Andi’s Hometown Dates

Can you believe we’re already at hometown dates?!? It seems like just yesterday we were hearing the opera guy singing!

We’re just jumping right into the hometown dates and I guess lucky for us we’re getting the worst one out of the way first, we’re in Milwaukee to visit Nick.

They both have 2 large scarves on and are meeting at a market, since that’s the only dates that Andi has gone on. Nick said he hasn’t said he loves Andi yet, though he’s said he’s falling in love with her, so he’s basically said he loves her, but hasn’t.

We’re done with the market and are at the brewery and it’s the first time Andi has ever been at a brewery. There is a beer named “The Nick & Andi” which of course they have to try. Then a polka band starts playing and bubbles are coming out of a machine. Nick is polkaing with Andi and she doesn’t think it’s a real thing or a real dance.

The Czech side of me is VERY mad that Andi doesn’t know of polka, of course they didn’t play the classic polka songs of “In Heaven there is no beer” or “Roll out the Barrel” Which would’ve been appropriate at a brewery.

We’re now at Nick’s house. Nick has 10 siblings. There is the baby picture and right below that is the senior picture of each kid. All the siblings are there with spouses and Andi is overwhelmed.

Nick’s parents house is very modest which is something I appreciate. Nick’s parents both look very young, especially for Nick being 32 or 33, but you can certainly see the resemblance between him and his brothers and then his mom and sisters.

Nick sits down with one of his sisters and said that his feelings for Andi are very intense. Evidently his sister knows him best. He feels like he can be himself un-apologetically which I guess is good. Andi doesn’t make Nick laugh but she does make him smile. Nick said this whole experience is intense.

Now the sister has to sit down with Andi and tells us that Nick has been in serious relationships and been hurt before and then she ends up in tears because she doesn’t want to see her brother hurt again. Andi said that she knows about that and doesn’t want to hurt Nick. And of course the sister is won over right away, even though she was going to be a hard sell.

One of Nick’s little sister’s has a paper full of questions. What is the thing that you like most about my brother, Andi said that they have a good mental connection. Then Andi has to dumb things down, and almost seems to be insulting her. Nick’s sister thinks her brother is not as attractive but has a good personality. Then she asks if she loves her brother. Bella, Nick’s sister said that she’d take Andi as a sister. Bella is supposed to get insider info for her brother but wasn’t great about reminding specific info about what Andi’s answers were.

Now that we’re sitting down with mom, and it’s a close-up mom doesn’t look as young as she did in the group shot. Then Nick & mom start crying because mom just wants Nick to be happy. And Nick thinks he’s really happy with Andi. Then Andi shows off her lawyer skills by going through the family pictures and correctly identifies all of them.

Darn, now it’s time to say goodbye to Nick. There is kissing by the car and Andi is trying to get him to say that she loves him, but he chickens out and doesn’t say anything.

I did like little Bella, and Nick didn’t bother me as much as normal. Probably because he wasn’t on my screen all that long, and when he was there wasn’t other guys around so he didn’t need to be as docuhey as normal, I still don’t trust or like the guy, but I don’t hate him as much as I did last week….

Alright, away from Nick and onto Farmer Chris! We’re going to Arlington, IA which from my location on my couch to Arlington, IA in current traffic Google maps tells me it’d take me 5 hours and 42 minutes to get there. Looks like it’s on the Eastern side (and a little North) side of Iowa. Population: 758, 759 with Andi.

Arlington is a very simple way of life. Andi is very excited to see what life is like in Iowa. Andi enjoys seeing him in his plaid shirt, vest and on his farm. She’s the one who goes in for the kiss when they first see each other. She keeps squealing like a school girl.

Farmer Chris has a very nice house and Andi can’t believe it. ANDI, Farmer Chris has quite a bit of money. Open your eyes!!!!

They get up in his John Deere tractor and who else is singing along to Kenny Chesney “She thinks my tractor is sexy… really turns her on….”

Andi sits on Farmer Chris’ lap so she can drive the tractor. She can’t believe that she’s driving this massive thing. I don’t know how great she did of driving it, but what are you going to do.

Farmer Chris’ family consists of 3 sisters, 2 older and 1 younger. Then his mom and dad. All of his sisters are married. Andi said her biggest concern was wondering if she could live in Iowa. Farmer Chris wants her to be happy with where she’s living and what she could do. Farmer Chris made a joke about being a homemaker. He also said that Cedar Rapids is close by and she could be a DA or in law there.

Andi talked about how she was born in a city, but was raised in a suburb and hello her parents own a lakehouse in AL, so she’s obviously not a city girl.

Farmer Chris and her are having a picnic in the field and what’s that you hear, a crop duster coming by?!? Oh wait, it has a sign behind it that says “Chris loves Andi” and she is eating it up! She freaks out, and we get our first “STOP IT” in awhile and then she launches herself at him and makes out with him.

