How many Romantic-Comedy movie references can we get in one episode of the Bachelorette?

Happy Tuesday!

Sorry for the delay in my blog post, but here it is! Better late than never, right?!?!

We’re in Venice and the guys are on a huge yacht. Nick is all by himself on the boat and is forlorn about his attitude on the last group date. While Cody thinks Andi has waited to give him a one-on-one in a special location. There is VERY bright colors and scarves on all of these guys.

Andi has a surprise because the one-on-one date starts right away without a date card. Everyone expects Cody to get it because he’s the only guy who hasn’t had a one-on-one, which us at home all know that’s code for HE’S NOT GETTING IT! And he doesn’t, it goes to Nick! All the guys are pissed that Andi just walked away with Nick and his second one-on-one date.

We must be really scraping for some drama since we get to see the guys arrive at the hotel and then we see Farmer Chris and Cody talk about why it was Nick and not Cody. Farmer Chris talks about how Andi and Nick weren’t jiving last week so they have to get things figured out.

I have to say seeing them walking the streets of Venice and holding hands, they seem to be jiving a little more. We get to see them feed pigeons and have them land on their heads, which kinda grosses me out. In the gondola he talks about last week and Andi takes it as him apologizing, and she’s eating it up and is fine.

We go back to the hotel for the group date to be read: Josh, Brian, Dylan, Marcus, JJ, and Farmer Chris….before we can read the rest of the date card all the guys congratulate Cody on getting the coveted one-on-one date.

Now back to Nick & Andi, and they bore me right now. I can’t really tell if they like each other, I mean they kiss, but the rest of their body language doesn’t seem to show they like each other. They lean away from one another and don’t really talk a whole lot. If they were allowed to have their phones during the show, you’d have both of them on their phones, not looking at each other.

Wow for the formal part of their date, Andi has a huge train on her dress. She’s wearing a mask as she comes around the corner in her gondola to meet Nick in her tux, and this moment right here just really sticks out to me as completely unrealistic. Why them eating alone in a palace or  that they do with private concerts, that doesn’t bother me, but them literally playing dress up bothers me. Probably because I can’t tell if Nick is being himself or not, so why not give him the “acting” date.

Andi decides to ask Nick if he’s cocky and arrogant and she said she likes guys that get along with everyone else. He says that his feelings were hurt when Cody said those things about him last week. Andi asks him if he considers himself a front-runner and he pauses and says that he doesn’t like that word. Andi asks what other word can she use? He said as he’s said numerous other times that he’s confident in their connection and doesn’t think anyone else has the connection they have. And he’s not taking it for granted. And she’s a sourpuss until he says that she’s her top priority and he’s not here to make friends.

And now I’m confused about how I feel about Nick, is he manipulating Andi and us? I can see that she is buying what he’s selling. He really got her with the “I’m falling in love,” she’s grinning and is ecstatic. Is he playing us or is he genuine like we thought he was for the first impression rose? I don’t know, I’m a little pessimistic towards him right now, but maybe I’ll turn around again. They end the night by putting masks on and go to a private mascarade ball for just the 2 of them and I’m over Nick for right now.

Hmmmm….I completely forgot about Andi’s secret admirer! She’s on her third letter from them and doesn’t know who it is. We’re onto the group date with 6 guys and I’m pumped! We’re walking around the square and seeing all the locals. We go into the castle and that’s where the lie detector test is with swords and armor. As excited as I am about this, is how not thrilled the guys are. Farmer Chris is hiding something, and I’m thinking he’s hiding about the fact that he’s the secret admirer.

Andi is given the lie detector first and I’m not impressed. Josh is flipping out, because he said there’s 2 ways to look at this: 1. You should be able to tell each other the truth in a relationship 2. You should trust one another and not have to use a lie detector test. And I gotta say I agree with him, I would not be happy if my significant other hooked me up to a lie detector test.

Josh is the first one to go and then we get a montage of the guys answering the questions. One that made me literally LOL was to Marcus: “Do you prefer blondes to brunettes?” He correctly answered “NO.” Holy cow, Dylan has slept with over 20 women! He also doesn’t wash his hands after going to the bathroom. Dylan doesn’t think he’s going to make it through the rest of the night and is going to go to the hotel. When she asks him what hurts instead of using his words, he hits his stomach and head. And he’s going back to the hotel.

Then we’re back to Farmer Chris on the lie detector, and shocker, they ask the question “Are you Andi’s secret Admirer” and he says “Yes.” Farmer Chris is not happy that he has to tell her this way in-front of a bunch of dudes. And he hopes she’s happy or it’s going to be a bad night.

The 2 burly guys come out with the results. 3 men told no lies, 1 man told 2 lies, 2 men told 3 lies. And Andi gets the results. They found out that Andi told 2 lies. The guys get Andi’s results. Josh didn’t want to see the results, Coach Brian analyzes the results right away. Andi is contemplating if she wants to read the guys results, but instead she rips them up. Which makes Josh happy. She needs to run away from the results before she puts them back together.

