“There’s Something in the Air……’girls’ be crazy!!!!”

It’s sad to admit how excited I’ve been to see this episode. I’m never gonna wish away my weekend, but dang if the Bachelor producers don’t realize that the best way to get thru a Monday is to know at the end of the day the Bachelor is waiting for you!

I saw this tweet from ABC yesterday and was a giddy school-girl over it! 

I mean normally I’d be mad because it was a spoiler alert that Kelsey is not dead on the bathroom floor like she was when we left her last week and I now know that her and Ashley make it on, but come on that image just tells you what kinda night we’re in for!

Okay, couple more house-keeping items before I get into tonight’s episode. Kelsey’s whole drama had me shaking my head and in disbelief, enough that I had to do some additional research after the episode to see what was going on with this girl, no spoilers, but after the vibe of last week I didn’t know if I believed Sanderson was real. Well turns out he is and he was actually 20 years older than her. So he was 42 when he died, which is still young and tragic, but not 25 like I had at least believed.

Also, this tweet from our former bachelor Sean had me cracking up last week and also a little terrified: 

Alright, now I’m legit ready to blog about this episode!

The episode picks up right where last week left off! We got Kelsey laying like quite the lady on the floor of the bathroom. Kaitlyn has given me my favorite line of the season, bar none!

“There’s something in the air, bitches be crazy!”

Truer words have never been spoken, Kaitlyn and I pray to God you’re now sticking around for quite awhile, because you’re growing on me and you say it like it is and I appreciate that!

So all the girls are wondering the same thing we are and have been….how much of this is real and how much of this is a manipulative act? Our favorite opera singer Sharleen is blogging about this season and I love reading her blog to get the background info and she said that the producers will ask you leading questions about other girls to see if you’ll say something catty. She said that there’s always the attention seeking girls who will fall for that trap every time. However, if the majority of the girls are harping on a single girl, than you can take it for more because it has to have hit a nerve with the girls who try to bite their tongues and be polite to say something. So keep that in mind while Kaitlyn, Becca, Carly, Whitney and Jade are talking.

We have her making jokes with the paramedic and I want to know how close this bathroom is, as the girls seem like they can hear everything that’s going on and are reacting. Especially when she has oxygen to her mouth but says that she wants to talk to Chris and the medic agrees to it. She’s joking with the medic that she’s gonna get a rose for sure now.

Chris comes in and she is putting the blame on him for putting her thru anxiety for bringing up their private conversation and then cancelling the cocktail party. He now feels guilty and hugs her and kisses her. She then goes and tells the girls about how she is so embarrassed by everything. There is the AWKWARD silence where no one is looking at her and she keeps talking and I’m begging her to stop. Because with every sentence outta her mouth, I’m just not liking her more and more and am really questioning her and thinking not great things and that makes me feel like a horrible person.

She is also lecturing the girls on how to not feel bad about what happens tonight, as Chris already made his choice this afternoon on who to send home. To which one girl under her breath comments that it’s a good thing that she had some time to talk to him then. She smiles and tells us that this is a great day and she’s so happy and glad that this is the start of her love story and when Chris is gonna fall in love with her.

Okay, let’s get to the rose ceremony from last week! We got the girls lined up and everyone is wearing short dresses and these boots that have open toes, they look very interesting.

As Chris is giving his short speech, which I have to say is much better than some of the others we’ve heard from him, I’m reminding myself of who got roses last week. They were:

1. Carly (awkward love guru date)

2. Whitney (group date, she fought with Ashley I and refused to be a mean girl and wear Pink on Wednesday)

3. Britt (got over her fear of heights in about 10 seconds and took a 2 hour “nap” with our Prince Farming)

Alright here we go, roses go to:

4. Jade- not surprising at all and not a fan of her outfit.

5. Kaitlyn- he likes her and I’m glad she’s here

6. Megan- wow I’m shocked that she’s sticking around

7. Becca- WAHOOOOOOO!!!

8. Ashley—-even with all of her crying and obsessing over not getting a rose she gets one

9. Kelsey—who said that girls should be worried about not getting a rose and that they’ve wasted their time.

So our two girls going home are Samantha and Mackenzie. Samantha who hasn’t said two words. Mac who is a 21 year old single mother who said she’s never gonna get over the experience of not getting a rose and that proves that she’s 21 going on 13.

