Andi Meets her Men

I am going to lose it if they show a tribute to Eric at any point after I’ve gotten to know him. I teared up with just the few pictures we saw and knowing he’s not going to make it.

Andi is leaving behind her kicking butt job….the thing I found the most ridiculous in the whole montage was when she took down her diploma and said it seems like just yesterday, I’m sorry Andi, but you just turned 27, therefore it was just yesterday that you put it up. I don’t know how long it takes to become a district attorney, but it has to take awhile. She’s now quit her job to find a husband, as that is a great role model for all the girls watching this show…that must be why I’m not married, because I have a job….well I cannot afford to quit my job, so I guess I’ll have to find my husband the old fashioned way.

We had the whole her being shown in different outfits and driving her fast car. Her dad is going to be harder on these two guys than he was Juan Pablo. He also thinks she’ll be able to tell them which of the 2 final guys she likes the most. HELLO DAD, didn’t you watch last season, you’re not allowed to tell your family who you like the most, you have to lie and say you like them each equally until the most dramatic finale EVER!

I’m so glad that we get her sister to have the heart to heart talk, instead of a past Bachelorette who could really care less about Andi. If I were on the Bachelorette I would want my sister. I would also like my sister to be my fashion expert and I know she’d be honest in what I should wear compared to a producer who wouldn’t care. I feel like this is super genuine and I’m a big fan of this interaction as this is a typical conversation that sisters have!

Evidently we changed dresses and I gotta say the one she chose is a great one! My sister was commenting on how the driveway always looks like it just got done raining and I was telling her that they actually do wet down the driveway. Chris Harrison tweeted out a photo of him holding the hose and they actually wet down the driveway between limos as well….

Alright here come the guys!!!!!

1. MARCUS is the first one out! He is shaking and they hold hands, he use phrase God-willing he’ll be around forever, Andi thinks he’s hot and I’m in love. He reminds me of Drew from last season, so I’m hoping he actually makes it!

2. Chris the farmer from Iowa, and it looks like he’s working a molestache

3. JJ……Heidi, Heidi, Hedi he’s gonna be a crazy, too much nervous energy and he’s on a love quest.

4. Marquel: He brought his A-game

5. Tasos: has an earring, wedding coordinator and is recreating a date I’ve already seen on the Bachelor and he’s acting like I’ve never seen it before and is recreating the lock on a bridge story

6. Cody the douche decides the limo breaks down and needs to push the limo to the driveway. He also decides to pop the collar like he’s back in high school, however he’s popping the collar on a suit jacket….hate him already, just like I hated James.

7. Steven—-HEIDI! He is cute when he comes out of the limo, my sister’s boyfriend called him Johnny Cash, He is a Cali boy, she says stoked, he says y’all and they are going to fall in love at least in Heidi’s world.

8. Rudie—he decides it’s a good idea to use lawyer humor since he’s also a lawyer.

9. Carl—-dang Carl is much more attractive in real life and I see the fire fighter now that I didn’t see before. He gives her a map or a globe or something that shows how their journey begins.

10. Long haired Matt makes things awkward and I know it’s awkward because the music tells us that.

11. Nick V: Andi is giving him lots of compliments of polka dots and Nick V. isn’t saying a whole lot.

12. Dylan: He’s giving his bubble space to warm up to Andi because he lost what he was going to say and stand out, so he just goes for a hug and that’s it.

13. Patrick: brings out his soccer player, passes the ball to her, she kicks it back and he then boots it out. Patrick mentions he played soccer but is nothing like her last guy she dated.

14. Emil: He’s my dark horse and he decides to tell us the way to pronounce his name is Anal with an m………hmmm don’t know what I think

15. Brett the hairstylist brings a lamp from the hotel, leaves it with her and she wants to return it to the hotel. Side note he does have a mullet.

16. Craig: Pops the champagne bottle, and lets it fly. He wants to celebrate and is super excited that she’s the bachelor. He also

17. Ron is freaking hott πŸ™‚ She is smitten it seems like and doesn’t know what to say. I’m smitten from home!

18. Bradley, he has a cool accent but is still an opera singer and kicks something on his way to the mansion.

19. Josh: our telemarketer, doesn’t really say a whole whole lot.

20. Nick S: ugh…..pulls up in a golf cart, makes sense since he’s a pro golfer but he annoys me too full of himself and going to be too dramatic.

21. Brian: He says he tied his tie 6 times and wants to make sure it looks right.

22. Andrew: Compliments her smile by calling her adorable and say that Andi and Andrew have a nice ring to it.

23. Mike: he wants to act like he saw her in a natural public setting and not out of a limo, we got the awkward music playing again. His nickname is evidently Camps and he gave her his number.

24. Eric: I am going to fall in love with him and be devastated to see him go. He gave her dolls that he got from a girl in the Andes mountains to give to his girlfriend.

