“It’s okay” Recap of Juan Pablo’s overnight dates

Okay, the bad thing about watching Hometowns and then the overnights back to back, means that Clare is NEVER leaving my living room! She was the last hometown and first one on one night. Clare keeps talking about how she’s going back and forth on if her and Juan Pablo are going to spend the night together and I have to say “yeah right! Stop playing games, you’re going to stay with him.” Clare has evidently had conversations in her head that haven’t actually happened. She talked about how her mom told her about her and dad being engaged after 3 weeks, and that she believes in her….now wait, wasn’t she flipping out about now getting any time to talk to Mama alone? And I don’t remember Mama saying any of that, I remember one of her sisters telling the story about their parents but it wasn’t Mama….don’t put words in Mama’s mouth, don’t manipulate Mama Clare! Point Lindsay….I literally just got done watching your hometown, it didn’t happen, stop lying!

Also, Juan Pablo never talked about how much he loves your crazy family, you just heard that in your head. He said they were great, but he wasn’t gushing about them, like you think he was. Stop manipulating the audience Clare!

They make out for a little while and then decide to jump off the yacht they’ve been on. Did I mention this so far is a carbon copy of Sharleen’s Miami date, but it’s with Clare in St. Lucia? So he helps her take off her clothes to reveal her black bikini and then they jump off the boat. Now here’s the thing, that I really thought about, since there’s a camera under water that is showing us this angle. You should NEVER jump off a high level, (high-dive, yacht, waterfall, etc.) in a bikini top, especially with a camera that could show if you were to lose a top! Come on girls, everyone’s had that nightmare before, you gotta be smarter than that Clare!

Now we’re onto the dinner portion of the date. Remember how Juan Pablo told Clare a few weeks ago about how cozy/casual was sexy to him. Well she proved how much she listened by putting on a fancy dress, and wearing her hair in a prom updo. Juan Pablo keeps talking about how there’s privacy and no cameras in the fantasy suite and they can get to know each other A LOT better. Considering the 2 of you haven’t really talked, or at least I can’t think of Juan Pablo really talking and giving a lot of history to Clare, I don’t see that changing tonight and that being that side of each other they’ll get to know better.

Oh wait, Clare just asked him a question! She asked if it’s weird for her to want to meet Camilla. HAHAHA oh man, I WISH I could’ve been a fly on the wall last week of Clare’s place when she saw that Nikki met Camilla, Juan Pablo’s parents and Camilla’s mom when they were in Miami! Clare thinks she’s really special and pulling this great move, not realizing that the love of her life has already introduced his love to another one of his ladies!

Hmmmm….the way Clare just said that she would want to talk to Camilla about being a step-mom and that she wouldn’t be an evil step-mom like that persona is and she’d just really like to talk to her, made me realize yet again how different she is compared to Nikki. I will say yet again, that I loved and respected the way Nikki brought up the Camilla/mother/step-mom relationship last week, she asked Juan Pablo, where do I fit in? She put the ball in his court, and in Camilla’s mom’s court. She didn’t say, this is where I fit in. Nikki took a step back and wanted to be in a situation that would put Camilla first and not what she wanted. Whereas Clare just showed again, that she’s not used to taking care of others and is used to being the one being babyed and getting her way “I want to talk to her about what I am”. I don’t know just my random thoughts that this proves to me that Clare isn’t ready to be a step-mom.

Clare brings up a point that Juan Pablo got frustrated a few weeks ago after they were in the ocean and he laid down the boundaries. He said the difference is that it’s week 9 and it’s overnights and that’s what it is, so it’s okay now. Yep, because that’s not a double standard and everything is crystal clear. Once they get to the fantasy suite it’s just petting her face and ear, and making out. And she cries and tells him that she loves falling in love with him and that’s it for talking, we’re back to kissing and I think we all know where this is going. Oh man, we’re back in a hot tub making out, we know what happened last time in the water 😉

How weird, Juan Pablo woke up this morning with Clare in his bed, and they woke up cuddling and talking and he’s so glad they were able to spend the night together because that’s the best way to get to know each other. NO JUAN PABLO, you know the best way to get to know someone, use your mouth for something other than kissing! COMMUNICATION is a wonderful tool in getting to know people. Asking and answering questions. I understand with the way this show is you can’t really talk about the present and or future that much, but you can talk about the past. What made you you? That’s how you get to know someone!

