The Bachelor in Bali- Chris’ Final 3 Girls!

Okay so we’re at the final 3! The night of the fantasy suites, the “will they/won’t they” or as the naive part of me wants to argue “The fantasy suite doesn’t have to be all about sex.” It’s the first and really only time that the Bachelor and girl get time just the 2 of them without cameras around. As we found out last season with Juan Pablo and Andi, yes it can mean sex, but it also means that you can have an explosive fight afterwards with a lot of “Et’s okay” after it and then Andi becomes the Bachelorette. I do not expect this night to turn out quite like that, but you never know!

I’m so frustrated! I watched Chris and Kaitlyn’s beginning portion of their date and was blogging along, when all of a sudden, my window shut and deleted all that I’d typed. So I’m sorry. All I can leave you with is this, and it basically sums it up I believe: 

Okay, we’re in Bali and to the night portion of Kaitlyn and Chris’ date. Kaitlyn felt right, calm and cool feeling and she’s terrified to tell Chris what she’s thinking, though she kinda did in AZ with the heart last week. Chris takes a giant sigh when he sits down at the table with her and I don’t know if that’s a good sign or not. They kiss and as they pull away he calls her out again for shaking and asks why she’s shaking. She admits that she has a guard up and has a fear of loss because she thought her last relationship was it and it obviously was not. She’s letting her guard down and telling him that she’s falling for him. Chris tells her he understands and that they’re both vulnerable right now….which is another honest thing our Bachelor is saying that most don’t. He’s admitting that this is weird and that he’s being open and vulnerable about this situation and I believe him. They don’t really talk about their future a whole lot, but they kiss and then comes the fantasy suite date card. She can’t imagine saying no, they both deserve it they think so they’re going for it!

Wow they have a bathtub that is full of LOTS of rose petals! I’ve never seen that many rose petals and they’re all in the shape of a heart. I feel horrible for them, because there must not be any air conditioning, because they’re both sweating like crazy and that’s all I’m able to focus on and not Kaitlyn telling him she’s falling in love with him. What really shocks me is that he tells her back that he’s also falling in love with her and maybe I’ve just blocked this out from past seasons, but I don’t think we’ve ever heard the lead tell the contestant that before! That seems like quite a step!

Alright, we’re at Whitney and Chris date. Chris again shows how perceptive he is and said that after seeing Whitney in her element at her job he’s wondering if she could really see herself in Arlington. Which being a fertility doctor I wonder how many people she’d be able to help in a farming community? Chris and Whitney get the yacht date that has truly been missing since they’ve been in landlocked states!

Whitney is talking about how natural and normal this seems and she’s very excited. I can tell that Chris likes her, but I don’t know, trying to read this guy is next to impossible sometimes. He seems to care for her but I don’t know if he is truly into her….yet until last week I thought Kaitlyn and him were just good friends and now they’re permanently attached at the mouth! Whitney seems to be the type that’s gonna talk more and more and Chris is just going to let her talk and be quiet. They jump into the ocean and make out there and then make out on the yacht some more. Whitney tells him again that he’s head over heels in love with him and he said “thank you” but not the “I’m falling in love with you too” that he gave Kaitlyn….hmmmmmmmmm

Now to the dinner portion of Whitney and Chris’ date. Chris wants to talk about her job and if she’s willing to move. He keeps teasing her that he’s thankful that they didn’t get eaten by sharks. Chris is either already sweating or he didn’t completely dry off from the shower. I’d go with the sweating. Chris again shows his insecurity with his small town. Whitney tells him that she’s at a disadvantage because she didn’t see it, since she was on a date with him when the other girls went to check it out.

He tells it to her like it is. The town is 500 people and you aren’t going to do anything there. You’re gonna have to commute. Des Moines is 3 hours away, Chicago is 3.5/4 hours. Chris tells us that he hangs out at home unless he wants to drive anywhere. You can tell that he’s stressed waiting for her response. She tells him that she wants to be a mom and a wife someday and if she moves to Arlington, she’s willing to leave her career aside and she’d want to be a wife and mom and she’s ready for that. Which makes him smile in a way that you can tell the weight of the world just went off his shoulders. 

Chris tells her that he could see her being a part of his family and it’s not just Arlington, it’s about being around the things that are important to him which are his family and farming. Then comes out the fantasy suite card and Whitney thinks it would be great to spend time with him. I’m afraid famous last words have been spoken when she said that they’re conversation they had seemed to give them big strides and she can’t see anything taking them back….be careful Whitney, you are on television!!!

