Chris Girls are heading Home!

Welcome to night 2 of this unbelievable two night event!

It’s the morning after our group date where Chris is mad at Britt for ruining things between them.

We start the episode off with a date with Chris and Becca! I didn’t think we’d see this date! When they see each other, his voice gets all high and excited when he sees her. They are going to have a low-key/comfortable date. He doesn’t want drama and knows he can just hang out with her and she’s not gonna freak out about it. Becca talks about how it’s a normal date and the two of them sit on the couch and talk. Chris tells Becca the thing he likes about her best is that it’s normal and real.

Becca tells us about her past relationship that she’s been in a relationship off and on before and has never told a guy that she loves him before. Her relationship was on and off for 4 years and they were friends before they dated. She loved him as a person but couldn’t really see a future with him. Chris then asks about where she sees things. Becca said that she may not say yes if he proposed today, but she wants him to meet her family and she sees potential there. Chris tells us he doesn’t care that she hasn’t been in love before, he could be the first and last. They go on the roof to watch the sunset and make out on the roof. Neither wants the date to end, but since it’s not that dramatic, it has to end quickly!

We go back to Carly, Kaitlyn, Whitney and Jade talking, some of which we saw last night. Now knowing where Becca is at makes me feel better, as I was wondering where she was last night.

Britt comes and talks to the girls and tells us that she has packed her bags and she thinks she’s gonna leave tomorrow before the rose ceremony. Jade calls her out on being insane. She says that she’s gonna throw away the connection over one rose. Which now has Britt in tears because that sounds too petty….though it’s the truth!

Britt is telling us that it’s not that petty, and she told him she wants to be his wife and she has envisioned her life in Iowa, she wants him to meet her family and then right after that conversation he hands the rose to another girl. Which Kaitlyn looks like she wants to smack her! Britt tells us that those actions don’t seem like the actions that the man she’s marrying is going to be.

Carly asks if Britt is for sure leaving, because she tends to flip flop a lot. Britt says that she’s gonna talk to him tomorrow before she leaves. So Carly asks what he needs to say to change her mind and she says she’s not gonna change her mind. Jade then asks her if she’s gonna change her mind and she said it’s not out of the realm of possibility. So Jade points out that it is a complete contradiction of what she said earlier. Britt said in her heart she’s going home and she now feels that it’s a personal attack against her. I love Carly because she says and does things that I would do if I were in that room with them: 

The girls are talking about how it’s a cop out and how it’s a game she’s playing where Britt wants Chris to beg her to stay. Britt is playing the same game that Ashley I tried to play in the Badlands, and that kinda games don’t work on our Farmer. He’s more mature than that and is over those kinda games.

We’re at the rose party and cocktail party now! All the girls have all of these things that they’re gonna tell Chris at a cocktail party. Britt needs to pull him aside and talk to him and break up with him before he can break up with her. Chris Harrison walks in and lets us know that Farmer Chris has told us that there isn’t gonna be a cocktail party, we’re going straight to the rose ceremony and Britt looks as if she’s seen Arlington with her mouth hanging open.

She tells us that she’s been planning on what to say all day and now she doesn’t have an opportunity to say it. Which easily translated means, she’s been thinking of ways to manipulate him all day.

Chris is in-front of the girls and is giving his spiel about how happy he is to have them in his home state and that he’s falling in love. All the girls are in a line smiling at him and then Britt raises her hand and asks if she can get a second of his time. The second they leave the room all the girls have their claws out and are pissed. They know she’s wanting him to beg for her to stay or she wants to go, she doesn’t want to be dumped on national television.

Britt and Chris are sitting down and the way Britt is starting this conversation is not that of a goodbye. She is trying to excuse her emotions away as getting swept up in the process. Chris is clearly biting his tongue and I really wish the tvs wouldn’t be there, but we could still get a glimpse of the real Chris and what he’d say in this situation in real life. Would he bite his tongue or would he tell her off?

Britt’s smiley and apologizes for putting him on the spot in-front of Carly and Kaitlyn. But since we’re talking about that….did you think about what I said? Is there anything you want to say to me? Oh honey, I’m sure there’s plenty he’d like to say to you, but this is still somewhat of a family show….so he opts to go for “I’m trying to process all this, it was hard, it put me in a tough position and made me question things” and Chris then proves that he’s nothing if not honest and tells Britt that other girls in the house at various times have brought up her honesty and if she’s been real with him. Well Britt took the same acting lessons as Kelsey, she tilts her head to the side and looks very concerned….can we talk about how the rest of us would react in real life? Maybe I am the one with the emotional problems, but if someone accused me of this and I was being truly honest, I would be close to tears and near hysteria trying to convince the guy I loved that they’re wrong and I am being real. I couldn’t put on a Stepford act….it just wouldn’t work!