Alright, so he woke up with Clare and is now hugging Andi and is going to have his overnight with her today. They are walking down the streets of St. Lucia and she keeps giggling when she’s just looking at him. HAHA Juan Pablo is looking for someone who goes with the flow, that is NOT Clare. Andi and Nikki, yes! They are at a market, they play drums, get some local food, talk with some of the kids. I do like that Andi is wearing a dress and is barefoot playing soccer. She’s not worried about getting dirty. We’re in a land bug-gee driving around. We stop in the middle of a jungle and there’s a huge waterfall with a blanket right in-front of it.

Andi asks Juan Pablo about what he talked about with her family last week. I have to say I’m impressed with how much he remembered basically word for word what her dad told him. He got it right, by the way 🙂 Andi didn’t freak out about it, she nodded and basically agreed with what her dad said. Then they strip down to their swimming suits and go kiss under the waterfall. I do like the fact that Andi doesn’t wear bikinis and sticks to the one-piece suits!

Juan Pablo tells her that he was thinking about what she said on her hometowns “I want to badly fall in love” and he’s worried that she’s trying to force something. She tells him that she takes it seriously with Camilla and isn’t going to force anything. I like that he actually talks to her and asks her questions. I’m trying to recall if he asked Clare any questions, I think he’s afraid to ask questions of the girls that he’s really attracted to in-case he doesn’t get an answer he wants to hear.

I’m shocked, they had an honest to goodness conversation that went on and on and wasn’t interrupted once by kissing.She asked if he pictures her in his future and if he thinks about her being his wife and being Camilla’s mom. Yes they were lounging and cuddling on a couch, but there was an honest to goodness conversation going on! I feel as if this is a First! Both of them are excited to go into the fantasy suite and are talking about they can see their future and how excited each of them are. We leave them kissing on the couch and everything looks great.

We come back from commercial and see Juan Pablo in his fantasy suite lounging on the bed. He’s still loving his time with Andi. They laughed and talked for hours. He talks about how cute she is. He has his feet in the pool and is happy. We now see Andi walking on the sidewalk and she said waking up this mornin she couldn’t wait to get out of the fantasy suite. It turned into a nightmare b/c she saw a side of him she didn’t like and the night was a disaster. She keeps saying “I hope he doesn’t think that went well. I really hope that he doesn’t think that was a good date.”

She said she had concerns throughout this whole thing (we can all attest to this, as we saw her breakdowns and moments of insecurities) however she says the physical connection is what brought her back and kept pushing her. She’s not going to deny that she had great times with him. Haha but she evidently had a wakeup moment in the fantasy suite that whenever she talked about her feelings or her past he’d turn it around to be something about him. And he didn’t ask about her. She didn’t see someone that cared about her and what and where she’s going.

LOL, I AM LOVING ANDI even more right now during this confessional! She just sounds disgusted and like she’s being real and honest. She’s been wanting to fall in love, but she’s fed up. She’s fed up with his stories, and the name dropping that he’s done. And then he bragged about his overnight with Clare and I have a feeling that’s when Andi realized she was done. She didn’t ask about his overnights date and he decided to talk about it anyway. She said that he doesn’t have a filter and thinks he can say anything and get away with it and people will laugh and find it charming. I think why I love this whole speech is because Andi put into words what I’ve been struggling with the past few weeks. I’ve been able to say that I don’t like him and think he’s slimy and smarmy, and that certain girls were too good for him, but I wasn’t as eloquent as Andi just was and I’ve had weeks to try and come up with something she came up with hours after he could’ve been her potential husband!

After Andi spent 12 hours with him she realized he wasn’t the one for her and wasn’t going to be her husband. So that leaves us with 2. Maybe the reason they don’t do long dates until the final 3 is because the producers realize that our contestants will come to same realizations sooner and we’d go from 27 girls to 2 in like 4 weeks instead of 12 and that’s not really a good show then.

Okay, so we go from Andi saying she can’t be with him, to now Nikki is ready for her fantasy suite night date. Juan Pablo tells us his other 2 dates went LOVELY and the other girls had no complaints at all. Alright, so Juan Pablo and Nikki are going to ride horses. Nikki shows up in the most god awful outfit of the season. Nikki, Nikki, Nikki. She’s wearing a gold tassel bikini top and these ugly red, yellow, blue bell bottom pants. With her top, her girls are out for all to see, and you shouldn’t be on a horse, make sure the horse doesn’t start galloping or she could be in real danger.

Juan Pablo tells Nikki that she’s really sexy. Nikki talks about she’s glad that she’s wearing pants on today’s date. Juan Pablo said he wishes she weren’t wearing pants and was just wearing a thong. They are now lying on the beach and talking and I want to keep telling Juan Pablo that her eyes are up higher because they are drifting a lot. Nikki and Juan Pablo are a mix between Clare and Andi and Juan Pablo. They are able to talk, but he’ll interrupt their talks with kisses.

