Soccer, bungee jumping and boating

We’re starting the week off right away, we have 15 girls left and we’ve already got rid of 12. Let’s see who gets the first date card!

Okay, Chris Harrison’s two-toned blue shirt is hideous when he drops off the first date card. I’m assuming it’s a shirt from his line, but I could be wrong. Did you know Chris Harrison has a clothing line, btw, because he does, now you can get all the men in your life a shirt from his line 🙂

Alright Cassandra gets the first one-on-one of the night. Let’s see if she continues to grow on me like she did last week.

I enjoy seeing Camilla and him bartering over how many bites of food she has to eat before she’s done. Now THAT is real life! Camilla says 2 more bites, Juan Pablo says 3, I didn’t see who actually won, but it’s real life, so it was probably like 1.5 bites, but she made them into 3 small bites.

Cassandra and Juan Pablo drive in this weird car that looked like a jeep/car. Well lo and behold it’s a car that floats! Juan Pablo drives the car into the water and they’re able to take off like a boat. To be honest, it looks like a blast and this is the kinda date I’d love! Wow, her last first date was when she was 18 years old, I’m assuming that was with her baby daddy.

We get a recap of Elise’s sad story with her mom writing the Bachelor letter before she passed away. Then Renee has to hug it out with her.

Now we’re back to the fun with Juan Pablo and Cassandra. They take the car right up to a yacht and board the yacht. Cassandra refers to him as Juan, does that mean we can too? I don’t think so, right now he’ll continue to be Juan Pablo, I don’t know him well enough to call him just Juan. However, after they board the yacht, they strip down to swimming suits, take a “leap of faith” off the yacht and into the water and make out while Juan Pablo holds onto the water car….

Cassandra and Juan Pablo are back at Juan Pablo’s house, where there are drawings on his fridge that Camilla made. They are testing out her cooking skills. And while they’re cooking, to make her feel more comfortable, we start dancing in the kitchen. I guess as a former professional dancer, that would relax her or make her feel more comfortable, whereas with me, it’d be the complete opposite.

Kelly the dog lover is kinda a b****. She thinks she deserves a one-on-one date because she already received her rose on the last group date. Alright, we’re down to Chelsie or Elise for the one-on-one date….

And we’re back to Cassandra and Juan Pablo. I like how Juan Pablo understands that she’s a single mom and he wants to feel the connection or send her home. They’re able to share photos of their kids and understand each other on a different level. They already get the implications of the relationship if it continues. Juan Pablo gives her the rose and reassures her that he isn’t going to keep her around just for fun. He sees a possible future. Cassandra admits she felt doubt last week, but is feeling better right now.

Alright group date, we’re doing soccer. Which isn’t this a repeat of the date last year on the Bachelorette when Juan Pablo was on the show and he showed off his skills? He quit soccer when Camilla was born. Our opera singer, Sharleen, is off to her first date of the season. She hasn’t had a date yet and had yet to leave the mansion.

The limos drop the girls off right on the field. Alli the nanny has played soccer her whole life so she is pumped to play. The girls have to start by warming up and trying their different skills.

Clare and Cassandra are talking about the group date and then about how weird it is to kiss a guy knowing he’s kissing other girls and wondering if he’s gonna kiss anyone on the group date.

Nikki our pediatric nurse gets super competitive. Sharleen keeps getting kicked and hit in the face with the ball. Alli got a hat trick and scored 3 goals. Hmmm….after the game I was expecting for the losing team to have to go home and not have a cocktail party, but evidently all the girls get to stay this time. So no crying in the limo for losing, I’m kinda disappointed.

Alright Nikki gets the first one-on-one time. She asks about Juan Pablo’s biggest fear and his biggest fear was hurting people. He turns the tables and asks her biggest fear and she said that it was getting hurt. So he again is one of our more intelligent bachelors because he’s able to put two and two together and figures out that’s why she’s not opening up and asks her how they can get her to open up to him. Juan Pablo says that there’s a vibe that Nikki has and he wants to know more. She felt a good connection with him and he brought it in for a hug and she was happy but wished she could’ve kissed him, a la Jef, Emily and the Ferris wheel in London, but at least Nikki and Juan Pablo weren’t on the most romantic ride in the world. But still she should’ve gone for it.

Andi tells Juan Pablo that today it got serious for her. They go into the kitchen to cook something and end up making out in the kitchen. Andi’s first kiss with Juan Pablo.

Elise is constantly wearing this mustard color. That must be the only color that she owns. Elise had a dream she was getting the one-on-one date, but it actually goes to Chelsie and Elise doesn’t think Chelsie is ready to be a step-mom and says Chelsie is going to be another daughter for Juan Pablo.

