First One-on-One dates/Group date of Juan Pablo’s Season

Welcome to the actual beginning of the Bachelor! We’re onto real dates now, which means even more tears!!!! Let’s settle in and hope everyone is wearing water-proof mascara!

“Behind the Scenes of the Bachelor” episode from last night I didn’t watch it until tonight and I’ll admit I fast-forwarded through the Bachelor viewing parties, as I know they didn’t come to my visiting party, so I found it hard to care 🙂

I did find it funny that Juan Pablo was trying to get Camilla excited about her surprise with a trip to the Winter Wonderland, and she starts talking about how she likes surprise chocolate! Take notes Juan Pablo, your daughter is giving you hints to a woman’s heart!

You can tell that she’s very excited by the snow! I think one of the cutest things was Juan Pablo using his phone as a video recorder to remember the moment. It’s like he forgot that there are how many cameras on him, he was a normal dad. No matter what happens this season, there’s no denying the fact that he’s an AWESOME dad and his daughter loves him! Camilla has the cutest giggle.

I’ll be honest, I never really thought about the fact that when the girls come out of the limo for the first time they don’t have luggage. So it makes sense they would be at a hotel after the first rose ceremony and move into the house at a later date. I like that these girls want to act as if they’re best friends when they decide to be roommates. Why in the world is Lucy hugging everyone when she’s soaking wet?!?

Watching these girls who didn’t get roses is ridiculous. I’m hoping they are either still drunk from last night or are hungover. I’m okay with the girls crying that they want to find love and not being specific about Juan Pablo. They’re sad this didn’t work out. Which makes sense. The ones who think them and Juan Pablo were meant to be need to take a chill pill.

Sean and Catherine just happened to be in the neighborhood to talk to Juan Pablo. I don’t remember Cathrine giving Sean a massage. Also, what a coincidence that they’re here to talk about how they’re getting married in January and it just happens to be in LA and Juan Pablo will be invited. There’s also a ton of message about how successful the franchise is.

Hmmmm Clare with the first date card is interesting. There are some things I like about her, but then other times I think she’s crazy. I think watching her one on one date will help me figure her out.

Hmmmm Victoria. She went under my psycho radar! She was married at 18! Goodness gracious! She’s 24 and has already been divorced since he was cheating on her. She’s looking for love and she thinks she’s past her time to find it.

Lucy is playing everything up for the camera and just wants all the attention in the world and will do anything she can do to get it in an “original” way.

Wow, Elise got me all sad! Her mom and her were so close and she suddenly got melonoma. As Elise was going through her things after she passed, she found a letter that her mom wrote that is a recommendation letter for Elise to go on the Bachelor.

Amy’s sister looks older than her mom! I like the way Amy did her intro package and used the fact that she’s a news anchor to her advantage. She’s cute!

Alright, now we’re onto tonight’s episode of the Bachelor!

He goes and picks up Clare, he puts a blindfold on her as he drives to their special place. Talk about a trust exercise on your first date! Why oh why do we insist on having the Bachelor/Bachelorette say that they planned these dates? You just showed us last night how this date came together in one day and Juan Pablo didn’t do squat! That’s the kinda snow I’d love. You can play in it and not worry about getting frostbite! They went sledding, built a snowman and went ice skating.

So now we’re at our cut-away to the girls back at the mansion. Lucy has a big old censor black box on her chest, so we all know that means she wasn’t getting enough attention so she had to go all hippie girl. I LOVE Renee and Nikki! Renee says she wasn’t shocked that Lucy’s top came off in the water, however what concerns me about single-mom Renee is that she’s in the group hanging with Lucy and kinda said it like “Oh it’s not a big deal, it’s just Lucy being Lucy.” I’m more in camp Nikki, who made me literally LOL when she said “Oh guess what, Lucy forgot to pack bikini tops!” Nikki was inside and as far from Lucy as she could get, like I would be!

The one thing I found interesting that Lucy said is that at the rose ceremony Clare’s name was the first one that Juan Pablo said (obviously after the first impression rose) and she got the first date card. I’d say Juan Pablo wants to make sure she knows she’s secure.

