Are 2 Bachelorettes better than One? My thoughts on the Historically/Dramatic Season Opener

Oh man….I had to wait until tonight’s episode to see what my thoughts were going to be. It was hard for me to choose lots of favorites last night, without knowing who the Bachelorette was going to be. As anyone who has read my blog knows, I was #TeamKaitlyn all the way and if Britt was going to be the Bachelorette I was going to protest. My protest was going to be yelling at my tv, pouting, and then promptly going to Reality Steve and reading all the spoilers. I wasn’t going to blog. I was going to have my Monday nights back!

It took EVERYTHING in me last night when the dreaded “TO BE CONTINUED” flashed on my screen to not go read spoilers just to see who was going to be the Bachelorette. However, in Bachelor-speak, I “Trusted the process” and was “open” and decided to see what was going to happen tonight.

I was beyond thrilled when Harrison came out and was talking to Britt first. You KNOW in Bachelor-land you NEVER want to be the first one talked to when we’re down to the final 2. The first one is always the one who’s dumped. I did feel a little guilty over how much pleasure I had to see him talk to Britt. And she handled it so gracefully that I was truly impressed. I kinda wanted her to go into the mansion though and say her goodbyes. That’s when it would be interesting to see who was truly there for her and who was there for Kaitlyn. If the guys had an opportunity to see her would that have changed their minds, or are those that were #TeamBritt just desperate enough to want to get on tv?

I think we all knew that when Harrison went to talk to Kaitlyn to tell her she was the Bachelorette he was gonna mess with her and he told her that unfortunately he had to send Britt home and she grinned and was so happy but was graceful about hiding it behind her hand. The fact that she seemed genuine in asking how Britt handled it was worth some brownie points for me. Then it was a whirlwind and Harrison reminded her that with her coveted title comes responsibility:

This is when everything became a blur to me and I had to reach into my mind and remember who I was cheering for and who I was actively cheering against!

Before I get into my thoughts on who I was rooting for, I feel like I have to bring up Ryan M from last night. The one I made fun of in my last blog post for being a junkyard specialist. He got inexcusably drunk and was one of the most if not the most offensive contestant we’ve had on the show. He was drunk and obnoxious, but what really got me was when he invaded the personal space and bubble of Britt and Kaitlyn. He I think was attempting to maybe caress Britt’s hair or face, but when you’re black-out drunk it’s not a sweet move, it’s creepy and not welcome at all. Luckily there were plenty of guys around to protect her, but I was super uncomfortable on her behalf.

Then when he went up to Kaitlyn and either grabbed or smacked her butt I was outraged! It was a quick action, but that is called sexual harassment. And that is NEVER okay. When Chris Harrison told him he had to go home, he said it was because he was completely blitzed and wasn’t here for the right reasons, but I think ABC should’ve said he went home because he was threatening the girls and sexually harassing them and that’s not okay and ABC is defending their contestants on this crazy show.

Here’s the real kicker though….Ryan M is from Kansas City and he’s the ex-boyfriend of our Kansas Citian nurse Nikki…yeah the Nikki who was engaged to Juan Pablo….honey has some real BAD taste in men!

So let’s go thru the guys who got roses and my thoughts on them!

1. First impression rose went to Shawn B—-he’s the one who looks like Ryan Gosling. He’s also the one who made the best impression on both Britt and Kaitlyn. They both were smitten, but he told them both that he prefers Kaitlyn so he went with a real risky move there, but it ended up working out for him. He has the moves and seems like he should go pretty far. He got the 1st rose but 2nd kiss, though I would say this is more the first one that she initiated. She also talked about the butterflies she had when they first kissed. Let’s see how patient Shawn is when it comes to waiting for his date and watching the other guys make connections with her, right now it’s obviously his contest to lose. I’m just really hoping at some point this season, we can have this scene re-enacted!

2. Chris the dentist—-he made Kaitlyn laugh quite loudly with his first impression being the cupcake car,

He didn’t just end things there though, his white teeth were blinding, but evidently quite attractive. You can tell that him and Kaitlyn have chemistry and are very smiley around one another and flirty. He wanted to kiss her earlier but that was before she was officially named the Bachelorette and there were a bunch of guys around, so he waited until they got their first official one-on-one time together when she was named Bachelorette and he went for it and got the first kiss of the season and she seemed to enjoy it!

3. Ben H—he’s a cute guy, but he seemed to be going back and forth between Britt & Kaitlyn, so we’ll see what comes from them.

4. JJ—-he has a 3 year old daughter. When he got out of the limo he was #TeamKaitlyn, he was a hockey player who gave her a puck and told her “I’d like to puck you.” Which made her laugh hysterically since she’d led with that kinda joke with Farmer Chris last year.