Back at the hotel, we awkwardly have Nick and Cody in the sauna together. Cody said when Dylan walked in from the group date they hounded him asking what they did, and Cody can’t believe they did a lie detector test without Nick around. Of course the jokes on Cody since Andi didn’t look at the results.

Back to the group date, we’re at the formal cocktail party with 5 guys. Brian is showing initiative and takes her first. He decides to do a lie detector test with her. I gotta say Coach Brian finally read her signs and kissed her when she wanted to be kissed!

Marcus asks Andi if she regrets ripping up the results. Andi said that Marcus makes it seem like it’s so easy for him to open up and be vulnerable and is surprised when he says that it’s hard. Marcus admits before his one-on-one he contemplated leaving, but stayed. He said he loves her, they make out and she’s so happy that he didn’t leave. Her one-on-one time with Marcus was a wake-up call evidently, I don’t really know how, but it is according to her.

Josh and Andi meet up and Josh tells her that he wasn’t happy about the lie detector test. And Andi kinda flips out like we’ve seen her do a few times (a la: Juan Pablo & Eric). What I’m having an issue with is that it seems like she’s looking for a fight/argument with Josh, whereas Nick gets away with anything and everything. She’s giving Nick the benefit of the doubt, but Josh says anything negative about the experience and she’s pissed. She’s mad he isn’t saying the word Love yet. And needs to throw around that she’s the person in power.

Andi regrets not looking at the results and gets mad at herself for not seeing them because she put her whole life on hold.

Farmer Chris is trying to spit out that he’s the secret admirer, but is having a hard time saying it, so Andi ends up grinning and saying it for him. He’s relieved, and goes in for the kiss. And Andi is happy that it’s Farmer Chris that’s the secret admirer because it shows he has a romantic side.

Andi said that it was an interesting group date and she gives the rose to Farmer Chris. He of course says yes to accepting it. There is some awkwardness between Josh and Andi as they are saying goodnight. Andi walks away and the boys sit down. JJ then said he’s getting mad at the bromance relationships and they should stop congratulating people for getting roses and one-on-one dates. JJ is stirring the pot more and tries to argue with Coach Brian, but Farmer Chris is having none of that!

Andi is emotionally drained and has her date with Cody, who evidently has amazing eyes! I’m confused by Andi’s outfit, we got a turtleneck sweater and a short short skort. We’re in Verona, Italy the birthplace of Romeo and Juliet. Andi admits that her and Cody are the furthest away on the relationship scale, which all of us could tell you that!

We’re in Juliet’s courtyard, which I could tell you from watching the classic rom-com “Letters to Juliet.” Of course Andi is able to get onto one of the balconies and Cody makes a fool out of himself and all of us when he’s yelling “JULIET, JULIET….or should I say ANDI, ANDI!” Romeo Cody gets beckoned to the balcony.

Now we’re at the Juliet letter writing shop, which again they’ve stolen the plot from “Letters to Juliet.” Cody somehow happened to come across a letter from a guy who’s struggling standing out in a crowd of the rest of the guys. His letter he wrote back was actually impressive. She was happy by his response, but I gotta say Cody, I think you’ve been friend-zoned. She seemed happy like you would for a friend, not necessarily someone you’re crazy for.

We have dinner, which means Cody needs to wear his nicest deep v-neck black t-shirt and a shiny gray suit jacket and tight black pants. Cody decides he was inspired to write Andi a letter. Cody did ask for Juliet’s blessing on his and Andi’s relationship because Juliet lived the best love story. Which as an English major, I’ve always struggled with saying Romeo and Juliet is the greatest love story of all time. They both die….and are completely unreasonable….and are basically the definition of teenagers. There are other relationships I’d want to have before I wished for Romeo and Juliet’s, but that may just be me.

Cody says her name about a thousand times while they’re conversing. And evidently Cody is just as bad as Coach Brian in reading non-verbal cues from girls. Whereas Coach Brian doesn’t know when a girl likes him, poor Cody doesn’t know when a girl isn’t interested. He’s saying that he wants to grab her, hug her, kiss her and roll around with her and she can’t make eye contact and is struggling not to cry, yet he keeps going for it, and I’m begging for him to stop.

Her head is in her hand and she’s just looking at him, and I think the light-bulb came on because now his pitch has turned more into a sales pitch to keep him around. She’s literally wiping tears away, and he’s talking faster and trying to go for the tactic of she can’t say anything bad if she can’t get a word in edgewise.

