Separating the Boys from the Men

Two night Bachelor event! Let’s gear up people!

I was so confused when Andi was talking about how the LA dates were over, as it seemed that we just had one date in LA so I was surprised that we’re leaving and heading on the road so soon. Then I found out we’re just going to Santa Barbara. However, the guys are staying in the mansion and traveling to her. Which makes more sense to me and the Bachelor world can continue like normal.

Alright, first date card goes to Nick “Let’s ride into the sunset.” Considering Nick didn’t get to go on a date last week, how great for him that he gets to bypass the group date and go straight to the one-on-one. They are going to get to know one another by going on a bike ride. They don’t seem to be pedaling that quickly, which is something I can appreciate, as I am not the fastest person in the world on a bike.

Nick lets us know in his interview that he’s not desperate for love, but would like to find it and would like for the 2 of them to find it together.

Back at the mansion Andrew is stirring up drama. He’s not talking with his buddy Patrick though, but instead he’s talking to my friend Marcus. Andrew talks about how she has yet to send anyone home yet from the one-on-one date, ummm excuse me Andrew but this is the 2nd week of dates, so it’s not like that’s quite earth-shattering news yet.

Andrew said that Nick is a skeptic and the rest of the guys are optimistic and making the most of the moments that they have. I’m sorry, but I’d be a skeptic if I were Nick as well, he got the first impression rose, and had to stay in the mansion the whole last week, while he saw drunk Craig cause drama and not get sent home until the rose ceremony, so I don’t blame Nick for not being all happy and optimistic around the other guys. Now this puts me in a weird spot though, if my friend Marcus and Nick don’t get along. I’d rather just blame Andrew on this one and hope that Marcus stays outta the drama!

Now we’re back to Nick and Andi’s date at Lizard’s Mouth. He admits that he didn’t know how he’d feel when he started and emotions start coming out and he wants to know where he stands. Andi admits this is all a risk and she wants him to lay it all out there, as that is what life is about. I have a feeling that’s gonna be hard for Nick and if he stays awhile this process could be hard for him. Nick admits that he has a crush on her and feels like a 12 year old boy. Which is something that I appreciate. It’s better for him to say that he has a crush on her, than to declare his undying love to her after a half hour of talking. They are going on a normal date and so far their relationship seems to be progressing at a “normal” speed.

We’re at the dinner portion of the night for Nick and Andi’s date….and Andi is nothing if not direct, which I think I’m going to really enjoy as this season progresses (at least I hope so!). She just asks Nick why is he still single if all of his close friends are married. He’s 33, so he’s an “older” Bachelor, at least in ABC standards. First girl he dated for 7.5 years in high school. He was engaged to a girl and admits it was very immature, he was 27 when he got engaged. He doesn’t regret being engaged to her, because he knows he needed that relationship to realize what he needs now. Andi loved knowing that to know why he’s being cautious.

We’re at the mansion and have the group date card arrive. My guy Marcus doesn’t want his name to be read, as that will give him a chance at a one-on-one date. Which means Marcus’ name is going to be the last one read. (Have these guys seriously never watched the show before :)) Okay Brian, Marquel, Cody, Tasos, Brett, Ron, Bradley, Josh, Eric, Andrew, Patrick and the last one is Marcus!!! “Let’s start things off on the right note.”  The guys know they’ll be singing.

Back to Nick and Andi, she’s glad that he’s opening up about his past. Nick is again showing the skepticism of the process and he said that even though it may sound unromantic, he wants to meet someone and have them both say that they could meet other people, but they don’t want to, they want to make it work and cherish what they have. Which I buy that theory and the way he says it, has me sold. He knows that it’s going to be hard but you have to put work into relationships.

Andi says they have a very philosophical connection. I like that Andi is actually having conversations with these guys and getting to know them and seeing if there is a connection. She gives him the rose and thinks that she can make a believer out of him of this whole process. He accepts her rose and then they both go in for the kiss and looks like they have more chemistry than what I saw with her and Farmer Chris last week. They both are giggling and have huge grins on their faces when talking about the rose and then after the rose is handed out. They go to a rooftop above the clock-tower and look-out then make-out some more. Like Nick said I think there’s potential for these crazy kids to hit it off!

Alright a new day has dawned, which means we’re getting ready for our group date! We have all the guys pile out of the mansion and get into the 2 limos. They know they’re gonna be doing something with singing, so Bradley decides the best way to show he belongs is to lead the toast in his limo and then he starts singing scales and I am rolling my eyes at him. He’s doing the complete opposite of Sharleen, and he’s making me like Sharleen even more.