Chris is trying to give her examples and Britt is interrupting him. She puts her hand to her chest and knows exactly what he’s talking about and she wants to to tell him….he’s still trying to finish his sentence and she’s not really having any of it, which is frustrating him. She is stubborn and finishes her thought by talking about how Arlington was small, but come on Chris don’t you remember the sunset story?!?! Chris said he remembers and doesn’t know if she’s lying here, but has been told she’s lied in the past.

Well Britt is pissed now and is calling out names! She asks if Carly is the one who threw her under the bus and she keeps asking “Was it Carly? Did Carly tell you that? Was it Carly?” Well don’t insult one of Chris friends because he’ll snap back “Does it matter?” and she comes back “Yeah…unhuh” and he looks incredulous!

“Why does it matter?” and she comes out with the classic “Carly is out to get me! I don’t know what I ever did to her, but she’s coming after me!” And Chris isn’t having that, he says “The way Carly reacted is what Chris wants in his future.”

HELLO BRITT, Chris wants a partner! He wants someone who is protective of him, someone who’s looking out for him! Someone who isn’t completely selfish! Someone who’s honest! Of course, he’d like to be more physically attracted to Carly than I think he is. But I see Carly and Chris being really good friends. They have each other’s backs and will be there for long haul. Just not as husband and wife….

Okay, off my soap box and back to the drama…..Chris is trying to break up with her by telling her he didn’t appreciate the way that she disrespected him and everyone else around her and she’s not letting him talk, she keeps talking over him! Which is really annoying and he’s a more patient man than I would be, I’d snap at her, to be quiet! He finally gets the last word, as she’s trying to apologize and tells her that the way she acted is not how he wants his wife to react. She shuts up pretty quickly and he kinda looks at her to dare her to continue to talk. She doesn’t and he said he’ll walk her out. They hug it out, she goes for the kiss, and she walks out in hysterics. 

Britt is crying so hard that she has to sit down on the curb. Here’s the thing that gets me about this whole spectacle, is that as she’s crying and sitting down, she crosses her legs at the ankles like a lady. Now I’m not saying I’m not a lady, but if I’m crying like my heart is physically getting ripped outta my body, sitting lady-like is not gonna be the first thing on my mind (sorry mom!). Of course I probably also won’t be wearing a short dress. I’ll also have the whole ugly cry thing working.

However, if I was looking at this exit as a way to springboard myself to be the next Bachelorette than I absolutely would be thinking of sitting lady-like because I’d know this exit is going to be showed a thousand times and I need to look good.

All the girls can hear her crying as they’re waiting for the rose ceremony to begin. They at first thought she could be laughing, but they determine that it is in-fact her crying. It’s not a Kelsey celebration, but I’d say that most of the girls are okay with her leaving.

This just shows us again how real and genuine Chris is! He’s using his head and his heart! He certainly fell in lust with Britt but he’s not letting that rule his decisions, unlike some of our past Bachelors (I’m looking at you Jake & Vienna and Ben & Courtney especially!)

Okay, finally rose ceremony time! He tells the girls that he just sent Britt home and there was something missing there and he doesn’t know if he could trust her and there was something missing there. He thanks those that spoke up as it just reaffirmed what he was thinking, because he’s actually a smart Bachelor! He promises to be honest with the girls if they’re honest with him! He’s not playing games, he’s looking for a wife! 

Kaitlyn already has one rose.

2. Whitney gets the second rose

3. Becca gets the third rose—-WAHOO

4. Final rose goes to Jade!

Dang it Carly, I’m so sad to see you leave as you truly were my voice in the house. However, I truly think that this time Chris has gotten rid of the crazies and we’ll miss you but you’re not as important as you were earlier! Hopefully we’ll see Carly as our next Bachelorette as I think her enthusiasm and zeal could be really fun. Jade is in tears because Carly and her are best friends and she’s really upset on her behalf.

