Andi and her men visit France

Hello friends!

Wow, it seems like it’s been a lot longer than a week off! Is it bad when we were going through some of the things from this season, I looked and wasn’t able to name all of the guys just from looking at them? I feel as if I’m slacking and need to step up my game for the rest of the episode!

Okay, we’re in France! It is a beautiful place and we have a sit down with Andi and Chris Harrison. Harrison is wearing a turtleneck and he asks Andi if she’s falling in love and she says “STOP.”… many more times will we hear that this episode? She then admits that she’s falling in love with more than one guy.

Andi and Josh are off on their one-on-one date and Andrew is whining about the fact that he has only gone on group dates. Okay, we have Josh and Andi walking around the town. They are looking at food, giggling and then they end up on a huge boat. Where they decide to make out. Andi admits they have chemistry, but he’s the stereotype jock that she’s dated in the past but it hasn’t worked out. So she wants to figure out why it hasn’t and what she can do and if this is gonna work out. He talks about how he was drafted in the baseball draft 48th overall, 7th in the 2 round where there are 50 rounds, so he did pretty well. He talks about how even though he could go back and play ball he won’t because he wants a family and it’s hard to have a family and play ball. Their chemistry is undeniable and she does seem smitten with him.

While I’m pondering this, we have a group date card. Those going on the group date are: Marcus, Dylan, Farmer Chris, Cody, JJ, Marquel, Nick, Patrick and Andrew! All that is said on the card is “<3 Andi”.

Back to Josh and Andi, we’re off the boat and on some rocks that overlook the Mediterranean Sea. They are getting to know each other. We find out Josh started playing baseball when he was 17 and he was the young one in the group and he played ball for 5 years. He’d play ball in Podunk towns, so he traveled but didn’t necessarily see anything really cool.  Andi is putting her insecurities from Juan Pablo onto Josh, and worried it may just be a physical attraction.

Back to the hotel, where the boys evidently are cooped up and not able to sight-see which means they gotta bring more drama and stirring the pot then the girls do. Nick, JJ and Marquel are talking about who they would want to see on the 2 on 1. They all agree they’d like to see Andrew. Well then JJ decides to tell Marquel that evidently at the first rose ceremony, Andrew nudged JJ after Ron got his rose and said “Oh, so she gave it to the two blackies.” Which has me outraged, and Marquel even moreso!

Marquel has to be one of the most mature people we’ve ever seen on the show, because after he hears this, instead of wanting to throw down, (like I do in my living room). He says he needs to compose his thoughts and figure out what his next move is going to be. He admits that right now it’s just hearsay. And then he gets a little emotional, talking about how people in this day and age people still look at him and just judge him based on his skin color instead of his character and personality. And he wishes that weren’t the case. Marquel, I’ve loved you since day one when you brought out the cookies!

Back to Josh and Andi. Josh is giddy about how the day has gone. We pull up and we’re at a palace. Andi is excited to be spending time with him, but she’s also very nervous. She wants to have a personal/emotional bond with him to go with the physical bond. She wants to have a deep conversation with him because they haven’t had that yet. Andi admits to him, that he’s her type and that her type has cheated on her in the past and it’s hard for her to get past that. Josh said that he could tell in the beginning that she was judging him for being an athlete and he was wanting her to get past that.

Andi asks Josh why he hasn’t had a girlfriend in 5 years. He talked about how his girlfriend, was when he was playing baseball, and her friends kept talking about how he was cheating on her, but ends up she cheated on him the day before she was going to go visit him. She fessed up to the cheating, but it was hard for Josh to get past. Which is absolutely something i get! I don’t think I could forgive a cheater, so i don’t blame him for breaking up with her.

Josh says his last girlfriend, he said he loved her, there was no cheating, and even though he loved her he didn’t want to marry her. He said he’s not going to say I love you again until he means it. He just hasn’t met a girl like that where he feels like he could say that in the last 5 years, but he feels like he could with her. Which of course makes her happy, so they make out.

She can’t believe that they live 2 miles apart and it took them this show to get together. She offers him the rose by admitting that she has her guard up with him, but after today she’s putting her guard down. They top the night off with a private concert with Ben Fields and Josh is geeking out! I gotta say this is quite a romantic set-up, the set looks great, Andi & Josh obviously look great, the music sounds great. Josh you may be in luck as this is the date that Chris and Des went on and it worked out well for them, so I wish you the best sir!

We’re doing miming for the group date! Farmer Chris says he guarantees there are no mimes in Iowa, which now makes me want to find a mime in Iowa to show him! Patrick gets a little testy and says you can laugh about miming, but you need to try miming out! They change into mime outfits and say that they now have to go out to the square to preform in public, and they’re nervous because France takes their mime seriously because it’s like a contact sport. Hmmm….I’ll have to fact-check that one later on.

