Vietnam with Juan Pablo and the 10 women and 1 Panda in a room of Brown bears

When we first see Juan Pablo we see him doing all of these weird poses on a boat. Are they wanting us to assume he took this boat from South Korea to Vietnam, because I don’t buy it! Plus how gross if while his legs are dangling off the boat, he somehow falls in. That brown water didn’t look like something you’d want to go swimming in.

The ladies are playing “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?” with Juan Pablo and they find him. Of course they all squeal like cheerleaders when they see their hotel room. Then we see the girls all talking about how they want the one on one date. Well the first one on one date goes to Renee!

She was very excited, so excited in-fact her palms hurt. No I didn’t say sweat, I said hurt. Evidently when Renee likes a guy, her palms hurt…interesting! Juan Pablo mentions that they’re both single parents and are both 32 so they must be perfect for each other! So we start the date off by her getting in a stroller type bike and she thought Juan Pablo was going to sit next to her but instead he ends up peddling behind her. The whole theme of this date is Renee wants to kiss Juan Pablo…there’s lots of pressure on this kiss. Renee gets fitted for a custom dress, then they go shopping some more. While their shopping Renee gets all excited because Juan Pablo gets her a gift, gets one for Camilla and one for Ben (her son) and she’s never had anyone buy her gifts before. Sorry to burst your bubble Renee, but Juan Pablo isn’t buying your gifts, ABC is!

Alright we’re onto dinner and Renee has her custom made dress on. Juan Pablo said it best when he saw her and went “DAAAAMMMNNN” It’s actually very pretty and maybe something she’ll wear again. Unless he breaks her heart right now, in-which case she’ll burn the dress. We hear about Ben’s dad. They were together in their early 20s and they apart, but are able to work together for Ben’s sake.  It looked like Juan Pablo was going in for the kiss, but he swung and missed.

Group date card arrives at the mansion we got Chelsie, Kat, Cassandra, Sharleen, Clare, Kelly, Alli, Danielle and Andi. Andi looks like she’s going to bawl and wants to know when she’ll get her one-on-one. Since Andi is going on the group date, Nikki is going on the one-on-one.

Renee is full of life and her eyes hypnotize Juan Pablo, at least that’s what he says. She gets the rose, and he goes in for the hug. They decide to walk around a little bit with her holding the rose. They get lanterns, make a wish and put them into the water. Juan Pablo wants to respect the fact that she’s a mom and her 8 year old son will watch this and have questions, so no kiss for Renee! She wasted her wish on the lantern!

Alright, group date we’re heading to the water. We have bamboo circular boats. Juan Pablo tells everyone to pair up and lo and behold Clare doesn’t have a partner so she ends up with Juan Pablo. As Kelly the dog lover put it “this is the one time in your life it’s an advantage to not have any friends.”

So Juan Pablo has his shirt off and him and Clare are paddling in their boat. They pass all the girls and end up near this “island” of greenery. He goes in for a kiss. He says it was the perfect opportunity because all the girls were further behind, yet they all saw and were aghast! All the girls are pissed at watching Clare and Juan Pablo’s one on one date while they’re on a group date with each other. Chelsie was cracking me up because there was a voice-over about how great of a date this girl was on, so I thought it was Clare. Well they show the face with the voice and it was Chelsie. She talked about how her and Alli have had this great/romantic morning and Juan Pablo has been around, but it’s mostly been a date with the 2 of them.

Alright, so we’re out of the boats and walking around. Juan Pablo sees a Vietnamese man and asks if there’s a place for food. Well the guy says sure, follow me and takes him to his house. Where luckily there are enough chairs for all the girls. Then they get to see traditional things. They have the hats and trays that we saw in the market on Renee’s date. The girls are taken to the garden where they can choose their own produce. Juan Pablo comes up and talks to Andi and tells her to trust him and that he wants her around, even if she’s around group dates.