Andi and Farmer Chris are wearing matching vests as they go into the parents house. There is lots of yelling when Farmer Chris’ mom and sisters see him. Andi feels more pressure in the country because she’s actually going to have to see his family around. And now his sisters are ganging up on him and making fun of him and I love it! You can see the genuine love that they have for him and that they are proud of him and that they are being over-protective.

Farmer Chris’ mom watches the Bachelor every season and she believes that you can fall in love. I LOVE Farmer Chris’ mom!!!!!! She’s so sweet! She was born in town, she learned to love the farm and knows that there is no limitations for being on a farm. She saw her husband come out of the tractor and knew she was in love. Linda is praying for this to work out.

Linda is already talking about grandkids, they would have great looking kids and Linda is willing to babysit while Andi is a career woman! Linda is a tough cookie and so is Andi! Linda wants you to follow your heart, and she already loves Andi, hugs it out and wants her make a good decision because her life depends on it. Linda knows that Farmer Chris and Andi are a match-made in heaven!

Oh man, to end the night they’re playing Ghost in the Graveyard which is awesome, since I haven’t played that game since I was a kid with all the neighborhood kids. Andi managed to sneak back by Chris, sneak in some kisses and then everyone else ends up back there. They kiss it out, Farmer Chris loves her and sends her off with that one last time!

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Luke Dorsey Channel 8 meteorologist needs to get off my television screen right now!!!!! I don’t care about the hail in central Nebraska, I care about Josh and Marcus’ hometown dates. This could’ve happened during Nick’s hometown and I would’ve felt better.

We come back in and it looks as if Andi is sitting down talking with her mom but instead we learn that it’s Josh’s family. They are talking about how the family does everything together, especially sports. Andi feels like there is going to be pressure to be at Aaron Murray’s football games…..I appreciate the fact that Josh’s family is a unit and that they are going to be a family unit. It’s Josh, Aaron and his sister and they are 3 peas in a pod.

Josh’s sister realizes that it’s not always going to be Andi going to all of Aaron’s games and that they will probably fight over this.

Josh sits down with his mom and I like Josh even more. I like hometowns because you can see how real people are when they’re with their family. Josh’s mom said that Josh has put himself last too long and it’s time for him to put himself first and that brings one glistening tear to Josh’s eye that he wipes away with his shirt sleeve. I do like this interaction with him and his mom and think that it is real and his mom knows how to make him emotional.

We’ve got Aaron and Andi talking now. Aaron said that Josh has always been a big brother and looked out for Aaron and Stephanie and now it’s Josh’s turn. I see Aaron and Andi hug it out and then my satelite cuts out.

I may or may not be yelling at Luke Dorsey and DISH right now for not letting me seeing Josh’s date. Don’t they know that Heidi and I have been so excited to see Aaron Murray and this hometown date, since we put the 2 and 2 together that Josh is the older brother to Aaron Murray, who used to be Georgia’s quarterback and was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs.

Well jokes possibly on you Andi, as I will be going to see the Chiefs play at the end of October with my family and I will now be on the look-out for Josh. Even if Josh and Andi are together, it’s not going to stop me from trying to steal him away. I have my blog as proof that I’ve been a fan of his from the beginning (long before Andi was!) and I would gladly follow Aaron around to all of his football games, that’s a sacrifice I’d be willing to make, and if it just so happens that I like sports and will enjoy being at the games, then so be it!

Well since the dang weather decided to make Josh’s date basically non-existent we’re in Dallas at Marcus’ date, and I’m threatening Luke Dorsey to let me see my guy Marcus’ date.

Goodness Marcus has a nice car! Marcus was willing to propose a week ago, so maybe he’ll propose today?!?!?! That’s never been done!

We’re going on the Dallas tour, and a day in the life of Marcus. They’re kissing in the car, and I hope they parked and it wasn’t just a red light.

We stop at a random hole in the wall. He pops champagne, kisses her, says “this will be better if your drunk.” and he decides to recreate the stripping date and she has a front row view and is flustered. She said he’s one of the most attractive guys she’s ever dated. Marcus wants to showcase Andi and show off how much he likes her.

We’re going to meet Marcus’ mom, sister, brother and niece and nephew. Marcus last brought home a girl 3 years ago and he has never brought home anyone else and we get our second “STOP IT” from her. Marcus wants her to meet his dad, but that relationship isn’t there right now, which she gets and actually said something mature by pointing out that you can’t pick your family dynamic.

We’re walking into Marcus’ house and wow his family is very attractive! Marcus’ niece gives Andi and Marcus both a bracelet. Marcus’ sister takes Andi first. His sister said that she saw Marcus glowing when they came in. Marcus has always been a care-taker and that’s how he’s fallen that fast. Andi appreciates the fact that Marcus falls that quickly and doesn’t waste time and isn’t afraid to say how he feels. Andi did say she’s concerned that she isn’t going to catch-up with him.

