The Finale of Andi’s Season & my favorite guest-star ever comes back!

Okay before I begin my recap, I have 2 links I have to share with my fellow Bachelor/ette fans! You will LOVE these I promise you…but if you click on these links please come back and read the rest of my blog πŸ™‚

1. Opera-singer Sharleen from Juan Pablo’s season is writing a blog as well! She gives us the background knowledge that we wouldn’t know. I’m surprised she’s able to write some of the things she can because she has to have signed a non-disclosure agreement with ABC, but yet she’s writing this. She hasn’t updated since the final 3 date, so I don’t know if ABC shut her down or if she just didn’t want to write about the Men Tell All. I’d recommend reading ALL of her blog posts, they make me like her so much more then I did on the show:

2. I just saw this post late last week, I try to stay away from spoilers, but when it was down to the final 2 and they were talking about a video of Nick I had to watch it. So I’m sorry dear readers that I cheated in the 11th hour and saw this spoiler last week. It’s well worth reading the transcript, as this video takes place in an airport. Please also notice his HORRIBLE wardrobe choices!

Okay, onto my thoughts on tonight’s episode!

Wow, I’m shocked we just jump right into the episode where we see Nick meeting Andi’s parents and sister. I was expecting some hemming and hawing over the 2 guys, but evidently that’s not the case at the beginning of this episode.

I do LOVE Andi’s dad Hy! Hy talked about how Nick was the most nervous a guy has ever been around them. Andi’s mom was not impressed with Nick not holding Andi’s hand. Nick wins over Andi’s mom in their one-on-one time when he keeps saying that he loves Andi in a way he’s never loved anyone else. Nick also gets Hy on his side by saying that Andi is the only one for him. Hy talked about how his 3 girls are his whole life. He has one daughter taken care of, he hopes after 31 years of marriage he has his wife taken care of, so he now has to focus on Andi.

Andi gives the low-down on Josh to her family. She says that he’s from Atlanta and mom & sister’s eyes light-up right away, probably enjoying the fact that she could stay in her hometown and close to them if she ends up with him. Hy isn’t impressed with him being a jock and Andi’s impression that he was a player. Josh comes in and we get Hy’s interview where he is laughing so hard he’s almost crying at the fact that Josh was trying to act like he was cool, calm and collected. Hy saw thru him and saw his nerves and said to us that Josh doesn’t have a prayer.

Andi’s mom said that he’s a loud guy and chaotic because he comes in and is talking about high and nervous he is and Andi’s mom is not impressed right away. Now the 2 sisters need to have girl talk. Josh wins over sister & brother-in-law in their one-on-one conversation.

Now we have Hy & Josh sitting down. Hy asks a few more pointed questions to Josh, it reminds me of the way he interrogated Juan Pablo. I think Hy feels more threatened by Josh then he did Nick, with Nick he made him feel comfortable, whereas with Josh he’s trying to keep him on his toes more. He does ultimately give his blessing to him. Hy does get a good jab in by saying “You’re one of the 2 best guys I’ve met down here.” Josh laughs as he should.

We’re onto the final dates without any debriefing with the family. We see Josh walk towards Andi in a bro-tank and swimsuit and as he comes at us I realize how dang attractive Josh is. They are re-enacting their first date when they went sailing. Which means they’re on a boat and it’s in the water but they don’t notice because they’re too busy making out.

Then they do hash out the family visit that we just saw minutes ago. We don’t find out anything new, Josh loves her family, Andi says that her family loves Josh.

Then we do snorkeling and now we’re to the night portion of the date. Josh shows up and is wearing salmon colored pants and that makes me like him a little bit less. He greets her with her second “hey baby” of the day. They sit down and she’s doing the same thing she did with Eric on the first date she had, she’s leaning her head on the couch and looking up at him. They can’t get over the fact that this is their last date until it’s over. They talk about what their future could be, she again for the millionth time wonders if it could be too good to be true. He said it’s not and he’s blessed to know her. Of course Josh has a gift for her, no it’s not a picture book, it’s a letter and her very own personalized baseball card with her own stats on the back. She’s with the team “The Murrays” and her name on her card is “Andi Murray” and she seems smitten with it. She’s giggling with him but also seems to enjoy it. Their date seems to go well and they make-out some more and it seems like Nick has some ground to make-up.

Nick & Andi are going to go off-roading and explore in a jeep. Where they’re getting mud in the car. Nick you’re in trouble buddy, you get the fun date, not the let’s make-out on a boat date. They do end up in a lagoon for a picnic where they make-out a little bit finally. Then of course we have to talk about the parents visit. Then they have to jump in and swim in the lagoon.

