Prince Farming’s Happy Ending

Oh man, here we are at the finale! Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that the holidays were wrapping up and we were watching Chris meet his 30 ladies?!? We were hoping that he would stay the loveable Farmer that we watched and cheered for on Andi’s season. I’m happy to say that now at the beginning of the end of the journey I still like Chris and in a surprise I really like his final 2 girls. I cannot for the life of me recall a time that this has happened. Normally I hate the lead and think one of the final people left is too good for them, but right now I agree with all of his choices and am all in!

Let’s get this episode started! They’re promising that this is going to be the most dramatic finale ever! We see the previews of what is to come. And then we’re in the Bachelor Dome where Harrison invites us in for the LIVE finale. Are we really supposed to believe it’s live? I’m sure it was taped this weekend, but let’s not act as if it’s tonight.

WOW a shocking turn of events are going to happen tonight that will have all of us talking tomorrow, I’m ecstatic, bring it on!

We’re in snowy Arlington, IA which is in end of October I believe, so this is good to get a real life look at what fall/beginning of winter is like on the Farm. Chris tells us that he’s falling in love with both girls and is looking for some clarity! He could go either direction with his decision.

We get Chris at home with his family and his nieces and nephews are so excited to see him! His mom is just as loveable as I remember her from Andi’s season. She’s a no nonsense kinda lady. He tells Chris he wants his family to tell him who to pick.

We’re in Dubuque Iowa and see Whitney getting ready. She’s excited because she’s meeting Chris family today. She’s nervous and goes running up to Chris when the car leaves her on the driveway with flowers and wine. She’s freaking out, but is gonna tell his family that she loves him. She’s yelling at us that it’s a big deal. Whitney goes running in and hugs everyone like she’s their best friend. She’s way more outgoing than he will ever be. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, she’ll bring him out of his shell, but will it be too extreme for him?

As they are sitting down at the table Whitney tells the family all about how she only came on the show for Chris and his values. The women in his family are loving this. The guys in his family are watching Chris….which is now what I’m doing, and he’s fidgeting a lot with his mouth, it’s like he’s attempting to clean his teeth but I don’t think they’ve ate yet so I don’t think that’s it. Maybe it’s a nervous tick? He’s not looking at her adoringly, he’s just waiting for her to finish. 

Whitney said that the reason she’s ready to transition to the smallest town she’s ever been in is because she’s ready to be a wife and a mom. Which the sister’s are loving. She drops the bomb about not having parents and is ready to call someone mom and dad again. Which seems a little odd since she just met his parents 30 minutes ago. One of the sisters said that they’re going to miss her when she leaves and they’re very excited. They then pounce on their brother and ask if she’s the one. He asks to be eased into the questions.

The sister who said she’s gonna miss Whitney is now #TEAMWHITNEY all the way and said that NO ONE is going to be more equipped to handle this move than Whitney, so what’s the hesitation that he has. Chris gets a lil defensive with his sister telling him what to do and said he doesn’t have any hesitation other than the fact that he likes Becca.

Other sister asks what’s the difference between Becca & Whitney. I don’t know what to think with him defending Becca so much, but he admits Becca’s not as outgoing as Whitney, but he has a chemistry with her and she can charm the pants off you. He’s begging his sister’s to give Becca a chance to get to know her and not judge her to Whitney. The girls can see that Chris seems to be #TEAMBECCA so in a last ditch effort to support #TEAMWHIT they remind Chris that he came on the show to find a wife not a girlfriend. Though I’m scared with how fast Whitney fell and wonder if she came on the show to find a replacement family?!?

Whitney and Chris’ mom are talking and she said that she heard that Whitney thinks she’s in love with her son. Whitney corrects her and said that she doesn’t think she loves Farmer Chris, she KNOWS she loves Farmer Chris. Whitney tells mama Farmer that she wants to call her mom, and mama lets her know, she’d take her in but it’s not her decision, it’s Christopher’s choice and she will pray that Christopher makes the right choice. With this statement, I’m very concerned about the future for Whitney: 

Chris gets some time with the men in his life, in the man cave of the shed. Chris is able to articulate himself so much better with the guys than he is his sisters. He tells them he absolutely expected the meeting to go this way. He knew that Whitney would charm his family. Chris defends Becca again and tells his family that when Becca falls in love he knows she’s gonna fall in love 100%. He said he doesn’t want to have a serious conversation until after they meet Becca.