We don’t get to hear Chris and Carly’s goodbye so I wonder what it was about. Seeing Carly in tears makes me really sad and I want her to feel worthy of love, because she deserves it and nothing is wrong with her! WE LOVE YOU CARLY!!!


We’re in Shreveport, Louisiana to see Becca and her family! She’s so excited to see him and he’s still excited to see her. He talks about how there’s always been a chemistry between them and it’s been easy. Becca is talking about how she is at the point where she can’t get him off her mind, which is exactly where you should be Becca! Thank you for being so normal!

Becca warns our Farmer that there are alligators where they are and as a right of passage he should handle the situation. He does his nervous giggle and tells her he’ll do the best he can. Becca, I gotta be honest with you, we don’t see many Gators in the Midwest, unless we’re watching TV!

They’re on a canoe and are talking the whole time we see them in the background. Becca tells him that he’s the first guy she’s taking home and then jokes that there’s no pressure. He laughs and looks a little nervous but said he’s hoping to sound as eloquent and get his feelings explained the best he can. They make out some more on the canoe.

They walk into Becca’s family’s house. We’re meeting her dad Chris (GREAT SIGN), mom Nancy, older sister and her brother-in-law and their kids, grandma looks like she’s in here. There’s hugs all around and everyone seems happy. The older sister is going to kinda put her little sister on the spot. They tease her about being the first guy she’s brought home. Her older sister talks about how Becca is not an intimate person and doesn’t really do PDA.

Chris sits down with Becca’s mom and she tells Chris that she was concerned when she admitted she was going on the show. You can mess with her but don’t you mess with her kids! She was taken aback by how much Becca likes Chris and she’s acting with him in a way she never has before.

The sister’s are talking and she wants to know how Becca is gonna handle the fantasy suite. Becca tells her sister that she doesn’t think that Chris is gonna find it shocking that she’s a virgin, but it wasn’t something she wanted to just blurt out (ahem Ashley I!) She will tell him at a special moment and if he’s not okay with it, it will be a sign that it’s not right.

Becca is telling Chris goodbye and she’s really sad about telling him goodbye. He keeps kissing her and he is the one pulling her in more often. As he backs up, he said he has to tell her something and I’m like “OMG, he’s gonna say she’s making it the final 3” and in reality he says “You’re coming with me” which I then finish in my head to be the final 3. Well he didn’t finish quite that way, instead she jumps in the car with him and he takes her to a fair that’s closed down and just the 2 of them get on a Ferris wheel. She said it’s like a movie scene from a movie and she’s getting a light-headed feeling and a rush of feelings and is afraid to say that she’s falling in love because she hasn’t said it before, but thinks she can look back on this day as the beginning. Here is my favorite movie scene on a Ferris Wheel and I wish Becca & Chris the same happiness that Drew Barrymore and Michael Varton found! 

Hometown #2 is Whitney in Chicago. Chris is very giggly with Whitney as well and seems very happy to see her! Whitney is not going to give him a tour of Chicago since his sister’s live here, so she’s getting a tour of her life. She asks him if he would like to make a baby, which makes him laugh. She’s a fertility nurse so it makes sense. We watch them put a sperm into an egg and she’s telling him what she does and she’s super excited about it and he doesn’t know quite what is going on, but he’s impressed! 

They show him the specimen room, where there is a cup, Playboy magazines and movie and she jokes with him that he needs to test it out. He asks what kinda hometown this is….I wonder if Jade was with them in that room? He’s sure his soldiers are all marching and fine and she said she wouldn’t make him do that on a hometown date.

Chris stops Whitney before they go in and tells her that this is the last time he’ll see her family until that last day and he wants their blessing and wants Whitney’s blessing to get their blessing. She’s attempting to stay calm and not completely freak so she’s just nodding a lot and saying “unhuh” a lot. Whitney said that he should talk to her sister. Chris is meeting Whitney’s sister, brother-in-law, uncle Johnny and Grandma.

The sisters are talking and Whitney wants to make sure that her sister knows that the feelings and connection is real and true and if it wasn’t then she’d bow out. Her sister is skeptical and is trying to protect her sister. She’s making sure that she’d be able to live in a really small town and away from her support network and family. Her sister is in a hard spot because she doesn’t want to see Whitney hurt and wants to make sure that she’s playing mom and dad. You can tell that she loves her and tells him that she’ll give the blessing when she’s the only one not one of 4.