We are at dinner and Nikki is covered up. Juan Pablo asks Nikki if she’s ready and said that he wants to ask to see if they’re on the same wave length. Surprise, surprise, Nikki said that she wants to go to the fantasy suite, where they can have total privacy. Nikki wants to tell him how she feels and it’s taking her FOREVER to spit it out. She finally is able to tell him that she loves him. And she assumes he already knows it, but she wanted to tell him. I can’t really hear what he’s saying, he makes some weird gesture towards his face and then decides to devour her face and her tongue. He says that it got hot and his intention is for her to see the real him and we’re heading to commercial break.

Juan Pablo meets Chris Harrison and we’re going to sit down and talk. Juan Pablo is in a bright yellow linen shirt with khaki pants. Chris Harrison asks him how he’s doing, and Juan Pablo said good. Chris Harrison interrupts him and wants to try and clear things up. Juan Pablo is talking about how he’s fine and that he likes the girls. Chris is talking about how hey at this point and time you better be past the like “I’m gonna hit you on the arm” be a buddy friend. Juan Pablo back peddles and talks about oh yeah I’m past that point, I’m past that point.

We get videos from the girls trying to get one more chance to speak to them. Nikki goes first and gives their history and reminds him that she met his family and Camilla and that she can’t wait for the future. Crazy Clare talks about the chemistry that they share and her family and that she loves him and wants to start their future. Andi is the last person in the video, and she blindsides him in her video and it’s AWESOME! Her video starts and he has the same dopey smile on his face that he had with Nikki and Clare.

She talks about starting the journey and not knowing what to expect and watching their relationship progress until the feelings caught up in Vietnam and she questioned where she fit in in all of this, and she remembers him telling her to trust him. After the fantasy suite night she had lots of thoughts and emotions and she realized she wants to share those thoughts with him and wants to share the thoughts in person and not on video. He looks concerned and not happy.

Andi is walking up a long driveway and she said she’s completely sure with what she’s doing. There is no doubt in Andi’s mind that they’re not going to be together and he’s not the one for her. She feels that he doesn’t take this seriously. She learned plenty about him but he didn’t ask about her. All he wanted was to tell her it’d be okay and give her a kiss. YES ANDI YES! Have you been reading my blog!?! It’s been hard to talk about, because all he’s done this season is make out with girls and not have convos with them!

She mentions that it’s crazy how little he knows about her at this point in the season. She wants to pack up, call it a day and go home. She has to confront him and be done with this chapter. Andi is going to LAWYER Juan Pablo and I’m ecstatic!

Andi sits down with Juan Pablo and he starts touching her face and her hair. Andi said she came here to find love. She felt things she hadn’t felt before and had been giddy. However after the fantasy suite she had lots of thoughts in her mind and she realized she wasn’t in love with him. He looks at her and said it’s okay, if it’s not meant to be it’s not meant to be.

Well that pisses Andi off, and she said it shouldn’t be okay. She didn’t leave behind a child, but she did put her life on hold. She left behind her friends, family, a job, weddings and put herself out there and it’s not okay. It bothers her and he said he doesn’t want to bother her. She mentions that him saying it’s okay, makes it seem like he doesn’t have feelings.

Okay now Juan Pablo is pissed off! We are now hearing about how English is his second language. And he started with 27 girls then 19 and she only has to think about 1 guy while he has to think about multiple girls. He respects her as a woman and a person. “Am I going to die right now” no, but I’m sad.

Andi mentions that though he said he’s liked her since week 2 he doesn’t know her and anytime she’s tried to talk to her about her nervousness or feelings (in Vietnam or Miami) he isn’t listening. All he said is “it’s okay.”And again she’s able to put into words what I’ve been struggling with, I want to die too if he says “it’s okay” one more time!

And Juan Pablo said “Andi what do you want me to say?” I’m sad that my top 3 girls since week 2 is leaving but this is the reality of life. She asks him what his take of the fantasy suite is, and he had a great time and that they were able to talk about anything.

Andi then asks him “So do you think bringing up the overnight with Clare, do you think that’s offensive?” And out comes his second most used excuse, right behind the whole English is my 2nd language excuse, the whole “I’m honest, is that offensive?” then he points out that she knew what she was getting into and there were 3 overnight dates. And again, she proves why I love her when she said, yes that’s why I don’t need you to point it out again. Then comes his “it’s fine, it’s fine, I didn’t know how you’d take it.”

