Juan Pablo’s Women Tell All

Wow, the Women Tell All is only an hour and a half and we have to bring out Sean & Catherine to talk about their wedding night. ABC has thrown in the towel on Juan Pablo and decided that Sean is the Bachelor who they want to be associated with. We have an awkward innuendo of quick fireworks happening on the Wedding night of Sean & Catherine. On their honeymoon, a stingray evidently latched onto Sean’s man part and he yelled out. Sean & Catherine will be trying to have kids within the next 12 months because Sean is old at 30 years old. So that was really worth the 5 minutes they were on my tv screen and the trip they made from Dallas to Hollywood.

WHAT?!?! We have Chris Harrison talking to the muppets now (Miss Piggy & Kermit). I mean it makes sense that they are promoting their movie, but wow, the fact that they are bringing this promotion up in the first few minutes is a sign of how much ABC really cares about this Women Tell All.

FINALLY we’re welcoming the ladies from one of the most controversial seasons. We have Lauren H., Kylie, Danielle (who has dyed her hair blonde & I didn’t recognize her), Elise, Alli, Victoria (crazy drunk girl), Chantel, Christy, Lauren S., Lucy, Cassandra, Chelsie, Kat, Kelly (and Molly), Sharleen, Renee and Andi.

Renee’s honest and says she didn’t remember a thing about night one, she loved his accent and how attractive he is and that’s all she can recall. Kelly was concerned that Molly walked right past Juan Pablo and didn’t seem impressed with him.

Andi mentions that there needs to be more to a long-term relationship than just a physical relationship. All the girls seem to agree that Juan Pablo didn’t ask a lot about them and it seemed very surface level.

Harrison tries to bring it back and convince us that Juan Pablo isn’t a douche and asks Renee to bring it back. Renee talks about the fact that Juan Pablo and her would talk about her 8 year old and his 4 year old and that was a fun conversation for them.

Alli then brings back the fact that Renee would come back from dates and would be sad that they didn’t get past Ben & Camilla. Cassandra then talks about how she’d be frustrated that her & Juan Pablo couldn’t get past talking about her son. She wants more to figure out what kinda pizza he liked, and what his favorite color is.

Kat said if you tried to take it to the next level and ask Juan Pablo a question that would be met with resistance. It would get awkward and he wouldn’t want to open up.

Alli, the nanny who was good at soccer and one of my early favorites from pix alone, and didn’t really get any airtime is going to be that girl who talks WAY more during the Women Tell All then she does the whole rest of the season. Alli said that they had a conversation where Juan Pablo asked her where she saw herself in 5 years and then the very next conversation he asked her where she saw herself in 3 years. She said it would be close to where she saw herself at 5 years. It just proves the point yet again that Juan Pablo wasn’t listening to these girls and it wasn’t that they had these amazing conversations off camera that we didn’t see, like is often the case with the show. Evidently we had to see all the making out on camera because that’s ALL there was!

My girl Lauren S. who was the one with the piano said that Juan Pablo wasn’t genuine. Kelly our dog lover is starting a fight with Lauren. Kelly says that it’s sour grapes that some of the girls didn’t get chosen.

Andi said that she doesn’t think that he was here for the wrong reasons. Rather that Juan Pablo is looking for a girlfriend and to see if he could continue to date someone after the show is over. Whereas the girls are here looking for a husband.

Now according to Twitter, I see that Andi has been spending some quality time with Kelly the dog lover and Sharleen the last couple weeks. So evidently the 3 of them are besties, which seem odd. Kelly seems like the girl who likes drama, but maybe she’s a very nice person in real life, but I think a little bit of her would go A LONG ways!

Kat mentions the hard thing about this show is that you don’t know where you fit in compared to the other girls.You may think everything is going great, but you don’t know where you are to the others. Okay girls, you all were SO EXCITED when you saw that you were going to be on Juan Pablo’s season, which means that you watched the Bachelorette, which means you’ve seen the show before, so you know how this all goes down! This is not a shocking twist!

Juan Pablo talks about wanting to be fair but he changes all the rules! Kelly mentions that he uses his daughter as an excuse instead of saying that he isn’t there in the relationship. He’d say he couldn’t kiss someone for Camilla, but Kelly points out that Camilla wasn’t mentioned in the ocean. All the girls get mad that the rules constantly did change. Cassandra said she was frustrated that he’d kiss her but wouldn’t kiss Renee and that wasn’t fair to them.