Brian and Josh are hanging out in the hotel room when Brian’s date card comes and it says: “Brian, I’ve got the recipe for love” and Brian is pumped and gonna be smiling from now until the rest of the week.

Alright back to the mime date to see them try this out. Ugh Cody, so eloquently says: “I’ve got my mime on my money and my money on my mime.”

The crowd is not feeling their mime acts. Marquel seems to be the only one who is getting people to enjoy him. He has me cracking up. JJ starts miming with Andi and he recreates their first date, which has Andi smitten. Cody decides the way he’s going to mime is to dance, which isn’t miming, it’s dancing. Marcus gets people involved with him and has some people playing around. We then see Nick and it looks like he wants to die/kill someone. He is glaring at the world! Nick said a group date is unnatural and it’s always going to be unnatural and he’s never going to pretend it’s not gonna be.

Okay, now we’re with the guys on the group date after-party. We have Andi in a short sparkly white dress.JJ grabs Andi right away and steals her away. He ends up taking her on the Ferris wheel that just happens to not have anyone else on it, and they’re able to get on it right away. They start making out and she’s ecstatic. With my fear of heights, I don’t think I’d be loving this, and wouldn’t be turning around backwards to get that view of the city. However, they seem to be loving it.

Back to the rest of the guys on the date, Marcus tells the guys he’s gonna be friendly with them but when feelings get involved, jealousy happens and the “GAME” changes! Marcus you referred to it as a game! HOW DARE YOU Sir!!!! Marcus talks about a bromance and says that they try to stay away from the drama, which makes me excited because that means drama is sure to follow this statement.

And boy does it! Farmer Chris talks about how he thinks some guys will shoot themselves in the foot by being too confident about this whole ordeal. Cody agrees with him and Nick then asks if he feels that Cody has seen someone be confident like that.

Which is all Cody needs, he says that he thinks Nick thinks he’s a front-runner and it rubs him the wrong way. Nick says he has confidence in his connection with Andi, but now Patrick is saying that arrogance is not a quality a gentleman has, (as a true gentleman would be the type to come on a reality television dating show). And Nick is upset that he’s being called out, though I have to say his being upset is still pretty calm. Cody is getting mad, and asks Nick if he thinks of himself as the front-runner.

And I’m sorry, but before I listen to Nick’s response, I’m going to give my two cents and say that ABSOLUTELY Nick is more of a front runner than meathead Cody and silent Patrick who the only reason I know who he is, is because of his bromance with Andrew. Nick’s at least talked to Andi, kissed Andi, has gone on a one-on-one date with Andi, and seems to know her a little bit, the other 2 guys, not so much.

Okay, but Nick’s response is a quick, “I do,” and Cody is dumbstruck. And has no response back to him. Luckily Andi and JJ choose this moment to come back to the group. Where you can tell that JJ and Andi notice the tension between the guys.

Andi goes off with Farmer Chris and Andi is now going to use her DA skills and grill the guys. She’s asking Farmer Chris what is going on. Farmer Chris talks to her about how Nick may have not been bragging about his connection with Andi, but it wasn’t handled in the best way and really rubbed some guys the wrong way.

Now back to Cody & Nick arguing. Cody is getting pissed, he’s pointing, cussing and turning red. He’s losing his cool. He’s saying that Nick mocked him and by Nick keeping his cool, it’s getting even more under Cody’s skin.

And now Andi seems to be stirring the pot more by using her one on one time with Farmer Chris to talk about the house drama, which you can tell is the last thing in the world he wants to be talking about right now. Andi said that she wanted to already talk to Nick about his attitude on the group date, but when the nicest guy in the world Farmer Chris says something about Nick, then she knows she needs to say something.

But of course instead of going right to talking to Nick, we have to see her and Cody have some time. Cody talks about how thankful he is to be here. Then he said that Nick is a great guy and he’s not gonna talk bad about him, which of course means the next thing out of his mouth is something bad about Nick. He says he’s mad that Nick made fun of him.

EXCUSE ME CODY! You are literally twice the size of Nick, you could take him with no problem whatsoever, you’re evidently really sensitive, can’t take a joke, or don’t want to use the muscles you keep showing off. Cody is saying that Nick is making fun of him for being thankful, which if that is the case that is not a great thing to get made fun of for. Andi asks why it came to a head tonight, and Cody said it’s because he has feelings for her and that means things are going to get more personal. Cody, have you really had a conversation with Andi to have feelings for her?

As I’m contemplating that, we transition to Nick coming up and giving Andi a hug. Nick talks about how he had fun today, and Andi calls him out and said he didn’t have fun. She then refers to him as salty on group dates. I don’t know what that means, but now I’m craving potato chips because she keeps saying the word salty. He mentions that group dates are unnatural and she tells him she knows it is, but that’s the only time they can see each other, so basically he needs to suck it up and be a man. She said that she wants to shake him and tell him to have fun. He said he is having fun, it’s just hard for him to show it with the excitement and then she turns it back yet again on him sayin that it’s hard for her to watch him on group dates.