Brother-in-law knows who he needs to suck up to if he doesn’t want to sleep on the couch, so he’s #TEAMWHIT and tells Chris that Whit is clearly all in, though he begrudgingly admits that they haven’t met Becca yet. He also brings up that it’s attractive to get the girl that no other guy has gotten and wonders if that’s half the appeal. He ponders that but doesn’t say anything.

Mama Farmer lectures to the family that it’s hard to be the 2nd girl and they must keep an open mind. The sisters agree with mama and then roll their eyes and make sure that Whitney is firmly safe and hidden on her pedestal. It’s a very somber mood in the Soules house because Whitney’s not coming back for round 2. You gotta bring your A Game Becca!

She gets out of the car and you can tell she’s thrilled to see him. He’s also very excited to see her pull up and waves like a little kid. He’s laughing with her. She teases him that it’s a beautiful day as it’s lightly snowing and how warm it must be. He gives her a pep talk and tells her to be herself and don’t be nervous, though he’s feeding her to the lions den.

She walks in and is holding his hand, though she’s in first. So that’s good. Plus she brought cookies! 

She meets everyone and does give them hugs. She tells sister Jaci that it was great to see her again and Jaci agreed. Jaci didn’t speak much about Whit, so is she the rogue #TEAMBECCA from the sisters? She tells us that she’s excited to spend more time with Becca since she was reserved in the group date setting that they chose Jade to go on the Cinderella date on, so yeah the sister’s have an AWESOME track record.

Becca tells them that she’s super close to her family and Chris fit right in. She jokes about how her nephews were climbing all over him. They ask about what she thinks of the town and she tells them that she’s a veteran of Arlington. She was on a roadtrip here and they make a joke about how it was the first roadtrip ever here. They then ask her what she thinks of the town. She talks about how she went to the downtown and shows her sense of humor, she has Mama really cracking up.

Becca gets to sit down with the sisters now and she’s nervous. She knows they’re gonna ask the tough hitting questions just like her family did. The girls ask where she’s at with Chris. She tells him that she’s falling in love with Chris and she’s scared about where she “should” be compared to where she thinks she is. If she’s not ready to move here and have babies tomorrow does that mean her relationship has to end?

Sister Jaci tells Becca that they’ve both admitted that they had a slow-building relationship and hey the show’s ending in like an HOUR so where do you see yourself going? Becca said that immediately after the show it’s gonna be long-distance and she’s not gonna pack up and move until she’s absolutely sure. Which considering her boyfriend has been dating other girls that’s an okay place to be. It doesn’t put undue pressure on the relationship. This is how a natural relationship progresses. When she knows that they’re for sure engaged and know that they’re gonna be in love forever then she’s not gonna move. She’s being very honest and that makes the sisters mad because they want their brother to be happy and Whitney will move here.

Sister Jaci is a fake #TEAMBECCA supporter and actually is #TEAMWHIT because when she’s talking to Chris she asks how he’s gonna do it when she’s made it clear she doesn’t want to move here and he has constraints. How are they gonna build the relationship? He kinda shuts up Sister Jaci by telling her that it’s a conversation that him and Becca will have to have. Sister Jaci pushes him by saying Becca needs to be able to give him something and he said that he knows what he feels when he’s with her. The sisters want him to push her more and ask questions and get answers. Is she going to be vulnerable? The sister’s are really pushing him and he’s not too happy about it.

Mama and Becca come in and talk. She said that she loves both Becca and Whitney. She wants to hear what Becca thinks about her son. Becca gives a great compliment and said that she doesn’t know how he’s still single and Mama said it’s because he’s picky and Becca tells us that he deserves to be! Mama wants to talk logistics because she’s in Cali and he’s in Iowa, how’s that gonna work? Becca said she’s crazy about him but isn’t quite in love with him yet. Mama asks the hard-hitting question and said that what’s it gonna take to get the tide to turn to get her here so she could see him? If Mama said that Becca has a choice here and has 2 days to make a decision here or it’s gonna end what’s she gonna do? Mama also lovingly pushes a piece of hair outta Becca’s face and it was very natural for both of them.

