South Korea with Juan Pablo and the 13 “Ladies”

We’re at the point in the season where we’re leaving the mansion behind! Which means we’re leaving Camilla behind (which she probably misses her mom at this point, and it’s only what a month of filming he has left, and she’s probably been in CA for a month-ish.) Leaving the mansion, also means leaving Molly the dog behind, we didn’t even get to say goodbye to her, sad day!

Alright we’re heading to South Korea and the way all the girls scream when Chris Harrison first announces it, is like this is the exact place all these girls had dreamed of going, I don’t buy it, but they really tried to sell it!

We will have one one-on-one date and 2 group dates this episode….ugh I hate the 2 group date episodes!

First group date is: Chelsie, Cassandra, Elise, Danielle, Kat and Nikki. The date card says “POP.” Nikki is disappointed that she gets the group date and is not happy about the group she’s been paired with. To be honest with you, I don’t blame her….of the 6 girls on the date first instinct is that I like Nikki and I like Cassandra and that’s it….let’s see how it goes and if Nikki’s head will actually explode like she predicts.

Pop stands for K-pop which is like Ghangam Style….they get to dance with 21 who is the girl group that’s the equivalent of what the Spice Girls were back in the day. Wow, 21’s video had 77 million views, that’s insane! Shocking that Juan Pablo decides to go first to show his dance moves during rehearsal. Then Kat tells us that she has been dancing since before she could walk….sidebar, that’s one of my pet peeves, how can you dance before you can walk? It’s the same as singing before you talk….ugh I get it, you’ve had this natural ability since you were young, but even if you were dancing, that’s still the same skill-set as walking…grrrr…..

Okay, back to this nice date. Nikki has dance moves like I do, but she got out there and owned it. She went with the sprinkler and the old school dance moves so we could see she doesn’t take herself too seriously, she knows her limitations but is still going for it and not going to be a fuddy duddy. Speaking of fuddy duddy’s I wonder how Sharleen would’ve fared in this date? WHY CAN”T SHE BE HERE?!?!?!?!

Kat is the dancing queen and Nikki is not happy about it. Kat is driving me crazy….I’ve obviously not really liked her at all and she isn’t winning me over with her actions so far. I would be hating it if I were Nikki as well…..I loved her line “I hope we’re dancing for the school of the blind”

Why haven’t we heard Cassandra, our former NBA dancer, talking to Kat about how she’s a better dancer then her. She just casually mentions in her confessional video that she loves this date and is looking forward to preforming in-front of a crowd because she was a dancer. Honey, you’re the one who should be bragging! MOVE OVER KAT!!!!!!!

You know, Juan Pablo can actually pull off the red pants he’s wearing….thank God we didn’t see Sean in them! Wow, we got a 5 story mall and people are packed waiting for 21 to preform, this is pretty crazy. The fans are well behaved though, idk what people would do that if it were One Direction at a mall.

Kat is making the whole performance about her. She got on the stage and became a hip-hop star. All the cameras were pointed at her. All the fans were screaming for her even though they didn’t know who she was. Wake up!!!! It’s not you, it’s the major-pop group you’re backup dancing for that has the people going crazy!

We are done dancing with 21, and are now to the after-party section! Okay, so Kat is trying to prove that she’s more than a fun girl and has more to offer, so she’s wearing a DEEP v-neck dress that shows off assets that certainly caught my attention. Nikki is making fun of Kat to the rest of the group, while Kat is talking to Juan Pablo….while I agree with Nikki, I don’t know if I agree with the way that she handled this and brought it up at the group date to make fun of her. Kat’s sob story that she shares with Juan Pablo is that her parents got divorced when she was a kid because her dad is an alcoholic and he wasn’t around.

Okay, I’m sorry, but does it seem like we’ve gotten the “what’s your biggest fear” question more this year then in the past years?

