Welcome to the finale of Juan Pablo’s season….it’s hard to believe we’ve reached the end of this adventure! We should saddle in for 2 hours of the most dramatic/surprising finale followed by an hour of the most dramatic After the Final Rose ceremony. Let’s see if it lives up to the hype!

We have Chris Harrison welcoming us into the studio and we have our past Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants sitting up on a stage/bleachers. Harrison talks about how Juan Pablo is the most controversial Bachelors in show history. Woah, Harrison asks the question that ABC usually skirts away from, by asking if Juan Pablo is here for the right reasons. That’s not the leads role, that’s a question we ask of the 25 contestants. ABC does not seem to be protecting Juan Pablo at all, let’s see if that theme continues throughout the night.

Okay, we are introduced to Juan Pablo’s family. We have mom, dad, brother, sister, niece (sister’s daughter), cousin and obviously Camilla. Clare is the first girl that is meeting the family. Juan Pablo admits that he’s attracted to her and says “she has many things I like” but is not able to name anything other than his attraction to her.

Camilla comes running in with a water bottle in her mouth and screaming. Then she doesn’t seem impressed with Clare. Clare is attempting to go for a handshake with a 6 year old….ummmm knowing her father I’m thinking she’s not that prim and proper so I’m doubting a handshake is the way to go. And Camilla does what we all wish we could do and she slaps Clare….okay, she gives Clare a “low-high five” but then Clare tries to make it this thing where they’re playing patty-cake and Camilla yells no and throws her arms to the side. Yes, I think it’s kinda a bratty thing to do, but not gonna lie, I’m okay with it in this instance.

Then Camilla decides to kiss Clare’s cheek and let’s her kiss her cheek and Clare is talking about how hot and sexy Juan Pablo is with her daughter in her confessional. Well then Camilla climbs onto Juan Pablo’s lap and he starts talking to her in Spanish, asking her why she’s so quiet and if she drank too much juice or something. Well then the whole family starts conversing, but they’re in Spanish. So I think Juan Pablo’s dad asks if she speaks Spanish, and Juan Pablo says that her mom is Mexican. Clare then digs herself deeper by saying everyone in her family speaks Spanish except for her.

Camilla would rather sit with Juan Pablo’s brother then her dad, but Juan Pablo makes her come to sit next to him. Then the awkward question of how many kids do you want.  Clare says 3 kids and the family said 3 but she has to keep going if there isn’t a boy.

Juan Pablo’s mom is so relaxed and chill and I don’t think I see the connection between her and Clare. Clare asks her if there’s something she should know about his personality that he wouldn’t tell her and the mom says that he’s hyperactive. Then the mom asks about his communication skills with her and Clare says they love it because they had an argument and he was honest.

The mom said that he can be rude, Clare admits that he made her cry and his mom says that he’s done that with her as well. RED FLAG CLARE RED FLAG CLARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If a guy can make his mom cry that’s not really ideal father for your children/husband material. Crazy Clare then says that after talking with his family she feels so great and comforted to know what she feels is okay. NO CLARE NO! What the mom told you was basically run away as fast as you can! He’s going to be brutal, honest, hyperactive and harsh and he’s not gonna care if he hurts you or not. If he can hurt his own mom, his girlfriend is in trouble!

This somehow confirms how much she adores him, which I guess I get that she’s happy that he’s the same with her as he is with his family, but it’s not a good him.

I like how level-headed Juan Pablo’s brother is. He flat out says Juan Pablo is going to walk away from you when the going gets tough, what are you gonna do? Clare says that when she loves she loves and she’ll fit for it. For which brother says that’s good.

Then the brothers are hashing it out and the brother says that Clare is in love with Juan Pablo. And what lady in love wouldn’t want to see Juan Pablo’s reaction of his head in his hands looking distraught with that admission? Then they start talking about how she’s begging for him to love her and be his wife and be a mom.

Juan Pablo’s dad for the win “I will open my arms to you and invite you to the family. You will always have a father in me.” Considering all he told his family was that she was from Sacramento I’m assuming he didn’t know that she lost her father and how much that sentence would mean to her. I do think Juan Pablo’s dad is very sweet.

Question before Nikki comes out, WHY does ABC insist on having everyone sweating their butts off during the family visit as well as the last date and the final rose ceremony? It’s not attractive to see the sweat sheen on everyone and everyone pitting out.

Nikki is re-meeting his family. She has more appropriate clothing on today then she did the first time she met them in Miami. Though, I don’t think the open back, showing of the back tattoo is the approach to go, but that’s where she went. Kansas City has confused these Miami people with it being in Missouri and not Kansas.

Well Juan Pablo’s dad isn’t being as sweet with Nikki as he was with Clare. He says that Juan Pablo can be difficult. He thinks he’s always right and it’s always his way. Nikki admitted that he said he admitted that he’s stubborn and she’s okay with that.