Becca doesn’t wait to answer and tells Mama that she was faced with that last week in Bali and she was afraid she was gonna go home and not continue the relationship anymore. It was really hard for her and she was miserable for a few days not getting to talk to him and afraid of what was gonna happen. Mama gets excited and interrupts by saying “You know what that is?” Becca starts to giggle nervously and says “What?” Mama says “I’ll tell you what that is,” Becca: “What is it?” Mama starts giggling and said that she’s been there and done that, that’s love. If you’re miserable because you’re afraid you’re not gonna see them again. They’re holding hands and you can tell Becca feels guilty because she knows exactly where Whitney is at and she doesn’t know if she’s at the same point. Chris mom doesn’t want her son to get hurt and disappointed again. Becca said that she’s concerned about Chris getting hurt and is more concerned with him than she is about her. Which has Mama really excited again, and asks her if she knows what that is. Becca nervously laughs and said she knows what that is. Mama just wants Becca to listen to what she’s saying and Becca knows that she knows of the moments that mean love and she knows she’s in love with him but is afraid to say she’s in love with someone. Mama tells Becca that it’s up to her and Becca’s eyes get huge and she just stares at Mama! She asks Mama if she thinks she’s ready to commit to a relationship would Chris be ready for that, than Mama backs off and said she doesn’t know for sure. Mama said you need to go thru life and take a chance or what kinda life is it? Becca starts crying because it’s a lot to take in and Mama and her hug it out.

Becca tells us that she’s not ready for a proposal and bringing up Arlington was making her panic a little bit. She wants to have a conversation with him and is sad that they can’t have a conversation right away after this. She’s all in her mind right now. 

The sisters are #TEAMWHIT and the guys are telling their wives that it’s not an analytical  decision but rather a decision of the heart. And while there may be a million reasons to say one thing, if his heart is saying another he may go with that.

Chris dad has his interview and said what we’ve been saying the last couple weeks, you gotta feel for Chris and his decision. Whitney’s the sure-thing and Becca’s the one he wants. He doesn’t know how it’ll go if he picks her and he thinks he’s gonna take the risky bet.

Back to Harrison! He tells us that at this point he hasn’t seen a relationship at this point yet. What’s holding Becca back? Chris fam is #TEAMWHIT. And we’re promised to see something we’ve never seen before!

We get the final dates in Dubque Iowa! Chris tells us that his family has brought up that he’s taking a risk with Becca. He knocks on her hotel door and he’s over the moon, he’s beaming and is stumbling over his words. They’re in Al Capone’s suite. He feels the connection with Becca but he wants to ask her some hard-hitting questions.

Which means they have to gaze into each other’s eyes. She asks him how he feels and he thinks thru it before he answers and tells her that he wants everything that she can give him from her heart that she can have because he’s struggling and needs some reassurance. He wants to know in the future could she see herself with him? In 5 years where does she see herself? She said that she sees herself scared, excited, nervous, happy, she’s all over the gauntlet with emotions. She doesn’t want to make promises about a timetable, which concerns him. She doesn’t know if it’s because she’s never been here before and that’s why she’s afraid. He then asks her why she’s not in love with him and she said she doesn’t know and he’s frustrated and she’s frustrated.

She said that she’s scared and it’s in the cloudy and in her head there’s steps that need to happen before she’s in love. He asks her what those steps are and she gets frustrated and said she doesn’t know. She puts her head on his shoulder and he teases her a little bit and they can kinda smile for a minute. He tells her that he cares for her and straight up honest what would be the thing that would hold her back if she was in love with him?

She tells him that she needs to figure out what she’d do in Arlington if she moved there. She wouldn’t just take on what he does, she wants her own identity. Which he’s relieved and feels like they’re getting somewhere. He asks her what scares her the most? Career things? She said it’s getting there, moving there and wondering if it’s for her? She can see herself there and getting married there and having kids there, but what happens if she gets there and doesn’t see it? He tells her that he’d have her back and they’d figure it out. She whispers to him that she can’t wait for that, and he kisses her and then brings her in for a hug.

He gets emotional on screen in his interview and said that he got some clarity with his conversation with Becca but it’s still scary. I think these two care for each other and are so concerned with the other that they could make it. They both want the best for the other and the unknown is scary and they both would equally be taking a giant leap of faith. Whereas with Whitney it’s only her making the leap and she’s more than willing to do that. And he gets overwhelmed and starts to cry with thinking about breaking up with one of the 2 most incredible women he knows.