Alright we have the night-time date and Nick is talking about his past engagement and he doesn’t want to be engaged again. He then talks about how he doesn’t know if Josh is still in the picture or not and he only wants to propose if he knows she’ll say yes. He has quite an awkward toast where he rambles and he gets that it’s an awkward toast and Andi said she enjoys it when he rambles. Well Nick has taken on Andi’s head on couch pose.

Here’s the difference between the 2 guys, Andi and Josh don’t have concerns at this point in the process and didn’t really have a whole lot to talk about. Whereas Nick talks about he’s nervous and analyzing everything. Andi tells him to turn off his brain and feel not think. Which is gonna be horrible when she breaks his heart. Nick said the first time that he proposed he had a feeling that it wasn’t right and Andi just keeps telling him “it’s gonna be alright, it’s gonna be alright” which is HORRIBLE if/when she breaks his heart! And now he’s more confident than ever!

Nick talks about how he’s excited about doing the mundane tasks with her like going grocery shopping. We find out that Nick wakes up at 6 every day, which he’s not allowed to wake Andi up at that time. Then he’ll go to work by 7, text her he loves her a few times, maybe they’d do lunch, he’d get home 5:30/5:45 and then they can go to gym, make dinner, cuddle and watch a movie and make-out maybe more.

He ends up giving her a necklace full of sand from the beach where he told her he loves her for the first time. She loves it. He’s feeling good and she’s making out with him.

Okay what the hell is up with her “I just woke up” and am in my nighty and robe walking around the countryside. There’s no way she just woke up and looks that good. It’s the money shot for her with the slit on the side, just like the shirtless shots of Josh & Nick as they open up the curtains in their hotel room.

Now we get the recap of their relationships but it’s fairly quick, which I am thankful for as I’ve lived this whole journey with them and blogged about it, so I don’t need the long version, the cliff notes version is just fine! She’s made her decision and needs to say goodbye to one of the guys.

But before we can do that, we have to get another soliloquy from each guy on how they feel about this situation. Then Neil Lane comes and visits Josh and he picks out a ring for Andi. Then we cut back to Nick and there’s a knock and we’re all expecting it to be Mr. Neil Lane but it’s not!!! It’s ANDI!!!!!!!!! And we break for commercial and commentary from our Bachelor-favorites.

Crazy Clare is the first to get interviewed, they talk about how she was in the final 2 and she wishes someone (ahem JUAN PABLO ahem) would’ve came to her door. Farmer Chris gets to stand-up and get his strong ovation. Farmer Chris talks about it being a dramatic moment and it could mean a lot of things, Harrison asks if he thinks its a good thing, and the look that Farmer Chris has gives us has me smitten…….UNTIL the BEST THING IN BACHELOR HISTORY HAPPENS…….DREW IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!

I am shocked by the fact that Drew is back and I didn’t know he was going to be back and I have to pause my DVR to let everyone know that I love Drew just as much as ever! It’s been a year and I’m sorry for comparing Marcus to you Drew, as he pales in comparison to you. I may or may not be screaming from my couch for him to stop being a gentleman and looking at Harrison when he’s speaking to him, I need him to look at the camera and at me! Luckily the camera-man finally catches up and I get to see a close-up of Drew and I’m now doing Andi’s head on my couch move staring dreamily at my TV. He makes me giggle by saying that Nick’s first thought is “that it sucks” and then he said from day one in the back of your mind you always think that your days could be numbered. By the end you’re filled with confidence and invested and the last thing you want to see is Andi on the other side of that door. Drew talked about how you’re not prepared and it takes months to really process it. And I wish Drew was on my tv way more often, but I know he’s too dignified to be on Bachelor in Paradise which makes me happy and sad all at the same time. For those still wondering, Drew is still my all-time favorite.

Harrison asks if anyone thinks that Nick isn’t about to get his heart broken. Crazy Michelle raises her hand, Harrison calls on her and she said she has a question. “The most important question of the night, when are you going to announce who’s the next Bachelor?” Harrison asks the audience if they want to know who the next Bachelor is, the crowd goes wild. Farmer Chris is just looking down when Michelle asks her question. Then he’s smiling and still looking down when the crowd starts chanting his name. Harrison said they will announce at a later date who the next Bachelor is, as he clamps his hand on Farmer Chris’ shoulder and they go to commercial by zooming in on a red-faced smiling Farmer Chris.

