Predictions for Kaitlyn/Britt’s Season

Alright, we’re starting The Bachelorette tomorrow! It’s gonna be quite interesting with starting off with 2 Bachelorettes. I have to be honest with you, if the guys choose Britt as their Bachelorette I will not be blogging every week. I think that would be a ploy that the Producers did, as it seems that the public is team Kaitlyn. So I’m just going to go thru and give my predictions on guys right now based completely on who I like for all the shallow reasons there are and it doesn’t have anything to do with what guy I think would be good for Britt or Kaitlyn.

So I’m #TEAMKaitlyn but we’ll see what is gonna happen. If you want to see the bios and pix of the guys they can be found at:

Okay, so just looking at photos and not at bios yet I have to say that my top picks are:

1. Ben H: He just looks like a genuine/sweet normal guy. I don’t know there’s just something that says Midwest guy to me but I don’t know what that is.

2. Ryan B: He has the hair, smile and eyes. He’s too pretty for me to like and I’m afraid he knows he’s good looking.

3. Tanner: He has the flannel shirt that really caught my eye and he doesn’t look like he’s trying too hard.

Those are just my thoughts on photos. There are quite a few guys who look like they could be real tools and annoying. Some of them also look quite old, so maybe there won’t be any 21 year old guys that aren’t there for the right reasons.

Okay Ben H’s bio endeared him to me even more. I have seen all of his favortie movies, he’s from Denver and I agree with all his quotes. He’s certainly gonna be a front-runner of mine and make me want it to be Team Kaitlyn even more!

Ben Z reminds me of Meat-head Cody….so nice enough but a personal fitness guy, so I’m gonna pass.

Hmmm Bradley puts me on the fence. Some of his answers I agree with, such as people not understanding his sarcasm, however there are other things that make me roll my eyes and make me think he’s too full of himself.

Brady looks as if he’s 50 but he’s actually 33 and a singer-songwriter. I enjoy the fact that he was a baseball player but I don’t know if I can get on board with the indie song-writer and wonder how many songs he’s gonna write the Bachelorette.

Chris seems a little metro-sexual to me so I’m not really seeing how this is gonna work out. He’s a dentist who has really clean teeth so that’s what he has going for him!

Clint seems a lot older than 27! He’s an engineer who’s worried about coming on too strong. I don’t really like the Chuck Norris reference but enjoy the reference to him getting along with his dad.

Corey is an investment banker who uses words like “cat” when referring to the Dali Lama so I’m not a fan. I do enjoy his biggest date fear is boredom as that would be quite an accurate fear and something I would think about as well!

Cory the 35 year old did make me literally LOL with his biggest date fear being finding out his date is a dude. I don’t think he’s gonna make it past the first night, he seems too normal and not out there enough.

Daniel is a fashion designer and that’s all I have to say about that….

David has a cute smile and I like him a lot! I don’t know if he stands a chance to make it far, but I do like him better than others. His comment about his lil sister warmed my heart!

Ian kinda reminds me of Marquel. He doesn’t say anything about liking cookies, but he seems more romantic. He likes to make gifts instead of buying them which is something I can appreciate.

Jared got me in the heart with his work once a week for the last few years at a summer camp for kids who have cancer. That’s something I appreciate, but wonder again if maybe he won’t make it far because he seems too normal and I don’t know if he’ll stick out enough.

JJ has a real low v-neck shirt. I’m also concerned because he’s a Former Investment Banker. So that doesn’t say what he currently does. Another baseball fan and he has some original movies which I like. He’s mentioning money though in his answers which I take as a warning sign.

Joe is a 28 year old guy who’s an insurance agent who doesn’t want to have a 5 year plan as that’s too far in the future. He was sweet to bring up the fac that he donated to his sister’s mission trip, but also a red flag that mentioned that.

Jonathan is an automotive spokeman from Detroit which I feel like has to be a difficult job. He has eccentric taste in music. His answers are short, sweet and get to the point.

Josh is a law student/exotic dancer. He needs some help with his shirt/black tie wardrobe choices. I’m confused as his greatest achievement is graduating law school, so why is he still dancing? I’m also concerend that we’re going to see some of his dancing tomorrow night. So be prepared!

Joshua is another front-runner of mine. Seems WAY too normal to be on the show. From Idaho and his interview had me generally entertained and wanting to know more about him.

Justin—-a personal trainer who looks like he cares a lot about his personal appearance so take that for what it’s worth.

Kupah—entepranuear. He’s attractive and mentions his single mom which is a plus to mention mom lovingly.

Ryan B is a 32 year old relator from Florida. He’s very attractive, the only thing that really concerns me about him is the fact that his most embarresing moment is that he took a photo and meant to send it to a girlfriend but accidently tweeted it, I wonder what that photo was but also don’t want to know what it was.

Ryan M is from KC which is great but he’s a junkyard specialist. Is that a fancy way of saying garbage man? or guy that’s in charge of the dump? He considers himself a romantic because he likes the idea of a soulmate…so I’m not thinking this is gonna be the brightest bulb.

Shawn B—another personal trainer, from CT, pretty boring and normal it seems.

Shawn E—-dear Lord he’s an amateur sex coach…..I don’t want to know what that means at all! I’m just shaking my head and know he’ll be on the show for a couple episodes to make it awkward and have people talking around the water cooler.

Okay Tanner is a favorite. He’s from KC, so maybe if it doesn’t work for him on the Bachelorette, I can find him in KC! It’s only a few hours away! His answers seem down to earth and normal but in a good way 🙂

Tony concerns me because he’s a “healer” so yeah…..seems like a hippie.

So I’m not necessarily in love with all of the Bachelors. I’d say I’ll still go by my first impressions and say that my favorites for the season are going to be:

1. Tanner
2. Ben H
3. Ryan B

Hopefully Kaitlyn is the Bachelorette and then she can choose one of them! We’ll see what tomorrow night brings! Feel free to make your own judgements and predictions!



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