Now we get Whitney and Chris last date. He brings her to the Farm. Chris tells us he woke up this morning and is nervous and exhausted and is trying to process this whole thing. He’s waiting for Whitney and it seems like he’s forcing it more than with Becca. She’s ecstatic to be on his farm for harvest. They are harvesting corn right now and she’s over the moon about it. She won because she gets to see him on his farm doing what he loves. And her kids are gonna do this and their kids and their kids.

They’re now driving in the truck and she’s getting the tour of all of his and his family’s farms. She gets to see his casa and it’s a Bachelor Pad and he’s been waiting for a wife to decorate it. Whitney you’re not the first Bachelorette in his house, Andi was here. Though she slams Becca by saying she’s not insecure about this at all. She knows what she’s getting into and is all in!

Okay we’re now at the hotel for the second portion of the date and we’re actually going to have a conversation about where they’re gonna be at. Chris is really wanting an “A-HA” moment tonight to see this is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. She loved seeing him in his element. She talks to him for about 5 minutes straight without asking him how he’s doing. Whitney tells him that she’s fine with the simple life and being domestic.

Whitney takes him to her bedroom and has questions for him and wants to know his final thoughts and wants to have everything on the table. He asks her why she feels so certain. She said that she went in with expectations and knew him a little bit and he always made her feel comfortable and there are some things that are unspoken and you just feel it. She can finish his sentence and know what he’s thinking when he makes eye contact with her. He likes that response and kisses her. She tells him she feels confident and that she wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for a reason, but she’s so freaking scared. She tells him that she knows he can’t say anything and he’s really biting his tongue here. He pauses, thinks about what he wants to say and tells her that he feels the same way and reciprocates it, no matter what happens he’s excited about her and feels good about the place he’s in right now here with her. She gets emotional and teary and then kisses him. When she looks into his eyes she feels love and the anticipation of him getting on one knee is so exciting and this whole process is out of her control and she’s taken her heart out of her chest and put it in his hands.

Okay, last dates are done! We got the sun rising on lovely Dubuque on proposal morning! Chris woke up this mornin knowing that today is the day he’s been waiting for. There are 2 perfect women for him. He still hasn’t gotten the clairty he was looking for. We have the girls in the freezing Iowa weather thinking about Chris. Chris is in his hotel room wondering about what he’s going to do! We get a knock on the hotel door and I panic for a second, and then get relieved when I see Neil Lane is here with the rings, whew! He’s explaining the roses and what they all mean and Chris just nods his head as if he knows what’s going on. There’s lots of big sighs.

He found the ring. He’s dressing up in his final suit and wondering if he should even make a choice in the crazy state of mind he’s in right now.

Becca is falling in love and wants to see where their future is going to go. Whitney loves him and doesn’t know how it’s possible to love a man as much as she loves him.

We have our 2 Chris at the Barn and it’s a special place for him. This is a farm that he raised his first pig in and it’s his barn. Harrison wishes him luck and they bring it in for the man hug and I got butterflies in my stomach! Here we go! All the weeks we’ve been watching the show are all worth it here in the last few minutes of the show! Deep breaths! Here we go! Limos are on the highway and I can’t believe it! Don’t worry a commercial break to get us amped up some more and now we can figure out how this gonna play out!

Chris life is about to change in a big way and he’s been waiting for this day forever. He closes his eyes in the barn one last time and has a big sigh. He’s devastated right now. The limo comes up the drive and there’s no turning back. It’s at the barn, and Harrison greets Becca and I’m super sad 😦

Chris loves the way that he feels when he’s with Becca and doesn’t want to say goodbye to her. He kisses her when he sees her which has me super concerned. He tells her welcome to Iowa and his home. From the moment he met her, he gave her a level of comfort and since he walked next to her he felt there was something there and he’s seen it since day 1, he could see a future with and see a person with. He never had any doubts about their future and he could see her as being his wife. He takes a giant sigh, and gets sad because she’s not really ready. And he doesn’t think it’s fair to either of them to take this giant leap. He tells her that he’s in the toughest decision of his entire life and she’s here because he wanted it to happen and he’s so thankful to have met her family and been part of her life and her part of his life. He then gives her the line of “you’re gonna make someone so happy, but I don’t think I can be that guy.”

