First Impression of Andi’s Bachelors!

Oh man, we’re less than 24 hours from the premiere of the newest Bachelorette season. We get to see who our strong-minded Andi is going to choose! I’m excited for Andi to be our Bachelorette. I feel like she’s going to be a strong-minded and strong-willed Bachelorette! Here’s hoping she doesn’t let me done.

Alright, this is a post where I just look at the bios that ABC has released and judge books by their covers and will judge who I think will be the crazies and who I think are going to be my favorites. The only one I am going to refrain from making any sort of comment about will be Eric, as he is the one who we know was in a tragic accident and he has actually passed away between the end of when he was shooting and obviously from when this aired. Eric is the only one I’ve heard anything about, I actually haven’t seen any of the previews either, so I don’t know what ABC is trying to promote.

If you want to do this, I’d highly recommend it as it is fun and you are rooting from someone the first episode, which can be somewhat boring and hard to keep all the guys apart. You’re at least rooting for your guy to be seen or to go crazy at the first cocktail party ๐Ÿ™‚

Link to ABC:

Thoughts on the guys:

1. Andrew: I first of all thought he was VERY cute! He seems down to earth and I think he’s my favorite, but think he probably won’t make it that far because he seems too normal.

2. Bradley: He’s a male opera singer. We need to get him and Sharleen together. Bradley doesn’t seem like he’s going to want to sit on the sidelines. He seems like he’s gonna be all up in our faces. He looks a little high-maintenance to me.

3. Brett: Occupation is hair-stylist…if you look at his picture online doesn’t it look like he hasย  a mullet in the back? He seems a little to feminine to me, but maybe Andi is interested in that.

4. Brian: He is a definite HOT weather person when given a choice of cold-weather or hot-weather, yet he’s from Harrisburg, PA. Sorry Brian, pretty sure it’s cold there. I guess he’s trying to say he’s willing to transfer to HOT-LANTA, however, if he’s a basketball coach it seems like it’d be hard for him to relocate.

5. Carl: He’s wearing a hoodie, which caught my attention. He’s a firefighter, but it seems odd because he doesn’t appear to have a typical firefighters body. His worst date memory is burning a roast, that seems kinda boring…I hope he’s more exciting on screen then he appears in his interview.

6. Chris: He’s a farmer from Iowa, which means I should either love or hate him. However, his biggest fear on a date has made me not like him, he’s afraid of accidental diarrhea, though it would be horrible, I feel like there’s a better answer for him to say!

7. Cody: He’s a personal trainer who seems like someone who is too full of himself. I think he’ll make it through a few rounds but won’t be around for too long. He reminds of James from Des’ season. A big meathead who will pretend to be a softie, but will be a phony. He has a mohawk!!!!

8. Craig: He had me and I was excited about him until the very end with his worst date memory was puking on a girl. He’s a tax accountant from Iowa, and seemed funny and like a good Midwest boy, and maybe he is, but dangit Craig!

9. Dylan: He’s another accountant. I think I’m a bigger fan of him then Craig. He seems like a genuine kid who wants to help people and seems like he answered the questions honestly instead of just trying to get a response that he thought people would like.

10. Emil: Didn’t think I’d be a fan of Emil, but then he says his favorite artist is C.S. Lewis. He obviously knows literature, or he wouldn’t throw out C.S. Lewis and as someone who took an entire semester long class on C.S. Lewis he’s not the easiest person to read, you gotta really study what he says! Also, talking about his uncle…dang Emil is a darkhorse!

11. Jason: He has to be one of our oldest bachelors at 35. He’s an urgent care physician and I’m not super impressed with him. Though that sounds horrible, I guess I’m just in-different towards him.

12. JJ: He’s cute, however his job is a pantsaprenuer….this makes me think that he’s this year’s Dog Lover. He made up a job, that’s not a job….which is going to frustrate me.

13. Josh B: He’s a telecommunications-marketer which is a fancy way of saying he’s a phone rep, which is something I can appreciate since I did that for a few years! He’s from Colorado and has the typical Colorado answers of loving the outdoors.

14. Josh M: Former baseball player, probably like Juan Pablo is a former soccer player, but I can get behind former baseball player. He may be my favorite just because of that ๐Ÿ™‚

15. Marcus: If Marcus has a Canadian accent, I lied, he may be my favorite. He’s a sports medicine manager and a former soccer player, so take that Juan Pablo ๐Ÿ™‚ His answers also got me as well….plus if you squint when you look at his tiny picture, he kinda looks like he could be Drew’s brother, and we all know how much I loved Drew. If Marcus is crazy, I’m gonna be real sad!

16. Marquel: Marquel got me with his answer about what marriage is: It’s a promise before God to become one! Done, Marquel is not a crazy, but I fear Marquel is not someone who’s going to last long. His answers were all quite short and to the point.

17. Mike: He’s a bartender, yet he has an engineering degree, that seems quite odd! His last question and answer show me he doesn’t have tons of drive and is looking for easy way out, which makes sense to me why he’s not using his engineering degree.

18. Nick: He’s a pro-golfer which is a profession that a few of these guys wanted to do, so they may not like him. He appears to be a little skeevy, but maybe he’s not.

19. Nick V: He doesn’t seem like someone who is going to make it super far. He is someone who appears too normal, and like he’s going to be a background person.

20. Patrick: He’s a professional soccer player as well! I like him, except for his answer about his favorite holiday being Halloween. I’m also concerned about the fact that he’s from NJ, is he going to be a Jersey Shore type guy?

21. Ron: He’s from Israel and is a beverage sales person, does that mean he’s a beer salesman? I love that he talks about the best gift is a card because people’s words are a powerful thing, which is certainly true!

22. Rudie: I feel like Rudie would’ve been a great date for Des. He seems more like her type where he wants to have adventures and have fun, but I don’t know if he’s the right guy for Andi.

23. Steven: He is ALL about snowboards. Every answer of his has to do with snowboards. I’m sure if I liked snowboards I would like them, but since I don’t, I’m not a huge fan of Steven.

24. Tasos: He’s a wedding coordinator. He also is evidently a musician. Again, someone who I’m indifferent towards, but hopefully Andi likes him.

Alright to recap, I feel like there are quite a few of feminine guys, a few professional athletes and some musicians. What’s great is that by the end of this I’m going to hate a few of these guys and really love a couple of them as well ๐Ÿ™‚


Bradley, Brett, JJ, Mike

My Favorites:

Andrew, Josh M., Marcus


One thought on “First Impression of Andi’s Bachelors!

  1. First off,, thank boss man (Glen) for letting Lindsay and I have a little time today to reflect on our bachelorette thoughts. Here are mine…
    Andrew, Brian, Craig, Steven (with an emphasis on Steven!)

    Yes, Lindsay you like Josh M, but he’ll be crying in your lap.

    Emil is definitely on my radar and I second Lindsay’s dark horse status of him!

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