Juan Pablo’s mom said that Juan Pablo would wake up, have breakfast ready and then they’d watch tv with Camilla all day. He’s a simple guy. But then admits that he’s not easy. The mom thinks he may be ready to be married, but she’s not super confident in that.

The cousin asks Nikki how much fighting she can handle because in relationships that happens a lot. And how would she handle it if he walked away? HMMMMMMMMMM Noticing a theme here?!?! He’s going to walk away, which means there’s no way he’s still with a girl at the After the Final Rose Ceremony.

As Nikki is leaving she gets hugs from everyone and kisses on the cheek from Camilla and Juan Pablo’s niece. Nikki’s conversations with the family seemed to be more comfortable with Nikki than Clare.

Heidi, Des & Chris are together. However, what has to be REAL awkward is the fact that Brooks is what 3 or 4 people away from them. I’m sorry but that has to be horribly uncomfortable. Who can forget the break-up that would never end on the dock? I bet Chris is writing Des love poems right now about it.

Clare gets the first last date. She comes out of the car and running to him and he does the most awkward laugh in the world. They kiss (obviously) and then go into a helicopter. They are making out and enjoying the scenery. I make a comment to my viewing party (woot Matt & Laura) about how lovely the trees look and go Trees (go Arbor Day!!!). And I’m still thinking of that as they’re landing the helicopter and pondering what they’re going to do on this island when the ominous music begins!

Clare starts her voice-over and says that as the helicopter was landing there was a brief moment of privacy, when they weren’t miked and there were no cameras around. Well I guess Juan Pablo leaned over and she thought it was going to be sweet nothings, but instead he said something about how he doesn’t really feel like he knows her that well and then he said something sexual to her. Well my mouth is hanging open! She keeps talking about how that’s the worst thing a women would ever want to hear and we see Juan Pablo and her climbing up a mountain, but it’s more her being drug up the mountain by him. You can see her discomfort and that she wants to be saved by someone and he’s acting like he doesn’t have a care in the world. They are showing audience shots and Sean looks pissed that Juan Pablo has disgraced the title of Bachelor!

Clare gets to the hotel room and is crying. She’s so upset that he said he doesn’t feel like he knows her and she doesn’t know him. But Clare admits that they hooked up, because he said that he enjoyed hooking up with her. We get chilly Clare and this is the first time I’ve liked her all season. He is begging her for a kiss and she isn’t giving in. The live audience starts clapping. Clare goes right for it and says she wants to talk about what he said in the audience. He is not manning up and is saying he needs to be reminded. He also says that the things that happen in private need to stay in private. He is now spinning his words.

Juan Pablo is still wanting a kiss, and Clare wants to communicate. Juan Pablo says the biggest lie in the world when he said he doesn’t need a physical relationship. Clare said a physical relationship is great, but she wants to make sure there’s more to it than just a physical relationship.

And now Juan Pablo is back to his old argument of “I was just being honest and telling you how I feel.” I am BEGGING Clare to stay strong, but I think she’s too insecure and is going to cave. I have advice for Clare in her next relationship and that’s to go slow on the physical relationship and get to know someone before you take that extra step in the physical relationship and then you’ll know it’s not just for the physical relationship.

DANG Juan Pablo sure knows how to spin his words. He doesn’t answer any of Clare’s questions, but the way he throws his words around he makes it seem like he answered her questions and she’s been tricked by his charisma and charm and I’m back to not liking Clare, STAY STRONG CLARE!!!!!!

And now she’s completely gone, because he said that he knows if they end up together they’ll have a baby in a year and 2 months. And Clare grins and asks if it can be twins. And she’s smitten again. CLARE!!!!!!!!!! What has to happen to have a baby, a physical relationship, therefore that is important to him, and you’re gonna get your heart shattered by this guy! And the song from the first date is being played again, to bring their relationship full circle and I will tell you again Clare, that this is gonna be the last time you’ll hear this song unless you hear it again via ABC, Juan Pablo will never remember this is your song and play it for you when it’s just the two of you.

Alright, we’re to Nikki’s last date. She joins us wearing a bikini and a wrap around her waist that covers the bottoms. Nikki is thinking Juan Pablo is going to tell her he loves her on this date, which come on Nikki do you not watch this show?!?! These two have nothing to talk about, they’re on the boat floating along and they talk about how nice of weather it is. Then Nikki goes through and lists everyone of his family and says they’re all awesome. Nikki calls him out on being guarded and he says he’s not guarded and he’ll open up when he’s feeling it.

Nikki teases him asking what he’s going to do when he doesn’t have a private island anymore. He says it’ll be okay because he has his bed, his tv (where he can watch movies or sports) and his office and he’ll be there all alone. Nikki says he won’t be there all alone all the time, and he says most of the time he will be. And then they make out some more…..oye!