Hmmmm Britt and Kelsey being all besties and resting their heads on one another makes me trust Britt even less!

The night that would never end, finally ends! We’re getting the hell outta Santa Fe and putting thee drama behind us and we’re heading to Deadwood, South Dakota! I’m excited to see how these girls handle these dates in this location!

Carly is thrilled to be here. Becca is excited for it to be homey and likes it. Britt & Kelsey are talking just the two of them where they’re excited about how their relationship is evolving with Chris. Kelsey thinks she’s earned a one-on-one date with everything she’s gone thru.

Becca is the lucky one to get the one-on-one date and it says “Becca, let’s give love a shot!” She is excited and Kelsey is PISSED. This is not alright with how her relationship has been evolving with him, doesn’t he know she deserves happiness?

Chris talks about how things have gone slower with Becca than with the other girls. She’s the only one he hasn’t kissed and he’s more than okay with that. Which again, good for her for not doing things just because everyone else is. Plus, when they do finally kiss, this will be the kiss he’ll remember compared to the other girls because he had to earn it and wait for it. She gets outta the car and he instantly lights up when he sees her. He’s grinning like an idiot and gives her a giant hug. They have a solid foundation of a relationship.

They’re holding hands and heading to two horses that are alone. She’s excited, but is worried because she’s never rode before. She’s a lot more graceful getting on the horse and in the saddle than I ever would be. They take off and she’s a natural. There just seems to be this ease between the two of them.

As I’m enjoying this date, that means we have to go back to the hotel. Where Whitney, Carly and Kaitlyn are sitting on the world’s ugliest couch. Kelsey comes back in the door and Carly is tired of letting Kelsey slide. Whitney’s the first one to bring it up. There’s some liquid courage to help them all thru this conversation, they’re all drinking wine….which is a fundamental reason why I can’t be on the Bachelor, I don’t like wine enough. I’m way more of a beer girl than I’ll ever be of a wine girl.

The girls call her out on the fact that it was the most awkward non-cocktail party ever! It was silent and then all of a sudden Kelsey would laugh outta nowhere. Which she obviously denies and Carly calls her on it. Kelsey is able to turn on the manipulative tears right away. She said she’d overcome this huge emotional hurdle by telling him her (AMAZING) story and she was concerned he left because of her. She has the tears in her eyes. The girls are again calling B.S. and reminding her that she said that girls would be going home right after he walked away. She explains her emotional state at that time was so confused, because she doesn’t know what lie she’s in the middle of right now and just wants Chris to come in the room and give her another rose.


She’s bawling and there’s no sympathy from Carly, Whitney and Kaitlyn. They’re all cramped on a sofa so it’s the best camera angles. She starts hemming and hawing about how she loves and respects all these girls and doesn’t mean anything bad about anything. Then we cut to her interview with the camera where she tells us that she’s intelligent and articulate and uses big words and the girls must be intimidated by that and she didn’t go thru her AMAZING/TRAGIC journey to get bullied! Kelsey came here to not be defeated and is here to win it all!

YEA!!! We’re finally back to Becca and Chris and less drama! They have a fire pit and are roasting kabobs. They’re able to giggle together and they are getting a kick outta one another. They’re holding hands and Chris tells us that this is the easiest/most natural date that he’s been on. There is certainly a chemistry between them! He asks her where she sees herself in 5 years and she gets excited about this question, take note Jillian! He also subtlety brings up San Diego since that’s where she’s from and he’s hinting about the fact of would she leave it. She tells him that in 5 years she hopes to have found her husband and the guy she’s gonna have kids with someday. Then she does the thing that not nearly enough girls do on this show and she puts it back on him.

He kinda laughs under his breath as he was surprised that the conversation came back to him, as that hasn’t happened a whole lot this season, before a tongue is shoved down this throat. He said it’s similar to her. He wants to have found the person that he’s going to start a family with. He wants kids. She asks him how many kids he wants and he says as many would work, but he’s always liked the 4-6 range. She tells him she’s 1 of 5 and loves it. They’re talking about real legit things they should be talking about on a date.

Becca bring her guard down and tells us that she’s been in a long distance before and the relationship didn’t work because of a lack of communication and she liked him more than he liked her. Chris immediately goes to reassure her and tells her that he’s good with the day to day items of a relationship and the “I love yous” and he wants someone to be like that with him. They are constantly making eye contact and are able to hold real honest conversations.

