We’re Going to IOWA!!!! Chris Final 6 Girls!

Oh man! Let’s settle in for our special 2 night Bachelor event! What a great way to get thru the Sunday night blues!

I’m so glad we get to sit down one on one with Kelsey and Chris Harrison. She is going to play the sweet, innocent and misunderstood girl. I’m now on my guard with her, since I fell under her spell once, you won’t fool me twice!

Harrrison asks her what it’s like to be one of the most controversial women and she already has me rolling my eyes here when she plays the “ME?!?! REALLY! I don’t think so.” Ugh wake up and smell the lack of the rose you have, yes you’re one of the more controversial girls!

Need we remind you of how the girls reacted when you left? 

She also uses a big word to say that she doesn’t think she’s the smartest girl, which is more annoying. I wish she would just be real. She’s frustrated by Harrison putting her on the attack and she gets really defensive and when she gets defensive, watch out! She denies faking the panic attack and shockingly she’s never had one before and I’d bet she’s never had one again. She said since she’s a medical professional being a guidance counselor so she knows what it is.

Kelsey said that Ashley had always been nice to her in real life, so she was completely blindsided by what she told Chris. She tells Harrison that what was really bothering Ashley was that she doesn’t think she’s as smart as Kelsey….um no Kelsey, Ashley didn’t like you acting like you’re better than everyone else. Kelsey was trying to remain calm and remember how great Ashley is and that it came across that she still respects her.

Harrison brings up the women tell all and Kelsey wants to give the ladies the benefit of the doubt, but is afraid it’s gonna be a crucifixion, so she can continue to be the victim in this whole thing. Awesome, can’t wait for that…..

Luckily, we’re onto the actual Chris and Chris portion of this Chris tells all. Our Farmer tells us that the beginning of the season was fun to watch, whereas it’s more difficult when feelings become more real. The Farmer tells us that he was surprised to hear about Kelsey not being well liked in the house. Harrison calls him out on tattling on Ashley. The Farmer tells us that he wanted to be honest and knew that was the way to get to the bottom of it. The Farmer give us an excellent quote: “I clearly know less about women than I ever thought I knew.”

Then Harrison asks him about Ashley S. and Farmer starts smirking and can’t hide the grin that comes across his face. We see more of her wonderful moments where she’s insane. Farmer tells us he realizes during the Zombie date he realizes that she was a little crazy. The Farmer was legitimately scared and when she interrupted the interview she wasn’t acting normal.

Evidently, Ashley would wonder in the middle of the night after the rose ceremony. She would walk around craft services, the production office, close to Chris’ house, the Accounting office and she thought there was a big betting ring and everyone was betting on her. Then Harrison teases that he should’ve given the Farmer a heads up and he said “a little help would’ve been nice.” Harrison then shows us her audition tape and wants to go on record of saying that it’s completely normal. Also our friend Sharleen the opera singer said that they go through days of psychological evaluation, so she can’t be completely undiagnosed crazy.

Harrison points out that the Farmer handed out a lot of second chances. Tara got drunk the first night and she was almost falling off on top of the girls, but she got a rose the first night. Then we saw Jordan getting drunk various times and Farmer Chris said there was the red flag the night of the second rose ceremony. Chris said he knew all the girls were frustrated with him, but knew that Jordan wasn’t his girl. Chris admits that Jillian was in his top 3 early on. He blushes and admits that he enjoyed the view behind the black modesty box. He said in the one-on-one time when he saw the core of who she was there wasn’t chemistry there.

Chris said saying goodbye to Juelia was one of the hardest goodbyes. And we sadly need to hear Juelia’s story about her husband killing himself and leaving her and her child behind. He wishes her well and I’m wondering if ABC is putting that out there, to see how people would react to her being the possible Bachelorette, I think it’s a long-shot.

We go over how surprised he was when Jimmy Kimmel woke him up and his face looked like this: 

Then the awkward love guru date with Carly. He said he got way more than he bargained for with the love guru. They both were uncomfortable and he was following her lead because he had no idea what the hell to do. So they decided to fire the love guru and they could handle it from there.