Nikki is trying to send subliminal messages by wearing white on her last date with Juan Pablo. She spaces out and thinks a lot and it drives him mad. I don’t think he could handle a girl that can think for herself. Nikki is freaking out and says that she’s so nervous and wasn’t expecting to be that nervous tonight. And then Juan Pablo gets his catch-phrase out by saying “et’s okay” to her and she’s okay with that phrase, where somewhere Andi is going crazy.

Nikki gives him a card and a photo album of her favorite memories of the two of them. Which he then accepts with making out with her. As she walks him to the door she’s wiping tears away and they make out by the door and he’s gone. She goes to the couch and starts crying.

WHAT!?!?! No meeting with Neil Lane?!?!? That’s the highlight of the finale episode!!!! Instead we have Juan Pablo staring at the rock and the girls getting ready for the final rose ceremony. I feel like this whole episode has drug on, but now I feel like it’s moving super quick and I’m not prepared for this!

Juan Pablo is at the proposal site and the boat is heading to shore! The front of the boat opens and we see the teal dress and Clare comes off. Chris Harrison is walking with Clare on sand and they’re heading towards her rejection. Poor girl doesn’t know what’s coming and the voice over is so heart-wrenching. She’s talking about her dad and about how Juan Pablo has told her to trust him. And she does trust him. There is the most awkward silence in the world.

She looks at him and tells him she’s nervous, he says “et’s okay” and then “I’m nervous too.” And then the worst thing in the world is the last minute pitches that the girls do to try and convince the guy to choose her. And she talks about how they have something special and she believes in him and then the awkward pause.

Juan Pablo mentions the ups and downs that they’ve had and the communication issues. He says that Clare is unbelievable and she’s there because he wants her to be there. He then says “I want the earth to suck me right now,” which Clare has to know where this is going at this point. That phrase can’t be a good thing following it. He is following his heart and has to say goodbye to her. He goes in for the hug, and she is able to catch his arms to make sure he doesn’t hug her. The live audience goes crazy. And she gets pissed at him and talks about how he reassured her for the last hour of their date and how that wasn’t fair and he made her believe in them. He is being condescending.

Clare brings up Sharleen & Andi and how they didn’t have the same feelings as him and he could’ve done the same thing to her. And now I like Clare again for the second time all season! He is getting all defensive and is going to say when he made his choice and she walks away and said she doesn’t want to know. She said that she lost all respect for him as a man. Then she really drops the bomb when she said that what he just put her through is something that she’d never want the father of her children to do and the audience goes crazy as do I on my couch!

Clare walks into the loving embrace of Chris Harrison and she cries it out. Then as Juan Pablo is waiting there he looks at the cameras and producers and says “I’m glad I didn’t pick her” and ABC is doing all they can to ruin his reputation. I’m sure many Bachelors/Bachelorettes have said things in-between rejects at the proposal altar and yet we haven’t seen anything that I’ve seen of before.

It’s Nikki’s turn with Juan Pablo. Let’s see how this is all going to go down. Juan Pablo is playing with the ring as Nikki is walking off the boat. You can tell Nikki is nervous and freaking out. She’s anticipating the proposal and has high hopes of what he’s going to say, let’s see what he actually says!

Nikki thanks him for everything and uses the word amazing about 1,000 times and said that she’s waited forever and she wasn’t expecting to feel the way she does but she can’t imagine her life without him and that she loves him. Juan Pablo says he loves so many things about her and that’s why he wanted her here. He loves how honest she is, how she cares for people, she’d be a good step-mom for Camilla and it’s been a perfect time every-time they’re together. He brings back her hometown and how her dad asked for her to 100% sure that he wants to propose to her and he has a ring in his pocket but he isn’t going to give her the ring because he’s not 100% sure he wants to propose to her. But he is 100% sure he doesn’t want to say goodbye, so he offers her the final rose and she accepts. And they kiss and it’s actually pretty sad. He never says he loves her, he just said he likes her. You can tell she’s really disappointed. He then tells her to not get cranky because she’s hot because trust him he’s hot too.

Alright, let’s see what’s going on with the couple in the After the Final Rose special!

Clare comes out first. She’s in a leather dress that looks horribly uncomfortable. She’s sitting with Chris and is in tears just talking about the sting that watching the episode brought back. The day that every woman waits for, the day you get engaged. She talks about the letdown of hearing the offensive comment. Harrison asks her why she stayed, because the audience kept thinking why is she staying. She admits her gut was on and she should’ve left, but going into it she wanted to come in with her guard all the way down and trusted the process. A guy who didn’t want to play games, and wanted to find marriage. She said that Juan Pablo was not the man that he thought she was.