Well this show is getting too real and normal, so we gotta break to the hotel. Where the dreaded date card is going to appear to tell us who’s on the group date and who’s on the 2 on 1 date.

Group date:Whitney, Jade, Britt, Kaitlyn, Carly and Megan. Megan is such the dumb blonde that they have to explain she’s on the group date. They are going to make sweet music.

Well Ashley and Kelsey are ready to duke it out and are talking smack about sending the other one home.

And with that sweet music playing, we’re back to Becca and Chris. They both talk about how great the date has been. When she tells him that this date exceeded expectations he giggled and was very excited. Becca admits that it’s gonna be awkward to be seen kissing a guy on national tv, because all of America is gonna see and her dad is gonna see as well. Which I relate, that would be really awkward!

Today has been fantastic and his expectations were blown outta the water and he can’t imagine anyone but her having such an amazing day with. He can’t make it thru this speech without giggling.

When Chris goes to give her the rose, the way they are smiley at one another, has me feeling like a freak, because I’m sitting here on my couch in my sweats and I’m grinning like an idiot back at them! I’m getting all choked up and caught up in this moment, which is insane! I need to remind myself I’m watching the Bachelor and not a Hallmark movie!

He asks her to accept the rose, she says yes and as they hug it out, they quickly peck one another. Then after the hug he goes back in for another kiss and I hate being the person judging people kissing, but gosh dang if this isn’t one of the more sweet kisses we’ve witnessed! He’s very caring and gentle with her and he treats her much different than any other girl and I’ll be riding this team Becca horse all the way to the finish line!

Group date time! All the girls have decided to wear leather pants?!? I’m so confused by this! Today is all about country music and they’re gonna write some songs. Here’s Big and Rich of the “Save the horse, ride a cowboy” fame! Carly and Whitney are thrilled to see them, whereas the other girls aren’t that impressed.

Jade’s emotional because she doesn’t know how to write a song and this isn’t her specialty. They have her run on the street to get outta her head and not be a perfectionist. It was exactly what she needed!

Britt goes up to him, hugs him and gives him a quick kiss. Well Jade is in the background and able to see it all and her good feelings go out the door. Kaitlyn tells us that it’s awkward when Chris and Britt are around one another because he’s clearly into her. Which I say, he’s physically attracted to her, but there’s no substance to that relationship.

Chris gets to be the first one to sing his song. The girls love it as do the patrons in the bar. He’s able to make fun of himself at least. The banjo player is amazing and Chris can’t carry a tune to save his life, but he’s committed!

Britt goes to sing and she can carry a tune much better than Chris. He’s smitten, but the girls are not excited about that. Carly decides to take it to the next level and grabs Chris and sits on the step with him and sings to him. Yes, Chris has been smiling the whole date, but I honestly feel like his smile to Carly is the first genuine smile we’ve seen from him since Becca’s date. Kaitlyn for the win again because she tells us that she was caught up in the moment with Carly and Chris and fell in love for them. Poor Jade is the last to go and can’t carry a tune, but her lyrics were very sweet.

Alright, it’s to the night portion! Chris takes Jade to the side first. He wants to assure her that she did great putting herself out there. She tells him that she’s getting out of her head and more in touch with her feelings. She can see herself in Iowa and with him. Which I would then ask her right away, why did she move away from Nebraska to LA? But instead of having a conversation they just make out.

Chris tells Kaitlyn that he does feel something for her and that she needs to trust her gut and there’s something between them and to continue to trust him. She feels better and they hug it out!

Britt and Chris are now talking and Chris tells us he has a weird connection with her. He said he has a surprise for her. They literally run down the street and are able to go to the Big and Rich show. That has her excited and they’re dancing and she tells him that she loves this music and they make out. They then get up on the stage and Britt tells us that this is her first experience with country music. Chris had a rose on the side stage and gives it to Britt and he asks in the mic if she’ll accept it, she screams and says yes. Then they make out in-front of everyone. Which makes me sad because she’s more excited about being in-front of a crowd then being with Chris. They start dancing on stage and he’s loving it, and singing along and she has no idea what’s going on.

All the girls are upset about Chris being gone and are trying to figure out where the rose is. Well in walk Britt and Chris and she has the rose and the girls see it and are upset and Chris is now the bad guy and the rose is the elephant in the room. Chris said that it was easier to not say anything and give the rose out in-front of everyone. He doesn’t want to end on a negative note, but has to.