Andi is talking about how she has the mental, emotional connection with Nick and feels like he can look at her and sees exactly who she is. Which I find interesting, because that’s the connection she’s looking for with Josh, where she has the physical attraction. I think this is where my man Marcus can come into play, he can be the physical/emotional/mental connection all wrapped up into one! Game over!

Okay, sidetrack over, she is shocked that 2 of the nicest guys in the house are saying the same thing about Nick. Nick tries to blow it off and say that there’s drama going on but it’s nothing. Well Andi doesn’t like that and throws it in his face by saying: “If I was a wife would you tell me?” He admits that’s a good point, rolls his eyes and says that Cody is mad at him because he gave him a hard time and that he was disrespecting him, Andi asks if he was, Nick admits that he was mocking him, but they give each other a hard time, they worked thru it and are good.

Andi said that now she’s confused, because he admits to what he said, it lines up with what Cody told her, but Nick is downplaying it. So now Andi is analyzing if Nick is manipulating her and her feelings and is wondering if she’s being fooled by her feelings for Nick.

WOW, Nick breaks out a piece of paper, I believe it’s a poem. He says he’s not the secret admirer, which I find odd that he knows about the secret admirer, as I’ve forgotten about the secret admirer. Did the secret admirer tell all the guys he was the secret admirer, did she mention it to the whole group, and I just spaced out….I’m focusing more on that train of thought then the poem that Nick has decided to share.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I actually miss Chris and Des right now in this moment. Andi seems to enjoy it, but not as much as Des liked Chris’ poetry. Andi did ask him if he was going to kiss her or not, and he does. But now in her talking head interview she says things have gotten complicated, she admits it to him and he decides to make her be quiet by kissing her, which makes me think he’s a little more manipulative than I originally thought.

Oh my goodness after the commercial break, we’re back to this never-ending party. Marquel is now bringing up the drama with Andrew and I’m fully team Marquel and support this decision. He pulls Dylan aside and goes over his plan about how he wants to talk to Andrew and give Andrew a chance to tell his side of the story. As he’s preparing to do that, we go to Marcus and Andi.

Marcus is toasting Andi with some wine. And I gotta say, that Farmer Chris may be in trouble, as Andi isn’t talking to Marcus about any of the drama that’s going on in the house. She’s just talking to him. Marcus tells Andi that he’s doing well and like he told Andi she’s worth doing all this stuff for, whether it be miming, or stripping. Which makes her giggle and duck her head and she talks about how she’s put him through the ringer, and he laughs, hugs her and kisses the top of her head and I swoon at the normalcy that’s appearing on my television screen right now! And he’s saying exactly the right things by saying it’s okay what they’re doing on the group dates because he just wants to be around her and see her and then he says the whole “I’m falling in love with you.” Which has me yelling “TOO SOON!!! TOO SOON!” at my tv, but he doesn’t listen and now they’re making out and I’ve lost him.

Alright we’re back to the Marquel situation and I’m a little disappointed in my friend Marquel, as I was thinking he was going to take Andrew off to the side and have a private conversation with him, but instead looks like we’re doing this in-front of the whole group, because it’s the Bachelor and that’s how we do those types of things! Marquel does say that he doesn’t want anyone else to chime in when he says something.

Andrew is a good actor, because he acts appropriately outraged, and then he gets real defensive real quickly. Marquel, asks him to please let him finish. Andrew said that he’s a friend of Marquel’s and he wouldn’t say anything like that. Andrew respects everyone in the house the way that they deserve to be treated. JJ and Nick look very uncomfortable about this whole situation and poor Marquel has to be livid right now, because someone is lying to him about something that is not a joke at all. He’s a better man than I would be because Marquel is happy that he spoke his piece and he’s gonna let it go. As Dylan said he handled it like a man, since he said what he wanted to, didn’t get aggressive and walked away.

Andrew decides that he wants to bring this up to Andi during his one-on-one time with her and say that he’s been attacked tonight and it’s thrown him off guard. However, the way he’s bringing it up, makes it seem like he’s throwing Marquel under the bus, though he handled it the best way possible. Andrew said that he’s not here for the drama and that the drama is prohibiting him from being able to make a connection with Andi. And you just put the final nail in your coffin with that remark Andrew!

Andi does have a rose to hand out on the date and she is giving it to someone who made her feel special and she gave Nick a dig before she handed out the rose by saying that this person is getting the rose because even though they’re on a group date they make her feel special and like she’s on an actual date. She hands the rose to JJ, and I’m ticked because I knew it was done to either JJ or Marcus getting the rose and I obviously wanted Marcus to get it.