Chris and Whitney are talking and Chris tells her that her sister was the most difficult. Whitney asks for her to be honest. I don’t think that this conversation with the sister is going to sway things for Chris. I think he’s proven he has a good enough head on his shoulders to see this thru.

Whitney was in Napa Valley and got a bottle of wine that was out of her price range and tells him that she justified it by saying that she was going to open that bottle of wine and drink it with the man she was going to marry. And at this point I have a pit in my stomach and I’m begging him to not open that bottle of wine, or tell her they can hold off until they come back to Chicago and they’re engaged. She’s crying and tells him that she’s absolutely 100% in love with him and he kisses her and seems very happy by this. I was hoping the bottle of the wine wasn’t going to be opened, but it was and they’re sharing it!

Kaitlyn is in Phoenix, AZ for her family date. Her family lives in Canada, but they winter in AZ. When Chris gets out of the car, they’re joking around right away, but I don’t know if there’s that passionate love there. I think it’s more of a great friendship like there is with Carly and him. Since he took her to Costco on their date she’s taking him to a warehouse and dumpsters. Or to a recording studio and she’s making him rap. They are working on coming up with rap lyrics and isn’t being funny he’s trying to be real. She’s smitten with him and has to be if she finds this really attractive: 

We’re meeting Kaitlyn’s mom, step-dad, step-mom, dad and sister. When the two sisters see each other they’re ecstatic as I would be as well if I hadn’t seen my sister in a few weeks. It’s a small table, but they’re able to make this work without it being too awkward, which is really impressive! She really does light up around her family and away from the other girls. I like that her mom calls her Katie, it just shows that more human side and not just a television character. Her mom and her are just so adorable! Her mom makes her look her in the eyes and she gets all teary-eyed and tells her that the feelings are there and she’s so happy for her!

Kaitlyn and Chris drive away and she said that she needs to be more open about her feelings and not wait for the other shoe to drop. They pull up to another parking lot and she makes him get out and have his eyes closed and you can tell he’s a little uneasy, until he sees the billboard that she rented that says: 

He’s so excited about it, that he does the Dirty Dancing lift with her and he seems so happy and she seems so happy. They both seem to really be on board with this at this point, which still even at this point is surprising me!

Alright hometown #4, in Gering, Nebraska with Jade! My lovely home-state! Chris is excited about her Midwest values and that even though she’s living in LA there’s still the country girl inside her. When Chris gets out of the car he doesn’t seem quite as happy to see her as he did the other girls. It’s not that he’s not excited, it’s just he’s not giddy about it. She teases him about how much larger Gering is than Arlington. He said he feels like he’s at home.

Jade tells us that her secret has ruined past relationships before and she doesn’t know if that could happen again. We’re meeting Mom, Dad, Dad’s fiance, and her 2 brothers. They’re talking about their past dates and Chris has a gift for her and it’s a letterman’s jacket from his hometown and at first I just see Black and Yellow and I’m thinking it’s gonna be an Iowa shirt and he’s doing this joke in a Nebraska home….but then I realize that Jade and I are not that similar at all, so I doubt she cares about Nebraska athletics as much as I do, so she’d probably wear an Iowa sweatshirt and not think about it.

They don’t seem as open with Chris as the other families have. I also wonder how close she is with her family, as there is just some noticeable tension on this hometown that wasn’t in the other 3 hometowns.

Dad sits down with Chris and he admits that her being from Nebraska was a huge thing that first attracted him to her (DANG-IT, I SHOULD”VE GONE ON THE SHOW!) and that she lives in LA but has the small-town values that is huge for him. It’s hard to find a girl who has the values that Jade has. Her dad admits that he loves her and he always will, however her past boyfriends haven’t stayed around because she’s too much for them. You can tell that Chris is really confused about this, as that is not like the Jade we’ve seen at all, so he thanks him for the knowledge, but you can tell doesn’t get it.

Chris then sits down with the brothers. The brothers admit that she’s living in LA and trying to get her modeling career taken off and taking her to a town of 500 may not be the best thing. These poor poor teenage boys who have to deal with their sister having the past that they do, just breaks my heart. How much teasing and ridicule they have to go thru for her decisions. Plus, they can kinda hint at her past, but don’t want to come out and say anything bad about their sister or really give it away. Instead they just say that she’s a wild mustang and free spirit and it will take a lot for her to settle down and get married someday.

