Andi and her gents take on Conneticutt

Night 2 of our Bachelorette extravaganza begins now!

Andi is in Connecticut and since she’s left LA she believes she’s in love with multiple guys and likes a bunch of them. She also misses the guys, probably because she’s had a few days to recover from the Boys 2 Men travesty, that we all had to endure last night, so we haven’t had enough time to recover.

Marquel is elated to be on this journey. Farmer Chris is trying to bring the fact that he’s from the heartland into his lil talking head, and says that CT is like the heartland but it’s on the east coast, so therefore as a fellow Heartlander, nothing like the Heartland.

Why the hell do we have 6 guys squeezing into a bathtub, and pretending to have alcohol and toast imaginary Andi. Andi, you may be in trouble! JJ has the date card and reads Dylan’s name. Dylan gets a date and it’s in his neck of the woods since he’s from Boston. Swarmy Andrew breaks it down for us and tells us that Dylan needs to get out of his comfort zone to get the rose. We have Andi and Dylan on a steam-train just the 2 of them, and they may pick up some steam after hanging out all day.

The train is off, we’re toasting with champagne and this is perfect for Dylan to be able to talk just like he wanted to. However, we just see shots of them looking out the window at the scenery and then talking about the view. Dylan asks Andi what her ideal date is, and she jokes “this”, “I always rent out trains.” Then she said no dinner, drinks, movies. Nothing too elaborate. And in a move I love in Bachelor world that isn’t used enough, he turns the tables on her and asks her what’s her longest relationship, (3+ years), why didn’t it work out (she didn’t see herself marrying him and she would’ve been settling.) Dylan evidently had a 8 year relationship in high school and college and broke up with her his senior year of college.

Evidently Dylan’s ex is now engaged and Andi asks him if it stung. He said it stung more because of the timing. She got engaged the day after his brother’s funeral. And now Andi is talking about how Dylan has this story and she knows he wants to open up about it, and it’s weighing him down, but she wants to know it.

We go back to the guys in the hotel room getting the group date card. Cody runs and gets it. Of course Josh says he doesn’t want his name on the group date card, which didn’t we learn from last night, that means he’s going to be the last name read on the card. Who’s got game is the card. The group going is: JJ, Farmer Chris, Andrew, Eric, Nick, Marquel, Cody, Tasos, Brian, Patrick and Josh. So that means Marcus is going to go on the one-on-one date. And Cody who’s reading the names is either doing something where he thinks he’s being funny reading these, or he may have some actual issues with reading, I don’t know.

Back to Dylan and Andi, and we’re on a train in his backyard. Andi said that she wants him to open up and lose his nervousness and find out what’s going on. Dylan said that it’s just his mom and him, his grandma, grandpa and uncle. Never grew up with a father. And we hear the story he told Farmer Chris last night. 4 years ago when he was in college his sister over-dosed and then we found out that just in November is when his brother passed away! Are you kidding me, November?!? That was like 2 or 3 months before he is doing this journey, holy crap! He starts crying, and even though I know this story, I’m getting emotional. She is getting all teary eyed. He doesn’t want pity, and he’s grown and learned who he is. Being back in CT brings back memories of growing up and playing with his brother and sister. She loses it in her interview and she wanted to be strong for him when talking to him, and now she’s worried about the memories she’s brought up for him.

Dylan talks about how yeah he’s guarded and it’s hard for him to open up, ummmm I wonder why?!? Ugh, Dylan says that what he just Andi is more than he’s told lots of his friends, well you just told the whole nation, so now your friends will all know. Andi reassures that this is not a pity rose, but she’s been moved and that he was raw and opened up and told her things she gives Dylan the rose. Which let’s be honest, if she didn’t give him the rose, the world would be so angry at her!

Okay, we’re at the group date and we’re playing basketball. Brian, our basketball coach is in his element. He’s loving this. However Brian, do I need to remind you of what happened to Bradley last night with Boys to Men when he was in his element? Farmer Chris is scared because this is his first group date and the first time he’s been on a date with 10 other guys.

We have the WNBA superstars come out with Andi and Andi said that they’re going to whip the boys butts. And some of the guys realize that this is the truth and others you can see think that they’re going to beat the girls. Well the girls are barely trying and are making the guys look like idiots. JJ is also wearing a shirt that says JJ, in case we forgot what his name was. Andi wants to break up the bromances and wants to have the guys get competitive and play against each other. Winning team gets time with her!

The rosebuds have an advantage because they have Coach Brian actually working on some strategy. On his team are: Brian, Nick, Andrew, Cody, Eric and Marquel.

JJ, Farmer Chris, Josh, Patrick and Tasos are on the other team, who I don’t think has a team name, but they start to yell and chant and get a little too closely to one another’s faces. Andrew talks about the testosterone that is flowing. Cody says there is a bunch of alpha males in the house, I’m sorry but who are all the alpha males?