Alright, back to Clare and Juan Pablo. They attempt to ice skate and I appreciate it more than I should because as most of you know I’m not the most coordinated person, so I’d be clinging like she was and squealing like she was.

I LOVE that Molly (the dog) brought in the date card! Kat’s name is on the date card. Guess we’re going the one on one dates before the group date.

Back again to Clare and Juan Pablo. I didn’t realize at first that Clare was rubbing Juan Pablo’s back, I thought he was just giving her the cold shoulder. I like that she was honest and told him what she loves about her dad and what she’s looking for in a guy, and just put it point blank, if you can’t be this person, tell me and then I’ll be done. How funny that she mentions her necklace right now, because I was just noticing it and thinking that it was very pretty. She has it to remind her there are great things out in the world. I think Clare gave herself a few extra weeks when she talked about her dad treating her like a princess, when that’s obviously a very important relationship to Juan Pablo with Camilla. I think I do like her, I’m just scared she’s gonna get her heart broken and that’s gonna be real sad! Clare is the first one to be kissed! Our first concert of the season! It’s Josh Krajcik, whoever that is! Their date ends with fake snow falling out of the sky and I think it’s safe to say that Clare will be making it to final 5 at least.

The only reason I remember Kat is because her name was called to get the rose and Kylie went towards Juan Pablo to get the rose and Kylie was wrong and had to go home and Kat got to stay and get the 2nd one-on-one date of the season! She said that she salsa danced with him when she got out of the limo. I vaguely remember this, we’ll see! I’m concerned because she seems to be friends with crazy Lucy!  Shockingly, Kat has not been a private jet before. Juan Pablo and her are jetting off, and it looks as if the pilot is a first timer when it looks like Kat and Juan Pablo are thrown to the side. We are changing clothes in the airplane and they light up in neon lights. Juan Pablo LOVES the outfits, Kat does not seem to be as excited about this.

As she was expecting a romantic date in New York City. Instead they are in a mob of people at the start line of the Electric run. It’s a 5k run at night that doesn’t start until Juan Pablo and Kat start it. My sister wins, because she knew that it was going to be for a night run.They are getting passed by quite a few people. And now she’s talking about how sexy Juan Pablo is, that doesn’t bode well for the nature of their relationship. We’ll see how it ends up when they get to the part of the date where they’re supposed to talk and communicate.

Alright, onto the group date, date card! We got

Chelsie (the science educator),

Christy—yeah I got nothing,

Kelly—no clue

Cassandra—ex NBA dancer, 21 year old, too young to be here


Renee—single mom

Lauren— girl who pushed a piano up for her intro to Juan Pablo


Chantel—don’t really remember her

Nikki—- Pediatric nurse from KC

Elise—- I think I’d like her more if she didn’t appear to be BFF with Lucy

Victoria—-before watching the Behind the Scenes episode all I remembered about her was that she wore an ugly yellow dress to last week’s rose ceremony. She’s evidently bringing the crazy tonight though

and Lucy (sigh)

Those without a date this week are Amy (the girl I just talked about how much I liked her audition tape with being a news reporter), Danielle (?????) and Sharleen (first impression rose) girl.

Alright, back to the techno run date. The whole state of Utah is at this run. They of course bring up Juan Pablo and Kat on the stage, to awkwardly dance for the whole crowd. Juan Pablo was talking about how great it is to get to know someone. I’m sorry, but when in the world did these 2 talk?!? I think they’re physically attracted to each other, but I don’t know how much they know about one another.

How horrible is it that when she showed Kelly, and it said Dog Lover, I then knew her. I shouldn’t know that she has a dog named Molly and have no clue who she is.

Alright, let’s see how Juan Pablo’s first group date goes. It’s a photo shoot. This is sure to be DRAMA! Oh and there are lots of dogs that are going to be the co-stars on this photo shoot. Each girl is going to made up depending on what their dog looks like.