Kat and Andi evidently roomed with Clare and didn’t realize that Clare had snuck out to go to the ocean with Juan Pablo. Harrison asks if Juan Pablo handled the situation with the ocean fairly. The girls ALL agree that he didn’t. I have to say this is one of if not the first Women Tell All that I can think of where all the girls agree with one another and are in total agreement about not liking the Bachelor. I’m kinda amazed to be honest!

The girls said it was more disrespectful for them to see Clare & Juan Pablo in the hot tub during the group date after all the one-on-one time they’d had on that group date then for her sneaking out to go see him. They wish they’d had thought to go sneak out, but hadn’t. However, they all agree that he made his choice and should’ve manned up and not put all the blame on Clare.

Sharleen said that he had buyers remorse, but there’s no reason that it should’ve all been placed on Clare. He should’ve either stopped her when she first came or been all in. It wasn’t right for him to flip flop. Andi mentions that Clare and Juan Pablo were obviously attracted to one another and she took the initiative and the girls can be frustrated, but they were both active participants and she took a chance that the rest of them could’ve.

The first “lady” in the hotseat is Sharleen! Chris Harrison said that Sharleen is one of the most intriguing people that we’ve had as a contestant. And that their relationship was very gray. There were high highs and low lows. When Sharleen is watching back their journey, she covers her eyes when they show them making out. She looks very embarrassed.

Harrison asks why Sharleen said goodbye. Sharleen said that she knew he wasn’t the one, and they could date but they weren’t going to be husband and wife. She admits she was attracted to him, but they didn’t have a cerebral connection. They had the physical connection and she was trying to justify the physical connection intellectually. Sharleen said that she found him curious at the beginning and he wanted to know about different lifestyles.

She didn’t realize that she was a favorite or up at the top of his list. All the other girls mentioned that they knew that Sharleen was one of his favorites and that Juan Pablo was very obvious about who he liked. They could all see that he was very curious about her and wanted to know more about her. Sharleen said that even knowing what she knows now she’s still glad that she left and she did respect him as a person. She also said she’ll try her best to not make out with him when they’re in the same room.

Renee is the next in the hotseat! She gets a very big ovation from the crowd. Harrison said that they had a special connection and he asked what it was. She said that it started with their kids, but at the same time he was very sweet and romantic with her.

I forgot that Renee led with being a single mom when she got out of the limo. We then have to relive her wanting to kiss him so badly and then being so excited when it finally happened. The graceful exit is still just as sad tonight as it was last week.

Renee has no regrets and didn’t really want to change anything about her journey. Renee doesn’t think that saying that she loved him would’ve changed anything because those were her feelings and it shouldn’t change his feelings for her. Harrison asks if she has any regrets with leaving Ben for as long as she did. She said that no she doesn’t have any regrets and it gave her confidence in being able to tell people that she dates that she is a single mom and realizing that they may like it.

She is evidently in a “situation” right now and is very happy. So Renee will not be our Bachelorette, as it appears she’s off the market! Which makes me SO HAPPY, because as I’ve said multiple times she’s way too good for Juan Pablo, and deserves someone who will treat her and Ben as greatly as she deserves!

Harrison is finally bringing up Andi! She mentions that she liked how attractive Juan Pablo was. Andi said that she thought that when the fantasy suite was starting that she was going to be able to fall in love with him. She admits that they had some laughs when the cameras were first off and they had fun.

However, things then turned to his soccer, his traveling, who he knows. Then it just got really negative and she felt like she was getting sucked into his negativity. Harrison asks what he had to be negative about and she said the process and if you were to ask Juan Pablo he’d say he was a great Bachelor, (which makes the whole audience laugh).

We then hear the same things as last week, comments about the fact that Andi was barely there over Renee. He also mentions his overnight date with Clare and that is when she looked at him and realized that it would never work. Harrison laughs that it wasn’t a turn-on to mention another girl during a date and she looks at him and says absolutely not.

Harrison laughs and asks her if she faked sleeping. She asked who he talked to. He says that everyone has had that date that can’t get over fast enough, and she faked sleep to get over it.Andi said that she just laid there and couldn’t wait for morning to come. Again there are quite a few innuendos that are mentioned on tonight’s show, I’m a little surprised, but I don’t know why.

