Juan Pablo’s Hometown dates

Hometowns, hometowns, hometowns….how I love and loathe you! I always have such high expectations for the drama and it normally leaves me wanting more.

Nikki is first and we’re heading to Kansas City! Wait, there’s cows in KC? Yes on the highways and suburbs around KC there may be cows, but all the times I’ve been in KC I haven’t seen cows. Also haven’t really seen many cowboys….she does realize that KC is not in Southern Kansas right? Kansas City is actually a decent size city. Next time we have someone’s hometown in Chicago I want to see a cow since there are cows around those suburbs as well! I appreciate the Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ and the fact that Nikki isn’t really coddling him when he’s trying to figure out how to eat it and she tells him to just go for it. Then they end up at a bar where they ride the mechanical bull and then decide to surprise surprise make out for a little bit!

Good God that’s a HUGE house that Nikki’s parents live in. She has to be from Johnson County. I love how excited Nikki’s mom is to see her. You can tell that her and Nikki are related. Nikki’s dad said once you sit down you are part of the family. LOL, I love how her mom asked her how long the flight was to Korea and Nikki said FOREVER! And then called Juan Pablo out for flying first class, while she rode coach. I liked her dad being shocked that she would ride coach. Seeing the house she grew up, no wonder it’s a shock, she probably had no idea that there were common folks like us behind that first class curtain.

Mom and Nikki talk and mom calls her out and says that she sees the physical attraction between the two of them but is there anything else. Nikki said that there is and she’s in love, but is waiting for the right time to tell Juan Pablo. You can tell that Nikki and her mom are close and that they actually get along.

Juan Pablo & Nikki’s dad is a good convo, where the dad asks for him to not give her a ring if he doesn’t mean it. Nikki’s dad obviously loves her and wants to protect her. You can tell there’s a genuine relationship between Nikki and her family. I feel like she’s really who she’s been the whole season. It isn’t a shock to see her in her family setting, she isn’t anyone different than what we’ve seen.

Nikki let Juan Pablo go without saying the big bad “L” word.

Next is Andi’s date in Atlanta! Juan Pablo has the most hideous shirt on ever, especially if you’re going to be meeting someone’s family. He went with a long sleeve maroon shirt, which is nice, but then he decides it’s a good idea to put a gray cut-off t-shirt over the long sleeve shirt. Just not impressed, especially with how nicely Andi is dressed!

She decides to take him out to go and shoot guns. She ends up hitting the target over and over. She loves it, and he is freaking out. His palms are sweating and it’s nice to see him freaking out for once. He’s been so in control all season, so it’s nice to see him sweat a little bit. Juan Pablo is not a great shot. Andi said it’s a great Southern initiation. Believe it or not, another one of my fears is guns, so you would not likely see me on this date either.

Okay, we’re at Andi’s (aka Pookie, according to the sign on the door). And Juan Pablo has changed into a maroon sweater so I’m feeling better about this date already. And then Andi’s protective dad comes into the picture. Andi & Juan Pablo are talking about their dates they’ve been on and Andi’s dad is not impressed with the amount of group dates that Andi went on before she went on a one on one date. He keeps asking how many girls were left after each time he finds out she went on a group date. When they finally get to the one on one she talks about the caves they had to squeeze through to get to the waterfall and then she says that her dad can’t watch that episode and he doesn’t look impressed. The one time he kinda lightens up is when Andi asks where she got the bad dancing gene from and he points at her mom, but then admits neither are good dancers.

Andi’s dad puts it very well when he says “I can tell that she is infatuated with him and he may be infatuated with her but he’s also probably infatuated with at least one of the other girls.” And then he comes right back with some more common sense “Up until now it’s been all fun and games, they’re running around the world, 2 attractive people, well 1 attractive girl and he’s an attractive guy with 3 other girls.”

Andi’s sister tries to help diffuse the situation, but asking the parents to tell their love story. They’ve been married 30 years. They were engaged 6 months after they met and married 6 months after they were engaged.

Andi’s mom asks Juan Pablo to dance since her husband kinda threw her under the bus saying that she was the bad dancer. Well she danced way better than Andi did when she came out to join them. Juan Pablo has the approval of the women! Now comes his time with the dad!