I’m hoping that Andi stays strong. Her wardrobe is supposed to be a cardboard sign that hangs vertically. Andi is a persecutor. Elise is a first grade teacher who tries to talk to the director because she is also supposed to be wearing a sign as well and she wants to be a good role model. The director says tough noogies and she has to wear the outfit. Well luckily Elise is bff with Lucy and convinces Lucy to switch outfits with her.

Alright, onto the photo shoot. We have Victoria and Chantel in swimming suits and Juan Pablo is in the middle of them. Elise is able to be a fire hydrant. Kelly’s outfit is so weird, they made her look like her dog. Cassandra and Juan Pablo do the lady and tramp scene and they kiss with the noodle. Renee is dressed all elegantly and she looks like LC from Laguna Beach and the Hills.

Andi is flipping out and Juan Pablo comes over and encourages her. However, I wish that she would stick to her guns and not do it. He is doing a good job of saying that they’ll be a team and stick together and do it together. She looks uncomfortable while Lucy not so much.

WHAT!?!?! Cassandra has a SON! Cassandra, the 21 year old, former NBA dancer has a son named Trey! There goes my whole theory on her being too young to be a mom! I guess we now know why she’s a former dancer. She evidently calls her mom 10 times a day and actually does talk to her that often. Juan Pablo is SO PUMPED that she has a son. Trey is 2 years old and is being taken care of by her mom. Well that went well for her and I think she just got herself a rose with that.

Renee and her son are writing to each other every day. They each have a journal and Juan Pablo talks about how Camilla can write her name but wouldn’t be able to write him. She drops the hint that she wants a kiss, by talking about how they almost kissed during the photo shoot, but he doesn’t take the bait and doesn’t kiss her.

Nikki is the voice of reason on this show! She tries to tell Victoria to tone it down and stop drinking. Victoria then says she hasn’t even had a full glass of champagne yet, though the girl is HAMMERED! She then says that everyone knows Juan Pablo likes to have fun, so she’s fine. Then it’s her one-on-one interview with the camera and she says that if Juan Pablo ends up with her she’d straddle him every day, because that’s what life is about, straddling people. Kelly wanted to put a dog collar on Victoria because she’s too loud. Nikki tells her she’s not a dog and she’s not a child. Victoria said “I’m not a dog, I’m just a bitch”

Nikki gets carried to the couch by Juan Pablo. She admits that it’s been a long day. Children’s Mercy hospital gave Nikki a leave of absence to come on the show. And she admits that while everyone else misses their kids, she misses the kids she takes care of.

Alright, now we have Victoria drunk and in the hot tub alone. She’s already claiming that Juan Pablo is her boyfriend. She gave him the Heimlich maneuver and saved his life evidently and is talking about straddling more, I think she’s referring to the photo shoot.

And crazy Victoria is coming up and interrupting Nikki and Juan Pablo’s time. However, she doesn’t say anything, she just walks up to them and sees them talking and flips out. She walks to the bathroom and locks herself in the bathroom to cry. Renee is such a good mom and decides to go and comfort her in the stall. She’s trying to reason with a drunk girl, which doesn’t work out. Victoria has decided that she’s going to go home. I love that the producers/camera guys say that they’re gonna let her go home but they can’t let her go home without her shoes. The producer then tells her he’ll let her go home, but he has to get her a flight home and a taxi to the airport so for her safety she has to sit down. She decides that the best place to hang out is back in the bathroom and locking a stall.

Juan Pablo then decides to go into the bathroom and try and talk to her. He sounds like a dad talking to a hysterical child. He has a very calm voice and she is a juvenile child. He said he’ll wait outside for her. He is a very understanding guy and asks the girls to get Victoria home so he can talk to her tomorrow.

The dog lover Kelly wins the date rose for the date about dogs. How appropriate! Molly is gonna be ecstatic that she won a rose without having to go on the date! I wonder if she’ll show up at the rose ceremony and how she’ll feel to know that she didn’t make the cut to be in the calendar with the other dogs?!?! Poor Molly!