Clare said that the day in St. Lucia was pivotal for her because it was the first time in her life that she’s been able to stick up for herself to a man and get it all out there. She doesn’t need closure and doesn’t need to bring Juan Pablo out and talk to him now. She doesn’t want to sit on the couch and be fed anymore bs. Clare has moved on and moved forward and again, my dislike of Juan Pablo has made me like her!

Clare is off the stage so we are now bringing Juan Pablo out. It is basically crickets as he comes out to join Juan Pablo. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard that for the lead of the show. Harrison asks if he has any regrets and Juan Pablo loved being the Bachelor with the 27 women (shocking!). Juan Pablo is talking about how he’s straight-forward. He then interrupts Chris Harrison by saying that he wanted to finish talking. Juan Pablo said that Clare’s relationship was a roller-coaster ride and he wants to keep things private. Juan Pablo said he is going to be himself and is not answering a question about his offensive remarks, it was private and personal.

Juan Pablo is answering really quickly and talking a lot and Chris Harrison is trying to reign this conversation in, but Juan Pablo is very defensive and isn’t answering any of the questions Harrison is trying to ask.

Nikki comes out without Juan Pablo, so of course we’re going to be looking for her ring. Nikki said that there is still a relationship and it’s been great. She’s still in love with Juan Pablo, he has yet to say that he’s in love with her which is sad. Her feelings haven’t changed. Chris asks her if he’s said that he loves her and she said no. But her actions prove that he loves her. Nikki said that it’s been hard to be in hiding and it’s been a struggle to be the one who said I love you first but she knows he loves her because he wouldn’t be with her if he didn’t care for her.

Nikki and Juan Pablo are reunited on the stage for the first time in public and there’s some applause but not a thunderous applause even like Clare got. Juan Pablo said that they’re doing great. And they can go get a burger and go to a park and do whatever. They can be together and be private and he feels fantastic about her. Juan Pablo refuses to say that he loves Nikki and gets mad at Chris Harrison for trying to suggest that. They are done with the show and so done but are so thankful to be free. Juan Pablo starts bashing Chris Harrison for interrupting him, and I think Sean is going to punch him. And then Sean is talking and he wins America over again by talking about how he loves Catherine and wanted to tell her that right away. Catherine leans over and pats Sean’s leg and I really do think there might have been a brawl backstage.

Wow, this is one of the most uncomfortable After the Final Rose Ceremonies ever. Juan Pablo is completely dis-respecting Chris Harrison and gets mad when Harrison said that this is the time that they should be happy and be glowing and admitting that they love each other right now. This is the easy part and he’s saying the easy part will start once the show is over.

Chris Harrison comes back from commercial and says that they’re in love and engaged and Nikki looks mortified. Chris is trying to figure out what’s next. Something happened 2 weeks ago when they taped the Women Tell All and their plans changed drastically. They are not going to tell us any plans because it’s private. Sean tries to burst his bubble and said that their relationship isn’t going to be private so they should get used to it. Catherine said that she’s so confused by this relationship and is glad that they’re happy but the show is about love and finding the person and not slapping the hand that fed you. And now Juan Pablo is playing his English is a second language card.

Chris said he sees wanting to hide the offensive comments but isn’t going to share the happy journey that we all took with them and that’s what makes it confusing for all of us. Nikki looks incredibly uncomfortable and that she’s not in love. Chris said that he’s going to say congratulations but he doesn’t know if that’s what he should say or not. He’s completely fed up and is excited to announce the new Bachelorette.

I’m so over Juan Pablo and Nikki. She is frustrating me. I thought she was stronger than that. She looks miserable and uncomfortable and is smarter than what was being shown on the tv, but she’s letting him charm her and do whatever he wants. Ugh, how frustrating. Don’t give anything up Nikki, it’s not worth it!!!!

Gosh dang I LOVE Chris Harrison! He comes back from commercial and asks how we all feel after that. He asks if we’ve showered it off. He also admits that he’s not gonna lie he’s not sad that this season is over, but we’re going onto the next season and our Bachelorette is going to be: ANDI!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dang Andi persecutes anything that is gang related. Don’t mess with Andi! She puts the bad guys away 🙂 She loves her job but wants to find her husband.

Andi gets a standing ovation from the audience. She comes out all sparkly. She is cute and I’m so thrilled it’s going to be her! LOL Chris asks for a few things, 1. does she realize it’s on tv 2. people want to go on the journey with her 3. if she falls in love don’t be afraid to say that. She’s obviously the most afraid to say goodbyes to the nice guys. She said she’s all in and is ready.

Alright, what a season….I like Chris am not necessarily sad that this will be over, but am REALLY looking forward to Andi as our Bachelorette. Everyone recover and I’ll see you back here in 2 months, we premiere May 19th for I’m sure the most dramatic season yet!



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