Andi’s Final 3 in the Dominican Republic

Welcome to the Dominican Republic Bachelorette fans! We’re down to the final 3, I think my heart will be healed with knowing that Marcus will soon be on my television screen again, as it seems he’ll be on Bachelor in Paradise which starts in 3 weeks, plus he’ll be back next week for the Men Tell All….so that knowledge should be able to get me through the Nick portion of tonight’s episode!

Before we can get into any drama we have to have Andi recap the remaining 3 guys and her relationships with all of them. As if we all haven’t been watching/blogging about it all season long…..

Andi can be her entire self with Josh. She can be her diva self, her bratty self. She’s over the moon with him. He’s tall, dark and handsome. He’s funny, kind, compassionate, going to make a great father.

The only downside is that Josh is the type that she’s dated before and she’s putting all her feelings from past boyfriends onto Josh. Poor Josh.

Farmer Chris I feel is friend-zoned when she talks about how she knows she’s always going to laugh when she’s with Chris. He’s sweet and cute and here to find love. He’s a manly guy because he’s a farmer/business man. He’s a mature guy evidently. Andi never thought she’d consider Iowa, and felt a part of his family, which tells us that she got swept up in hometown dates and then actually went away from it and thought about it and got scared.

Now onto scheming Nick. He was shy and skeptical at the beginning. Andi has a mental connection with Nick and it’s intriguing and why she feels so connected to him. That’s called manipulation Andi! He’s playing mind-games with you. He’s smart and serious. He evidently looks at her and sees her for who she is and understands her. Nick is evidently also the most passionate person that Andi has ever been with.

What I find odd about the whole montage of the 3 guys is that we don’t hear any negatives about Nick like we did about the other 2 guys. That doesn’t bode well for Farmer Chris.

We’re getting ready for our first over-night dates and Andi talks about how this is the point of the season that really turned things for her. Well yes, Andi because this is the point where you went home. Of course that was after she went all crazy and yelled at Juan Pablo and his famous “Et’s okay…..”

Andi is going on her first over-night date with Nick. It’s his first helicopter ride and she’s so excited that she gets to go on his first helicopter ride with him. And he decides the way to enjoy it is to just make-out with her the whole time.

They are going to a private island off the Dominican Republic and just going to have a beach day. Now maybe I’ve seen too many tv shows, because a private island actually scares me more than makes me happy. Won’t we see natives coming and getting them or something.

Nick is an adult relationship and passionate relationship. There is just lots of making out in the ocean, I don’t know if we’re getting a repeat of Juan Pablo and Clare or not, the cameras are on the whole time, so I don’t think so.

Andi wants to know about his past relationships because his family has a different take on his break-up than he did. Nick said he was a mess after a relationship in his early 20s and he didn’t really talk to anyone for 6 months, excluding family. He says that when his engagement ended the girl ended it and he was embarrassed by how it ended but now he can evidently look back and laugh on it, which seems like an interesting thing to say.

Nick is trying to spit out that he loves her, which I find ridiculous because he’s said he’s falling in love with her, so what’s really the big difference and why can’t he spit it out? I find this more annoying than endearing and feel like it’s a game. Of course to build the drama he didn’t say it on the beach because he had to go snorkel with her so their date was something more than just making out on the beach.

They are now having dinner and are trying to talk and it seems very forced. He’s evidently clumsy. This week since he didn’t see her he did what any 33 year old Midwestern guy would do. He found a bounded red book, drew pictures and wrote her a fairy tale book. I gotta give him credit, a lot of work went into this book. It was their story, which I am impressed with (though it kills me to say that)! I do have to say that he should’ve waited until the dates next week for the final 2. He left the end of the book as a bunch of blank pages so they can fill it up with their story.

For the guy who says he doesn’t watch the show, he makes a reference to the fantasy suite in his book and then acts all shocked about it. He said he’s the most excited to just talk her ear off for a whole night in the fantasy suite (which I’m sure is exactly what they’re gonna do) and they decide to go there. He takes her to a secluded wooded area and leans against a tree and says that he loves her.