Andi said she appreciates honesty but sometimes he takes it too far. And then she mentions that he said something about her and Renee and Andi is here by default and that hurt her feelings. He is now arguing that he wouldn’t use the word “Default” why, because we’re going back to excuse #1 English is his 2nd language and that’s a hard word to say. No, no, silly Andi he would never say Default instead he’d say “You’re barely here” because that is not offensive, that’s honest. And we gotta go to commercial, because I’m loving this way too much!

Okay, we’re back! He had his doubts when he sent Renee home and we’re back to arguing about the use of the word default. And since it was said in the fantasy suite we can’t go to the camera for video evidence. Andi said they can go tit for tat on that one, but she said in addition to the fantasy suite did he think that he was trying to get to know her. She brings up awesome points, what’s the religion she practices, her political views, her stance on social issues, how she wants to raise her kids. He said that he doesn’t have any idea on any of those things. Which she points out since he doesn’t know any of those things that makes her believe he doesn’t care about her and isn’t taking this thing seriously (which is an excellent point, because by top 3 you should know those basic things, especially since you already have a daughter, won’t you want to know the opinions and beliefs of someone who will be in her life?)

Juan Pablo puts the blame back on her and said that she should’ve brought that up to him in the fantasy suite. She said sure, she could’ve brought it up then, but by that point she realized there was no future. She wants someone to work out her feelings with her and talk about them. As she’s saying that, he does a wonderful job of illustrating how he doesn’t listen to her, because he randomly asks her what his religion is and she answers Catholic. (As a fellow Catholic, I should take the high road and let that comment and what my immediate response was to that, go)  He has no response to her knowing that fact, he is literally speechless. She says that she’s never been with someone who has asked her so little about herself.

He said that if he wasn’t taking it seriously or he didn’t care about her she wouldn’t be here. She should’ve brought this stuff up in the fantasy suite and they could’ve talked about it more there. As far as he was concerned their night in the fantasy suite was perfect. She said that she didn’t think this was how it was going to end and it’s not a good feeling. Her ending advice to him is to never say “it’s okay” again because it’s annoying. He says okay, and she glares at him. She tells him to repeat what someone is telling them and tell them it’s okay to feel what they’re feeling so it shows that you’re listening and not just shutting down and he kinda gets it, but say’s okay a few times and curses afterwards.

He touches her face again, around her eyebrow and it’s awesome because she says “Don’t mess up my makeup!” Andi is the most real and authentic girl that we’ve seen in a long time, if ever on this show.

Juan Pablo has his confessional video and he said that Andi putting words in his mouth just crushed the whole thing and if she would’ve wanted to say he would’ve said no. Here’s a hint, she wasn’t interested anymore Juan Pablo, and Andi has more credibility than you do. He said if she would’ve just said she wanted to leave, or just left he would’ve been crushed but because she gave a valid reason and showed him the errors of his ways and they got into an argument he was okay with her leaving. He’s not going to argue with a lawyer.

Her leaving in the van had me cracking up. The second he shuts the door she looks at the person interviewing her and scoffs and said that he doesn’t get it and it’s not a language barrier he just doesn’t see it. She again points out there’s a difference in honesty between being sincere and being offensive. She’s afraid that she’s going to be alone. Andi I would LOVE for you to be the Bachelorette! How real, genuine and authentic! A girl who wouldn’t put up with the BS and would actually have conversations with guys and it’d be a fun season. PLEASE ABC PLEASE! She’s gotten a nice edit even with all this stuff and I’m surprised with how much content they showed us, so maybe there’s a shot she could be the next Bachelorette….

Oh yeah, we still have a rose ceremony to go through. We’ve got Clare in a tight short, deep v dress. We’ve got Nikki in a red dress that’s short in the front and long in the back. Chris Harrison tells us that Andi is no longer here and Nikki looks as if she’s about to cry, since her BFF is gone. Juan Pablo is here and tells them that Andi didn’t have strong feelings for him and she wanted to go home and he said it hurt and he can’t force anyone to spend the rest of their life with him. 2 roses and 2 girls. Please say no and he’ll understand if you don’t accept the rose.

Nikki gets the first rose and even know Andi and Nikki are similar she said they’re not similar in this respect. Nikki sees a future and wants to be here and with him.

Clare gets the second rose and points out the obvious that Clare and Nikki are 2 different people and whoever Juan Pablo chooses will be very telling of his character. She can’t wait to leave St. Lucia an engaged woman.

Man we have Women Tell All next week and in 2 weeks we have the Finale. The episode tonight did not disappoint, which is impressive with all the hype, so I now have super high expectations for the last 2 episodes! BRING THE TEARS AND THE DRAMA!!!!

Have a great week, and don’t worry “it’s okay”



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