She then tells him that he’s been so open and honest and there’s nothing else that she could’ve expected from someone who was so open and honest and he’s gonna make someone a great husband and her whole experience is because of him and the way he’s made her feel. I gotta say with them standing so close and holding hands the way they are, and the hug with tears in their eyes, I would not feel comfortable if I were Whitney. He also whispers to her and she whispers back to him and I can’t tell exactly what he said, but still not what I’d want my fiance to be doing minutes before he proposed to me.

Becca gets in the limo and it takes a minute to drive off and he walks away from teh car and breaks down when she drives away. It’s very silent with them both in their heads. He said there was still a lot that she wanted to hear. Becca tells us that she must be in a state of shock or something and it’s such a final moment that she can’t process right now. She feels that part of him is in love with her. He’s in the barn and is crying and she wonders if she’s ever gonna fall in love if it can’t happen with the Farmer than who will it happen to? She’s afraid she’s gonna wake up and realize she’s been in love with him the whole time and just didn’t say anything. Foreshadowing of the After the Final Rose maybe?!?!

We’re back in the barn and Whitney is coming and she’s off the charts with emotions. She’s freaking out and sees Harrison coming for her and takes one last deep breath. He hugs her and tells her to head in. She sees him and is so relieved and is shaking like a leaf in-front of him. She keeps taking a deep breath and is the first to talk, she tells him that they’ve been thru a lot of ups and downs and she came here with an idea of who he was and she’s never been disappointed and this entire journey has meant so much doing it with him and since the very beginning she’s always known. She loves him so much and is so scared right now and is just putting it all out there now.

It’s now his turn to take a deep breath and he starts “From the moment I met you and you got out of that limo I remember our time together. One of the best moments of my life was crashing that wedding with you. Being able to have you here today and see my family react to you is one of the best things and it’s not work with us, it’s very natural and feels very right and so perfect and that’s what he wants for the rest of his life. He loves her, kisses the top of her head and she tells him she’s waited so long to hear that. He tells her everything about this moment feels right and he’s getting on his knee and asks her if she’s ready and she said no, starts crying and he gets down anyway and proposes and she said yes and they’re kissing and hugging and she’s so happy. He has to give her one last thing, which is the final rose and she of course accepts it. They just keep saying over and over again to each other how much they love each other and are very smiley and she’s crying and I was thinking he hadn’t giggled until she all of a sudden looks at the ring and goes “Holy $hit!” They sit at the top of the barn and look out at his land and the sun setting and make-out.

We get no montage of their time together, we go straight to the “After the Final Rose.” Harrison asks us how great it was to see the proposal and he says congrats and they’re very happy about them.

We bring Farmer Chris out to answer questions one last time. Farmer Chris tells us that it’s great to be an engaged man and that Whitney is the perfect person for him. He said that it’s surreal for him to talk about it now. And the fact that they can be open and let their relationship become real. We’re going to talk to the happy couple.

We get to bring up Becca first. Harrison asks if he was in love with Becca. The Farmer tells us that he was in love or falling in love with Becca. He could see things in her and he was looking for things from Becca that he wasn’t necessarily getting. Farmer said that with Becca it was constantly catching up to him and his feelings. Harrison asks the tough question about what if Becca gave him the affirmation and Farmer is a smart guy who doesn’t want to go down the “What-if” game.

Whitney has been watching the show but only watching the dates that her and Chris went on, which was her decision. Farmer is confident in his choice. He’s defensive of his choices and doesn’t want to talk about it.

Becca comes out and her and Farmer haven’t talked since they broke up. She comes on the stage and they’re lookin at each other. They seem to have the same chemistry. He grabs his tie and is loosening it. She just watched the episode and she said it brought back all the emotions and she knew it was hard. She said what was hard was on past seasons when people were either madly in love or they just weren’t feeling it and no one had been in her part where she liked him and just wanted to still be with him. She said she appreciates how honest he was throughout the whole process. They have lots of respect for one another and have clarity in the end.

Becca said that maybe she shouldn’t have come on the show because she’d never been in love before and Harrison finds it ridiculous that she’s never been in love before. Harrison said he’s never seen that before on the show and wonders if our Farmer felt that she was a lost cause and if she should’ve wasted his time. He said she wasn’t a lost cause and he didn’t feel like it was wasted time and was never just about the chase and they had an undeniable chemistry. She feels that because of him and his patience and honesty and pushing her that it feels like she’s now open to the idea of falling in love.