2nd date is Josh and Andi, and with Marcus out of the picture Josh is my only horse left in this race! They keep hugging and kissing and she does seem smitten by him when he sees her. They are a very attractive couple. They are going to explore Santa Domingo. Which means the market (obviously). There is lots of giggly going on from both of them. We have very energetic music going on during their sequence. What I like about Josh is that he has fun and can laugh at himself. They are dancing horribly in the square, but he’s just going for it. It doesn’t seem that there are any games going on….that is until we see kids play baseball!

A little kid comes out and asks them to play baseball. Luckily Josh can speak Spanish and seems to be doing a great job communicating with everyone. He was evidently like a little kid on Christmas morning when playing the game and he did seem to be enjoying it and the kids seemed to enjoy him as well. Kids are very honest.

Josh asks her what she thinks about his family. Andi loved his mom. What I like about Josh is that he did just bring it up in the conversation that he loves her and knows that she can’t say anything and that’s the hardest thing for him because she can’t say anything, but he does love her. Andi smiles and brings him in for a kiss.

We’re at the dinner portion of their date, where we have them at a castle type looking place. Andi needs to know that Josh is a serious guy because he’s just so happy all the time, so she needs to know he’s gonna get on his knee and propose. Josh talks about how he was super nervous the first night when he got out of the limo and he was worried she was going to say that he was cocky. She then said that he’s too goofy to be cocky.

Josh makes me fall for him a little bit more by saying that he loves helping kids. Josh thinks he’s gonna be protective but also loving. Andi said that she’s gonna be a softie at heart, attentive, great mom. She’s worried she’s not gonna be able to punish the kids. Josh pictures their family together and having a bunch of kids and just running around.

Andi warns him that she can be difficult and Josh said they’ve been through the ringer and she’s been difficult already and he will put up with her and can handle that. Which I do have to say, she’s been more difficult and bratty with Josh then she has been any of the other guys. She’s tried to put up her guard like she did with Eric, but Josh has managed to break through that and gotten her to be real again.

Josh said that yeah he’s happy and loves life but he can be serious about things as well. She is worried that it’s too good to be true, and he tells her it’s not. Josh is saying all the right things by saying he could be her husband and he would propose to her. Andi’s way of responding to him is as positive as she’s allowed to be by just saying that she’s glad that he’s here.

They are going to spend time in the fantasy suite so they are able to “connect” more. Since they didn’t get the romantic date on the beach, they get in the pool and make-out there, because Lord knows they can’t be in their bathing suits for the first time around one another on the final date.

Farmer Chris gets the stereotypical farming date. He shows up in a jeep and gives her a big hug. While she goes in for the hug and kisses him, she pulls away quickly. He said that the location of their date looks like Iowa.

She said first date they went to the races, hometown date they went to the country, so they are going to ride a horse in the country. Andi is freaking out about a huge animal underneath her and she doesn’t know what it’s thinking. They are going horseback riding and she’s not in the proper attire for horseback riding.

Andi’s horse got spooked by a cow and then started trotting and she was very worried about it. Farmer Chris was trying to give her some guidance but she was definitely panicking.

I’m very sad for Farmer Chris that he’s on this horseback date, as it reminds me of my friend Drew who was on a horseback when he got dumped, so I’m not feeling good for Farmer Chris.

They get off the horses to have a picnic and she said she survived the horseback riding and she’s thankful to be off the horse. They cheers to her wonderful hometown date. She keeps mentioning Iowa and he talks about how this isn’t all that similar to Iowa. The scenery is different, the farming equipment is different. Farmer Chris should be happy to know that his family won the best family she’s ever met!

Farmer Chris talked about the sacrifice that his family is doing because it’s hard for his dad to be farming by himself while Farmer Chris is here. They talked about how much fun they had playing Ghost in the Graveyard with his family, so he decides to go and hide and do it again. She finds him and they hug and kiss it out.