Alright time for Chris and Becca’s date. They are both very goofy when they’re around each other and I still say that when Chris sees her he really lights up. I don’t know if it’s because she’s more subdued than the other girls, so Kaitlyn and Whitney don’t give them a chance to get excited.

Chris tells us that his biggest worry with Becca is that she hasn’t fallen in love before. They’re exploring their surroundings and seeing locals and then really seeing some beautiful scenery. They go into a temple and talk to elders. They ask why they’re here and Chris said that they’re dating and falling in love. Chris asks the elder if they’d be a good couple and she said yes. Becca asked if he’d be a good dad and he said that they’ll both be good parents to their kids. Chris asks what Becca’s biggest weakness is and the response is that Becca is hard to control which has both Becca and Chris laugh. Becca asks if they have any advice for the night and Chris starts giggling because he understood what he said before Becca did, but the elder told them that they should make love: 

Chris tells us that he’s always excited to see Becca and how good it feels when they’re together. He wants to make sure he feels that Becca is falling in love with him. He’s the one who’s opening up about his feelings to her more than she is to him. He gives her the openings and she takes them. He tells her that he missed her, and she agreed that she missed him and then she opens up some more and tells him that it’s been a big learning experience for her and realizing stuff about herself that she didn’t know and it’s worth it to put herself out there for him. They’re in a river with cascades around them and are making out.

We’re at their dinner portion of the date. They’re giggling as they go up to the spot where they’re gonna eat. Becca talked about how she was worried about if the attraction was still going to be there the next time they saw one another. He nods and they both agree it’s there. Chris then tells us that he loves who Becca is as a person and he loves her family, he envisions a life with her in the future but knowing that Becca hasn’t been in love before raises some concerns. He doesn’t want to set them up for failure. Becca tells him that she’s planning on only getting married once and having kids and a family with just one person.

She brings up Arlington and talks about getting out of the car and realizing how small Arlington is. He says the important thing is if she can see herself there and if she can visualize herself. She’s honest and said that she has to be really sure about him and about them before she moves (WHICH IS SUPER SMART!!!!!) He then throws it back to her and asks where she sees them at. She said that she’s been sorting thru her feelings a lot lately. She reminds him that she’s never been in love before, but describes her feelings to him that she has an overwhelming feeling of wanting to be around him, missing him when he’s not around, wanting him around her family, she has something she’s never experienced before and she thinks that’s what falling in love is and the smile he gives her melts me a little bit. He looks so young and naive and like a boy who truly like likes a girl and didn’t know how she felt and he just heard it and it shocked him. She then asks him what he thinks and again honest Bachelor Chris “I’m crazy about you. I’m falling in love with you. I know that everything I see in you is what I’d want to have in the person I want to spend the rest of my life with and that’s the honest truth. You are incredible” and they make out.  They’re on the same page and their relationship is moving forward.

He then gives her the fantasy suite card. Don’t worry he’s sweating his butt off again. Can someone please explain to me why they always take these poor saps places where it’s a million degrees and there’s no air conditioning on what’s supposed to be the most romantic couple days of their lives? Let’s hope that Chris gets this figured out before his proposal!

Becca starts this speech and you can tell that Chris is slightly concerned about what she’s gonna say and this is why Chris and her are perfect together because it takes her a little while to spit out that she’s a virgin. When she says it, I feel like Mackenzie has to be happy at home because she was right to Ashley I. Chris seems to be relieved that, that is her confession. He smiles and then stammers a little bit. He said he’s glad that you and then stops talking and says it’s not easy to respond and he respects it in a lot of ways and that he’s not surprised by it and it says a lot about how she is and he doesn’t really care, he just wants to see if they’ll work. ASHLEY I. take note, Becca is how you act as a virgin, it’s not just saying it, it’s how you act and guys won’t be shocked. You’re not being a tease, you’re being honest and respecting yourself.

We now have Chris pondering the 3 girls and what choices he’s going to make. Chris and Becca evidently woke up and had a serious conversation and he has a lot of questions now and is terrified of what happened. He has questions about the future because Becca didn’t tell him that he’s falling in love with him. So he’s the most insecure about Becca which makes me think she may be his front-runner but doesn’t want to be rejected by her. Chris is in tears about not wanting to make the wrong choice and wanting everyone to meet his family. He doesn’t have the clarity that he wants, that he’s had every other week. 

Now our two Chris are going to sit down and debrief. Our Farmer tells us that this is the toughest week and he’s worried he’s going to have regrets with the girl that he sends home. He could see himself spending his life with all 3 of these ladies and he’s working thru a complicated situation. He has the weight on his shoulders on who he thinks is gonna be right in his future. He’s weighing the pros and cons of each relationship. He doesn’t know who he’s saying goodbye to. He feels pretty strong about one rose and it’s the other one that concerns him.