Now we’re talking about Becca. On their one-on-one date last week they went horseback riding and they took a donkey “Sully” with them, who was literally a pack mule and carrying their items for them. Well evidently Sully had been behind them and outta nowhere he takes off and frightens the horses that Chris and Becca are on. Chris is trying to yell at Sully to calm down, he’s trying to calm his horse down and tell Becca who’s never ridden a horse how to control her horse. Farmer said that he thinks Sully was trying to take his life and Harrison made me giggle by saying: “What a jackass”. They obviously ended up fine.

Harrison brings up Britt and Chris is biting his tongue, literally and is trying really hard to disguise his face when her name gets mentioned. So either he’s pissed at her or he loves her…I just don’t know which one! Chris said that the connection from they met was unlike anything he’s ever felt before. Harrison mentions an intimate kiss at the beginning of the journey and he mentions getting crap about it. Farmer mentions he doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but kissing is apart of this process. He said when he walked in after the Big and Rich concert he felt death stares and if looks could kill he wouldn’t be in good shape.

Harrison tells us that Farmer is the most sincere Bachelor that they’ve had on the show and I have to agree, at least at this point 🙂

We now get the story with Chris and Andi talking about how Andi and Josh’s love didn’t last. Harrison isn’t even thru the introduction and Andi is crying. Andi tells us it’s been a tough month that she’s been going thru. She tells us that the decision to end an engagement doesn’t just happen overnight. They’d be struggling for awhile. It was official after the premiere of Farmer Chris’ season.

Andi tells us that she was 100% sure that she had made the right decision and that she’d met her soulmate. She remembers all the good times and how in love they were. She was a lovebird with Josh that she had never been before. She has no idea where it went wrong. She was trying to figure out why they hadn’t started planning a wedding. She admits that it was mutual and they didn’t make each other better people. They didn’t support or empower one another and no one wanted to be wrong or back-down. We know that she wasn’t willing to take a backseat and didn’t want to be second fiddle to his family. Seeing her cry isn’t making me feel as sorry for her as I should be, instead I’m team Josh and hope he’s doing better and glad he’s not on the show looking for his 15 minutes of fame again. We have to go to commercial to hear if Andi’s still in love with Josh, which makes me roll my eyes again, because they’ve only been broken up a couple weeks, so of course she still cares for him at this point, if you asked this question in a year and she took this long to answer, I’d be more intrigued. Instead, I go to Josh’s Twitter page and see that he’s looking at this very maturely and am glad 


Andi tells us that she’s heartbroken and that this is the biggest failure of her life so far, and that makes me really sad for her. At least they admitted that it wasn’t working and didn’t let it continue any longer, they were strong about it which is good. She said she feels bad that people were rooting for them and cheering for them and she feels bad about it which is a lot of pressure to have on a new relationship.

Alright, we’re finally to the start of the episode! We get the recap from last week from Chris, who tells us that he had a great date with Becca and a great group date with Big and Rich. He sent home both crazies on the 2 on 1, so no more Ashley or Kelsey. The girls are meeting Chris by riding in a horse drawn carriage.

Looks like we have a mini-cocktail party, where Chris sits down and talks to all the girls. Britt has a question for him and he can answer if he wants to, or doesn’t have to. But Britt wants to know since they knew the crazies so well, why did he send both of them home? As she’s asking the question, I’m staring at her and it appears as if her hair looks greasy, which if she has still yet to shower, that’d make sense! Or maybe she just showered and it looks clean and that’s why it looks different.

The girls say that they were really proud of him for seeing thru the girls. And you can see in his grin that the weight of the world is off his shoulders for a second. I think he was afraid that maybe Ashley had been lying and the girls all loved Kelsey and were pissed he sent her home. By the girls saying they were proud of him and agreed with his decision, his decision was validated and he didn’t say a whole lot on the subject.