We’re going to separate the Boys from the Men, which means we’re bringing the guys into an auditorium where we have Boys to Men warming up. They’re singing a nice ballad and the guys start talking about Motown Philly, and high-fiving each other and I want to slap all of them for not having more respect and let the Men finish their song. I’d rather hear them sing, then the guys hooting and hollering.

Eric tells us in his interview that he touched his first butt while listening to “I’ll make love to you.” Hopefully that puts a smile on his parents faces 🙂

Andi introduces us to her friends Boys to Men and says that today they’ll be singing “I’ll make love to you,” which then Bradley decides he needs to sing that line in his operatic voice and God Bless Josh, he calls him out in his interview and says that they all aren’t professional singers.

We’re splitting up into 2 groups and going to practice singing, but don’t worry Andi will be singing with us.

We have Josh M. be the first one to go, and I’m loving our piano man from Boys to Men, who after Josh gets done singing says that was special. We then have Cody sing, who says he got kicked out of choir in 7th grade and we can see why. Now Brian goes and then we have to beep out while he’s singing and I think they basically tell him to stand there and look pretty.

We go over to the 2nd group, and it seems like Marcus is as tone deaf as I am. As Eric referred to it, it sounded like a chicken being strangled. Bradley is talking about how he’s a singer and everyone is jealous. Who knew that Tasos can sing? He is able to hold the high notes pretty well. Ron breaks it down and says there’s no way in a couple hours he can compete with years of experience.

We’re now practicing dance moves, which after last weeks dates, they should be pros at 🙂

Andi is getting some one-on-one training with one of the B2M guys, and I love that he just calls a spade a spade and said that she sucks to her face and she was able to laugh about it and agree.

We have the guys going to their concert, and the guys are going to get up and sing their song with them. We have the guys in old school Boys 2 men gear. The sea parts to get the guys up to the front of the crowd to be able to sing. They rock out to a recent (maybe?!?!) song of Boys to Men, and Marcus is standing behind Andi and goes for it and grabs her hand and helps her throw her arm/sway to the music. I’m glad one of the guys made a move and even more glad it was Marcus.

Alright we’re bringing the guys up on the stage to sing the song. Bradley dedicates the song, and he starts the song off, and I don’t know if he’s nervous, or it’s just the operatic style, but I’m not digging Bradley. Luckily Bradley doesn’t continue and we have Eric singing and he didn’t lie last week when he said he could carry a tune, I am digging his voice and the girls are screaming for him. When Cody starts to sing off-tune they have the pity smiles on their faces, Brian goes for it (he doesn’t quite get there, but A for effort) and a few guys in the crowd look on in pain. Then the whole group jumps in for the chorus, and Andi laughs about how they’re butchering the song. Marquel thinks he’s a performer and goes up to Andi and in his mind he sounds amazing, for the rest of us, not so much. Ron tries to step up his game by dancing with Andi, as does Josh, and the crowd is laughing, Josh and Marcus forget the words, there is a precious little girl who decides to do what we all would like and puts her hands over her ears and looks like she wants to cry. I love that Boys to Men is in pain watching their song get butchered and they said if their singing is any indication, Andi is gonna end up alone.

Cody is so amped and evidently saw a different performance than I did, because he thinks they killed it. He decides to flex, take his hat off and flip it back on and then dance as only white guys can dance. Then because I’m not in a enough pain, Bradley decides to sing his interview about how Andi needs to get him a rose.

We have the after-party and I’m hoping we’re done with the singing. Andi may have had a smile on her face the whole time, but not me so much. Andi grabs Cody and decides to take him off first to talk. She thinks he’s fun, and he’s always cracking jokes. So she wants to pull one over on him….need I remind her this very rarely, in-fact never in Bachelor history works out well (ala: Sean living at home, Des’s ex-boyfriend). She said that there has been talk that Cody has a girlfriend. He scoffs and says he’s been single for 3.5 years, which is shocking with his personality (rolling eyes!) And then Andi laughs and says it was a prank. Evidently that is the only thing they talked about, so yeah, I’m not thinking Cody is a front-runner.

Eric’s nervous about his connection. Andi asked him about how weird it was for him to be on a group date. I love how honest he was when he said he was expecting a special hello from her because of their time, and was thrown when it as exactly like everyone else’s greeting. He didn’t sound cocky when he said this, or like he was lying, it was just the truth. Eric wanted to assure that he had a great time on their first date and she said that she knows.

Alright back to the mansion to find out who gets the last one-on-one date, obviously it’s between JJ and Dylan. As Eric went on one earlier in the episode and Farmer Chris went last week. JJ is the winner and it says “Love is timeless.”

Oh awesome, back to the group date, where Andrew is stirring up some more drama! I dont’ know that for sure, I’m just assuming. He says that most people have flaws but Andi doesnt have one.