Is it sad that Cassandra our youngest contestant at 21 seems like she’s the most mature? She was the only one who wasn’t laughing and being catty while Kat was talking to Juan Pablo. We keep getting told that Nikki is a Negative Nikki…..oh Elise, what a rookie mistake, you’re questioning girls that are still here and getting caught up in the drama and bringing that up, instead of talking about you……

Nikki wants to open up to Juan Pablo, but is scared/nervous to. She admits she doesn’t do well in group settings and will shrink down. Wow, Juan Pablo seems interested in her. He brings up the fact that he gave her the rose the last group date and asks her how that made her feel. He keeps touching her hair. He brings up Camilla and wants to know her thoughts on Camilla. She brings up her family values and that she was close to her mom and that she wants to be close to her future kids.

Surprise, surprise, Sharleen gets the one-on-one date……….he asks if he thinks they could be Seoul-mates…….and Clare is jealous. Clare does know the format of this show correct, she knows she’s not gonna go on a one-on-one date again until there are like 5 girls left?!?

Alright back to our group date to hand out the rose…….he takes the rose and Nikki off to the side. Elise wouldn’t have Nikki around her kid because of her negativity. Kat is pissed because she put herself out there and didn’t get it, well honey stop putting your goods out there and open up more emotionally and you may be in better shape.

I have to be honest, I’m SHOCKED that Nikki got the rose on the group date again, because she’s already gotten one. I think I was having issues with the girls saying that Nikki has a negative attitude. Yes, she said some catty things about Kat, but guess what so have I…..she can’t be that negative if she actually did the dance and tried the best she could. If she was really negative, she’d had been complaining about it, sat out and started bawling like a baby. And then taking a step back even further, she’s a pediatric nurse at the Children’s hospital in Kansas City……I’m sure you can be negative in that profession and field, but the things she goes through and sees on a daily basis and she’s still able to keep smiling, I don’t consider that negative. Those nurses are special people, as I know from my brief experience at the Children’s hospital in Omaha with my godson. (Shout-out to the awesome nurse/Bachelor fan Elizabeth :)) So I’m still team Nikki for now!

Alright the patented shower shot of our Bachelor getting ready for the date. Juan Pablo is excited to take Sharleen out because she likes to travel (and is worldly we know, we know) and she’s his favorite one right now………….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Let’s hope this date changes his mind on that front!

We’re at a market and they’re walking around……Juan Pablo gets a traditional Koren dress for Camilla and then for some reason Sharleen gets one as well….that just struck me as really juvenile. Oh if she gets one, I need one too, it’s only fair that way. Grow up Sharleen!

Okay, we go back to the hotel to the girls doing their nails (can I say thank you ABC for showing us that, these girls always have great nails, and it’s nice to know they do it just like I do…maybe no one else has noticed that in years past, but I have, so I appreciated that subtlety.) Okay, back to the important part, it was Cassandra, Chelsie and Danielle. They were talking about how reserved Sharleen is and how out-going and social Juan Pablo is. They said that Sharleen has talked about how bored she is by him the conversation she has with Juan Pablo is very dull. Interesting…………

Alright, back to Sharleen and Juan Pablo, they go to a tea house. She got into singing because she would harmonize to Disney songs in the car and won local competitions. She got a Bachelors and Master in Music. She said that Juan Pablo has a smart-ass side and is not bland, which she has to explain to him what that means. He’s surpassed her expectations and is more fun then she expected. He wants to hear her sing and she starts freaking out……WHY COULDN’T SHE HAVE BEEN ON THE DANCING DATE!!!!!!!!!  She doesn’t want to sing for him and calls him a jerk, he says he’ll close his eyes, which she makes him do, then she walks away from him and starts her warm up which includes the thing you do with your lips where basically you vibrate them, I don’t know the technical word, but you know the noise, it’s really annoying, but everyone can do it. She then starts singing and only does maybe 15 seconds of singing and it’s not even words she sings. Then she starts talking about how after she’s done that she’s opened up way more than she wanted to. I get that she put herself out there and was vulnerable, but if she’s an opera singer hasn’t/doesn’t she do that for crowds pretty frequently, so what’s the big deal?

They then start kissing and they really just don’t have this down. It’s SUPER AWKWARD, and then it gets worse when she says that he’s a good kisser in her confessional video. She evidently likes him and thinks there’s a shot they could fall in love.

