think Juan Pablo will be drawn to that to start off with, but just from reading her bio she doesn’t seem like she’s ready to be someone’s step-mom.

My favorites:

1. Alexis: What I like about her is that her answers are actually a decent length. She’s a Communications Director, so I guess that makes sense. One of her favorite movies is Elf, which I’m a huge fan of 🙂 I also like that she wants to do missionary work and that she’s Catholic. Another thing that I can relate to! I hope that she is able to act like a nice Catholic girl and not something that will make me mad at her!

2. Lauren S: I want to hang out with her, at least from her bio! I like that her most romantic gift that she received was a veggie chopper and knife because she likes to cook veggies. That’s something that you’d actually find under the Christmas tree and is a realistic present unlike a Gondola trip in Italy. Her most embarrassing moment also seemed realistic. She farted in her 4th grade class and blamed it on another kid and still feels guilty about it. That’s something I could see actually happening.

3. Lacy: She seems like she’ll be the Drew of this season. She’s one of 11 kids, 9 of which have mental handicaps. She’s also dated a guy before that had a daughter, so I think she’ll be able to handle that in the future as well, which will be good if she ends up with Juan Pablo.

4. Alli: She’s a nanny so she’ll be able to handle Camilla. I’m a fan of her favorite movies and I like that she took some time off after school and was by herself in Australia. She’s also a Catholic, so better be a good girl as well. Her best date was driving around in a Jeep and it started raining and they got soaked. Again something that could actually happen in real life.

5. Andi: I like that she’s feisty. Her biggest accomplishment was that she was able to get a guy convicted of murder in 8 minutes. She also seems like she has a sense of humor.

Alright, we’ll see what happens with these girls! I’ll be back later on this week after the first episode to give my thoughts!



One thought on “Juanuary: Pick your favorites and crazies now!

  1. Here’s my picks and they are based on only reading a few answers to the ibis questions. I’m doing this on my phone and I can’t see their ages along with some other items you refer to, Lindsay so my predictions could be way off! And funny: a couple of my possible likes are your psychos! Ha ha ha ha!

    Agree with your Lucy.
    Also thinking Ashley, Christy, & Lauren H.

    The absolute only one who jumped out at me was Lauren S.
    Others I may possibly like: Nikki, Sharleen, and Valerie.

    Can I re-do my list in a week or two once we’ve kicked a few off? 🙂
    Happy Juanuary (can’t believe I just typed that).

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