He takes Megan off to the side and he tells us that tonight is hard because he needs to make decisions because the next place they’re going is Iowa. Megan tells him that she feels like she’s putting her heart out there and she doesn’t feel that there’s been progression and he hasn’t gotten to know her better. She hears about the other relationship that he has with the other girls and he wants to know what he feels. He takes the big sigh and seems thankful that she brought it up but also is upset that she brought it up. So he’s going to let her down as gently as he can. She thanks him for being honest and he walks her down the stairs. Whitney is crying and wishing that Megan would’ve said goodbye. Chris admits that this is the one so far that’s hurt the most because he had a connection with her. He takes a few deep breaths and needs to sit down and compose himself before heading back inside with the other ladies. She’s crying in the limo, but is being very mature about her exit. Chris tells us that Megan is one of the nicest people that he’s ever met and it was really painful to send her away.

We still have a rose ceremony and one more girl is going home according to Harrison who comes in clinking his glass! All the girls go from super happy to not happy at all. Whitney said she’s now concerned about Carly and thinks she’s the one going home. Our Farmer stops Harrison and tells us that he can’t do this, he has strong feelings for the rest of the women that are here and doesn’t want a rose ceremony tonight!

That means all the girls are gonna be around to go to God’s Country! Or as the rest of the world refers to it “Iowa.” Carly jumps up and attacks him by jumping in his arms and he spins her around. She is the most excited person in the world to have ever visited Iowa.

Okay, we’re flying into Des Moines. Which makes sense, I was trying to figure out where they’d be going. So Des Moines it is! Which means they were 3 hours away from us here in Lincoln. Carly was shocked to see trees because Iowa is supposed to be flat and evidently trees only grow on hills….except for the fact that since I work at Arbor Day, I can tell you that is not true. Also trees do change colors!

Jade gets the date card that says “Join me in your hometown.” Britt is pissed that Jade is the one to get the first one-on-one date. Jade said she knows the girls are cranky that she got the date. Britt is still just really pissed. According to Google Maps Arlington is 2 hours and 46 minutes away from Des Moines.

Jade’s in the car seeing the corn and cows and making comments and all I’m thinking is that this scenery is EXACTLY what you’re used to growing up. So I want to know why she left Nebraska and why she thinks she can move back to a town very similar to the one she grew up in.

Jade tells us that she knows that it’s not just going to be all romance living in a small town, she knows what it’s like. Farmer Chris wants to fall in love and is hoping that someone is willing to love him enough to move here. We once again see how much money that Chris has. He shows her around and she sees the animals. He points out all of his land and I’m just thinking of Lion King and that all the sun touches is what we own.

We go back to the hotel where Britt is still complaining about not getting the one-on-one date. Speaking of one-on-one dates, a date card is here and it has Whitney’s name on it and she gets to have a date in Des Moines! Britt is pissed about that too, but really dang Jade!

Chris is taking Jade into town on his motorcycle. They are now walking thru downtown Arlington and reminds me of Ceresco or Crete or something like that….except your not that close to Lincoln. Evidently Arlington is getting smaller than it used to. The market is closed. The bar is closed. No bar in a small town! Jade is not impressed and poor Chris feels embarrassed by it because Jade isn’t showing enthusiasm about it at all! Come on girl, you knew what you were getting into!

There are quite a few cars driving by and there’s some street lights so it’s not a complete ghost town. She tells us that Gering is huge compared to Arlington. We’re at high school football game and this is awesome! You can see the stands are full of people and she should hopefully like it being from Nebraska. Chris gets to meet mom and dad. They are so cute and normal and just staples of the community in the stands.

Kaitlyn is telling the girls that Jade is getting a cake walk to say that he wants to meet her family and here is his family. Britt doesn’t remember what her connection was with Chris anymore.

Chris and Jade walk thru his old school. He tells her some old football stories. He points out the library where he had to serve a few detentions. She asked if he was a troublemaker and he laughed and said sometimes. She said she was too. He tells us that he doesn’t believe that Jade could be wild and he’d like to see that side of her. She also doesn’t seem like a rebel. He’s concerned that she hasn’t opened up. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR CHRIS!