Juan Pablo says that they have a lot in common…….now here’s an honest question and I could’ve very well blocked this out, but have they had a real conversation where we’ve learned about her past? Has he really told her about his? All I can remember is that she’s worldly, and he’s been attracted to that since the beginning, they’ve talked about how he likes her, but I just don’t know how well they know each other. I see that they’re similar because they’re not as stereotypical American as the other girls left, but personality wise, they’re basically complete opposites, which I wonder if he even sees that, or is he blinded? Right after I typed this, we hear about him going to University and her going to Germany, and they opened up a little bit, alright, you win Sharleen.

The whole how many kids do you want question. Juan Pablo wants 2 or 3 more kids. The girls are talking about how formal Sharleen seems and don’t see her crawling around the ground and getting spit up on. And honestly I have to agree with that. I also don’t know how she’d handle all of Camilla’s energy. As we’ve seen snip its of her, she’s pretty energetic and is going to want to have fun, can Sharleen let loose and have fun? Kids aren’t something that she’s ever thought about, and instead of really honestly answering the question she steers it to how she’s been career focused. You can tell when the topic of kids come up she’s super uncomfortable and can’t handle it. She drops the bombshell that she’s dated a guy who had a kid before and it didn’t go well. She couldn’t get over the fact that her ex, had had a “first” kid before her. Juan Pablo seemed to know exactly where she was going with this thought, before she was able to completely articulate it. I don’t know if she’s in the mindset of wanting to ever have kids, let alone be a stepmom, but Juan Pablo disagrees with me and gives her the rose and there’s more awkward kissing. UGH, Juan Pablo says that if she’s here and taking time off her career it’s because she wants to start a family. Juan Pablo, she NEVER said that! Did you not see her body language? Get Camilla in here right away, and lets see the real test! Juan Pablo thinks she’s the one, awesome….

Alright group date #2, let’s get KRAZY! We’ve got Andi, Alli, Lauren, Kelly-no Molly, Clare and Renee. We’re doing Karaoke! And it’s over quickly, thank you! I think it’s over because the songs are in Korean, so we don’t know the songs. We’re now in the market and doing some paddle boating. They are now in a spa area, where the fish are eating the dead skin off their feet. Andi, our DA notices that Clare has to always be next to Juan Pablo. Apparently Clare doesn’t do weird food, and is freaking out about eating octopus, and the girls aren’t having it. Juan Pablo feeds her the octopus and she acts like it’s the worst thing in the world. As someone who doesn’t like to eat weird food, I do it, especially that tiny bite, but I would try to not chew it, or keep it in my mouth too long.

Alright, we’re at the night time portion. Juan Pablo grabs Renee first. Renee wants to kiss Juan Pablo and Juan Pablo wants to kiss Renee. Juan Pablo has evidently already kissed 6 girls so he wants to not kiss anyone tonight to be a good example for Camilla.

Andi and Juan Pablo have a great backdrop for their conversation. Andi decides that she wants to start asking him questions and is going to start surface level. So she asks hobbies, he says dancing and then tells her “i know you’re bad at it.” Well she shoots right back “I didn’t see any impressive moves from you today.” Which takes him off guard for a second, but you can see that he kinda lights up. Then his confessional video he talks about how people may have not always gotten his sense of humor in the past and it has gotten him in trouble, but Andi gets it. He calls her beatiful, but he won’t tell her what it means, and she’ll figure it out later. Then they cuddled and he closed his eyes, and I think he’s hooked!

Oh man, Lauren! You are making me super uncomfortable and i feel awkward. She wanted to dance with him which was sweet, and then she got the guts up to ask for a kiss and he said he wasn’t going to kiss her because of Camilla and she said she respects that and understands that, but then things are just uncomfortable around them. They walk out and we’re to her confessional video where she’s crying because she knows he’s kissed other girls and he must not like her as much as the others. And it’s the sobbing/ugly cry!