She does finally get him to shut-up. She admits that there is just a friendship and she doesn’t know if she sees a romance, and it scares her that she doesn’t see a romance. She doesn’t want to play him and keep leading him on. She has so much respect for him because of the ways he makes her feel. She’s ugly crying and says it isn’t easy but it’s the right thing to get rid of him now.

Cody is actually a real gracious guy to be sent home. He doesn’t make her feel bad when he leaves. He gets in the reject van and she’s on the driveway watching him go. You knew this was how it was going to happen with Cody, since he’s the one who keeps saying no one has gone home on a one-on-one date. We get the flash to the hotel where the bell-hop comes to take away Cody’s luggage, and I’m distracted by Farmer Chris’ BRIGHT PINK shorts, Josh’s stocking cap he’s wearing and Marcus has a straight face and looks even more normal compared to the other 2.

We just see the tears of Cody in the reject limo, but don’t hear him say anything.

We’re to the rose ceremony night people. We’re up to a villa in Verona and with 30 minutes left I’m assuming we’re getting a cocktail party. There’s gonna be some drama because Josh and JJ are wearing matching lavender shirts. Though Josh has taken over for Marquel in the fashionable sox and is wearing bright blue argyle socks. Andi shows up in a floor-length black sparkly cocktail dress.

Andi shows up is given a drink and Nick is the first to take her away. Nick who has a rose from his date earlier in the week. This doesn’t settle well with the other guys. Marcus says “Of course.” Farmer Chris is pissed and calls it a jackass move, though Farmer Chris has a rose. He says it’s an insecure move. Andi loved that he took her before she could hug anyone and he makes out with her when they barely get around the corner, and Andi calls him a man.

The other guys are in the room and trying to convince Dylan to go and interrupt Nick and Andi. He looks terrified that he’s going to go do this. Luckily he doesn’t see them making out. Coach Brian and Farmer Chris are still complaining about Nick taking Andi, since he had the one-on-one rose. Marcus plays peacemaker and tries to keep everyone calm. Nick decides to stir the pot a little bit. Farmer Chris said it was an arrogant move. Marcus needs a drink and Josh wants to be more aggressive with Andi.

Coach Brian writes a note that actually takes a page out of the movie 10 things I hate about you, “I hate the way my knees knock when I’m with you…….I hate that I don’t hate any of those things at all.”

Josh and Andi are talking and Andi talks about how she freaked out because she sees potential heartbreak with her and Josh. Josh said that it won’t end in heartbreak, but she doesn’t believe that.

We’re to the actual rose ceremony portion now! Oh wait, before we do that, we need a sit-down with Chris Harrison and Andi and recap this episode, since Chris has been drinking all week and hasn’t been privy to the last hour and a half like we have. Andi said she had an okay week. It was very emotional. It started with a high in Nick, and she finds it funny that he can’t speak in full sentences. The week went wrong on the group date and she has the tug of war about looking at the results. Harrison said that her not reading the results was the best thing she could’ve done. Then she talks about how Josh was combative and she’s confused and emotional. Andi said that this experience is the thing that she’s tried the hardest for in her life, which I find quite odd. She’s sending one guy home and all the remaining guys are great, so she now needs to stare at their head-shots and see if that will help her out.

Okay, finally rose ceremony time. The guys all file in, Harrison is waiting for them. We’re only handing out 4 roses.

Those already with roses are Nick & Farmer Chris.

Roses handed out at the rose ceremony are:

3. Dylan—–WHAT?!?!?! I for sure had him going home tonight. Instead he gets the first rose….things are gonna get interesting now!

4. Coach Brian—–I’m good with Coach Brian getting this rose.

5. Marcus—— thank you!!!! I’m still team Marcus, so am glad he gets to move on!

And the final rose goes to:

6. Josh!

And that my friends mean that JJ is going home. It was fun to have you while we did pantsaprenuer. So glad you could dress up like an old guy, and then I don’t know if you’ve styled your hair differently from when we left LA but you’ve certainly looked like this experience has aged you. You’ve stirred the pot quite a bit while you’ve been here, so we’ll miss you bringing the drama, but you gotta go home! And JJ is the first guy to get the walk to the car, complete with the sitting on the bench. She doesn’t see a future, though he brings a smile to her face and she wants to be honest with him. He’s another gracious loser to her face. JJ didn’t expect to go home and he has fallen for her and been hopeful.

Next week we’re going to Brussels, Belgium! Looks like Marcus gets a one-on-one, Farmer Chris gets a one-on-one and maybe Josh…..Nick has the whole: “I’m surprising you in your hotel room” scene that we’ve come accustomed to. All the guys hate Nick and see through him. There’s lots of profanity and yelling about him. And it looks like Andi doesn’t see through it. Next week is where we go from 6 to 4, so we can go to hometowns! Looks like it should be somewhat dramatic (one can only hope :))

See you all next week, and I should be able to blog again on Monday night! Sorry for the delay the last couple weeks!



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