Andi’s Men Tell All

Chris Harrison is doing shout-outs to get the crowd all amped up and when he says the name of the 3rd person, he refers to him as FARMER CHRIS, which means Chris Harrison obviously reads my blog!

JP and Ashley are first out of the gate and we see how cute Ashley s as a pregnant woman. It seems that Ashley & JP are moving to Miami. Chris Harrison teases them by saying their moving to Miami because they want to be closer to Juan Pablo. There have been some Twitter fights between them so that’s funny. They’re moving from Boston I think, I know it’s somewhere in the Northeast.

Since they are a successful couple on the Bachelorette we are given a look into every detail of their life. Including a live ultrasound which will tell us the sex of the baby. They are having a BOY! They do seem genuinely happy and in love with one another, and it’s not just because JP was my favorite on her season. JP is emotional and all teary eyed and is thrilled.

Wow, the Bachelor in Paradise clip seems very intense and I’m quite excited to be able to watch it! It’s going to be so trashy, it’s gonna be good!

We’re FINALLY at the part where we welcome back the guys. The guys who are here tonight are:

Carl, Brett, Andrew, Patrick, Bradley, Ron, Craig, Nick S., Tasos, JJ, Marquel, Cody, Dylan, Brian, Marcus & Farmer Chris. As a joke, ALL the guys are wearing scarves! It was the season of scarves and I’m glad they’re admitting it. I have to admit, the scarves really did look nice and I kinda want some of them šŸ™‚

Marquel gets asked a question right off the bat, I don’t know if they’re trying to see if he could be the next Bachelor, or trying to get us ready for Bachelor in Paradise.

The professional golfer who drove me crazy for the what 2 episodes he was on, mentions that most of these guys normally feel really good about their body’s, but then he said the other guys took off their clothes and he realized he was going to wear his shirt the whole time.

Now we get the recap of all the drama with the guys and making sure we can stir the pot up so it’s not all fun and games. We gotta get people’s blood boiling so we can make it real dramatic.

We start off right away by talking to Marquel about Andrew’s comments about Ron & Marquel getting roses the first night. Marquel wins me over again, by saying that though the situation hasn’t been resolved, he prayed about it and realizes he represents himself, his faith and his family.

Ron speaks up and gives Marquel props and says that the way he handled this really spoke to Marquel’s character. When Andrew decides to pipe in, he calls Marquel “Ron” first.

Harrison asks Andrew what he said. Andrew tries to spin it by saying that JJ had an agenda and that’s what happened. Marquel, the gentleman, said that he respects Andrew but would like for him to stick to answering Chris’ question. And then Andrew ticks me off because he plays dumb and asks what question. Well not only did Andrew tick me off, he also ticked off Chris Harrison, who then breaks it down for Andrew. Shows us video of when Ron went to accept his rose, we see Andrew lean over to JJ, they don’t have the audio so he asks what Andrew said. Andrew is saying that he said “It’s been a long night, when is this gonna be over?”

JJ laughs and said that it wasn’t said. Harrison then asks JJ if he wants to change his story, and he doesn’t. Which then puts Andrew on the spot. The one good thing is that Andrew asks why didn’t JJ say anything earlier and why didn’t he just go to JJ instead of bringing it up?

Farmer Chris is ANGRY and said that JJ needs to be a man and should’ve confronted Andrew right away and not bring it up right away.

Marquel said that he’s going to forgive and forget anyway. Marquel said that what frustrates him is that Andrew is being very selfish and just talking about how he could possibly lose his job. Marquel just wants him to admit something and he can’t excuse ignorance or racism.

I really like Marquel and am afraid that I’m not going to like him after the Bachelor in Paradise. But before Marquel can get to the hot seat, JJ has to interrupt. JJ gets emotional and Farmer Chris kinda gets nasty. There is definetely no love loss between JJ and Farmer Chris. Coach Brian also doesn’t seem to be a JJ fan either.

Alright, Marquel is in the hot seat, with his Chocolate Chip Cookie pin. We see his journey on the show and he has a big smile on his face when he’s on the screen and then see a bigger smile when he’s watching himself, and then I don’t even realize it but I’m smiling as well. That is I’m smiling until I see him not get a rose and go home.

The first thing out of Marquel’s mouth is a compliment about how awesome Andi is. Marquel talks about how they have a friendly connection right off the bat, and that’s how he starts every relationship because he thinks that’s how all great romances start. But he talks about how he got stuck in the friend zone. Harrison asks why he didn’t kiss her and he said that he worried Andi didn’t want to kiss him. Harrison thinks he missed a few signs and he said watching it back he didn’t realize that everyone else was kissing her so quickly. He said he wished someone would’ve passed him a note that said they all were trying to kiss her. He’s still upbeat and positive. Before he goes back to his seat he has a tray of cookies that he’s handing out to the crowd, which they go wild about.