Nick is pissed he didn’t get the rose, because he thought he deserved it and they would be making a step to further their relationship, but all he knows is that JJ and her have taken a step in their relationship.

Okay, we’re on the movie date of the season. Andi and Brian get to enjoy a movie about food. Poor Brian gets the boring date, because we’re now shopping for food in a market to make later on. She gets mad at how timid he is, when they’re cooking because he’s not coming up and kissing her in the kitchen. She’s mad because the movie made cooking look really romantic. I’m sorry, but honey you’re having a normal date and normal every-day activity. Cooking is not always going to be romantic, sometimes it may be, but when you’re in a kitchen with lots of cameras around you, probably not the most romantic thing in the world 🙂

She’s mad that there’s not a romantic progression happening, but they evidently didn’t spice the food enough and there’s bones in the food, so it’s hard to feel romance there. They end up realizing they can’t eat the food they made, so they go to a  French restaurant.

Brian said he feels regret and that he didn’t make a move, but he was out of his comfort zone. He said that he’s a coach so he strategizes and is going to think through things before he makes a sudden movement. Which is something I can appreciate, he’s a normal guy and is acting like a normal guy….shocking for the Bachelorette! He does make a move and he ends up getting a rose because he’s steadily moving the relationship along!

He has a surprise for her and takes her to the back area of the restaurant and decides to make out with her back there. Which again is something I appreciate it, not making out in public, because while it looks romantic in movies, not so romantic in real life.

Andi and Chris Harrison are talking and I can’t tell you anything about what they’re talking about. All I can tell you, is that Andi’s hair is in her best Elsa from Frozen impression.

It’s about that time of year where we don’t need a cocktail party, we’re going straight to the rose ceremony! Thank God, with all the drama that went down at the after-party group date I couldn’t handle another night like that. HOLY CRAP, we’re getting rid of 3 guys tonight though with no cocktail party, that seems like a lot! Wow, okay let’s settle in to see who’s going home and who will be here when the dust settles! The guys are flipping out about how there is nothing they can do, which there isn’t, so let’s get onto the rose ceremony! Stop whining guys, the rules change, keep up!

Guys with roses from the dates:

1. Josh

2. JJ

3. Brian

Rose Ceremony Roses:

4. Marcus—–WOOT WOOT!!!! JJ’s rose should’ve been yours, so I’m glad you got this one!

5. Nick—not surprising, she feels a connection with him, she’s gonna see where it’s gonna go

6. Farmer Chris—-not surprising, as they did have a one-on-one date and seemed to get along and she trusted him with asking about info on Nick

7. Dylan—I’m still so sad about his back-story and the hard life he’s had, he definitely deserves another rose.


8. CODY?!?!?!? That is surprising to me!

I thought for sure Andrew was getting the last rose, I wanted it to be Marquel, but I thought for sure Andrew was gonna squeak by with another rose.

Okay, so those without roses are: Patrick, Andrew and Marquel.

Andrew comes up and says his goodbye first and said that he had sincere intentions of falling in love with Andi, but he’s been bullied and the target of the aggression in the house and uses the best phrase by saying “it’s not fair!”

Patrick is shocked that he’s going home, and she’s the one missing out. For those of you wondering, Andrew has heard from multiple people, not just girls that he has the paramount qualities in a good husband.

Well, with Andrew and Patrick leaving together, their bromance can continue on forever!

Now Marquel is leaving and I’m so disappointed! He was a real gentleman through this whole thing, and has to be one of the more real contestants, I mean come on he started off with bringing cookies! And he’s been making me laugh all season, I’m gonna miss him being around! He managed to hug her and have a big smile on his face when he said goodbye to her. He got emotional in his goodbye exit and wants love real bad and is looking forward to it and I want him to find it! He stayed positive even when he was leaving, which is hard to do on this show.

Andi is toasting the guys and said they’re going to one of her favorite cities in the world, they’re going to Venice!

From the previews: Looks like Cody gets his one-on-one date, (he does keep talking about how no one has been sent home on a one-on-one date, I wonder if he’ll be the one to go?) I think Nick gets a second one-on-one date as well. The group date is doing a lie detector test and it looks like Farmer Chris is hiding something! Andi’s crying and they’re trying to make it seem like Nick is feeling insecure.

We’re down to 8! I have a feeling we’ll go from 8 to 6 next week, then the dreaded 2 on 1 to get us to the 4 hometown dates! We’re getting down to the wire, and I have to say that of the 8 remaining, my favorites are still Josh & Marcus.

As a warning, I’ll be late next week in my recap as well, it won’t be posted until Tuesday, so you’ll all just have to hold your breaths an extra 24 hours to know my thoughts 🙂

Have a wonderful week, and get ready for Venice next week!



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