Okay, my girl Lauren gets a little air-time with Juan Pablo sitting in the stands and she tells him she wants 4-5 kids, a little soccer team and I feel like I need to point out she needs more than 4 or 5 kids for a soccer team.

Danielle was adopted when she was 2 days old. I completely forgot Danielle was still around.

Sharleen and Juan Pablo sit down in the middle of the soccer field. He keeps telling her that she has class. He goes in for the kiss and I gotta be honest, it’s one of the most awkward weirdest kisses! I saw way more of her tongue than I did her lips and it just looked gross! I just am not a huge fan of Sharleen, she kinda rubs me the wrong way. She feels special and would be shocked if she didn’t get a rose.

The group date rose goes out to……Nikki! I wasn’t expecting her to get the rose, but am excited that she got the rose. She then does a victory dance in her confessional video and I LOVED it because it was a dorky dance that I can appreciate because it’s what I would like like. However, she didn’t rub it in anyone’s face on the date, it was just her and the camera.

However now Sharleen and Andi are pissed they didn’t get a rose since they made out with him.

Alright onto Chelsie and Juan Pablo’s one on one date. He keeps asking if he’s going to trust her. They play Spanish music and she starts dancing along in the car with him. He sings and she does the car dancing. I’m concerned with all the hand dancing he’s doing, and I see the trees going by in the distance, so he’s obviously moving and driving and doing this at the same time. I feel like before this date begins Chelsie has already proven that she trusts him by being in a car with him!

Elise is now talking to Cassandra about how Chelsie is young and a baby. Elise is 27 and need I remind you that Cassandra is our youngest contestant at 21. Chelsie is 24, so she is young, but it’s not that Elise is really her elder. Juan Pablo and Chelsie go to a Venzuelean food place and try some Spanish food and she loves it.

That seems like a real unfortante choice to eat before they go to the middle of a bridge and jump off it. They are tandem jumping. They are going to be jumping while the bungee is connected just to their ankles. I’m sorry, but those of you who know me know I’m terrified of heights, so HELL NO!!!!!!!! Just my flipping ankle?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOO! If you’d ever get me to jump off a bridge, there would be lots of liquid courage in me, and you’d have to have me secure all over my body, not just my ankle. It seems real easy for something to slip off an ankle. I want it around my arms, stomach, legs and my ankle.

Side-note, the bridge they are jumping off of reminds me of the bridge from Full House when in a later season, Jesse and Becky jump off the bridge so Becky can prove she is fearless. There are better ways to prove it than this people!

They are harnessed up and have to walk to the platform. They are shuffling and now that I see their footwear, I’m even more concerned about this whole ankle thing. She is wearing slip on shoes that are basically Toms. They are told to jump out at this pole thingy because if they don’t jump out they could hit the arch of this bridge. Goodness! Then they show us a shot looking down, and I can now feel my stomach in my throat and my palms getting sweaty and I’m on the safety of my couch at home! There is lots of concrete and not the water I was hoping to see. She is absolutely panicking. But is handling it better than me. I’d be screaming bloody murder and wouldn’t be on the flipping platform. She also has these gentle tears running down her face, I’d be ugly sobbing. We go to commercial break trying to figure out what she’s gonna do……..

They decide to take a step off the platform and back to the sidewalk. Juan Pablo does a good job of calming her down. He has such a reassuring/calming voice. She wants to look out again, so they go back out on the platform.  Haha now that I see her shoes again I see the label that says Toms, so she is wearing Toms. Now there’s the creepy guy in the black who is basically blocking off the sidewalk from them and making them stay on the platform. I keep waiting for him to push them. Luckily he doesn’t and they come back to the sidewalk. Where Juan Pablo says she won’t ruin the day by not jumping. And he does appear to be very sincere when saying that. She decides she can trust him because he cares for her and is sincere and they jump and I’m super proud of her. There is some bleeping out of the cursing, but I can guarentee you, I’d be cursing way more! Her jumping earns her a first kiss from Juan Pablo while hanging upside down. Since they jumped off a bridge, they can get thru anything, at least according to Chelsie.

Chelsie asks him his biggest fear. He said not being a good example to Camilla. Chelsie said her biggest fear is not being happy. She doesn’t want to be pleasing everyone and not happy. She went against the grain by being a teacher, her family is dentists and drs. Juan Pablo likes that she’s maternal since she is a teacher.

And we’re back to Elise talking about Chelsie being a little girl. Honey, honey, honey, look in the mirror sweetheart! Real women don’t have to talk down to people and tear them down to make yourself look better.