Alright, now we’re onto my man Marcus in the hot-seat. We see his highlights from the season and he’s not smiling as much as Marquel was, of course he doesn’t have as much humor in his scenes as Marquel did. He’s just kinda staring at the screen with not a lot of emotion. Until the end, he’s emotional about watching the end, especially watching himself get rejected.

Marcus talks about how much he learned by being with Andi. Marcus felt like he had a great Dallas visit and then was really taken off-guard when he didn’t get the rose. He said there is still questions he has about the break-up and is wondering what happened. Marcus talked about how the right girl is out there for Marcus and he hopes he can find her. Harrison asks Marcus if he can find love in paradise and he starts laughing and grinning and seems much happier, which makes me happy to watch him!

Alright the next guy on the hot-seat is Farmer Chris. The crowd is going WILD for him. Harrison jokes about how he doesn’t get it and Farmer Chris agrees he doesn’t get it either. Chris only has a smile on his face when watching his video when his mom is giving her toast and he sees his sister. Then it’s the awkward break-up scene.

Farmer Chris said that he put himself out there and he saw a future in her and he feels confident that he did everything he could. Farmer Chris said that he could have more time. Farmer Chris said that there’s something that he’s willing to do with someone he falls in love with, but she didn’t give him a chance to share that. Harrison asked how Farmer Chris is going to find a woman in small-town Iowa.

An audience member speaks up and raises her hand and said that she has something to say. The 2 Chris’ introduce themselves and she sits down. Canadian awkward lady from the audience asks if Farmer Chris is going to meet a girl in Iowa. The Bachelorette guys start chanting “KISS HER!” “YOLO.” This was horribly staged and awkward and I want it to stop, and luckily it’s going to because we’re going to commercial.

Oh but we’re back from commercial and get a sneak-peak into the speed-date that happened. Canadian girl gave her phone number to Farmer Chris and she’s keeping her fingers crossed that she’ll go on a date with him.

Andi is now coming out to see all the guys. She said she’s not had this many ex’s before let alone all in one room. We start with Farmer Chris and he asks about what changed from hometowns to fantasy date? She said she was on a high from his family and she didn’t think she was at the intimacy level with him that she was with the other 2. She respected him as a gentleman which is why she broke up with him.

Marcus’ only question was asking her if she was scared by how open he was so early. She said at the beginning she liked it because it gave her hope, but then she realize how at the end she couldn’t catch up with him and that’s why she wanted to send him home.

Cody randomly needs to say something so we can remember he’s even here and said that Andi never saw the real Cody. Andi mentions that sending him home on a one-on-one sucked but she had to send him home then because she wishes Juan Pablo would’ve sent her home once there was no future for her and he didn’t.

Marquel asks for closures sake why they didn’t get out of the friend zone. Andi mentions it was fun and there wasn’t romance for them.

Harrison makes things awkward by pointing out Chris B. who was in the audience and he awkwardly acts like he’s going to come down and meet her, but Harrison won’t let him, so instead he awkwardly waves at her.

Harrison said that he read a “Great Story.” Andi said that she is not pregnant and does a shout-out to her parents that she’s not pregnant.

Harrison then makes things awkward by saying “Daddy’s got them,” and brings out the lie detector test results. Brian, JJ and Farmer Chris are the 3 guys who didn’t lie. 3 men did lie, Marcus, Dylan & Josh.

Marcus is a player evidently…….he has evidently slept with over 20 women!!!! Okay, now my friend Marcus has lost some of his spark with me. DANGIT MARCUS!!!!

Dylan lied about preferring brunettes over blondes, he lied about being ready for marriage.

Josh isn’t here so Harrison is leaving it up to Andi about if she wants to know about his results. Harrison also tells her that there are 2 lies that he had. The guys on the couch are obviously wanting the results to be given. Coach Brian and Dylan are now telling Andi to trust Josh and not look at the results. Andi decides to trust Josh and not say it.

We get to see the blooper reel now and they were funny. Then we see a video of Josh & Nick and I am FULLY TEAM JOSH!

We will have 3 hours to hash this out next week! We have the 2 hour finale and the 1 hour After the Final Rose. Hopefully this will be the most dramatic rose ceremony ever, or it will have been a pretty boring end to the season.

Hmmmmm the fact that the last scene they show is Andi in a room with a letter from one of her 2 final guys, and Harrison tells her to do with it what she wants is quite interesting. I don’t know what that means….WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?!

I’m more intrigued to watch the finale for that last 15 second clip then I was the last 15 minute clip they showed setting up the finale of the 2 guys.

Alright, well we’re a week away from the end of this dramatic journey. We can make it friends! Just a little while longer!

Have a great week and get your mind right for the most dramatic ending EVER!


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