Chris said that he’s thankful that she has a good head on her shoulders and she’s a hometown girl so she gets his world. She has to open up to him, but it doesn’t feel like the right time. So instead they leave the English classroom and  make-out in the hallway and then they go back and watch the game. They are standing at the 50 yard line and the crowd starts chanting “KISS CHRIS, KISS CHRIS” 

Alright, we’re in Des Moines and it’s time for Whitney and Chris. When Chris sees Whitney he starts giggling right away. They go into an art gallery. Whitney is way more into it than Chris, but he’s trying. They’re now inspired to take photos and make their own art and document their love in Des Moines! So what that means is that they are making out and asking people to take their photo while they make-out in places that they are not actually seeing at all.

Well Jade is in the hotel room with the girls and giving them the lowdown. She tells them that’s about 2.5-3 hours there. All there is, is corn. Britt seems smitten with the idea of everybody being at a Football game and that seems quaint in her mind. Jade tells them about how the crowd chanted for them, which has Britt in tears. Carly doesn’t look impressed with the tears because I think she’s recalling the 2 hour nap that we all heard about, or maybe the concert or the making out in-front of everyone. Now that Kelsey is gone, there needs to another crazy!

Carly said that the they want to go on a roadtrip and check out Arlington, because it’s right there. They happen to just have a car and of course all day to do nothing, so they might as well drive. How they aren’t gonna kill each other with 6 hours roundtrip will be a miracle in and of itself!

Chris loves that Whitney isn’t shy about her feelings and wants to be good people and they’ll make each other better people. They can be themselves. Whitney feels at peace here and thinks this is going to be a great story to share with their kids.

They make it into Arlington and get excited when they cross the city limits. Once they’re in it, they’re looking for downtown and think they missed the turn. They realize that was it and they’re shocked. Here is Britt’s reaction, she’s gonna fit in real well: 

The girls decide to investigate the town by foot. They get out of their car and realize how small it is. There’s lots of uncomfortable laughter. Britt doesn’t believe that small town means that small town. They try to play that they’re looking for a place to eat and the guy laughs and tells them keep looking. He said that people don’t stay here they go out of here, they go to Waterloo or Cedar Rapids. Well the guy they’re talking to is the Pastor of the Church.

Britt can’t picture herself here because there’s no restaurant here. I think Britt honestly thought small town would be the size of Des Moines. Carly admits that she likes the town to the girls. Becca said she’d want to pop out babies right away if she were here.

3 guys come up to talk to Chris and Whitney thinks they’re fans of the show or something and Chris said that it’s 3 of his best friends. Whitney goes and gives them a big hug. They ask about her and then talk football and are able to make connections. Whitney tells his friends the most mature thing by saying she knew what she was getting into when she came on the show and is ready to move to Iowa and if she wasn’t she shouldn’t be here.

Now all the girls are back at the hotel. Britt said that this small town is depressing and she wouldn’t see herself in that town. Evidently the sunset changed her perspective because she would be in a house and not kicking it on mainstreet. Which is true, but you’d be part of this community and you have to be real or they’ll see thru you so quick!

Jade and Britt are hanging out and Britt tells Jade that she knows on the group date card it’s going to be her, Becca and Carly because Kaitlyn had Jimmy Kimmel on her whole date and if she was Kaitlyn and didn’t get the date she’d be so…..and her thought is interrupted by the date card arrival!

Britt, Carly and Kaitlyn are on the date card! Icy our future together~Chris. As Jade pauses before reading the last name on the card, Britt is pointing at Becca the whole time. Kaitlyn is not happy to not have her name on the card. Carly deducts that they’re gonna be ice skating. Which has Britt freaking out and then Carly calls her out on it and says that she always panics but always ends up being the best at it. Britt tells us that no, she’s actually horrible at ice skating. Carly makes a fake Britt on her hand and talks back to her! 

Chris is very excited about his date with Whitney. She won over his friends and Whitney is excited about it. Whitney brings up her family dynamic and wants to make sure he’s aware before hometowns. Her mom passed away and she doesn’t have a relationship with her father. She said she doesn’t want sympathy for it because she had her mother’s love for almost 20 years and she loves her mom and wishes he could’ve met her. What I love about this story, is that you can tell that she’s had a tough life, but she’s not going for the sympathy rose, she’s just being real. She said that she’s looking for someone who has a great relationship with their family and especially their parents because she doesn’t have that and that’s just the way it is for her, but she wants that in in-laws. He seems very impressed with her. They walk out of the restaurant and people are freaking out. They walk out and there is a mural of the picture of the two of them. She is flipping out, but it seems so genuine and he’s laughing at her and her joy that I’m happy for them! 