Renee is being the mom and is feeling sorry for Lauren for crying. Lauren is crying, and Juan Pablo is hugging her and comforting her. All the girls are “pretending” they’re sad for her, but I don’t buy it. Andi goes and talks to her and tells her it’s okay for relationships to start off as friends, but let’s be honest we all know Lauren just got friend-zoned there!

Alright, now we have Clare and Juan Pablo. Or we have Kelly and Andi acting out the octopus scene from the market, and it was pretty humorous. Now real-life Clare and Juan Pablo talk about how she ate the octopus and she threw up in her mouth, but swallowed it back down. I honestly don’t buy that. Clare then tells Juan Pablo that she wants to kiss him. And Juan Pablo is now kissing her even though he said no kissing tonight. She’s concerned she has chocolate breath and he doesn’t care about it. Him kissing her isn’t as awkward as Sharleen’s kissing.

Alright, date rose goes to Andi!!!! I’m so glad that Andi got the date rose, I really do like her!

Okay, onto the rose ceremony. The girls with roses said they were going to not talk to Juan Pablo. Nikki decides that she wants to go and talk to Juan Pablo even though she has the rose and decides to go and steal him from Clare, which mean fireworks are going to happen! And then Juan Pablo asks Nikki if there’s any drama in the house. Nikki says no, but then gets mad because Clare was the one who’d talked to him before her. So obviously Clare must have told him there was drama in the house. And then Clare comes up to Nikki, Kelly-no Molly, and joins them on a bench. And there’s obvious tension. Clare tells Nikki that she’s one way around Juan Pablo and one way around the girls and that rubs girls the wrong way. And Nikki points out that Clare is not handing out the roses.

Chris Harrison comes to get Juan Pablo. Juan Pablo mentions that this is going to be a tough rose ceremony because it’s the first one out of the country which means someone has to fly home 12 hours feeling rejected and that’s not a great feeling (which he knows quite well from his Bachelorette days).

Alright, handing out the roses!

Girls with roses from the date are: Andi, Nikki and Sharleen



Kelly-no Molly

Danielle—–have they talked yet?




And final rose goes to: Kat (not a surprise)

So no rose for Elise and my girl Lauren. Not really surprised with either of these departures. Last mention of Elise’s mom’s letter. Lauren was put in the friend zone, but seemed like a super sweet girl in the house. And she’d done well in her exit interview until the end when she started to cry.

Next week they’re heading to Vietnam! Which looks like tears from Clare and Renee gets some time with Juan Pablo where she doesn’t have to play mom to another girl! And maybe Andi gets a one-on-one!

Alright Heidi, now that our girl Lauren is gone, I’m re-doing my favorites for the second half of this season:


Andi—–she’s my new front-runner. She won’t be afraid to ask questions and seems very real, honest and down to earth!

Nikki—-I want to like her and believe her heart is actually in the right spot, I hope ABC was just looking for drama and has made her into a villain this week but she’s not actually one in real life.

Cassandra (I know, shocking right!!!) She actually seems down to earth, didn’t brag about her dancing experience even though she could’ve and is able to have fun but understands what it is to be a mom.


Girls that I NEED to have leave (reasons given throughout this blog, so I won’t repeat myself here):





Girls I’m indifferent towards:

Danielle—-I really honestly have no opinion of her one way or the other, she just keeps shocking me that she keeps making it week to week.

Renee—-I lean towards liking her, but don’t know if she’ll make it or not.

Chelsie—-I think she is a little immature, but seems sweet.

Kelly-no Molly—she needs a job, the only reason she’s not on my get rid of list, is because she has awesome one-liners on the show that make me laugh. She’s the comic relief, but I’ll be okay with losing her soon.

Alli—-I want her to be on my favorites list so bad, she teetered on and off this list at the beginning of the season, and she’s still there now. I just don’t know if her and Juan Pablo have a connection, but I want for them to have one. She’s a nanny and likes soccer, therefore she should be a perfect fit for him 🙂

Alright, anyone else that wants to make a list, I’d be happy to see it and we can compare notes and see where we are as the season continues!

Have a great week and I’ll be back next week!



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