Marcus said that it’s scary as hell that he falls in love with her and that it’s real. His brother said to be real and not worry about impressing them and not to be scared and just go for it! Marcus told his brother that he’s the one who keeps everything together, and he gets teary eyed as he tells his brother that he’s been the father-figure when their dad wasn’t there and it makes me a little sad. The brothers hug it out, and I feel like we’re eavesdropping on a private moment.

Now it’s Andi and Marcus’ mom turn to talk. His mom is very attractive and she has an interesting accent. And then I lose the signal again and get real angry!

Now that we’re back from commercial break, we’re at Chris Harrison’s home on April 23, in LA. We have all 4 guys on his doorstep, which shouldn’t be happening until the rose ceremony.

They all sit down in the living room. We’re waiting for Andi to show up. And everyone is understandably nervous and confused. Andi shows up and all the guys turn right away. She hugs everyone and then sits down on the couch next to Farmer Chris and Josh in the chair.

Then Chris Harrison tells us about adventurous Eric Hill, and he was in Utah para sailing and they knew he was in an accident, and you can see the realization on everyone’s faces when it comes out, that they just found out that morning that Eric didn’t make it. Andi’s head is in her hands and she’s crying. All the guys have their heads in their hands.

Marcus leaves the room and Andi follows him. They’re sitting on the steps and Marcus is crying. Marcus has his arm around Andi. They go back inside and Andi said they have to do this together.

What a harsh way to remember that there is a reality to this. People have lives and family. They put the cameras down and we see all the behind the scenes people come and hug the on-screen people. Andi loses it when talking to her producer and feels so much guilt about the last conversation that she had with Eric, where she yelled at him and forced him to leave.

I can’t imagine how she feels, and I feel even worse for her watching her break down. You knew she’d feel bad when you saw the conversation go down, but of course we knew that it was going to be their last conversation, while Andi had no idea. It just puts it into perspective of how you really do have to be careful about your words and what you say can come back and haunt you later on.

Okay, we’re back at the Bachelor mansion 24 hours later. As my sister Laura said, Andi looks like a mermaid in her green mermaid dress.

Harrison and Andi sit down to talk. Harrison admits this is uncharted waters for everyone. And even though this is supposed to be a happy time, this is life. And life happened. Harrison admits that it was a tough week with Eric, but Andi needs to make a decision and have one guy go home. Andi said that she’s not ready to deal with all of this at once and she has to be strong for all the guys and has to be responsible for all of them.

Harrison is a very wise guy who said don’t act happy go-lucky and act like this is all okay. It’s okay to have emotion. Harrison even has some emotion. He’s trying to get through his speech but you can tell his heart isn’t completely in it either.

Andi comes for the rose ceremony and tries to be tough at first, but then right when she starts talking her voice wavers. She said they’re all gonna get through this together and thanks them for the love their family’s showed her.

Now it’s rose ceremony time. She has the first rose in hand and long dramatic pause, and she leaves the room and breaks down. The guys can all hear her breaking down and they all are effected. Harrison follows her and she had flashbacks of Eric in that room and could see him in it.

Okay back to the rose ceremony. Andi composes herself, gets a hug from Harrison and walks back into the room. She picks up the first rose again and we give the first rose to:

1. Josh ——yeah, I’m glad Josh gets the rose!!!!

2. Farmer Chris——-WHAT?!?!? YOU GO FARMER CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last rose goes to:

3. Nick—–GRRRRRRR!!!!

My poor poor Marcus! I knew once Farmer Chris got the rose, Marcus wasn’t going to get the rose. It still breaks my heart for him though. He hugs it out with the other guys and walks out with her.

They sit on the bench and he is trying to be graceful, but she’s not making it easy. She tells him that she knows that Marcus would give her the world and if she’s making a mistake by not taking that. She doesn’t want to put him through it if she’s not falling in love and he’s done nothing wrong.

And you’re right, he’s done nothing wrong and you’re making a huge mistake Andi in getting rid of Marcus and keeping Nick. And Marcus is completely heart-broken like I knew he would be. He saw a future with her, he hugs it out with her and gets in the limo with a “take care.” He never got angry or yelled at her, like I was begging him to.

In the limo he cries because he feels like an idiot and wishes he didn’t say that he loved her and was so excited to tell her how he felt and it blew up in his face. He believed in something that wasn’t there and is getting punched in the stomach over and over again and he knows he’s going to miss her.

Marcus, you’re too good for her!!!! I hope I see you as the new Bachelor and please don’t show up on Bachelor in paradise, you’re too good for that show!

Well this episode was quite an emotional roller-coaster. We’ll see if there is mention of Eric in any more episodes or if this is all we’ll see.

Next week is fantasy suite dates and she’s worried that history is going to repeat itself and she’s going to see something weird behind closed doors like she did with Juan Pablo.

Until then have a great week!


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