25: Josh M: leads with the fact that he just moved to Atlanta, and their neighbors.

I love that Andi is so real and down to earth, she is also sarcastic which I appreciate and laughed about how hard for her to choose from these guys and what a tough job.

Andi also has more of a Southern accent then I realized when she was on Juan Pablo’s season. The fact that she is an attorney probably helps her be able to keep these guys straight. I’m impressed that she’s able to remember them.

HEIDI!!!!!!! Josh M. is her type!!!!!!!!! He also goes with the compliment that her mom is her favorite. They have the flirting down and he seems to get her sense of humor. Though she does make a good point that said there’s a reason she’s single and maybe her type will change.

Marquel had me cracking up!!!! And for the first time in Bachelor history we have a girl eating on the show, and she’s not just eating a salad, but is eating cookies! He tells her to not be shy and she said she’s trying to be a lady. He then finds a cookie and said to look to the cookie and it will give her all her answers and it’s a black and white cookie and he says do you see it’s a black and white cookie, look to the cookie.

Eric wants to do the global odyssey to do the adventures and cultural immersion and it makes me sad.

And now we have a production guy running to the driveway and things are getting crazy! Chris J. from Emily’s season is back. He brought flowers and just wants to meet Andi. The security guard wants to bounce him right away, but the producer looks like he could be interested but needs to talk to Chris. I think the security guard is going to kill him though!

Tasos wants to travel and he wants Andi to travel with him. They are going to go on an African safari and then multiple other places I guess. Andi said that Tasos is different than what he’s used to and I think that’s because he’s a wedding coordinator.

Nick V. is the second oldest of 11, he has always been a father figure and he does seem real.

The opera singer is singing that only took less than a half hour.

Andrew is annoying…dangit! His voice is annoying and Patrick and him have a bromance going on and that could be the most shocking twist ever!

Chris Harrison is laughing and asking Andi if she wants to allow Chris to come and date her. Andi said she can’t do it to the other guys and break their trust by bringing in Chris. Which is what Ben did when he brought Kacie back. The guys would get upset. I respect Andi for saying no…and now Harrison is telling him no and to let it go, and contestant Chris says that he spent his own money and has been here waiting and wants to go in and Harrison is saying no way.

How funny is it that she’s never met a Farmer, something that seems so exotic to her is so normal to most of us. Farmer Chris is doing much better then I ever thought he would do!

Andi keeps saying that Marcus is hott….he has Texas values, his first language was Polish and speaks a little German. He’s worldly, you know who else was worldly…..Sharleen!!!!!! Andi is intrigued by Marcus.

I was rooting for Marquel to get the rose, but can be happy with Nick V. getting the first impression rose. He’s super cute and normal! I went from neutral to him, to rooting for him! He is beaming and you can tell he’s a normal guy!

Well here we go for the first rose ceremony. The most dramatic thing that happened during the cocktail party was Chris trying to crash the party and getting rejected. Speaking of rejection, let’s get rid of a handful of other guys!

Roses go to:

1. Nick V. (First impression rose)

2. JJ——-WHY?!?!?!?

3. Eric

4. Marquel——WOOT WOOT

5. Craig—-eh, no real opinion

6. Tasos—-ugh, not happy

7. Josh M.—-I still like him πŸ™‚

8. Brian—-eh no real opinion

9. Bradley—–stinking opera singer

10. Marcus—-WOOT WOOT

11. Andrew—-please don’t be a douche, please don’t be a douche

12. Ron—–yeah Ron!!!!

13. Carl—-the firefighter who hasn’t said 2 words

14: Chris—–farmer Chris, shave off the molastache now!!!!

15. Dylan—-eh, no real opinion

16. Brett—-seriously?!?!?!

17. Patrick—-good the bromance can continue between him and Andrew

18. Cody———-NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO gross!!!!


19. Nick S—–GROSS!!!!!!

Seriously, she got rid of Steven?!?! He seemed even cooler in person then he did on his picture.

And my dark horse Emil is going home!

Heidi, I think I heard you screaming from my house, your first guy gone, and the dark horse gone!

Eh, I don’t really care that the long haired boys are going home

Rudie the attorney is heading home and he’s confused as to why he’s going home.

Josh B. the telemarketer is going home and looks like a crier, a friend put him up to this and now he’s not going to be friends with that person anymore and he curses his way through an ungrateful exit.

The previews look dramatic πŸ™‚ Andrew also looks like he’s gonna be a jerk, which makes me sad! Here we go!!!!


One thought on “Andi Meets her Men

  1. Wow! I didn’t fare too well. Who keeps Cody and gets rid of Steven?!?! C’mon Andi… I’ll have to re-do my predictions now, Lindsay. πŸ™‚

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