Victoria got to stay at a hotel by herself after the group date. Juan Pablo is showing up at her hotel room to speak with her. She says she may have over-reacted a little bit. My question is if she’s going to react like a child, how is she going to handle a child and being a mother? She feels everything very passionately, when she’s mad she’s mad, when she’s happy, she’s happy. She tries to say that the reason why she walked away from him when she interrupted him and Juan Pablo is because it’s embarrassing to have a guy you like seeing you cry. UMMMMMM yeah….go with the crying in-front of him over acting like a banshee and running away from him and locking yourself in a bathroom stall and refusing to talk to him. She may have been able to handle it a little more adult she admits. No, no honey, you handled it perfectly….ugh…..

Gosh dang, we got an honest to goodness man on our hand! We got a Bachelor who will be straight-forward and is actually looking out for Camilla and is sending the crazy home! He’s not waiting until the rose ceremony, he’s sending her home now. I’m so excited!

Alright now onto the next rose ceremony/cocktail party! Juan Pablo calls Amy to talk to her since she didn’t get to go on a date. She works on her interview skills with him and is able to show and tell him that she’s a reporter.

Sharleen is next. She is wearing a very unique dress. It’s much lower cut than I’d ever wear or be comfortable with. She apologizes for being ungracious in the way she received the first impression rose and when she apologizes he’s completely taken aback. She admits that there were lots of pretty girls in the house and she didn’t think she was gonna get the rose. Juan Pablo doesn’t understand that there’s pressure when they talk and he tries to gently reassure her. I’d say Sharleen is safe, he seems smitten.

Cassandra is feeling insecure and missing her son. Trey is stinking cute! Her and Renee talk it out as they’re two people who understand each other. Renee is such a GOOD person. Instead of pushing her out the door and telling her to go home, she says that she should stay. Thus making her a competitor. The girls go up the stairs to continue talking and Juan Pablo comes up to talk to them.

He comes in and says “the two moms” and he sounds so loving. He wants to reassure Cassandra and comfort her. She tells him she wants to know if it’s worth it to leave Trey and she’s questioning everything. He’s being honest and says that he sees her and Renee differently than anyone else because he knows they have kids at home so he doesn’t want to keep them around longer than necessary. I gotta say, this whole Cassandra having a kid thing is a game-changer for me and I now like her more!

Alright, rose ceremony time!

First name called: Cassandra (good call Juan Pablo)

Nikki (Woot woot KC girl!)

Andi (good thing you got a rose after you posed naked for that photo shoot, I do actually like her, I just don’t like that choice)

Elise (Not a fan of her hair or her dress, but eh, I’m indifferent towards her getting a rose at this point. Once Lucy is gone may like her more, I’m just not sold on her.)

Sharleen (Says sure when she gets the rose, hopefully that’s a callback to the first rose.)

Renee (both moms with the roses!)

Danielle (girl who didn’t get a date and no on-screen air time this week)

Lucy (crazy Lucy, producers want you around to stir up drama)

Alli (she’s the nanny who I liked from the first episode, but didn’t get much airtime tonight)

Chelsie (not a lot of airtime tonight, indifferent towards her)

Lauren (WOOT WOOT! She’s the music composer, who I’m a huge fan of and we didn’t see any of her tonight, hopefully that means she’s gonna do a Catherine and come on strong the second half, but she’ll probably go home next week.)

Christy (I have no flipping clue who this is, which means she’s actually our winner.)

They join Kat (who needs to go home), Kelly (she also needs to go home, but cute Molly can stay) and Clare (I’m warming up to her more and more) as girls with roses.

How sad that Amy our news reporter didn’t get a rose! I thought she had a chance! Maybe she can get together with the Weatherman from a few seasons ago and they can do local news together!

Chantel didn’t get a rose either. I have no real opinion on her, but she’s very disappointed and is crying now.

Alright, Sunday night we get the real life love stories of the Bachelor. Then we get Sean & Catherine’s wedding Sunday January 26th! They say it’s LIVE, I’m doubting it’s actually live, but they can tell us it is 🙂

I hope everyone has a great week and please if you need to slide under any locked bathroom stalls do like Renee did and put something down first before you slide! The Bachelor teaches us such practical life lessons!



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