Andi doesn’t know if her and Farmer Chris are at the over-night fantasy suite part of the date yet. So we still have a dinner to get through and see where they are.

I like that Farmer Chris just gets to the point and asks her point blank, how does she herself moving to Iowa? He’s going to be in Iowa and she’s going to have to adjust to that. Farmer Chris said that if 2 people are supposed to be together they can work it out and make it happen. There is opportunities for attorneys in Iowa (believe it or not!)

Andi talked about how she’s at a crossroads where she sees him as a great guy, but she needs to know where she’s at and what she feels. Farmer Chris said that he’s falling in love with her and doesn’t see anything that he wants to change about her. He feels their chemistry and knows things about her that he finds irresistible and are core to what he wants in the person he wants to marry. He said that he loves her, and then she breaks down.

She said she could take the easy way out and just blame Iowa because she doesn’t see herself there, but she said the honest truth is that she just doesn’t see the foundation for them. She respects him too much to put him through a rose ceremony.

She has the ugly crying, hyperventilating thing working. And she’s trying to get there with him, but it’s just not there and she’s not gonna blame Iowa. Ever the gentleman, he said that he respects that and is disappointed.

DANGIT FARMER CHRIS!!!! You are a perfect guy. You’re consoling her while your heart is getting broken. You are way too good for her and a better person than I could be. He said she shouldn’t feel like an idiot for letting him go. If she doesn’t have feelings she can’t force them and isn’t feelings what this whole experience is about, and you can’t force feelings.

She walks him out, but as someone pointed out last week he’s a perfect gentleman who always offers his arm to her when they’re walking together. Take note gentleman, chivalry is not dead!

As she’s crying when he’s leaving, he said that she’s doing the right thing, and he’s the lucky one for letting him leave now and getting to know her. She’s still crying and said that she’s lucky for getting to know him and he’s still consoling her as he’s hugging her goodbye. He kisses her hands goodbye and heads to the reject van, as she watches and sobs.

His exit interview pulls at your heart-strings. He didn’t see it coming, but he stayed classy. He wants to find a partner, a best friend, someone who’s excited to share in an awesome life with him and it felt like she was close to the end. His heart is broken because he put everything out there and he’s sad and disappointed and has questions about what the hell just happened.

Well Farmer Chris, what just happened is that was the sound of you just being named the next Bachelor and many single women are not vying to live in Iowa with you and be a Farmer’s wife!

We have 20 minutes left which means it’s time for Chris Harrison and Andi to talk. She said that it’s done to Nick & Josh and even if she had to do it all over again she’d do it the same with these 2 guys. As Harrison and her are talking I’m reminded of Des and how heartbroken she was when her 3rd place guy Brooks went home and how Andi doesn’t seem too affected by Farmer Chris’ departure.

Andi talks about how serious Nick is and how light-hearted Josh is and she wonders if they can lighten up or be more serious respectively. Her biggest fear is that she’ll end up alone.

This is the most important rose ceremony of the season, as the guys have to both accept her roses. They are going to meet her family and they’re saying they’d be willing to get on a knee for her.

For the rose ceremony, we have Harrison walk Nick then Josh down the stairs to the beach. Harrison said that Farmer Chris is no longer around, but he’ll let Andi explain. Andi walks down the stairs and Josh lights up when he sees her. You can tell he’s genuinely happy to see her, I didn’t get that same feeling with Nick. Andi explains she didn’t have the feelings with Farmer Chris and sent him home. She said it’s a two-way street and want to know that they accept her rose. They both accept her rose and we’re getting ready to meet her family!

Next week we have the Men Tell All. We have Farmer Chris and Marcus that will be on the hot-seat and it looks like Andrew is going to be the villain and supposedly secrets will be revealed when Andi gets on the hot-seat (I’m kinda doubting that.)

Until Next Week,


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