Okay back to the drama of Nick answering the door to Andi. She’s trying to make small talk with him. They sit down on the couch and he takes a deep breath and he can see the writing on the wall. I’m afraid he’s going to pass out. Andi cruelly decides to throw his own words back in his face. She reminds him about how he said the first time he proposed he woke up that morning and something didn’t feel right, well she woke up this morning and something didn’t feel right. She doesn’t want to go through with this since the feelings not right. He doesn’t make it as easy as Farmer Chris, he tries to get her to explain it and she doesn’t really have words.

He puts her on the spot and asks her when she started feeling this. She talked about the intensity and some much over-analyzing and the last date she wanted to have fun and relax and she couldn’t do that with him. They just both over-analyze everything and a life they’d share they would be over-analyzing everything to death.

Nick again puts her on the spot by saying that when he said he loved her and the way she’d look at him, kiss him and respond to him. How can she do that but yet be here breaking his heart now. She said she meant all of that, but then back-tracks by saying that she never told him anything. He then asks if this about them or is it about her & Josh. For a second Andi looks scared and looks over to the producers to see if she can say anything and she doesn’t say anything at all.

He again is kinda dragging her through the mud by telling her that she took things too far. She’s crying and questions that. And he talks about how in the water after he said he loves her she said she wishes she could say things back. Oh the mysterious water scenes, where we aren’t able to hear what is being said since they don’t have mics on since they would be electrocuted and die. The water and the vans need to have mics so we can hear it all!!!

Nick wishes certain things wouldn’t have been said and actions wouldn’t have been done by her. He hopes she’s sure in her choice and she said that she is. They get the awkward hug and she walks out the door. It’s raining as she’s leaving in a white dress and she jumps in a van and cries (not the ugly cry, but a dignified cry). Nick goes and stands on the balcony watching it rain, he packs his bag, and throws out all the roses he received from the rose ceremonies. He actually gets a nice rejection car instead of the shady van they normally send them home in. He looks shocked as he’s driving away. His mouth is hanging ope and he’s staring out the window and finally the only thing he said is that feels like such a fool. Now he’s opened up and said that she asked him to trust her and he did and he felt confident in her but she must have feelings for Josh. He said it’s hard to swallow as he thought she loved him. And now he’s crying in the car.

Harrison talks about how Nick has been repeatedly trying to get in contact with Andi since she dumped him but Andi has refused, however she can’t refuse tonight! She has to come in contact with him!

But first we have to figure out what’s gonna happen with Andi & Josh! It’s stopped raining and Andi is in a white dress that I’m not a huge fan of for the final rose ceremony. We didn’t even get to see Josh put on the suit and get ready for the proposal. We get to see him show up in the car and there’s Harrison to greet him. For some reason Josh’s brown shoes with his navy suit are really bothering me, I don’t know why but they are.

Josh talks about how beautiful she looks and then he tells us he’s shaking. They both decide to take a deep breath. Josh talks about how he gave up his first love baseball to go find that great love that he reads about in books, hears about in songs, sees in movie and he didn’t know if that love existed until he saw Andi at the mansion. Once they had their first kiss he knew it wasn’t just him anymore, it was the two of them. Andi is the answer to his prayers, the girl he didn’t know existed in this world, all his worries/fears go away and her smile brightens his day and makes him feel like they can do anything in the world. She smiles at him so he has to know this is going to end well πŸ™‚

It’s finally her turn to talk. She talks about how it’s a journey and is more than she anticipated and expected. She talks about the ups & downs, twists and turns. She did this to find love and it’s been a challenge and struggle for her. The truth is from the first time she met him she was scared, and when he told her that the next person he said I love you to would be his wife that hit her hard. It was something that she really took seriously. It has taken a lot of thought from her and she knows that the feeling that she felt when she saw him the first time was LOVE.

Andi loves Josh and he’s trying to be a man and hold it together, which of course makes him look less manly. Now he’s smiling and she keeps saying that she is madly in love with him and has been since she saw him. They are holding hands and keep swaying back and forth, there’s lots of energy between them. Andi knows that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him and he’s the one she wants to have babies with. He feels really good and he loves her and they’re grinning and he finally goes in for a kiss. He then gets on his knee, pulls out the Neil Lane diamond and asks if she’ll marry him. She said yes and now they’re really making out and are ecstatic. They are certainly a handsome pair. And of course during this sweet moment all I can really notice is how much he’s sweating and I wonder why they always do these rose ceremonies in such hot locations. Can’t they do them in colder climates or at colder times of day/night? The guys always are drenched by the end.