Alright Becca’s off our screen and we’re bringing out Chris and his fiance Whitney. He attacks her face and gives her a pretty violent kiss actually, more intense than anything he did all season. She’s in a sparkly dress to go with her sparkly ring. They are very smiley and she doesn’t want to say how much she loves him because she’s said it a thousand times and is bouncing in her seat. She’s the happiest woman in the world and is excited to be normal and not hide their relationship anymore.

Farmer tells us that Whitney is the most caring oh wait “one of the most caring” girls he knows. She can fit in with the sisters, which were obvioulsy #TEAMWHIT and that meant a lot to him. He’s looking for someone like his sisters who could fit in and obviously that’s not Becca.

I really want Whitney to see his break-up with Becca and see what her thoughts are about that and what he told her because again, I wouldn’t be giddy and over the moon with what he was saying about another girl, but more power to Whitney I guess. She feels confident in her and Chris’ relationship and since she lived it she doesn’t want to see it. Harrison asks if she’s been able to live in her cone of silence. Whitney said she knew what to anticipate. Harrison asks her if she knew how tough of a decision he had and if she’s insecure at all in the ending. He looks a little guilty and doesn’t want to bring it up and Whitney said that there have been open lines of communication. Chris said that he was open with where he was, but with how much Whitney talks I wonder how those conversations really went.

Whitney sees herself moving to Arlington in the future, but they’re just gonna live normal. They’re in the barn and looking for Chris’ family and they see them walking up the road and they’re parents are thrilled to see them. They talk about how excited they are for the grandparents to live so close and are excited to be married and have kids and they’re kids will be so pretty.

They find Crazy Ashley S. in the audience and she agrees to be on the Bachelor in Paradise, so we’ll see her crazy for a little bit longer!

She admits that she’s been making trips to Arlington and hanging out with his family. Jimmy Kimmel comes out and the audience goes crazy and Chris and Whitney are thrilled to see him. Jimmy tells Whitney that he’s been impressed with her self-control not watching the show, but watch out after Chris does something stupid for the last time and she pops in the DVD and sees his tongue down Britt’s throat. He also asks if it’s awkward for her to know that he was crying and loving a girl a commercial break break before he proposed to her. He also asks if they’ve fought. Our Farmer said that they haven’t had a full-out fight, which catches Kimmel’s attention. Chris said they’ve had agruments but not a real big fight. He then asks if they’re making love regularly and they answer as often as they can, which seems like TMI and also makes it seem like Chris chose her instead of a virgin. Kimmel brings them out an engagement gift which is a giant cow.

Okay my last thoughts on Farmer Chris and Whitney before we go to the Bachelorette reveal. I don’t know if they’re going to be truly happy and get married. I have not made it a secret that I was team Becca and am just afraid when I look at him that he’s pretending and really wants to be in love with Whitney and is trying to force it, but the chemistry isn’t there like it was with Becca. I think he’s settling for the real/sure thing and him and Becca are both cowards and not going for the real thing and they could have the: 

Then comes the Bachelorette news. Harrison said that the ABC people have been split down the middle and he asks the audience for their opinion. Cheer if you want Britt, and the audience lightly claps. Cheer if you want Kaitlyn and the place goes crazy. He asks for their opinion again and it’s the same result. Well then Harrison awkwardly announces for the first time ever they’re going to have 2 Bachelorettes. My sister and I both look at each other and don’t believe it. Neither does the audience.

That is then when they bring out Britt & Kaitlyn. I almost don’t recognize Britt because she’s not wearing bright lipstick! Kaitlyn looks goregous but the same. They have them awkwardly standing up in-front of the audience and you can tell Kaitlyn wants to be about as far away from Britt as possible. Hello awkward group date from hell when Kaitlyn got the rose for hometown.

Britt is acting like they’re best friends and Kaitlyn keeps rolling her eyes at things Britt is saying. They’re evidently going to have both girls on the show for the first show and have the 25 guys choose who the Bachelorette is going to be which seems really odd and that Harrison and the girls don’t really know how this is gonna work out. If it’s Britt it’s gonna be real hard for me to watch the season as she’s the most insincere girl there is and I just am not gonna be able to root for her.

Well we finished our season with Farmer Chris and hope him and Whitney are happy and get married and start popping out those babies soon! And we’ll see how this whole 2 Bachelorette is gonna work! Good luck to all of us! What a great season and I’ll see ya’ll back in May!



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