Whitney is telling Becca and Jade about her date and I love Becca. She’s asking about the date and doesn’t seem jealous at all. When Whitney tells the girls about the mural, Becca said that she gets chills on her body just thinking about it. Jade then tells the camera that she’s jealous of the other girls dates especially because she has things that have been weighing on her mind and she needs someone to talk to. Which correlates into her and Carly sitting down.

Jade tells us that a couple years ago she did some nude modeling for Playboy. Carly can’t hide her shock by yelling out “REALLY?” Jade said that this could end her relationship with Chris if he’d be embarrassed by it or not want his future wife to do this. Jade thinks that she should be the one to tell him before he finds out from someone else. Carly thinks that, that would be a great idea. Then Jade tells us that her dad found out before she was able to tell him and he found out from his co-workers. Jade is also concerned about his family finding out about it. Jade said that people can be very judgmental about it. Jade said that SOMETIMES she regrets posing for Playboy as it’s sometimes made her and her families life more difficult.

We’re at the Wells Fargo arena and it’s dark until the lights turn on and there’s Chris standing in the middle of the ice. Britt makes sure she’s the first one on the ice and grabs him and jumps on him. Chris is not going to be their knight and shining armor as he’s been on the ice once before. Chris said he’s great at making a fool outta himself and is okay with it. They get hockey sticks out and pretend to play hockey.

Britt steals him away first. They go outside and make out a little bit (obviously). Well Britt can’t even get thru a conversation with him without sounding like an idiot, so this may be the reason why they’re always making out. She tells him that they took a roadtrip to Arlington and he actually seems excited about it at first and then gets nervous about it.

Britt tells him that at first she thought it was tiny but then she saw the houses and the people and she loves it and she felt so alive there and really likes it. Carly is pissed and said that all she’s doing is lying to him. Carly is mad about how fake Britt is being and that she’s going to leave Chris once the show is over. Well we see Britt and Chris talking and it does seem like she’s feeding him a line about how a family could be raised there and of course Chris is going to be really thrilled by what she’s saying. She’s someone that he could see marrying and taking to Arlington.

When you think about it, Carly has nothing to lose since she doesn’t think she’s getting a rose anyways. She can say whatever she wants to without a whole lot of consequences so she may as well be brutally honest. Carly admits that Arlington is small and then she tells him that she’s really protective over him because she cares about him. Carly tells him that Britt told Kaitlyn and her that she could never see herself in Arlington and it’s not the place for her and she couldn’t picture herself there at all. You can see that Chris is not happy about this and his brain is going a million miles an hour. Carly tells him that she’s freaked out for him and knows that he cares about Britt and she just wants to be honest. He tells the camera that Carly just dropped a bomb and you can tell he’s legitimately pissed.

Now the 3 of them are near train tracks because you can hear the train going. Chris toasts the week and the girls and then grabs Britt to take her to the side. She starts talking by saying that this week has been really hard on her. She wants to take him to meet her family if he wants to but only if he wants to. He asks what her hometown will look like. She said that it would be cold and they’d eat in the living room off paper plates and they evidently eat off each other’s plates. Her whole world is just in a couple block radius which he might know something about…which is a perfect segue-way for him.

He wants to know her first impression when she was there. She likes to re-invent herself every few years and some of them have been negative and this would be a wholesome thing to try. Which has him curious…as well as me. Yes, you will constantly change and evolve as a human, however, you shouldn’t always be someone completely brand new!

Chris then asks her to be honest and asks if there was ever a “Holy $*** there’s no way! This is crazy” when she was in Arlington and she said there wasn’t. There was a shock factor and she’s not choosing a town, she’s choosing a lifestyle and the lifestyle is attractive and she can deal with it being in Iowa. She wants to be a mom regardless of where she lives. Which means they’ll make out now.