Well all the girls are now in tears over this and upset. Megan asks where they went and she said they went to the concert and the girls are pissed. The girls are all angry and don’t want sympathy from Britt from how awesome she is. Kaitlyn talks about how humiliating it is to put yourself out there and not get anything back in return. Whitney uses the famous “I’m here for the right reasons and my heart is pure” line which implies Britt isn’t and I kinda have to agree with the rest of the girls!

Half-hour left means we’re finally getting to the 2-on-1 date. Ashley is still using her movie references and tells us she’s the good witch and Kelsey is the evil witch. When they get out of the car they’re both acting like this is the best thing in the world. Chris uses the phrase here that was on the picture: “You couldn’t have two more different women!”

They get in a helicopter and have Chris in the middle. They fly right in-front of Mt. Rushmore and she starts naming the presidents. Ashley is rolling her eyes and tells us that Kelsey’s plan is to try Ashley insane. They land in the middle of nowhere that only has one couch set-up and that’s it.

Chris does the cheers and then it is uncomfortable silence. All the girls are talking about how bad they feel for Chris. And how they all feel that Kelsey is the complete opposite of them.

Kelsey bad-mouths the Bachelor and said that it can be really silly, but this is perfect because it’s causing Chris to be pragmatic and make him use logic and love. So of course we cut to a scene of Ashley and Chris alone and the first thing she does is attack his face. To say that she’s way more into it than he is, is a gross understatement. Her eyes are firmly closed and he keeps trying to pull away and open his eyes but she’s having none of that.

She finally comes up for air, so he escapes. And here dear readers is how you can tell he doesn’t care about her, because when they finally get the first chance to talk alone in about 3 if not more weeks the first thing he asks her about, is what’s going on in the house? If he saw a future with her and cared about her, he wouldn’t give two iotas about the house! We didn’t see him asking Britt or Becca about the house. He doesn’t see a future with Ashley so he’s able to fish for info and see what she’ll give him.

That’s the only opening she needs. She bad mouths Kelsey and talks about how the other girls have all gelled and are super close. Kelsey is very strategic and calculated. Chris thanks her for the info and tells her that his wife is going to gel in group situations. Ashley tells us what a martyr she is by her trash talking Kelsey she wasn’t just thinking about today, she was thinking of the other girls as well!

Now it’s Kelsey and Chris’ time to talk. She’s super excited it’s her alone time and boom here comes the “how are things in the house” question. Chris you sneaky, sneaky man! I respect how you’re playing this way more than I thought I would! You’ve learned from some of your idiotic predecessors!

Kelsey uses the word “gel” and said that they need to choose between being a close-knit group of friends, or their feelings for Chris. Then Kelsey tries to subliminally tell Chris that he needs to choose a girl who’s ready to be a wife and you know she’s been a wife before, so she’d be real good at it! She’s really throwing it on thick and he can’t even make eye contact with her and keeps saying “yeah” but he looks so uncomfortable. At least with crazy eyes Ashley S. he found her amusing, you can tell that Kelsey annoys him. He’s a touchy feely guy and he is not touching her whatsoever. His body language couldn’t be more “stay the hell away from me” if he tried.

OH NO HE DIDN”T! He tells her that the girl he marries is going to need to be able to handle social situations. Basically throwing it in her face that she couldn’t hack it in Santa Fe and yeah she got a rose that night, but he didn’t forget that and that isn’t gonna fly in Arlington, IA. Or when he’s hob-nobbling with his other rich farmer friends.

He needs someone that people want to be around and now comes the break-up! He throws Ashley under the bus by saying that she said that Kelsey is being fake. Which means that she immediately plays the tears card. She’s upset about this and she considers Ashley someone that is a friend and someone she can trust. Kelsey promises him that she’s been herself and real.

And now she’s getting defensive and saying that she needs to choose him just as much as he chooses her! Her last ditch effort is to say that he shouldn’t throw away all that they could potentially have over girl talk. Then it’s up to her to trek alone back to the couch where Ashley is lounging.

Kelsey is lashing out and saying what we’ve all been saying. That Ashley is a Kardashian who’s pissed she didn’t get to go on a Princess date and is wearing too much makeup so therefore she can’t be genuine. Ashley is desperate and is playing a game, but Kelsey is evidently not.