Alright it’s time for my favorite episode of the whole season the AFTER THE FINAL ROSE ceremony!

We are going to talk about Nick before we talk about Andi & Josh. Nick is wearing his scarf in Milwaukee and it was hard for him to adjust being in the real world again. He can’t let go of something that’s uniquely special. He’s not over her and his mom is back and she’s in tears talking about how hard it is to see him struggle. He wants to see her and get answers. Nick thinks that Andi is playing it safe and that Josh isn’t the right choice for her.

Nick shows up at the taping of the Men Tell All and tries to talk to Andi. Instead he gets to talk to Harrison. Nick admits to still being in love with her and he just wants to talk to her. Harrison goes and talks to Andi and asks if Nick can talk to her. Harrison comes back and tells us that Andi said she’s not ready to see him yet. Of course he has a letter already penned that he can give to Harrison to give to Andi and she can do with it what she will, but Harrison thinks she needs to read it. We don’t know if she read it.

We now have Nick joining Harrison out on the stage. He looks very dapper in his suit. Of course Harrison wants us to relive the Dominican Republic and what he was thinking. He’s still very emotional about it. He said that the last few months have been tough but he’s glad to have his family & friends around.

Evidently Andi hasn’t gone on enough of a world-wide vacation, she needed to go to Mexico for a vacation. And Harrison and Nick knew she was in Mexico and Nick reached out to Harrison wanting to talk to her, but he was stiff-armed and not allowed to see her.

Nick talks about how he has thought about this moment a thousand times. Nick says the right things about Josh being a great guy and having a great heart and that he doesn’t think that Josh will take for granted what he has, but he’ll always wonder what if….Nick said that this moment is harder than he expected.

Nick said it’s going to be hard to see her and he’s really nervous about it. He had to wait through the commercial and the most bleachable moment of the season which was the guys in the hotel room where Nick got the second one-on-one date and the guys are complaining about his game playing and he comes in and sits down in the living room and it’s just dead silent.

Alright, here comes Andi out to deal with Nick. She goes in for an awkward hug with both Nick & Harrison. You can tell she’s on the defensive and seems pissed already. Who would’ve thought that I’d be on Nick’s side during this interaction? (I honestly blame Sharleen’s blog for making me see how much production shows me what they want me to see.) Nick references the letter that he wrote and said that when he reached out he wanted the opportunity to let her know how she makes him feel. She admits to reading the letter and he said thank you for reading it and that it means a lot to him. He said he thought he’d have more to say but he doesn’t know and you can tell he feels uncomfortable and doesn’t want to put his whole heart on the line in-front of the world to see. I feel like this is too personal for me to be watching (which is saying something!)

He’s trying to be a good guy about it, but you can see how much pain he’s in and Andi is talking and I just want her to stop talking. Nick said when he’s been watching it back it’s not like he’s gotten more closure. Harrison asks if Andi loved Nick and she said that she didn’t or she would’ve told him. Andi said that the only thing wrong with their relationship is that it wasn’t as great as this other relationship she had. After she said that he said that it’s hard to hear that and then he said he just keeps thinking back to those moments and knowing how in love with Andi he was if she wasn’t in love with him then why you made love with him that night.

Andi gets mad and said that’s below the belt and something that should be private (I’m sorry but you did that with him and broke his heart on national tv, therefore he has every right to air any of your dirty laundry.) If you don’t want that to be on national tv then you shouldn’t have gone to the fantasy suite or should’ve made it clear like Emily & Sean did on their seasons about what’s going on in said fantasy suites. Nick talks about how that was fiance type behavior and that night meant something to him. He’s evidently not a one-night stand guy like Andi is. Andi is trying to make herself out to be the heroine by saying that she knew how he felt which is why he didn’t pick a ring out and propose to her. Which she does get some props for that, however she did hurt him with how the fantasy suite went down.

Nick gets a much bigger ovation than Andi did. Things are still awkward between them as we leave them, but hopefully Nick will be able to get over her now and move on.

We get a preview of Bachelor in Paradise before we get Andi & Josh to talk together. I like Josh’s haircut. They are both still smiley and giggly. They are sitting very close to one another on the couch, what a difference between Nikki & Juan Pablo and them! I’m happy for Andi & Josh and hope these 2 crazy kids make it! They live 5 minutes away from one another, so they may just make it.

Alright, we made it through another season and they seem to be happy right now, we’ll see if they make it to their spring hopeful wedding. Until then we have Bachelor in Paradise starting next week!

See ya then!


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