Good God, at halftime it’s tied 6-6, seriously that’s the only points that have been scored?!? How boring!!! Andi thinks Brian looks hot and is in his element. Marquel starts to brag about the Rosebud squad. Nick has me cracking up when he talks about all the great defenses, the 85 bears, the 12 Ravens and the Rosebuds of today 🙂 Andi sees the look of defeat on the white team and she feels bad. The rosebuds are ecstatic. Josh is fired up and looks like he’s going to lose it and could go into a roid rage! JJ looks like he’s been threw an absolute ringer and looks really old like he did last night with his date. Tasos is now talking about how much harder they played then the Rosebud team. We decide to have the winning team, get champagne bottles and spray the bottles in the shower. We’re also led to believe that this defeat is right up there with losses of championship games. Give me a break!

The Rosebud team gets the after-party and Andi thinks it’s extra special to spend more time with the winners. Andi grabs Eric first and takes him off. Andi feels like the relationship has stalled and not progressed. Eric talks about how he’s happy to be here and there are things he wants different. Eric talks about the one-on-one time that they have is so formal, even the outfits they wear is super formal. They both agree that they aren’t moving forward. Eric wants things to be less formal, which is making him even more endearing to me. Andi says this whole situation is formal, so he kinda needs to get past it. Andi is kinda freaking out on him. Which I’m sorry Andi, why are you freaking out on him at this point? You still have plenty of d-bags you can get rid of before you start to freak out on Eric. Your relationship may have “stalled” with Eric, but has it started with half the guys you have left?

She doesn’t feel like Eric has opened up. She knows very minimal about his brothers and sisters. Which he said is shocking because they mean so much to him. And now I get sad because he said before he went on the Bachelor he did a whole US trip to see everyone because he didn’t know the next time to see them again. They pursue crazy ideas. Eric was raised Mormon and didn’t leave the church until he was 26, and he was worried about leaving his religion he was leaving his family. Eric talks about how he’d been honest with his family his whole life so it wasn’t a surprise. Andi feels the spark has been reignited and he’s back on track.

We’re back to the hotel room where Dylan & Marcus are met with losing basketball team. Josh wanted to pick up where they left off with the hugs and kisses and he’s upset that it didn’t work out that way

Andi and Brian are now getting their one-on-one time on the group date. Brian always wanted to spend time with that special girl on the court. Brian is smitten and wants a kiss. Andi said the coach is sexy when he’s in his element. Andi wants him to do a half-court shot, and he shoots and it goes right in the hoop, nothing but net. Andi is smitten and was really turned on. She wants him to kiss her and he doesn’t get the sign. He admits that he’s not able to read signs and you can see it bugs her.

Well we have Nick and Andi getting alone time and it starts off with them making out. This is Nick’s first group date and he says he wants to do more than just a casual, hey what’s up. They’re holding hands. Andi feels the most comfortable with Nick because he sees her for who she is. Nick thinks he met someone he could spend the rest of his life with her. They are making out and generally being pretty adorable.

Andi enjoys seeing all the different sides of the guys, especially the competitive side. Andi gives the rose to Brian and he starts giggling before his name is read as he is the MVP. Nick looks like he wants to punch Brian out.

Well we’re to the next morning with Marcus & Andi’s one on one date. Marcus is the total package and that he’s here for her and for love. The date card said that the sky is the limit. Andi is terrified of heights (as you all know I am as well.) She wants to get over her fear of heights and do it with Andi. It’s a big test, and we’re doing the leaping for faith storyline. Andi is freaking out, and Marcus is terrified of heights as well and freaking out.

This wind is INTENSE! I got dizzy with the looking up the side of the building. I love that Andi is flipping out, and looking to producers making sure they aren’t going to kill her and let her die while repelling down this building. Marcus asks if there’s any last words, and her response is something the censors have to bleep out, and he responds by saying “that’s what I was thinking”. He gives the whole trust yourself, you can do this, look at me. He’s flipping out, but he sounds calm and is giving her instructions to do this. Andi finally comes down and is flipping out, but Marcus is able to coach her through this somehow.

I LOVE that they are repelling down the window that is right in-front of the guys hotel room, so they are able to watch this. Marcus starts asking questions to Andi to get her mind off the fact that they’re repelling down a 30 foot building. He asks about her mom and I love that she answers that she’s nicer than me (the same can be said of my mom and me Andi :)) He gets her to laugh and loosen up a little bit. And we get the kiss in the middle of repelling. Then we get the guys pounding on the window as they repel down the building and Marcus says the guys are gonna give him a lot of crap. Andi wanted Marcus to be protective of her.

They make it to the bottom, make-out, do a little jig and walk off arm in arm.

We join them at dinner. He covers up the rose as the elephant in the room. And Andi loves it because he doesn’t realize what a catch he is. He hasn’t dated in 3 years, because his ex-girlfriend left him high and dry and he didn’t have trust. Andi is very trusting and will get burned quickly. Marcus calls the guy who cheated on Andi an idiot, which earns him major brownie points. Andi goes for the rose and hands it to him, by saying there was a romantic connection and she was excited to see the protective instinct and strength from him which she find very attractive. Now more making out. We now get a surprise concert of John Pardy at a casino, and we have them dancing on the elevated stage. He knows and loves this guy and he actually does know him as he is singing along with the song, which I’m impressed with! He says it’s the scariest thing in the world and that Marcus is falling in love with her and she says to just go for it.