He has Kaitlyn and Whitney that have said they love him and are willing to change their lives right now. Becca is a little further behind and Chris said he’s being naive in maybe that she’d catch up with the other girls. She’s not willing to move to Iowa right away, but he thinks she would and he’s okay with being patient.

Kaitlyn is the type of person that doesn’t come around all the time, and is someone he’d love to have in his life.

Chris Harrison made me laugh when he said that they haven’t talked about Whitney a lot, which then brings him to say “I assume you’re in love with her then.” Our Farmer tells us that he’s falling in love with her, but with the other girls left he doesn’t feel comfortable to say he’s in love with her yet.

Okay, we’re on hallowed ground for our Rose Ceremony! We can hold hands here but we’re going to respect this holy place and NO KISSING is allowed! The girls know this too, so RESPECT the holy ground! We have everyone wearing native clothes for this rose ceremony. The ladies are standing and waiting for Chris to get to them. He has quite the path to walk along to get to them!

We’re starting the rose ceremony and Whitney and Kaitlyn are smiling at him and Becca looks like she’s in tears. He takes a couple deep breaths to hand out the roses, but before he can do that, he asks to speak to Becca. They take hands and walk away. As they’re walking away Whitney and Kaitlyn share a smile and seem pretty giddy.

We leave hallowed ground and are going to whisper our conversation. They both seem concerned about one another and she tells him that how she left things the morning of the rose ceremony is not how she wants to end things, regardless of how this goes down. She tells him that she’s crazy for him. He had evidently asked her in the fantasy suite if they’re falling in love just because they’re on the show. She hesitated because she was worried about what he’d say (AND BECAUSE THE 2 OF YOU ARE SO SIMILAR AND TAKE AWHILE TO PROCESS THINGS!!!!)  but she answered that she can credit the show for introducing them but that’s it and everything else is because of what she feels for him.

He brought it up because he really does like her and is falling in love with her and she is falling in love with him and wants to share that it’s okay that he can open up to her and she’s sorry that she put up a wall and wants to know that he can be honest with her and open up to her. She tells him that everything she feels is honest and true. She wants to continue to have conversations about Arlington and know that if they continue they’ll need to keep talking about it.

He feels bad that he put her in a tough position because he genuinely cares for her and he’s trying to find true love and the person he’s supposed to be with and he really does care for her and doesn’t question their future.

We don’t hear how their conversation ends, but we hear Whitney and Kaitlyn planning on being the final 2 and meeting Chris family and how excited they are. 

Chris and Becca come back and they’re holding hands and the anxiety level just sky-rocketed! Becca takes her spot in the middle of the 2 girls and Chris is ready to start the rose ceremony again!

He collects his thoughts, takes some deep breaths and goes for the first rose:

1. Whitney

Final rose goes to:

2. Becca

Poor poor Kaitlyn. She’s trying not to be super pissed and Becca wants her to hug her and it seems that Kaitlyn doesn’t want anything to do with her. This is when it stinks that I like all final 3 girls because I was gonna be sad for any of the girls that were going home. She is refusing to make eye contact with him, and isn’t saying a word. Until he hugs her and then her tears start and she has to ask “What happened?” and Chris tells her that nothing happened and certain things that he doesn’t even understand. He tells her that this is the most excruciating week of his life and he has to make a decision that doesn’t make sense and just trust his gut and there is no absolute right decision. As he’s pouring out his heart a roster decides to make his presence known and crows and this rejection is going on basically on a hill where the other 2 girls can see exactly what’s going on. He keeps talking and she’s not making eye contact. They both are crying and it just makes me really sad. She doesn’t want to get in the van and part of me thinks that the reason she doesn’t want to, is because she doesn’t want to do the interview with her crying, she’s trying to be strong. She tells us it’s the most humiliating moment of her whole life.

As she drives away, he’s bawling outside on the street. She’s really confused with how she’s feeling right now and it really blows her mind. She is so angry that she put her guard down because she’s not able to deflect this feeling. She wasn’t expecting her heart to get broken and she’s a very graceful and honest crier. I don’t know of many contestants that have done as a 180 on me during the season as Kaitlyn has. She came out with her inappropriate jokes and is leaving making me feel really sad for her!

We have the Women Tell All next week which is always entertaining and then the finale 2 weeks from now where we’re heading to Arlington! Man oh man, we’re nearing the end friends, who would’ve thunk it? Well until then, stay warm 🙂


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