Then all of a sudden, he’d became #TeamBritt because he felt she was more real and that Kaitlyn was the party animal. Once there was no more #TeamBritt he decided to give Kaitlyn a shot…and they had one of the more real conversations. They were truly testing one another out much like a real first date. They both needed to impress one another to see if it was going anywhere and they both were honest and more real than most first dates. He asked her what she thought about him having a 3 year old kid and she said that she’d take him more seriously than some of the other guys and that struck a chord with him and there may be something there. The only thing that bugs me about JJ is that he’s a FORMER investment banker, I just really want him to have a job right now….

5. Joe—-I was a big fan of Joe because he was all about Kaitlyn from the beginning. He’s the one who has the awesome southern accent and he’s the one who gave her some moon-shine. He’s a quiet southern gentleman.

6. Kupah—-ugh he was a HUGE TEAM BRITT fan and wasn’t quiet about it at all!

7. Daniel—-TEAM BRITT, fashion designer and he danced outside the limo and is a horrible dancer. Ugh!!!

8. Ryan B—-Poor guy has to share a name with the douche of the season. He didn’t say a whole lot but referred to Britt as a Disney Princess and went to her first outta the limo….hopefully he turns it around, or I’ll regret picking him as someone I initially liked!

9. Joshua—I got nothing other than the fact that he’s been on Kaitlyn’s side and really wanted a rose.

10. Tony—-this HAS to be a ratings plug! He’s the “Healer” from Denver. Who has a black eye, so I don’t think his title is completely accurate if he can’t heal himself. This is the scene in the opening before he’s even outta the limo that scared me.

His voice is hypnotic and his eyes are very wide, but I honestly don’t trust him. He’d be great friends with our girl Ashley S from Farmer Chris’ season. They should get together and then go hang out in the desert or something far away from people.

He thought he was going for Kaitlyn but then him and Britt were talking and they had a weird connection going that actually was giving me the hibby-jeebies! It was enough of a connection that when Harrison came in and told the guys that the voting room was open, he didn’t even let Harrison finish before he bolted as fast as he could outta the room to go and cast his vote.

At this point in the rose ceremony we were interrupted by Brady our 33 year old Nashville singer who was the leader of #TEAMBRITT come down off the riser. He tells her he wants to talk to her. Well he can’t handle it and doesn’t want to go on this journey with Kaitlyn when the love of his life that he talked to for all of 3 minutes is alone in a hotel room! He has to leave this instant! Harrison tells him he’ll get him to Britt, if anything so he can have a killer song outta it! You know what though, more power to Brady for leaving if he’s not feeling it. Better that than taking a spot because you want your 15 mins of fame!

Alright, back to the rose ceremony:

11. Clint: All you need to know about Clint is that he drew Kaitlyn this photo and she LOVED it! Our host Chris Harrison has never looked better!

12. Corey Stansal—-yeah I got nothing

13. Jonathan—-he’s right up there with crazy Healer and Brady in being the captain of Britt’s team! He wanted his 5 year old to have a mother and her name was gonna be Britt!

14. Other Cory—-can’t even tell ya the difference between the 2 Cory’s

15. Ben Z—-don’t really have a lot for him either, he seems nice enough

16. Tanner—-he’s my other KC guy. He gave Britt a gift of tissues as she was the crier last season. She asked him if he was being mean or thoughtful and he smirked at her which endeared him to me a lil bit more. I don’t think he’ll be making it far, but I appreciate your humor Tanner!

17. Ian—-oh man! He had suave and moves! He was the first one to whisper in Kaitlyn’s ear when he met her that he was glad she was there and he wanted her to be the Bachelorette. He has quite a back-story as well. He ran at Princeton and got in a horrible car accident where he was in a coma and they thought he may die. They also were determined that he’d never run again, but he proved them wrong! Now why in the world he’s on a show like this, we’ll never know but he’s a good person and maybe will be a good influence in this house!

18. Justin- he’s the one who gave Kaitlyn balloon’s when he got outta the limo and that’s all i really remember about him

Final rose!

19. Jared—the guy who told Kaitlyn that he originally voted for Britt but wanted to be honest with her and didn’t want that hanging over their heads, but he thinks she’s understanding and they’d be good for each other! He’s alter-ego Mr. Love is very excited!

So those going home are:
1. David—he was all about Britt and never gave Kaitlyn a shot
2. Bradley—don’t remember a thing about him
3. Our amateur sex coach who came in the “car-pool” hot tub machine!
4. Josh the stripper, who Kaitlyn said right away that he could be Britt’s

We started with 25 and now we’re down to 19!

So yeah that is how our season started! The sun was rising as the rejects left the mansion, so I really hope that they started earlier than normal, because when there’s only 1 lead that first night takes forever, I can’t imagine having 2 leads makes it any shorter! We’ll see where Brady and Britt go if anywhere next week. The scenes for this season, make me think that Kaitlyn is gonna be closer to a Juan Pablo type of lead than she will be a Farmer Chris……we’ll see if any more of these guys grow on me and I start to like them and at what point in the season I’ll stop liking Kaitlyn!

In case you missed it, here are the previews that we have to look forward to this season! All I have to say is that I hope for as long as Nick is on our screens he doesn’t bring back the scarves that all the guys wore for Andi’s season!

Until next week!


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