Once she compliments his dancing and his upside down kissing he goes to the rose and offers it to her and she says yes! They seem to have fun with each other and grinning at each other. Now we’re gonna have Billy Currington (country singer) have a private concert for them. I guess it makes sense that their date started with Juan Pablo playing music that Chelsie didn’t completely understand, and ending with music that Chelsie loves and Juan Pablo doesn’t understand 🙂 Juan Pablo is definitely the best dancer of a Bachelor that we’ve had, so the dancing concerts don’t seem as awkward as they have in the past!

Juan Pablo is going to make a Venezuelan breakfast for all the girls in the mansion before they can get their hair and makeup done so he can see them for what they look like in “real-life.” Kelly and Molly are the first to see him because Molly has to go on a walk outside. Kelly has to put her hand over her face so Juan Pablo doesn’t see her for some reason, because she has glasses on and no makeup. Renee then runs into him and doesn’t run away though you can tell she just woke up. Eventually all the girls make it down and they start eating. He then does a fake Chris Harrison impression and announces we’re having a pool party instead of a cocktail party.

Goodness, we had more swimsuit shots then was necessary! Come on camera guys, no one needs to see that! Hmmm….Kat is on Juan Pablo’s shoulders and attempting to play chicken. What I find weird is that I don’t remember Kat at all, except that he called her name the first rose ceremony and that Kelly girl thought he said her name instead. Evidently she’s the girl who changes whenever the camera is on and the girls are not fans of hers at all. Is she the one from last week where they did the night race and danced on stage? Still not seeing a huge love connection between the two of them.

Sharleen talks about her definition of fun is different than others. She didn’t get in the pool at all. She doesn’t like the cameras right in her face and looking at her soul and her soul needs a break she said. He wants for her to ignore the cameras and she doesn’t know if she can. She cries and he comforts her. It’s the first time she’s cried since she’s been here and I don’t think it’ll be her last. She does go in for the kiss after she looks to see if anyone is looking, which I find odd. Why does it matter either way if anyone is looking? I really don’t know how I feel about Sharleen……I want to like her, but I don’t know if I completely trust her.

Okay, we have Clare and Renee in the bathroom. Clare is crying and Renee is trying to comfort her. Renee keeps comforting people in the bathroom. Is it because she’s a mom or is it because she has ulterior motives? I like how Sharleen gets frustrated with Clare crying about her hanging out with Juan Pablo, yet isn’t that EXACTLY what you were doing to Juan Pablo 5 minutes before?!?!? Come on girls, suck it up!!!

Clare and Juan Pablo talk and she tells him about how hard it was to be at the home all week and not have a date with him. She says it’s not a jealousy thing, but she wishes it were her. Isn’t that the definition of jealousy?!? He does a good job of reassuring her and dialing down her crazy.

Alright pool party takes the place of cocktail party. So we’re just going straight to the rose ceremony. Cassandra, Nikki and Chelsie have roses and are safe! Okay onto the rest of the roses:

Andi: guess the making out in the kitchen was worth it

Renee: They didn’t talk much on screen this week, but he still must like her

Kelly & Molly: really, dog lover gets a rose?!? She annoys me

Sharleen: shocking (not really) that she gets the rose after 2 make-out sessions this week

Elise: I actually thought she wouldn’t get one and we’d get the big alligator tears from her, but guess those will be coming on later and will be even more dramatic

Kat: really, this girl?!?!

Alli: Her soccer playing skills came in handy this week!

Clare: Not surprised with her freaking out earlier that she got one

Lauren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought for sure she was a goner, since we just saw a little bit of her and him interacting! Come on Lauren, be like Catherine and make a strong run as the season goes on!!!

Last rose!

DANIELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m blown away! Who would’ve thought she’d get the rose. The only thing she said the whole episode was that she was adopted when she was 2 days old!

Lucy is going home!!!! Her crazy train is leaving the station.The producers did all they could with her, and honestly she wasn’t Tierra levels because she wasn’t causing fights and drama inside the house and it didn’t seem like her and Juan Pablo ever had a connection. She also had a great exit interview and said that she hopes everyone finds what they’re looking for because everyone deserves love. Lucy you were insane, but you really weren’t a villain I guess, who knew?!?!

Christy is also going home and I don’t remember Christy! She wishes she’d open up faster and she’s ugly crying about it. Honey, you’ll be okay, you’re 24!

Speaking of people who will be okay, we have Sean and Catherine’s wedding on Sunday! I have no doubt that they will make it down the aisle, say I do and then people can stop freaking out about him being a virgin. It’s okay, don’t worry about it, he’ll be fine….geesh! Anyways until our purple/K-state themed wedding on Sunday, have a great week!




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