Predictions on Chris’ Ladies

Wow, here we are! Less than a week away from the premiere of The Bachelor. We know we have Farmer Chris as our hero for the next couple months. I’m just hoping and praying that come March I still like him as much as I like him right now.

For now I’m a fan of him and enjoying predicting what the future is gonna hold for him. As you know I like to stay away from spoilers and just let the drama unfold on my screen every Monday night. I like to yell at the tv and tell them how stupid they are. I like being mortified on the girls behalf, since most of the time it seems like the majority of them have no shame. I like picking a favorite or two and watch her and see how the relationship unfolds on the screen.

I encourage all of you to do the same! I’m going to put on here my list (and my co-worker Heidi’s) list of predictions. Consider it our own type of bowl-buster since those are going on right now. It’s our fantasy Bachelor team….I think the fantasy football analogy works better.

We have done our homework and studied just their bios and pictures on ABC’s website ( We have come up with our team of girls, but knowing that there’s a better shot of our girls getting kicked off in the first week or two than staying, we are reserving the right to edit our list after the second episode. After that point, our girls are on our team until the end of this journey.

Feel free to look over the pixs and bios and make your own predictions. If you want to share them in the comments awesome, if you want to just keep them for yourself that’s cool. It’s just a way to feel more engaged in the show.

Though, let’s be honest it’s a very engaging show. There’s drama and people to cheer for and root against no matter what, but maybe I’m too big of a sports fan, because I feel like I always need to have someone to cheer for when I’m watching the show. Good for you, if you’re able to watch the show and stay a casual observer, I’m extremely jealous. I will be envious of you every week for the next 2.5 months of my life that I write this blog. I am in too deep, and can’t stop. I may have a problem….but I’m just gonna embrace it, realize it’s part of who I am and continue on.

I also realize that this is just a TV show, though some of my comments may make it seem like I don’t. I may get really attached to a girl and want her and Chris to end up together. I can almost guarantee I’m gonna loathe a girl and root for Chris to open his eyes and realize he’s too good for her. I know that the producers and editors make the girls into villains and they want to suck me in and they’re going to.

I feel that before I explain the categories, I need to remind you all that I promise I’m a good person and I truly do see the good in people. So I know that these girls have good in them and are made into television characters. The girls I see on tv are probably not the same girls I’d meet in real-life if I interacted with them. I am “judging” them but I’m more judging the tv character, not the real person….basically I’m trying to say I’m not meaning to be mean and offend anyone!

Okay, so let me explain this list. We went through the webpage, and decided that we had 4 categories that we could throw the girls into. So you know, not all the girls will be on this list. These are the cream of the crop (sorry for the Farming pun, get used to them ALL SEASON long!)

1. Like: These are the girls that we just like and hope Chris likes them. These are the ones to take home to mom, we want these girls to stick around until hometowns or at least top 5.

2. Dislike: Get these girls off our television screens immediately. I’m over them already.

3. Crazy: These girls are the ones who are falling in love by the second episode. They’re gonna cry every chance they get. They don’t understand that this is a game and that Chris is also dating 25 other women besides them. These girls are entertaining, but a little bit of them can go a LONG ways!

4. Darkhorse: These are the girls, that manage to fly under the radar until the middle of the season and then randomly they swoop in outta no where and make it to a hometown date. Catherine, from Sean’s season is a perfect example of this. We didn’t know who she was and don’t think she got much airtime until after the girls left the mansion and we were traveling for the dates. Obviously that worked out for her since her and Sean are married.

Okay, now below are the lists:

1. Like: Kelsey, Becca, Britt and Jillian
2. Dislike: Bo and Brittany
3. Crazy: Reegan, Carly and Nikki
4. Darkhorse: Ashley I., Jade and Michelle

1. Like: Jade, Jillian, Tracy, Becca
2. Dislike: Brittany and Bo
3. Crazy: Tara and Reegan
4. Darkhorse: Whitney and Ashley I.

Alright, those are our lists. Time to make your own. In the meantime, get prepared for our journey as it will begin next Monday!

Until then,


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