We’re at her hotel and Andi gets yet another delivery. It’s a letter from a secret admirer and she’s smitten. She wants to know who it’s from.

We’re going to the cocktail party and rose ceremony. Marquel said that he is feeling a lot of anxiety from the group tonight. Andi walks in and hugs all around. She feels calm and is reassured and feels good about this whole process and it’s working and she’s doing what she should be doing.

Tasos is the one who steps up and takes her away first. I’m amazed! He wants to know how she’s feeling. Tasos wants to do something different and not be gimmicky. Tasos gets interrupted by Brian, which has to be nerve-racking for Tasos since Brian already has a rose. Brian gets Andi and takes her back to center court and said that he regretted that he hadn’t kissed her. Andi says he’s a great kisser and loves that he kissed her.

Marquel lightens Andi’s mood. He calls her Andi D. Andi is always laughing with Marquel and has fun.

Marquel gets Andi stolen from Eric. He wants things to move more quickly. Eric thinks that he’s been really open with her and doesn’t understand where the miscommunication has come from. Eric feels like Andi isn’t opening up to him. Which to be honest with you I agree. Eric talked WAY more on his one-on-one date than Andi did, and I feel like we got to know a lot out of him, but what has Andi told him about her? He sees little glimpses of the real Andi, and he wants to meet a real person not a tv actress! Which dangit, this is something again that I really appreciate about him and how he’s being honest, but he’s not being mean! He’s telling the truth, and something I actually believe right there with him! Which now has Andi defensive. Eric thinks that Andi has a poker face and Andi gets pissed and has put up her wall. I think that Eric is completely 100% in this and she’s crying and talking to Eric and saying that he doesn’t get how hard it is to say goodbye to people, and she’s exhausted and wanting to make sure all the guys know that she’s there for the right reasons and not having a poker face on.

Andi, darling, do you not remember your date with Dylan earlier this week? You wouldn’t let yourself cry in-front of him when he’s telling you his story about his family. You had your mask on, your poker-face. Eric called this correctly and it’s not the first time that she’s been called this before and he just hit a nerve. He’s not doing it maliciously, he’s just being true. Eric wants her to be comfortable and to be open and she’s not. I think the problem is that Andi never saw herself really as good enough for Eric. She knows he has a lot to offer and she had unrealistic expectations for him compared to the other guys and that makes me mad at her to be honest with you. Now knowing what happens to Eric, may be the reason why I’m a little more pro-Eric than I would be had he still be around, but he has seemed like a sweet, genuine, normal guy who doesn’t deserve to be treated like a villain like she’s making him to be right now.

She comes back to the guys and is upset and says that if anyone thinks this is a joke to her or that she has a poker-face you can say it now and walk your ass on out. Again, Andi, you’re twisting words. Eric never said that this was a joke to you. He just said you need to be as honest with the guys as you expect them to be with you, which is probably the reason why the relationships aren’t that successful once the show is over. You end up knowing nothing about the lead character, but they know everything about the person they chose.

Eric in his exit interview talks about how love is the most important thing and he feels like maybe getting let go will help him find love. Love and family are the two most important things. It’s very sad to watch him drive off into the sunset.

When we come back from commercial, Chris Harrison is on my screen and I’m already shaking my fist at him and ABC. Harrison explains that Eric was killed in a tragic paragliding accident after he left the show. And in a move I respect they said that normally we’d be watching the rose ceremony, but that’s not what’s important right now. Who cares who gets a rose and who doesn’t. We’re going to talk about Eric.

Andi is here and we offer condolences to his family and friends. Andi mentions it’s awkward and there’s grief and shock. Eric was a central figure who caught her eye from the moment he stepped out of the limo. His charm, his heart, he pushed the boundaries and that’s how he lived his life. Andi thinks that there was more openness with others than there was with her and Eric. It was a realization that it wasn’t going to work out. Andi doesn’t like the last conversation that her and Eric had and knew that after the dust settled they’d be able to have one last conversation, but they can’t have that conversation. It’s a tough pill to swallow for Andi.

The accident happened on the last night of hometowns. The news changed her by getting caught up in everything, and having these feelings and realizing that losing someone puts everything in perspective. Andi said that it’s still going through grief and shock. There’s more to it than the Bachelor Bubble.

We found out that there was a cocktail party after Eric left and we also said goodbye to Tasos. Poor Tasos didn’t get a proper goodbye, but I agree it wouldn’t be right to show the rose ceremony after this. I do wish they would’ve shown a picture or something of Eric to end that conversation.

I guess we’re waiting 2 weeks for the next new episode of the Bachelorette. I think Josh gets a one on one and Brian gets a one on one. We also have the guys miming. Cody argues with Nick, which seems like a silly mistake Cody. Marquel also gets into an arguement with Andrew.

And I’m pretty down right now and missing Eric. I hope we can bounce back and I’ll be back to my snarky self in 2 weeks. In the meantime hug all your friends and family and let them know how much you care about them!


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