Kelsey is staring Ashley down and Ashley is doing everything in her power to look the opposite way and has to drink a whole glass of wine to avoid the awkwardness. Finally Kelsey starts talking and wants to start a fight. The two of them are at odds now and handle confrontation a lot better than I do. I’d be in angry tears right now and talking in a voice so high that only dogs would understand me.

They are both eerily calm…as in it’s quite frightening. Ashley digs Kelsey by saying “you think I’m not as smart as you because I don’t use big words, she’s not from pleasantville, she’s from 2014 and they both have their masters and hers is from a good place and she’s intelligent enough to see through Kelsey.” Point Ashley!

Kelsey pretends she’s taking the higher road by telling Ashley to her face that she is endeared to her and respects her. Of course we heard what she told us, so I don’t think you’re being sweet and innocent here Kels.

Ashley gets up and walks away in a huff. She just happens to run into Chris and grabs his hand and drags him away. She’s in tears and is mad that he told Kelsey what she said. She’s in tears and he is trying to comfort her. Since Ashley cries about anything and everything, it’s not that surprising to see her in tears again. She is not doing the ugly girl cry so I don’t know if I can completely believe her.

I think Chris thinks the same thing I’m thinking, because he looks as if he wants to die. He tells Ashley that regardless of what happened today, at this point in his life he doesn’t need a Kardashian or a Disney Princess wannabe. They are in different parts of their lives. And the life he lives and the lifestyle he lives would not work at all for her, which is something we can and have all agreed upon! She wouldn’t be happy with his lifestyle…

You gotta give Ashley credit, if she’s going down, she’s taking EVERYONE down with her! She’s crying some more and throws out “Do you really think Britt would be happy with that lifestyle?” Which is an excellent question that we all know the answer to be a resounding no, she’d never be happy living in small-town Iowa. I have no idea what she says to him as she gets up to leave. But she’s sobbing and stomping away. She doesn’t make it far, before we hear her sigh and come back with a “Are you kidding me, Chris?” And one of my favorite parts of the episode is his huge sigh of annoyance, but ever the gentleman, he stands up to talk to her. He hugs her and tells her goodbye and that he’s gonna do the best he can. She said she was trying to help him do the best he can and she stomps away. Then as Ashley is coming up Kelsey starts smiling.

Then the masked person in production comes to grab the bag from the living room where all the girls gasp and watch Ashley’s bag go away and are so upset.

There is lots of tears and the girls are trying to make sense of this whole thing and are trying to make sense of everything.

Well Ashley is still a mess about how he’s given Ashley S and other girls a second chance but won’t give him a chance. She’s hysterical and really needs a sedative.

Chris comes and talks to Kelsey and tells her that he just sent Ashley home. And she decides to hug him and try to comfort him for his loss. He is really uncomfortable with this and doesn’t want her to be hugging him, but she’s not picking up on the social cues.

He tells her that he doesn’t know about them and that he feels that right now in this situation and the circumstances in hand he needs to be honest with her and he hates it and doesn’t want to put someone thru this whole thing any longer than they have to be. He’s not 110% in so he has to let her go.

She’s trying to comfort him and telling him it’s okay and he apologizes, says he wants the best for her and then he gets on the helicopter and flies away leaving Kelsey and Ashley together.

In walks the production lady and grabs Kelsey’s bag and the tears are washed away with jumping on the couch, they pop open champagne and are thrilled and talking about how smart Chris is!

Wow, what an intense episode! Again we don’t end with a rose ceremony. I’m assuming it’s because we kicked off both girls, so we’re going forward with 7.

1. Becca

2. Whitney

3. Kaitlyn

4. Jade

5. Britt

6. Carly

7. Megan

We’ve got a 2 day event next week! Wow, Sunday and Monday folks, so don’t miss out on Sunday!!! I’ll have 2 blogs up next week. I’m hoping with the previews of Britt losing it that we have her gone by the second episode! I’ll also be really interested to see there thoughts on Arlington, IA as they’re heading there. It just makes sense to see it, but I bet most of these girls have no idea what a small town is and would consider Lincoln a small town so Arlington, would be a real shocker! Looks like we can see quite a few spoilers with who’s making it and we get to see the truth finally comes out about Jade and her past! Again, I’m ridiculously excited about next weeks episodes and it promises to be good! We’re getting so close folks! Hold on just a little bit longer, it’ll be well worth it!

Until next Sunday,



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