Chelsie is great with the one-liners! “Here we all are on Clare’s one-on-one date.” At the “after-party” they all are sitting around and Juan Pablo takes Clare off first to talk to her. Which has the girls LIVID! He’s been with her all day, and here she is again! Kelly the dog lover (without Molly) asks if they should just take the rose to Clare now. Juan Pablo takes Clare to his suite and change into swimsuits. They jump in the pool are making out, with no care of the 8 other girls on their date.

Sharleen is the next with the one on one time. Sharleen has ANOTHER low cut in the back dress on! She wants to know if he sees her as a panda in a room full of brown bears. She is afraid she’ one of a crowd and is feeling insecure again. Ugh, what a tease. And guess what, her kissing hasn’t gotten any better this week. She had a checklist of things she wanted to accomplish on this date and didn’t accomplish any of those things because he started kissing her.

Andi has doubts on where she stands in all of this and tells Juan Pablo that. He takes her to the beach and tells her he’s glad she’s here. And they start making out, and she apologizes to her mom saying it’s another episode she can’t watch.

Alright we’re to the rose hand-off and sitting right next to him is Clare and he hands the rose to Clare by giving it to her by getting out of her comfort zone. Andi is stressing out about relinquishing control and she’s wondering what she’s doing here because she didn’t get the rose and Clare did.

We come back from commercial and see the girls debriefing after the rose ceremony. Well Clare knows where Juan Pablo’s suite is, so she shows up at 4 in the morning to go swimming with him in the ocean. Swimming in a warm ocean is on her bucket list. They run into the ocean and start making out. The waves are wild and they said they get wild as well. Who knows what that means! Clare also said they also went for it and it was pure bliss in every way. One of the best nights in Clare’s life. She’s going to be real attached to him now. What we can be sure of is that Sean wouldn’t have done whatever it is that Clare and Juan Pablo just did.  Aren’t the girls wondering where Clare has run off to?

Nikki finally gets her one on one date. Poor girl has to compete with sexy Clare and her amazing night last night. Need we remind Juan Pablo that it was a group date and there was more than Clare on the date?!? What in the world is with Juan Pablo’s bright blue smurf colored tennis shoes? Noticing that Nikki has a tank top with an open back and they’re hiking through the woods, all I keep thinking is that I hope they gave her some bug spray or she’s going to be in some pain tomorrow.

Lol, I love that when Juan Pablo tells Nikki that they’re going to repel, she asks for someone to call her mom and tell her mom she loves her. They are going to repel down into a cave. They wanted Nikki to go first but then Juan Pablo volunteers to go first. Of course he know has a great view of Nikki as she is hovering above him panicking. She makes her first move and starts coming down. She is doing a good job of not freaking out as much as I probably would be. She mentioned that it looks easier in the movies than it is in real life. I don’t think anything about this would be fun. She’s not in control and she starts to freak out a little bit. I think that mid-way point would be the worst, because you’re literally stuck there, in the middle of the top and bottom. Juan Pablo goes in for the kiss with Nikki and she makes it down to the bottom!

I’m not going to lie, I still like Nikki. I know she can be catty, but she seems real to me. She talks about how she’s not a morning person so don’t talk to her then, which I can appreciate as I am the same way. She’s a nurse because she’s helping people but they’re helping her too. She likes pediatrics because of their innocence and the kids have a certain hope and optimism. Her conversation made me think that it was genuine and isn’t saying something just to say it. She also mentions that she was hesitant about dating someone with a kid because she has never done that before, and the fact that she says that is impressive. She makes a great point and says that without Camilla he wouldn’t be the same person he is today, and being a step-mom won’t be easy but she’s ready for that challenge. Which again, I completely respect. I actually see her as better step-mom material then Clare or Sharleen for sure!

What a shot of the girls coming to the rose ceremony. They’re on a boat and positioned just right so we’re able to see each girl and their dress. I’m assuming it was staged, call me crazy 🙂

He sits down before the rose ceremony and says 3 girls are going home tonight! Juan Pablo sits down next to Clare. Clare gives the toast to “finding love, being loved and making love” makes you question even more what happened in the ocean.