If Juan Pablo breaks Andi’s heart, I’d be careful and run, because her dad will actually come after you. He asks Juan Pablo why did you go on this show? He said he’s thinking the people who signed up for the show would be on the same wavelength as him and automatically want kids since they knew he had a daughter. Ummmmmmmm yeah….Juan Pablo need I remind you of girl #6 that we just said goodbye to last week Sharleen….she NEVER said she wanted kids, you just assumed she did.

When Juan Pablo asks if he asks Andi to marry him will her dad accept Juan Pablo and Camilla into their family. Andi’s dad made him reverse roles with him. And said if Camilla was dating a guy who was also dating 3 other girls and said “if I do, will you”. Andi’s dad doesn’t reject him, but he also doesn’t accept him. He has one of the BEST answers from a parents that we’ve EVER heard on this show! “The guy who is good enough for my daughter will come to me and say there is no one else in the world for me.” He then promises if/when that time comes they’ll have this conversation then. BRAVO HY BRAVO!!!! That is a father who loves his daughter and isn’t going to do the right thing by ABC, he’s looking out for the best of Andi and he doesn’t care what he looks like, BRAVO!!!!!

Andi’s sister isn’t meaning to be a debbie downer, but she said that she can’t be super excited because she can’t say that Andi is for sure that he’s the one. So it makes it hard for her sister to say that he’s the one after a night if Andi won’t be able to say it. And her sister wants the best for her.

Andi and her dad are so cute. You can see that her dad is a giant teddy bear on the inside. He doesn’t want his daughter to be hurt, but you can tell that Andi has him around her little finger. They hug it out and are another happy/normal family! Andi is close to being in love with him, but doesn’t tell him anything.

Okay onto Renee’s hometown, Juan Pablo has another weird outfit! He’s wearing green button down poloish type shirt with blue swim trunks? He greets Renee by saying “Welcome to Sarasota” ummmmmm Juan Pablo, this is HER HOMETOWN, therefore no need to welcome her, she’s been here before.

Renee hasn’t seen her son in 2 months and is going to eat him when she sees him. They are going to a little league baseball game to see Ben. OMG he’s adorable! He gets out of the car and is looking around. What made my heart melt is her reaction. She hears the door slam, and looks, and sees him and goes “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” and gets up as fast as she can to go to him. That is honest to goodness selfless love! He grabs onto her and hugs her, and they both kinda start crying but can’t stop smiling, they are both grinning ear to ear. Ben doesn’t talk a whole lot, he just keeps looking at his mom and smiling. And I’m done, I’m an even bigger Renee fan now than before this date started. Ben is a great baseball player! I’m impressed. That is the most normal, date that we’ve seen and a true depiction of what a hometown date should be!

Renee, Ben and Juan Pablo are all going to Renee’s parents house. I like that Renee’s priority is to put Ben to bed and be with her son and let’s Juan Pablo hang with her brother, mom and dad. Renee is a true and honest person with no drama. You can see that the way she treats her son and feels about her son is honest, it’s not for tv. He loves his mom in-spite of the cameras being there, not because they’re there. They’re trying to pretend the cameras aren’t there. We got a glimpse into their home life and I feel a little guilty about it!

Renee’s mom is looking for the sparkle in Renee’s eyes. Her mom made me laugh when she said “we can love our pets, but we need to be in love with the man in our life.” Renee admits that she’s in love with Juan Pablo, but her mom is shocked that she hasn’t told him that yet. Renee’s dad said he can see the glow in Renee and that makes me sad, because Renee after this hometown I’m even more convinced that you’re WAY TOO GOOD for him! Renee was so close to telling him that she loved him, but she didn’t say anything, she let him leave her.

Crazy Clare’s hometown is Sacramento! She welcomes him to Sacramento before he can welcome her. I’m shocked yet again by the difference between Renee and Clare. They are the same age and are night and day different! Clare has an issue with eye contact and it’s driving me crazy. You can tell these two are certainly physically attracted to each other, but I find it weird that she’s sitting on his lap while they’re talking about her childhood. Maybe it’s just me, but I think she has some daddy issues in a way and maybe it’s because she’s the youngest of 6 girls, so that could be why she’s so attracted to Juan Pablo. She thinks of him as a father figure (even though they’re also the same age).