Andi mentions that although Juan Pablo was inappropriate and rude he wasn’t mean to her. There wasn’t a filter and it’s not right. However, he wasn’t trying to be intentionally cruel to her. She states that her feelings were hurt by the things he said and the way he said things.

Andi is not in a “situation” like our friend Renee and she talks about how she’s doing better and how she likes the process and feels like she felt butterflies and trusts this process, which is the writing on the wall that she’s our Bachelorette. She believes great love exists and she’s going to continue to search for that love. We’ll watch her search for that great love in May on our tv screens.

Juan Pablo comes out and the crowd does cheer for him. There are a lot more guys in this crowd then there normally are. Juan Pablo mentions that he’s very nervous being in this room of ex-girlfriends and thinks he can be friends with them all. He randomly says “Hi Andi” she smiles and says hello back.

Harrison asks if he would change anything about this process and Juan Pablo said he wouldn’t change anything, but he would continue to be honest and maybe offensive and hurt their feelings. He does look over at Andi and smirks as he says “it’s okay.”

Oh man, my piano girl needs to let things go, because she wants him to be honest about not wanting to kiss her instead of saying that Camilla is watching.This then gets Juan Pablo going saying that he’s not going to have his daughter sitting down and watching this show, but she may hear about things happening on the show from others at school or around that may bring things to her attention.

Cassandra points out that if Juan Pablo was looking at Ben’s feelings then he should’ve never done the hometown date and met Ben. He should’ve known he was going to get rid of Renee and not done the hometown date. To meet him and get his hopes up. Especially since he said the reason he didn’t kiss Renee right away is because she told him about how when her and her ex broke up it really crushed Ben. What I found interesting about this was that Renee is not the one who brought this up and didn’t say anything during this exchange. And on the hometown date, Juan Pablo did say that he was his mom’s friend, it’s not like he asked Ben’s permission to ask for Renee’s hand in marriage. I don’t feel like Juan Pablo really led Ben on, like the girls on the panel are thinking he did.

The girls are frustrated though that Juan Pablo keeps talking about the moms being his special ones. He said that it’s going to be that way because they took times away from their sons and it was different when he was on the Bachelorette because his daughter still had her mom, but these boys didn’t have their moms and once he knew he wasn’t going to be with these girls he let them go. They gave up time at home with their boys. That doesn’t make some of the girls happy since they left a lot of things at home as well.

Andi points out that even though he refers to Cassandra and Renee as special girls it’s not like he put them above the other girls. He just treated them different, case and point he sent Cassandra home earlier than the other girls. She then points out that she will defend some things about him, but there are things that drive her crazy and he does another “Ets okay,” with a smirk at her.

Andi mentions that he should’ve used the words “Husband” and “Wife” more. And she points out maybe he wasn’t looking for a wife. She said he should’ve asked more questions to the girls to make them feel more appreciative. Sharleen points out that he was interested in her and asked her questions, but she sees how others are frustrated. Lucy said one thing this episode and that was that this wasn’t a game and she wanted to feel like they were in equal relationships.

Kelly brings up the controversial interview where he said something about gay people being perverts. Sharleen does defend him by pointing out something they talked about on their date and he seemed to be open-minded and equal. Juan Pablo keeps saying that he wants to talk to Kelly backstage and clear things up about that situation.

And that’s the end of the girls and Juan Pablo, he made it through pretty unscathed! I’m kinda impressed. However, these girls did most of the beating up before he got out there, so who knows how clean his reputation really is.

We now have the preview for next weeks finale. All the girls mention that we’ve seen Clare & Nikki battle all season. And the fact that they are polar opposites. Then Kelly mentions she’s always team Nikki and Sharleen mentions she is too. Harrison asks those to raise their hands for team Clare and it’s Alli, Lauren, Cassandra and I think Lucy. It appears the rest of the girls are team Nikki.

Harrison said the finale is something we’ve never seen before. We see both girls in their proposal dresses. We see lots of tears. I wonder if that means that Juan Pablo proposes and the girl says no, have we ever seen that before?!? That would be AWESOME! I think Juan Pablo is going to choose crazy Clare and they’ll be broken up and will be angry and bitter at the After the Final Rose. I think Nikki is too good for Juan Pablo, she’ll find herself a suitable KC boy.

Big week next week! Everyone rest up for a tearful finale! We’ve gotten this far and just have a little ways to go, we can do it!!!



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