Marcus is going to get his heart broken from this experience. He’s already jealous of the other guys spending time with Andi. He also is wanting his first kiss with her tonight. He said that she’s the first girl in a long time that he’s excited to see. That makes her blush, and she’s happy to hear that, as she feels the same way, but he’s always in the background. Which is how she was, so she gets it but wonders, and tries to make eye contact and assure him. He gets nervous, but then shyly looks up at her and says that he’s been wanting to kiss her for awhile, and she replies, that it’s about time! So he goes for it and it looks like there is a spark. She’s grinning and holding him close and keeps kissing him. of course Marcus now thinks he’s getting the group date rose, so his heart is gonna be broken!

We now have Josh and Andi hanging out. And you can see the easy banter between the 2 of them. He is trying to say that he doesn’t have stage fright but rather he forgot the words because Andi makes him nervous. She tells him to stop, and says he’s full of it. They both are grinning at each other, then he goes in for the kiss and they make out a lot, and she’s feeling Josh the most of any guy it seems like.

Time for group date rose and she gives it to Josh M. He’s grinning and loving it, and he leans over Brian to have her give him the rose, and I panic for a second that she’s gonna kiss him over Brian. Marcus thinks that he has a better connection with Andi then Josh and Andi do and that is where Marcus is gonna get his heart broken.

JJ and Andi are going on their first date period. He’s thrilled to get out of the mansion. Andi wants a strong marriage like her parents with 30 years of marriage. They are going to grow old together and become old people. They get old people make-up on and they do look like old people. They are trying to fool people into thinking they are old. They have the old people voices, and walk with a limp and hunched over.

We see Ron walking around with a phone attached to his ear, and he’s talking to a Mary. He’s walking around, shooing away the cameramen and is pacing and looking upset according to Nick. Now I’m intrigued as to what is going on with Ron. He ends up at the driveway and leans his head on a pillar.

We now have old Andi and JJ, attracting attention by doing normal things that people their age would do on dates, but they’re in the old people make-up. JJ goes in for a kiss on a tire-swing and he seemed to like it more than her.

Back at the house, we have Ron packing his clothes and no one knows what’s goin on. He brings his bag down and comes into the living room and says his goodbye. He has a close friend pass away and he needs to go home. He gets in the limo and is gone, poor Ron!

JJ and Andi’s date continues and I’m just kinda over it. Andi laughs that it’s the first time she’s ever kissed an 80 year old man. She keeps saying she’s so thankful that it was JJ on the date. We go to dinner with the 2 of them and I hope things speed up, or we end this date quickly 🙂 As of this point, I’m not a huge JJ fan. JJ said that he’s been afraid of being his quirky self in the past and she asks where does it stem from? He said it’s because he was a dork and was bullied and went to different schools. He said he’s unique and worried that he wouldn’t be able to be with a girl like Andi. He also worried that he’s going to end up alone, which Andi assures him by saying that’s what everyone is worried about.

Dylan and Farmer Chris are having a heart to heart. Dylan said that 4 years ago his sister passed away from drugs. His brother and sister were close, so after she died, his brother started using more. He got a phone call from his grandpa and his brother was in the hospital on a respirator, and his brother was pronounced brain-dead. Farmer Chris puts an arm around him and Dylan said he wants to explain that to Andi but can’t do that in 5 minutes.

Back to JJ and Andi, in JJ’s last relationship that last 14 months, he said that his girlfriend and him were competitors. Andi reaches over and grabs the rose and asks for him to accept it. He says yes and they make out some more. They talk about how it’s a great date and use their old people voices some more.

Alright cocktail party time! Marquel thinks everyone deserves roses. Nick is happy to have a rose. Andi comes in looking beautiful and she starts crying when she’s talking about the Ron situation and thanks everyone for giving up time in their lives. They toast to Ron and let the party start!

We have Eric and Andi in a room that has sooooo many candles, that I’m worried one of them is going to accidentally leave up against one and the whole place could go up! Eric thanks her again for the first one on one especially now realizing how little time they get to spend together! He talks about how spoiled he was! As Eric and Andi are talking, a delivery of flowers come in. He grabs the flowers and brings them to her. He has a smile on his face, but it’s certainly forced. The flowers are from Nick, and she’s grinning from ear to ear while reading the card and sitting on the same couch as Eric. He handles it like a gentleman. He said he was nervous and it threw him off.

Andi goes and grabs Nick and she said it feels extravagant, though it’s pretty normal. He wins major brownie points, and she hugs him and kisses him. He said it’s something he’d normally do so he did it. She’s ecstatic that he’s a believer now.