Jade sits down with her dad and her poor dad tells her that if you’re gonna marry someone you need to be honest about your past. And basically he asks if he knows about her “secret.” and she said that the time hasn’t come yet for her to say anything. He wants her to be with someone who doesn’t put her down for being her and I’m just so sad for Jade and her dad right now and thinking of the tough conversations that they’ve had and gone thru to get to this moment on this couch. They can’t make eye contact and you can tell things are strained between them. They both get all teary eyed and cry and agree to trust their hearts.

Jade tells him that things have been short and she wants to talk to him. He’s all excited and not realizing what’s coming. The storm clouds roll in and they’re back at the hotel. Jade tells him that she’s always been a free spirit who’s lived life according to her own rules. She’s playing things very shy and sweet and Chris said he hasn’t seen the wild portion and Jade tells him that he doesn’t know her and that there are things about her that would surprise him.

He know looks concerned. She said that it’s hard to bring up because she’s been judged on it before and especially in relationships. Chris is no longer smiling and is now just staring her down and I think he knows it’s not necessarily great news. She tells him that there was this period in her life right when she moved to LA that she was experiencing this really liberating time in her life and anything that she’d normally say no to, she’d say yes to. It takes her awhile to spit it out but she tells him “I’m afraid of this changing your opinion of me.” When she first moved to LA she was approached to pose for Playboy and she did. And she feels like he needed to know and he needed to hear from her before his family found out. He kinda smirked at first and is now serious again. I think you can see on his face that it at first hadn’t crossed his mind that his family would find out about this. Then she randomly said: “If you want, I can show you some of the photos.” He has the uncomfortable smile on his face and she looks kinda proud and he handle it like a pro “This is about you, if it’ll make you feel better.” As I’m sure he’s thinking, there’s no way she’ll want to show him. Well she scampers off to the other room to grab a laptop and opens it up.

He said that he never really saw this coming. He’s biting his lip and he said that next thing you know she’s pulling out the laptop and they’re looking at nude photos. She still seems very excited to look at the photos while he’s uncomfortable. She says that this is only some of the photos and they are the less risque ones. He’s then a gentleman and looks away and said he feels really odd and that it feels uncomfortable. He’s really shocked as she seemed very innocent and shy girl.

After she shows him the video he doesn’t know what to say. If anything we’ve learned from Chris this season is that he’s an introvert and it takes him a little while to formulate his responses. He doesn’t do the best put on the spot and he was completely blindsided by this, so I’m only gonna take what he tells Jade here with a grain of salt. This is gonna be one of those situations he’s going to need to process this. He’s blushing and drinking some liquor and he’ll judge her for the person that she is and who she is here. He doesn’t think that will affect their relationship in any way. She feels like the weight of the world is off her shoulders and he leaves her with a couple more kisses.  

We’re in Dubuque, Iowa for the rose ceremony! After not having one for a couple weeks, we get 2 in one episode! Fun fact, I looked at going to school in Dubuque, IA, but it’s over 6 hours from Lincoln, so I decided to go to Benedictine which is 3 hours away. It was a gorgeous town and if it was a little bit closer, I would’ve been a resident there for a few years at least. Oh well, back to the matter at hand!

Harrison is here to give our Farmer a pep talk and he’s going to go with his gut and he’s falling for multiple women!

He tells us about his incredible week and that tonight is the toughest night yet! Let’s hand out roses!

1. Whitney—–I’m very excited about this choice!

2. Kaitlyn—-I like this choice, but still am confused by this pairing

And the final rose goes to:

3. Becca!!!!!! I REALLY like this choice!!!! Notice he also says “Please accept this rose” to her, not will you accept this rose!

Jade is going home, but like I pointed out throughout this post, I don’t think it has to do much with her pictures and video, they just didn’t have the same connection and I think that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He tells her that things moved faster with the other girls and that’s the only thing that happened. He’s worried about making the right decision, but it’s the best decision that he could make and she’s been a gift in his life. She doesn’t say anything, but she cries, and hugs him and you can tell this is a painful breakup for him. He gets her to the limo for one more hug, closes the door and he wipes away the tears that are falling out of his eyes. He watches the limo go and is in tears watching it go. Jade said that she didn’t see this coming and was falling in love with him and was going at the fastest pace she could and had feelings for him and now has a broken heart.

On next week’s bachelor we’re finally leaving the States! We’re going to Bali!


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