Kaitlyn is hoping that she does in-fact see thru it. Carly said that he knows something is off. Kaitlyn is saying he’s smart and that Britt is confusing herself in her mind and doesn’t know what she wants. Kaitlyn is worried about their connection and frustrated and doesn’t want to be. Chris then asks where her frustrations come from. She said that it’s because there’s an attraction and that everyone has met his sisters or his family and she is constantly playing catch-up. And the idea of him talking to her dad makes her worried. He reassures her that it’s real and that he feels the connection between the two of them. Chris said that he feels good about where they’re at and it makes him feel sad that she’s not more reassured. He leaves her for a second to go and get the rose!

He tells Kaitlyn that he feels like the luckiest man in the world when he’s with her and he’s so excited to meet her family. And he asks her if she will accept the rose. She says yes and they kiss and I’m so happy that he gave it to her instead of Britt as I thought for sure Kaitlyn was going home!

We get the crazy music playing as it’s just Carly and Britt sitting on the sofa while Kaitlyn and Chris are talking. When they come back it’s just dead silence and Britt is staring him down and if looks could kill, Chris would be dead again!

Chris talks about how today was a great day and Britt rolls her eyes. He then said that there isn’t anything he can say to make this better and Britt tells him to “STOP” and he continues for a lil while until Carly starts talking and said that she had a great day and is thankful for it and is glad that he gave a rose to Kaitlyn because he likes her, which immediately Britt cuts in and said that she loves Kaitlyn and she finally gets time and she gets it logistically and Britt is having trouble and is confused and really hurt right now. She thinks that the day they had and after she’d envisioned everything and said everything that is in the Bachelor handbook on how to get a rose and asking for validation and then doesn’t get the rose, it’s not fair! He’s allowed to give the rose to whoever he wants, but it’s hard for her to see that and to bring him to her family. She doesn’t want her husband to see her 2, 3, or 4th down the line and wants her husband to really want her back.

Mind you, she’s having this conversation while she’s literally in the middle of a couch, with Kaitlyn on one side and Carly on the other. Chris is sitting across from her and we’re all here for this awkward conversation which should be taking place off to the side where at least there’s some semblance of privacy.

Chris said that he had a very tough decision tonight and this is the toughest decision thus far and it doesn’t change how he was gonna play this later down the line. But now Britt is acting like she doesn’t want to be here anymore and he doesn’t know what she’s trying to say. And now my non-confrontational self is begging her to stop talking as I feel real uncomfortable and awkward but Britt has her fighting gloves on and as a fan of the Bachelor and drama I’m enjoying it. Chris then said that hey we shouldn’t have this conversation in-front of a group, grow up and get over it and let’s have this conversation in private, okay?!?

He leaves, Kaitlyn goes for a long drink of alcohol and then Carly goes for the wine. Then Britt “apologizes” to Kaitlyn and said it wasn’t about her. She just wonders if a man that she wants to bring home to meet her family cares more about validating another girls feelings does she want to bring him home to her family?!? Kaitlyn said that Britt made her feel bad and uncomfortable with how she handled it. Britt said she can’t mask her feelings.

Kaitlyn and Carly tell Britt that she always gets validated and reassurance from Chris, so the fact that she didn’t get it tonight isn’t a big deal. Britt then said she’s not worried about getting a rose tomorrow (that’s in the book, obviously!) She’s worried about taking him home to her family!

Carly’s happy that Chris saw Britt’s true colors and that means more than her getting the rose. Back at the hotel, we have Carly and Kaitlyn giving the low-down to Jade and Whitney and they think Britt may actually leave. 

Well that ends night 1 of our dramatic 2 night episode! We find out which of the 6 girls he’s going to go visit at hometowns.

We know from previews it’s:

1. Becca

2. Kaitlyn

3. Jade

I feel like the 4th has to be Whitney after the date they had in Des Moines! I think that hopefully means Britt goes home tomorrow and sadly so does Carly, but I don’t think we’ll need Carly’s commentary on the crazy after we get rid of Britt!

Get some rest, we’ll be back at it again very shortly!



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