Andrew is again stirring up some drama with all the guys in the living room. JJ went to bed on cloud 9, but now has something he has to get off his chest before the rose ceremony. We’re on the driveway with JJ who needs to talk about what happened at dinner of the group date last week with Josh and how Andrew got the hostess number and was bragging about it to the other guys. JJ is pissed and said it mocks the whole process and disrespects Andi and all the other guys. Josh & JJ said that Andrew needs to man up.

JJ and Josh grab Andrew away from talking to Eric and take him outside. Andrew said that this is different and Josh said he’s not a judger and wants to get along with everyone, but he wants to talk about how Andrew got a girls number and bragged about it. And the infamous phrase “we want to make sure you’re here for the right reasons.” is uttered. Andrew realizes he’s been caught and like Justin the wrestler from many seasons ago, he decides to run away. Of course Justin ran away from Alli, and he had a broken leg and was in a courtyard that didn’t go anywhere, but still, a coward nonetheless. JJ is now chasing him around the house. We have Andrew blocked in a room.

Marcus is now coming on strongly with Andi, by talking about how he’s a believer in love at first sight and they are now making out in the shadows. The magical music is playing, so I’m assuming she’s enjoying it. we can’t really see them since they’re in the shadows. He gives her a note and asks her to read it later. Hey poems worked for Chris and Des, may as well try it Marcus and see what happens.

Andrew is pissed and said that JJ and Josh are threatened by him and they attacked him.I’m sorry Andrew, yes these 2 guys who have roses already are threatened by you, who has gone on group dates and we haven’t really seen you and Andi talking. Yes, you’re right they are completely threatened by you and your connection with Andi.

Andrew now wants to talk about it, but he brings it up in the kitchen instead of bringing it up outside with just the 3 of them. Andrew said he was given a number the 2nd or 3rd night they were here and that’s it. JJ then asks if he shared it in the van. Andrew said that yes, because they were in the van and saw it happen. JJ who was in the van said no, no one saw it, Andrew is the one who came back and showed the number to the guys in the van. JJ is saying that he is lying about the situation. Nick is now calling him out on it as well and saying that Andrew came home and bragged about it and woke Nick up to hear the story. Andrew is now saying that everyone is lying but him. And it’s a competition and Andrew is ready to throw down. Josh is pissed at Andrew. Andrew is saying that Josh, JJ and Nick are low-lifes and he’s not going to stoop to their level.

Again Andrew, right now you have the only 3 guys who have roses saying one thing, while you’re saying the complete opposite. You’re not denying that you got the number from the waitress which is dumb. If she did in-fact just give you her number without any prompting from you, why did you keep it? Or if you did decide to show the guys in the van that you got the number, you should’ve done something epic, by ripping it up, or lighting it on fire. Say that this number means nothing, because you have Andi. Come on man, it’s not that hard! You’re on a dating show and created a real rookie mistake!

Chris Harrison comes in to steal Andi away and I’m so mad that none of the guys said anything to her. And now Andrew is still talking and stirring the pot after the 2 of them leave. He’s lucky no one punches him, as I am begging someone to in my living room!

Alright, we’re at the rose ceremony!

Those already with roses:

1. Nick

2. JJ

3. Josh

Roses handed out:

4. Marcus—-woot woot woot woot!!!!

5. Brian—we didn’t hear from Brian a whole lot this episode, but I’m okay with him getting the rose

6. Marquel—I like his personality and am glad he’s sticking around!

7. Tasos—–he did hit that high note, so I guess he deserves to stay

8. Cody——UGH, seriously Cody?!!? Before Eric?!?!!?

9. Patrick—-why didn’t you stick up for your boy Andrew, Patrick?

10. Farmer Chris—-you knew he was getting it without getting a date this week.

11. Eric—–thank you for keeping him on my screen another week!

12. Dylan—-maybe he’ll get to tell his sad story to Andi next week instead of just to Farmer Chris

And the final rose goes to:

13. Andrew—-not surprising because no one told Andi about the drama, therefore of course she’s gonna give the rose to him!

No roses:

Bradley—-thank you Lord for not letting me have to hear anymore singing from him. He got his voice out there, maybe him and Sharleen can get together!

Brett—–you lasted a lot longer than if I would’ve been the Bachelorette, between the mullet, the lamp, being a hair-dresser and this horrible blue blazer he wore tonight, it’s time for you to go home!

Oh man, Bradley loses it and cries because he just wants to be loved.

Andi is going to go with her gut and she feels good about things right now! Cheers to next week, which is actually tomorrow! We’re going to Connecticut. And Marcus looks like he gets a one-on-one date, and I’m assuming Andrew is called out and that’s where the drama, tears and yelling comes into play. We have an intense basketball game. Man oh man, everyone needs to rest up, because in less than 24 hours we have 2 more hours of this to go through! Hope your Monday goes by quickly!



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