I do have to say it’s sweet that Clare asked her dad who would dance with her at her wedding during the father/daughter dance and he said why wait and he had her pick out the song she wanted her father/daughter dance to be and danced with her right then and there, so she had her dance. You can tell that Clare really did love her dad, which is sweet. They throw rocks into the water because her dad said that he wouldn’t be further than she could throw the rock. She underhand throws the rock and it’s kinda a puny throw and I’m not impressed, come on Clare, it’s not a huge pond, let it fly!

We’re going to meet her mom and 6 sisters and I guess there’s a brother too I think. They mention the swimming in the ocean and the girls talk about how that’s lots of time in a bikini and one sister goes to cover mama’s ears. I think it’s very interesting to see Clare and her sister Madeline (I think, the one who’s been married for 20+ years) talk compared to Andi and her sister. Andi and her sister remind me of my sister and I….we’re giggling and honest with one another and equals. I feel like Clare and her sister’s are just drama drama drama. They only tell her what she wants to hear so she doesn’t explode on them. I don’t know if it’s because of the age difference and she’s the baby or why.

Clare’s sister Lisa says that their dad was the ultimate southern gentleman and they feel that that is what Juan Pablo is and I have to disagree on that one! I would not really consider Juan Pablo a southern gentleman. I don’t know if he’s the reason that Clare has been waiting to fall in love. However, Clare’s parents were engaged after 3 weeks of knowing each other, so maybe this is the show for Clare.

I actually like Laura, because she’s the one who’s going to be real with Clare. And Clare FREAKS out, as we all know she does and this is why no one has been honest with Clare during her hometown. Laura asks Clare how she’d react if she wasn’t chosen. And she isn’t at a point to say that she gives her blessing, which is EXACTLY where you should be! Clare is now spinning it to say that her sister is wanting her to be unhappy because she doesn’t want to give her blessing. No you nitwit! Laura is saying she loves you and wants you to be happy and not be hurt which is why she doesn’t want to give a blessing! Laura doesn’t want Clare to be manipulated, and you can tell that Clare is going to manipulate her mom. Hello, Clare has been manipulating Juan Pablo this whole show, so it’s good to know she does that in real life too, enjoy that in a step mom Camilla! And Clare won’t listen to Laura when she wants to explain it, she goes and vents to another sister and cries. Ugh, I’m over Clare!

Clare throws a tantrum and interrupts the time with Mama, Laura and Juan Pablo. Of course Juan Pablo doesn’t see that it’s a tantrum and thinks that she’s nervous with him talking to her mom. Clare’s mom evidently knows Spanish and they talk in Spanish and she can handle her own with him. They hug it out, but you gotta wonder if she’s sick or what’s going on with her and why all the sisters protect mama as much as they do.

Clare says if Juan Pablo can look past her crazy family, she’d love to marry him. Um Clare, it’s not your crazy family he has to get past, it’s crazy YOU!

Alright rose ceremony time. Clare’s dress leaves very little to the imagination. It’s a deep v-neck, I like the shade of pink, but that’s about it. It’s tight and short. Nikki is escorated by Chris Harrison next. She’s in a black and white ensambe. Andi next in a black/navy blue one shoulder dress. Renee is last in an emerald green dress that is also a one shoulder. Andi, Nikki and Renee are all excited to see one another, Clare not so much.

It is very windy out side and there hair keeps moving all around. We got 3 roses and 4 girls.

1. First rose goes to Nikki! WOOT WOOT

2. Crazy Clare gets the second rose—–not shocking

3. Andi gets the final rose.

Renee you’re way too good for Juan Pablo. Before Chris Harrison can come tell Renee to say her final goodbyes, Juan Pablo is already crying. Renee hugs the girls, and Clare has the nerve to grin like a Cheshire cat as she says goodbye. Juan Pablo walks Renee. Renee said that she never felt like this before and is crying. She does tell them that she fell in love with him, and it opened her eyes to a whole new world. Juan Pablo tells her that she’s great and he respects her a lot. I think he knows that Renee deserves better. He probably wishes he could be better, but she deserves better than him. Renee there is a very nice single guy watching this that is going to be perfect for you and Ben! She gets that she can’t force someone to fall in love with her and Ben. She wants her son to see what love is, and dangit, love better find Renee! She is such a classy lady! Take a lesson future Bachelorette contestants!

Alright, that’s all for hometowns, I’m going to start part 2 of 2 right now and should have my thoughts up soonish! I can’t wait to see what happens in these fantasy suites!


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