Juan Pablo takes Andi away first and tells her to not be worried. Then she asks him to speak Spanish to her and they have innocent kisses.

Juan Pablo takes Renee aside and admits to treating her different because he doesn’t want Ben pissed at him. She is telling him he wouldn’t be mad and he interrupts her by kissing her. They talk about fireworks. Then Renee’s confessional has her jumping up and down and she doesn’t seem like a 32 year old in that moment. But I find her endearing, almost to the point that I don’t want her to end up with Juan Pablo, because I don’t know if he’s good enough for her…..oh man I’ve made it to THAT point in the season. Where I like the contestants more than our main star. It is the halfway point of our adventure/journey so it all makes sense….

Well now after Renee’s kiss Juan Pablo is confused. He thinks by going to the ocean with Clare he wasn’t fair to the other 10 girls here. And now Juan Pablo and Clare are going to talk and she’s excited and smiley. He said that by sneaking out, it was weird for Juan Pablo and he needs to be fair to everyone. Clare was acting like it was just Juan Pablo and her around. Juan said that’s fine she can act that way, but that’s not the same case. Juan Pablo said he doesn’t want Camilla to see what him and Clare did in the ocean. And Clare starts to cry and won’t look at Juan Pablo. He is begging her to stop crying. She feels embarrassed and stupid. This just proves that she’s not mature enough to be a step-mom, she’s turned the whole convo into a moment for her to be dramatic. And she was blindsided and doesn’t know where to go from here. She just keeps bawling in-front of the camera and talks about how she doesn’t want to disrespect Camilla. She’s in the bathroom crying and says that it’s bad allergies. She then goes off by herself and continues to keep crying and Juan Pablo comes and follows her to tell her to stop crying. She is making sure he reassures her when she says “I feel like you want to take away the rose.” and he has to say no. He keeps repeating the phrase “look at me.” then she keeps saying if he would’ve turned her away she’d had respected that. We all know for sure, we would be having the same reaction we’re having tonight.

Chris Harrison comes in to save the day for the rose ceremony. They all were sitting and awkwardly waiting for Chris. When Chris came Juan Pablo brightened up considerably. Andi is all mad because Juan Pablo spent more time with Clare tonight and she already has a rose and 3 people are going home!

Alright, it’s time to hand out roses!

Renee, Clare and Nikki all have roses from the date.

First rose goes to Sharleen (ugh, not shocking at all, still not a fan of her!)

Second rose to: Cassandra (she didn’t talk much this episode but I’m okay with her getting a rose!)

Third rose goes to: Chelsie (I’m okay with her as well, because she was cracking me up this episode!)

Fourth rose goes to: Kat (UGH!!!! I really can’t stand this girl!)

Fifth and final rose goes to: Andi (YEA!!!!)

That means we have to say goodbye to Danielle, Alli and Kelly (the dog-lover). Juan Pablo is crying as he’s saying goodbye to the girls. All the other girls who have roses are crying as well. It’s probably because they had more time on the group date with the girls then they did with Juan Pablo.

Danielle said in her exit interview she knew there wasn’t a strong connection. Her hardest part of the goodbye was seeing him cry. Alli is crying because she put everything on hold and she wants him to be happy. And we’re assuming Kelly didn’t get an exit interview because she’s excited to get home to Molly.

I gotta say, the previews for next week look good! It looks like Sharleen is crying and Clare may be digging her own grave, there’s no way I could get rid of both of them next week is there?!? One can certainly dream 🙂

Have a great week!



One thought on “Vietnam with Juan Pablo and the 10 women and 1 Panda in a room of Brown bears

  1. Well I’m watching the next episode as I type this but I thought I better get my predictions out there… I want to apologize for my initial liking of Sharleen. That was short-lived, especially after I saw her singing. Ugh. Wish I could’ve predicted Clare’s crazy but nope. So here’s my faves going forward. Nikki (don’t care if I’m the only one who likes her :)) and Renee ( becuz I think she’s real) and since I think I need to pick three… Kat (she’s an underdog). There you have it. Happy viewing this week!

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